The People’s Convoy Has a Message for Biden

The People’s Convoy

( – The People’s Convoy arrived in the Washington DC Metro Area this weekend and circled the Beltway several times.

According to several reports about the convoy and its leaders, they have come to the capital of the United States of America with a message.

As noted by the Daily Caller in “Convoy Leader Announces They’re Staying In DC Area Until Demands Are Met“:

“One of the original organizers of The People’s Convoy, a massive movement inspired by the Canadian Truckers that rallied in Ottawa in late January, announced Saturday that the convoy will be staying in the D.C. area until their demands are met.

“‘Hold the line, be patient, as we develop this plan going forward. We will not leave until we get what we asked for,” said organizer Brian Brase at the rally.”

What is the convoy’s message? According to their website:

“We demand the declaration of national emergency concerning the Covid-19 pandemic be lifted immediately and our cherished constitution reign supreme.”


“The Senate recently passed a bill that would remove the emergency powers. President Joe Biden released a statement saying he would veto this bill if it reaches his office, calling its removal a ‘reckless and costly mistake.'”

Time will tell if The People’s Convoy will prevail. Reports from the convoy yesterday indicated that many of the participants are frustrated that they are getting little coverage from the mainstream corporate media, which is currently focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

What do you think? Do you support the goals and demands of The People’s Convoy?