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The Truth About Trump’s Impeachment

Many believe the real reason for former President Donald Trump’s impeachment is to keep him from running for president again in four years. After all, if the Senate convicts him for Incitement of Insurrection, he could be barred by the U.S. Constitution from ever holding federal office again.

Now, in a moment of honesty, the lead House prosecutor (called a manager) in the upcoming Senate trial, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), has admitted that’s exactly what the Democrats want to do — keep Trump from becoming president again in 2024.


Lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said Monday on MSNBC’s “All In” that the point of impeachment was to “protect the Republic” from former President Donald Trump and prevent him from holding federal office in the future,” according to Breitbart. [emphasis added]

Raskin said, ‘We intend to show the worst presidential crime against the Republic in American history. The violence was terrifying and overwhelming. Five people died, a police officer hit over the head with a fire extinguisher, police officers beat up, grabbed, pushed, shoved, jostled.’…

He added, ‘One thing that I want to point out is that impeachment is not so much nearly about the past as it is about the future. The framers of the Constitution put impeachment, conviction and disqualification from further federal office holding in the Constitution to protect the Republic, to preserve the Constitution. That’s why it’s in there. President Trump or any other Trump who’s impeached and convicted doesn’t send a single minute in jail. It is not a criminal prosecution. It is a protective, civil action to guard the Republic against someone who’s committed high crimes and misdemeanors against the people and proven himself to be a danger to the country.’” [emphasis added]

For more on this important story, please go to Breitbart.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you want former President Trump convicted by the Senate and barred from running for president again, or would you like to see him on the ballot in 2024?


  1. Norma J Paris says:

    I know you don’t want to show what I said, because you are democrat too, and lining you pockets. So There. I will do all I can for TRUMP. The man is thousand times smarter than Biden China will own us before Bidens term is up

  2. Norma J Paris says:

    You can bet you boots I want Trump back in office and I want Biden out. He will have our nation ruined in 4 years. Trump may never be able to undo all the mess Biden will have us in. Stopping that Keystone pipeline was stupid as could be. Now we will have to suffer for 4 years for high gas prices. Democrats are just evil in every way. Ole Nancy should be hung. I hate her, Shummer,Schiff and all the rest of that bunch. Trump worked for the American people.because he loves America.

  3. Norma J Paris says:

    You can bet you boots I want Trump back in office and I want Biden out. He will have our nation ruined in 4 years. Trump may never be able to undo all the mess Biden will have us in. Stopping that Keystone pipeline was stupid as could be. Now we will have to suffer for 4 years for high gas prices. Democrats are just evil in every way. Ole Nancy should be hung. I hate her, Shummer,Schiff and all the rest of that bunch. Trump worked for the American people.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Norma, I agree with you about the pipeline, Biden should not cancel it just because Trump approved it, you and I need to tell our politicians that the party politics has to stop, and Congress can save the pipeline if they act against Biden’s temporary executive order, they just need to unite. It is temporary until then, I don’t think it’s necessarily final. Biden needs to get Congress on his side about his plans for the economy and if enough of our Congress dislikes and disagrees with canceling the pipeline they can overrule Biden and save it. They need to unite in stopping Biden from shutting down the oil and gas industry. If they think it’ll kill our economy while Biden has no immediate plan or moves to create new good jobs that’ll replace the ones lost with the pipeline and the oil industry, they’d better act against him. This is how our government is supposed to work, you know, for the good of our country. We also need to argue strongly and clearly that we Americans deserve the strongest possible economy and energy independence that will give us low gas prices, etc, to our Congress and President, until a sensible transition to other energy sources can be expedited smoothly and speedily.

  4. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    President Trump was the best thing that happened to the country. He’s a strong man, and I’m glad this is behind
    him. I look forward to seeing him run in 2024.

  5. Becki says:

    I am just curious…how many conservative democrats are realizing just how bad of a mistake you made by allowing this SCUM of the earth to crawl into the Whitehouse. 74 million of us KNEW what we had—And we had it good— it’s too bad you didn’t believe it then. If only you would have listened and DONE YOUR HOMEWORK things would have continued as usual. We were coming back from covid and our REAL PRESIDENT TRUMP had things under control. It’s too bad you listened to their lies. I’m sure some of you democrats have lost your jobs by now. I’m sure most of you would like to see your kids back in school. I’m sure a lot of you are hurting for money. See, no matter what party you are, we are all needing something. So, maybe the ones who feel like us should be the ones to “unite”. Everyone makes mistakes and we are not the party that holds grudges. Maybe then we could work together to weed out the problems in 2022 and have a true America loving President back in office in 2024.

    • Patty says:

      Well said Becki! You should think about running for office. You are inspiring and could really do a lot of good! Check out the Federation of Republican Women in your area. They can help you if you are not already involved in the group. You are so right, good people like you are the real force that will help President Trump continue to Make America Great Again!
      Thanks for your post!

      • Charles Larson says:

        Hey Patty, you and Becki need to give your good ideas about how to improve our country and make it great again to your home state politicians, your Senators and Congress person and stop playing party politics like too many of our politicians do. President Biden said he’s the president for all Americans, so offer your great ideas to him, too. If they’re truly good for Americans and our country he has to at least listen, especially if you put it in writing on paper. He might not agree with you, but why the hell would you want to hold back your valuable input while Americans and our country suffer for the next 4 years? What kind of patriot are you if all you’ll do is save your good ideas for 2024 , a lot can happen the next 4 years , good and bad. If you care about our country and Americans NOW then ACT LIKE IT NOW.

  6. Craig G. says:

    Jamie Task in needs to read back to himself what he said Monday on MSNBC…EVERYTHING HE SAID WAS TRUE ABOUT THE DEMONRAT PARTY. YOU and your hate filled demonrats need to be kicked out of office for doing the things you want to keep our REAL PRESIDENT from ever holding office again. YOUR PARTY stole the election LIED about wanting to UNITE AND HEAL THE NATION and are doing your best to destroy our country. YOU ARE COMMUNISTS AND CANT STAND THE THOUGHT OF AN HONEST PERSON WAS RUNNING AMERICA JUST FINE. We the 75million supporters will not consider ANY OF YOU WORTHY OF RUNNING OUR NATION. So, why don’t you ALL pack up and MOVE TO CHINA. WE DONT WANT YOU HERE. YOU WILL find that out very soon when your CORRUPTION HATE FILLED LIES AND TRAITOROUS ILLEGAL PAST FINALLY BLOWS OPEN AND IS EXTERMINATED


  8. Mike says:

    President Trump didn’t do anything wrong so NO he should not be impeach. This is just another fake impeachment by the Democrats once again. President Trump is the beat President we’ve had in many many years! He was a President for the people,he loves our country,and the citizens all is easy to prove by all the things he’s done before he held office. The Democrats are scared of him and fear he won’t stop until all of them are charged with treason. He stands in their way from their agenda to destroy our country and citizens. I will always support Trump and he will always be known as one of the best President we’ve ever had.Oh just think his children can even hold office with all the same supporters.We want all of the Democrats charges for the violence they called for repeatedly for months now that took over 30 officers life and citizens too along with many seriously injured businesses burnt down,and calling for defund the police. They are the one’s responsible for the mop at the capital as well. Lot’s of videos,pictures,and witnesses easily prove that as well. If any President can be charged not in office than start with Obama

    • Charles Larson says:

      Mike, Trump is being impeached for inciting violence and insurrection at the Capitol WHILE he was still the President on 01-06-21. His words on TV will rightly convict him and he WILL BE BARRED from running for President in the future. Your opinion means nothing except that you’re dumb. Any blacks at the Capitol were no doubt cops , not ANTIFA or BLM protesters, IDIOT! Trump told us the rioters and protesters were HIS supporters, Liar. What “great” things did Trump do as President? He’s part of the problem with white racist cops killing blacks and abusing their authority and thus the rioting and protests to defund the police. He should’ve had better police men under his tenure as President, instead of racists who hate blacks enough to kill them with police brutality. He should’ve instituted police reforms in the use of excessive force. There clearly needs to be a national standard of police conduct in apprehending suspects. It’s a shame it needs to be standardized and federalized because being a good cop is already common sense and basic protocol. Their abuses need to be held to account.

  9. Ken says:

    I’ve notice everything the Democrats accuse Mr. TRUMP OF doing is exactly what their doing. Trump is a businessman and that’s exactly what we need to be president. He doesn’t sweet talk to your face and then never do anything he said he would do. He tells you like it is and what he promises he try’s to keep.He was making us and the world a better place to live. He did everything humanly possible on the VIRUS. BELIEVE

    • Helen says:

      The impeachment should have been directed to Pelosi and Schumer for inciting riots in every one of their speeches…Everytime Pelosi ranted, insurrection spewed from her mouth….I have been a firm believer, she hated Trump so deeply, it consumed her whole person. She must be muzzled or demanded to step down off her perch, or resign. For decades, I have hoped a sharp businessman would have been elected President….My wait is certainly worthwhile. I have always contended this country should be run as a huge corporation, with all departments being the subsidiaries. Politicians are just what they are…but not business..The last strongest President was President Reagan….Trump has been chosen for this time of the creeping radicalism into this great country, the only country that has been God-given freedoms and rights gifted to our Forefathers to form a government for the people, by the people. Has any other country in the world has been so endowed?

  10. Chris Brewer says:

    Well I’ll say this! You Democrats on here, how do you like your President now? He’s turning countries against us eveytime that communist mouth flies open!He’s screwed up from the get go! Giving the OK to open borders, and intensify covid 19, let them overpower the system!This is a bad mistake, dems will suffer this little movement! They will be voted out! People have seen first hand how Biden flops on everything he does, that’s a condemnation to the People.

  11. Holly Rose says:

    I truly hope this impeachment is a success which I have faith that it will however, aren’t the Dems beating a dead horse in the fact that trump will be 80 years old by the time 2024 rolls around and his health isn’t the greatest as he eats McDonald hamburgers?

    • Charles Larson says:

      Holly, Trump will be 78 in 2024 going on 79, just 1 year older than Biden is now as the oldest elected president. This article tells us nothing new, we already knew that the main reason Trump is being impeached is to bar him from running for President again or to hold any federal political office in the future. He brought it on himself and deserves the punishment if not to go to jail for inciting violence that resulted in 5 people’s deaths. And injuries to police officers with Trump touting himself as supportive of law and order. What a disgrace to the Presidency he ended his tenure in.

    • Are you that f–king stupid not to see the crimes the Dem’s. have created against this country? All the rioting & looting in AMERICAN cities over this election? Donald Trump has done more than any other president for the people of this country than any other EXCLUDING J.F.K.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Keith, the rioting and looting in cities were done by criminals, not “Dems”. There were republican rioters at the Capitol and at Oregon’s Capitol in December. The BLM rioters and protesters are against bad white cops who killed blacks and mistreat blacks. The republican rioters did so for Trump and the LIE that the election was stolen for Biden.

        • Robin Kerby says:

          it was stolen Charles, now go be on the other sites with your hypocritic friends, this is for conservative views, go back to your Facebook bashing base.

          • Charles Larson says:

            Robin, I don’t waste time participating on Facebook, and I’m a registered independent voter. This forum is for Americans, not “conservatives” or just Trump supporters or right-wing racists like most of you Trump loonies are. You have no credibility arguing the “fake news” that the election was “stolen”. If any elections were in fact stolen it was the 2000 and 2016 elections that awarded George W. Bush and Donald Trump the presidency, who both lost the popular vote that many Americans want to replace the electoral college/system with, including many republicans. Furthermore, our courts have always required evidence and proof of crimes, not just LIES and fantastically insane partisan nonsensensical charges. Every state does their own independent audits with objective registered voters— Democrat and Republican— working TOGETHER in overseeing the vote counts. How did Biden manage to conspire with and get the support of election officials in all the key battle-ground states that he won? They supported and voted for Trump in 2016. Strange ! Don’t you think? Not! The American voters VOTED in unprecedented numbers with millions of more voters- who turned 18 since 2016 partly because it was easier to mail in their votes due to Covid-19. And because Trump earned it with his arrogance , LIES and poor leadership the past year. I’m not thrilled with Biden but he’s the lesser of two evils, or two weak candidates in most voters’ minds.

      • Robin Kerby says:

        Amen Keith, the two idiots above have no clue, they are the brainwashed ones believing all the crap the Dems shove down their throats, and they are supposed to be the smart ones, really now.

        • Robin Kerby says:

          Just in, sorry to break it to you Democrats, President Trump has not been impeached and is able to run in 2024, Thank GOD!!!

          • Charles Larson says:

            Robin, please stop with your fake news. The impeachment is pushed back until February, and we don’t know that Trump wiil still be alive to run in 2024. He’s a lame-duck candidate who’d have to run as an independent next time.

    • Sam says:

      This impeachment trial will be successful when President Trump’s defense team reveals all of the corruption and crimes of the communist China backed socialist demoRats who are guilty of election fraud! We need to stop the illegal takeover of our government before senile biden signs away our country forever. He’s already given China access to our power grid, along with taking away our energy independence! What purpose does this have except that biden is working for them! Didn’t biden say that only a dictator uses executive orders? Well, I guess he’s showing us that we have a dictator who doesn’t give a damn about Americans!!!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    To begin, Trump didn’t do what they are accusing him of. Their hired goons, Antifa, did it not Trump. The Democrats are afraid of Trump and the terrific job he did as president. They’re just afraid he might bring our country back to the Democracy of freedom it once was, and they don’t want that. They want us to become a communist nation like China. Joe and his son are buddies with China and are doing their work for them. If anybody are traitors it’s Obama and Biden. Let them stand trail for their crimes.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      IT DOESN’T look like Antifa to me the Proud girls had a had a heavy involvement in that insurrection and DJT egged them on while watching on TV at the White House like a dictator from a third world country. His cronies think of him as a religious leader and the second coming. This is why he needs to face an impeachment to prevent a second nightmare with DJT as president.

      • Laurie A Brown says:

        You are delusional. You are in need of some serious mental health care. You are America’s problem. Sheep, the herd are people like you. Easily lead to pasture or to slaughter. You need another news provider and quit being lazy. Research yourself.

      • Joyce Terrell says:

        The Democratic Party in Washington DC are just too stupid for words. So that is all I will say.

      • Robin Kerby says:

        It’s called fake news, stop watching it, President Trump did not brainwash anyone, he opened are eyes to how deep the swamp is and if you looney toons really think Biden is for you, check back in four years and see how that is working out for you, unless you are one of the ones with your hand out……

      • Sam says:

        Sullivan on camera saying “we did it” is antifa member! Pull your head out of your ass and look at the truth! This was a conspiracy to stop the objection and investigation of the illegal election results! Then the socialist communist China backed demoRats can use this to falsely blame President Trump because they are trying to prevent him from running from office because they are scared to death of him. Why else are they fighting so hard to discredit him and using their media cronies to censor him? He did a lot and will do even more to clean out this swamp!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Elizabeth, my dear sweet LIAR, ANTIFA did not have anyone who looks like Donald Trump to possibly impersonate him in the White House on January 6, 2021, telling his supporters and the rioters to “storm the Capitol and fight like hell”, and “We love you. You’re very special.”

  13. Maylynn says:

    Our president may have bragged, but he had to, because the media wasn’t even acknowledging his accomplishments, let alone amazed by them. We cannot let these people get away with this. It is the end of the free world if we do. They will only abuse us as long as we allow them too. It’s time to take a stand and repeat loudly, OVER AND OVER ….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! YOU’RE FIRED! PELOSI, SCHUMER, SCHIFF, OCONNER, BIDEN AND HARRIS. YOU ARE ALL FIRED, STEP DOWN AND GET THE [email protected]@ OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.

  14. Jas says:

    Dems will screw things up so badly that even duplicate voters and dead people will vote for Trump 2.0.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:


      • Laurie A Brown says:

        You still got diarrhea of the mouth. Your are a moron. You have no grip on reality. If you can’t see Biden and his handlers don’t give a rat’s ass about YOU or America.

      • Robin Kerby says:

        Apparently you were a sleep the last four years are too busy having fake new shove down you throat, WAKE up you Brain dead Democrats………

      • Ella Short says:

        Mr. Wilson, Did you benefit from more pay coming home on your paycheck due to taxes being lower? Keeping our borders safe and numerous other things that he did and will never get credit for. The Dem. tried everything from Russia gate to impeachments and they did NOT work. They also did what the Rep. did in the House and Senate to question the validity of the election in 2016. But how soon we all forget or don’t want to acknowledge. Everything they have been and are accusing President Trump of doing they did and more. We need to be free-thinking and do our own investigating instead of listening to brainwashing from a media that does not know the truth or are journalists.

    • Chris Brewer says:

      They’ve already messed up! They are fighting amongst themselves.Who didn’t see that coming…lol.They are the most unorganized,unethical hypocritical bunch I’ve seen in office all my life.Hell bent to oust DJT. Got News, When he told you this was a very different Administration, He meant it! Look at all the CRIMMINALS he exposed! Yeah he sure through a screw in some ones agenda! Exposure is something democrats think they are IMMUNED from it.He and the true Americans out here are here! And we are not going anywhere! We just wait patiently for dems to crack even more! Soon they’ll fall through the cracks in the floor.FAILURE IS HARD TO ACCEPT! But they just need to give up, because we’re not gona let up!

  15. Sam B. says:

    This is soooo ridiculous. As a registered Democrat(barely left leaning) & in no way a supporter of the socialist party(formerly the democrat party)…HELL NO I don’t want President Trump impeached! What a waist of time & taxpayer $$!!! All because he asked the folks at the rally that were gunna go to the capital to have their voices heard to do so “Peacefully & Patriotically.” WHAT?!?! How PATHETIC is this?!?! If u swamp creature socialist/haters impeach trump for that…then by the SAME standards wouldn’t the wonderful honorable(LOL) Maxine Waters get impeached?? For her patriotic..I mean PATHETIC comments 2-3 years ago calling for people to form big crowds & go get in the face of republicans/people…cause a seen wherever they r…tell them they aren’t welcome here etc etc. Why?!?! Because republicans/conservatives have different views & opinions that r by & large better for “we the people!” “The country!” To These whackjob woke-ass cancel culture lowlife hacks..: “GET A LIFE!”
    Folks let’s b honest.. the sole reason why these socialists want to impeach is to keep President Trump from running again in 2024. It most definitely would b tougher for the radical socialists to overcome the almost “75 million Non-Fraudulent Trump nation votes” a 2nd time! Guess u hater hacks Better start working on “The Fix part 2” now!!! Nuff said.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      Did the people do what Maxine Watters said? I don’t remember anything like that occurring

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Well said Sam! Absolutely! I too am a registered Democrat & like so many others I don’t want a damn thing to do with the lunatic left socialist party. Their overall views & ideals r unhinged & scary for the country as a whole.
      * To William Wilson: several republican law makers were violently harassed in restaurants…Sean spicer had a plate thrown at him at a restaurant…Sara Sanders was spit on by a big group while out with her KIDS…others while walking down the street…at their homes etc. Trump supporters beaten up…shot…homes firebombed etc….all after Maxine Waters made those ridiculous comments. Whether or not any of these brainless scumbag lowlifes did this because she said so is unknown…but Maxine Waters DID promote aka incited violence nonetheless. President Trump called for the people that were going to the capital building to do so “peacefully & patriotically.” Huge difference.
      Let us remember..President Trump strongly stands for law & order unlike the sissy leaders of some of our great cities & states that should represent & secure our American citizens so much better than they do. And to those elected officials…how the hell did u get elected? Ur un-American & sad.

  16. lee says:

    HATRED a mighty powerful word of satens followers. they call them self christens…..Well …what are we going to do? Trump was the very best….and yet they call out crucify trump …..just remember biden ,harris pelosi schumer..what you put out to someone comes …I would love to see how’s coming right back at you ONLY 10 FOLD …..CAST THE FIRST STONE ETC..GOD SAID REVENGE IS MINE……GRAB THAT YOU DEMON RATS it’s coming to get you …have you ever looked at your face on tv….it’s coming across like satens narled

    • William Wlison says:

      I do believe DJT cast the first stone as the insurrection of capital building then sitting in the White House fiddling. Then trying to get the election overturned by involving the Attorney Generals Office what do you call that?

      • Laurie A Brown says:

        You keep repeating same thing. Is this the only thing you think you know about. What is it with you demilocrats. Must think if the tell the lie enough times it magically turns into the truth. Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not how it works.

      • Chris Brewer says:

        The first stone was thrown when dems impeached TRUMP.Found him not guilty! Now you got off easy on that crime.We all know now hillary and obama,are responsible!Do you realise he now can bring out new charges!Yes! And now they have to impeach him again to ensure he can’t be involved in 2024! That want work!This will go to SCOTUS! Now DONALD TRUMP IS a regular citizen. Out of office!Looks to me like someone has got a lot of legal literature to comprehend!FIRSTLY they didn’t do any investigation, basicly taking the law into their on hands!I think this is another big mistake Big Government Made!

  17. donald stevens says:

    What in hell are the republicans doing nothing.Thay are scared to death of the Democrates thay say and do any thing thay won’t.The republicans are traitors and cowards that did not support Trump.People like Romney Barr McConnell and othes are supporting the Democrates their ls no republicans any more.Iam with Trump start a patorite party,fire them all who needs them.The republicans are big liers and getting paid off by the communist party also.Thay have no back bone, you make me sick you do not love America you are sailing out America.You are scared of Biden Harris Pelosi you are not supporting are God given country and believe in killing babys also, you are as bad as the Democrates and will help to destroy America.You all are traitors as bad as the communist and will do any thing for the mighty dollar.God have mercy on us all

    • Robert says:

      I totally agree with reedy word, word for word sissy ass turncoats save their own ass i don’t know how but this shit has to be stopped!

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      I think that a patriot party won’t go too far as there are enough third party’s out there as it is and a patriots Party with the likes of the people I see like the proud Girls won’t go far especially with the Trumps involvement and Leadership?

      • Chris Brewer says:

        This is exactly how a fool Democrat would think! Your party is falling apart. They argue and bicker amongst themselves! Sailing a boat with no sails.Powered by lies and deceit, in every flavor. To be sucked up by people who think you shouldn’t have to fight for your freedoms. News if you voted biden,Your gona pay dearly for freedom! And your not gona like it! This we already know! CRIMMINALS in government are going down. Lesson to learn, You can’t slander or investigate, Any political party in private! FBI CIA.IMPEACHMENT UNDER FALSE PRETENCES!Democrats are so busted. Congress is about to get its criminal punishment served up!

  18. Loretta Williams says:

    You know that Donald Trump has been the worst President we have ever had you may not like me saying that but you know in your heart that is the truth. He is not a truthful person. Thing have to go his way or no way. he is selfish and a liar and I hope they fix it so he will never hold an office again.

    • Pheobe says:

      OBAMA was the absolute worse. He started ALL THE BULLSH-T

    • Wanda says:

      Trump was one of the best Presidents we have ever had. He might have lied about some things but he did get things done. He made America Great Again. He got more done in his four years than any other President has. The Democrats are the ones who have ruined our Country and they try to blame it on Trump. He will prevail.

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        You think after a insurrection he’s the best president ever He will never live this down and will not get any place after this fiasco and his involvement with it. This was like the French revolution! Good luck with your new party and a devious religious conglomeration run by DJT.

        • Robin Kerby says:

          You underestimate the people who back President Trump and will in four years, you just wait, he has Black civil rights activist on his side that should tell all you non believers something, trying watching some real news for a change and you might actually learn a few things.

    • Sam B. says:

      Loretta…u say President Trump is a liar/untruthful, selfish & it’s his way or no way. I respect your opinion but as a registered Democrat(barely left leaning)..& no way in hell a supporter of the socialist party…..I respectfully disagree.
      In a nutshell…most all of this anti Trump hatred/propaganda bs out there r from people that don’t like him because he has a SPINE! Finally a president that stands strong firm & proud for the country! Oh yeah…he wasn’t told to b nice! B a pushover! Take no for an answer on issues that will greatly support Americans &/or help keep us safe etc the border wall! The SAME border wall the 2-faced swamp creatures a few years back wanted to build but couldn’t get it done. Well looky here. The mean orange guy got it done..& to the specs our great customs & border agents asked for. And the areas the wall is up..illegal crossings & illegal activities r basically nonexistent!!!! THANK U PRESIDENT TRUMP!!
      President Trump was expected to get RESULTS for the country..& in the face of non-stop obstruction from the 2-faced progressive socialist swamp creature obstructionist…he did just that! While these radicals got so frustrated because he was still making progress even being obstructed..they waisted time & $$ impeaching him over a phone call!! LOL. They should’ve gone after Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden.
      A big problem with the socialist party(formerly the democrat party) is that their own vengeful pride gets in the way of positive progress for the country aka we the people. Nuff said.

    • Maylynnn says:

      Do you really think Kamala, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer are not liars? They not only lie, they cheated in the election, and they have not stopped with the lies, liable and defamation of character of President Trump. Stop listening to mainstream media for 2 seconds where you are bombarded by every lie possible about our president. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT LADY! He IS the BEST PRESIDENT WE HAVE EVER HAVE. HE HAS DONE MORE FOR OUR COUNTRY IN 4 YEARS THAN THOSE YAHOOS HAVE DONE IT 50.

    • Chris Brewer says:

      I don’t like it! Your gona start feeling a grip real soon. You’ll know what it is! When you start seeing charges on the clinton gang and company! Some evidence you can’t hide! So how do you like biden now? Now that he has impeachment charges on him? This whole group of people are gona suffer embarrassment! And they deserve it!

  19. Beverly Tujague says:

    What about family members? Can’t impeach the others

  20. Barry - Maryland says:

    I agree this Raskin is an idiot!

  21. Paul says:

    Jamie Raskin. Another creature from the swamp. Too bad it was only half drained out. What world do you live in thinking you can rid people from office for life just because of the color of their politics. You dirty slime democraps are the racest people that ever existed. Don”t try to move on this issue or you will regret it.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      I believe it should be moved on as this can not be tolerated. There were five deaths also an out of control mob action and an arrogant egotistical egomaniac calling himself a religious leader acting as a president of a Democratic country. This all sounds lie our worst nightmare. Et Tu Brute1

  22. charles porter says:

    this is just a democratic way to keep trump out of politics.he has been the best president of our time.he has done more for our country. he should be honored for what he has done for the country and its citizens

  23. jkryanspark says:

    Conservatives are dense. Stupid and dense. Whenever a Republican is elected, the country takes a dive for the duration of their term and then a Democrat has to step in to undo the damage. Under Trump, the damage was excessive. So naturally the Democrats have to do whatever it takes to prevent the madman from ever coming near the White House again. And yet, you idiots make this fact seem like some sort of revelation. I suppose when you’re plain dumb, any thought seems deep.

    • Robert says:

      You wear a SMALL hat!

    • MAMABEAR says:


    • Lindy62 says:

      One year ago we had one of the best economies in the history of the country. Who was the President ? Less than a year ago the Middle East was trending to a more stable, more peaceful situation than has been true in 30 or more years. Who was the President ? Has everyone developed amnesia so quickly ? Name a Democratic President that has produced those kinds of results. Have we started any new wars in the last 4 years ? Ask the Democrats to answer a few simple questions. Then you decide what is in your best interest.

    • James says:

      You demon-crats are brainwashed by bias nazi fake news propaganda. You can’t fix stupid 🤪.

    • Maylynn says:

      watch who you call stupid, ass. jkryanspark. That’s why democratic run cities have the worst and most crime, are bankrupt and all their residents are fleeing their state due to being taxed to death. Name one thing President Trump has done to harm this nation? See that’s just like all of you demoncrats. You generalize but never make a point, because there isn’t any point to be made. President Trump is not a racist, not a fascist nor a white supremist. Those are all “virtues” assigned to Biden. Trump is an American. He loves this country and he cannot tolerate what you and your ilk are doing to it and our constitution. You need to pull your head out of your ass, and stop listening to the mainstream media.

      • Dorothy says:

        Very well spoken. Demonrats are mentally challenged.

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        Even as an American he did not act in the best interest of the country by formenting domestic rebellion. He did not rise above the fray and act as a leader to raise the discourse for the good of the country.

    • Laurie A Brown says:

      Do you know that Trump was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize? Did you know many other countries rally FOR Trump like Japan, Nigeria and even China (southern). Of course you didn’t because democrats control main stream media. So get your head out of CNNS ass and dare to seek truth.

    • Robin Kerby says:

      Wow, sounds to me like you are the real idiot here, small man syndrome I guess

  24. Ghop says:

    The Democrats know that it is very difficult to defend a lie so to destroy someone they lie.Then whatever defense is taken to refute the lie they just tell more lies.Look at their past and you can see the likes of 1 Bill Clinton 2 Hillary Clinton 3 nasty Polosici 4 Chuck Schumer 5 Comey 6 Harris 7 and for 49 years Biden lie when the truth would fit the best. They lead by lies those that are the easiest to fool by promising the good life without having to work. They say the govt. will provide free things to them like food housing college education and all the good stuff.But if you look around do you feel you are better off now than you were .?Ask yourself why is dealing drugs so rampant in minority neighborhoods, could it be that some minorities got tired waiting for the govt. to take care of them that they decided to get rich on their own and they took further advantage of the easily lead to become rich themselves. Just think,all the biggest drug problems are in the cities run by Democrats. Where WILL BIDEN HARRIS lead?

    • Robin Kerby says:

      That is why they promise them everything and deliver nothing, they are pawns and they fall for it time and time again. Anyone who wants a better life can have one if they try, Minority’s have more programs in place for them then white Americans do, yet we are the privileged, no we work for a living and choose not to take the free everything. They keep them exactly where they want them so they can keep promising the same lies and get their votes. WAKE UP PEOPLE, ask yourself what have they done for you to make your life any better than it was 10,20 years ago.

      • Phoebe says:

        Now that we know how good they are at cheating how do we know they havent been doing it for years?? Who in hell would vote for Maxine Waters or Pelosi? The only way their districts could look worse is if they burned down..

        • Robin Kerby says:

          They are bought and paid for, how else could these useless monsters keep getting voting in, unless people really are that stupid, educate yourself people, read between the lines this is our lives, or do you just not care and want Mommy and Daddy to take care of you all your lives.

  25. Robert says:

    Do not belong to Twitter or FB. MHO is before you start with Trump, should take hard look at Biden crime, Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama crime family’s.
    Then reached out heads of Democrats, now there’s you long list of scum bags. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.
    Before going after greatest President, America ever had, did more, did more good for America than any other past president, we ever had.
    By the way fat lady has not sung yet!!
    Biden/Harris did not beat/win Oval office. They along with CCP, stole it. “IF” all h**l, breaks loose it will effect every human on earth, includes all of Capitol Hill, Hollywood, Music entertainment plus all persons on Earth. Just wait and see weather I’m right or not.

    • Elizabeth says:

      They need to leave Trump alone! They are terrified; if he took office one more term, he would have had all the Demonrats in prison – where they need to be!
      I’m so glad to read Texas won their lawsuit against Biden and freeing the illegals! Take care of Americans First!!!

  26. Aileen says:

    Best President in modern times. Seen them since Truman was in Office and not President stacks up to Trump. Kennedy was a sham, J0ohnson was supposed to be eliminated along with Kennedy but managed to change cars so escaped that bullet, Nixon was carp and a criminal, Obama was evil and so will biden be.

    • jkryanspark says:

      What color is the sky in your world? What is it about lowlife degenerates that make your heart go pitter patter? Do you care about the American middle class or do you just want to be dominated by people who look at you as prey?

    • jkryanspark says:

      What color is the sky in your world? What is it about degenerates that make your heart go pitter patter? Do you care about the American middle class or do you just want to be dominated by people who look at you as prey?

      • Robin Kerby says:

        We should ask you that, obviously you are not living in the real world, what about the numbers and all the jobs he created and protection our borders bring jobs back to this country, you must not like America or the middle class look where jobs are getting ready to go again, the country he is in bed with China.

  27. Don says:

    He was the best ever that is they do not him back. He was fulfilling the Last Promise he made and that was the drain the swamp of the sewer rats

  28. The democrats’ interpretation of the Constitution proves only that they can’t claim to have read it. The Constitution was written by men who didn’t generally hold Ivy League law degrees. But contemporary lawyers have the arrogance to believe that only they can understand it. It is very clear, however, that impeachment is only for the President, Vice President, and Civil Officers. When the President is tried for impeachment, the Chief Justice conducts the trial. There is no provision in the Constitution for the Chief Justice to preside over a trial to impeach a normal U.S. citizen. That’s why Roberts will not preside over a kangaroo court that has no relation to the constitution. He proved himself the Chief Kangaroo in the election and probably doesn’t want to repeat the act.

  29. Albert says:

    Who elected this FOOL . Yes Sen. Jamie Raskin. He’s an educated FOOL .
    If the framers of our constitution, could hear and see what is happening
    today , I believe they would vomit.

    • MAMABEAR says:


  30. Laura says:

    Trump is the only PRESIDENT they have so much hate for..
    Truth be TOLD, They tried to IMPEACH him before over something that JOE BIDEN was IN FACT GUILTY OF… If anyone should be ANGRY OR HATEFUL ITS PRESIDENT TRUMP…
    For any of them to EVEN SPEAK OF OUR CONSTITUTION AND REPUBLIC, It’s disgusting, DISGRACEFUL, and completely

  31. Rhina says:

    We did not elect a puppet. Remember the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” it reminds me lol. President Biden ain’t my president. God Bless America

  32. Tommy says:

    All Republican states should get together and leave the USA and form their own Nation. Then we will see how well the dems do under their beliefs in their constitution. I would be willing to bet after they crumble over half will be trying to come over to our Nation. Republicans would be under the true real constitution We The People under God we trust.

    • MAMABEAR says:


  33. Harlan says:

    Look what he wanted to do. He wanted to over through the government. He had no use for the Constitution. All he wanted was everyone to do what he wanted. To be king.

    • Laurie A Brown says:

      You are a full blown idiot. The mentality of people amaze me. Come out of your fantasy world and into the world of truth. Trump never once committed one selfish act as President. He put up with a lot for the people and a Country he loves. With integrity. One day you’ll find this to be a fact.

  34. Americafirst says:

    It isn’t going to matter if the Democrats do convict Trump so he can never hold office again. Trump IS holding office for the United States of America as of when he left the White house. Trump was sworn in as President of the United States of America right after he reached Marilago. Biden, on the other hand got elected to a defacto government that is now non existent as president of the United States Corporation Inc. It is an illegal government and office. The military is now temporarily running the country until all the corruption has been exposed and that may take a few months. Be prepared for our Trump to resume office as the 19th, yes, I said 19th President of the United States of America bringing our country back to the original government set up by our framers that is the rue government. The term Constitution of he United States of America will go back to the original Constitution which is The Constitution FOR the United States of America. Everything Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their band of merry Mafia, the Senate, Congress, The House of representatives and all their people are now defunct, illegal and are definitely illegal and is an act of treason of high crimes. They will all be going to prison with the exception of a handful of good people from the two houses. Rejoice, everyone and spread this information as far and wide as you can. Trump is just allowing all the actors of treason to entrap themselves before dropping the ball. This is wonderful news and I bet you didn’t know there were two Constitutions.

    • Robin Kerby says:

      I keep hearing this and I pray you are correct, it just does not seem possible for all this corrupt bullshit to keep unfolding before our eyes and to not think something is going on behind the seems, praying hard for all of us……….

      • Vivian Wilkins says:

        amen, been hearing this also, holding my breath and praying hard for this to happen.Ready to have a peaceful and loving , caring and lawful independant country that we have fought so hard for. God bless American

  35. rick says:

    This is exactly the kind of tactics the Criminlocracy will use time & again to get their way! “Repubs” better step up to the plate, or this will continue to happen until there’s no America left.

  36. Richard muras says:

    The Democrats want to destroy all who don’t want to follow their way of thinking and won’t play their game.

  37. Hubert Spence says:

    It is a sad day in America when the elections are stolen, the President is impeached 2 times by the crooked. Most dishonest, ass holes ever in our Government, that would be the Demonrats, if they do this I promise all hell will break loose, we are sick of the Bull shit and we want it stopped and we want fair elections so our Country can survive.

  38. Pat says:

    The reason Congress wants to impeach Trump they are afraid of him I listen speech he didn’t encourage rites and what about Pelosi for okaying Antifa rights. Why is she not impeached along with the others.

  39. ROBERT PIVERAL says:

    If the democrats were not so affaird of Trump they wouldn’t be trying to fake impeach him again .
    They are so afraid that he will expose all of the damn dirty deals the democrats have done, like Joe taking money from China and Ukraine !!!!

  40. Debra Lashbrook says:

    The Constitution should be followed. President Trump was for the people not for his self. He was a great President!

    • stevin foster says:

      Amen to that trump is and always will be for the people that’s why they hate on him plus his is the best president we’ve had by far like he said make America great again and that’s what he has done look at all the jobs he built look at all the jobs we’ve lost having Biden yeah people better start looking at the big picture.

  41. Karen Gilbert says:

    I want Former President Trump convicted by the Senate and barred from running for President again.

    • Robin Kerby says:

      We would like you barred from this sight, so go away…

    • Laura says:

      We don’t care what you want,Truth be TOLD it was in FACT the DEMOCRATIC OFFICIAL’S WHO incited an INNCURECTION…

    • Tony Johns says:

      And you know that you can not give an intelligent reason as to why! But, I encourage you to try. Come with it!!!

    • Claudia J Gravett says:

      I want Joe Biden impeached, along with Schumer, Schiff and Pelosi for crimes against our Republic and Constitution as set for by the original framers. Biden has colluded with China through his son Hunter, as evidenced by the over $1 billion Hunter received because of “Big Man.” Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff have concocted another fake impeachment. They all turned a blind eye when Portland, Minneapolis and Seattle were on fire, destroying government building, along with businesses which ruined many people’s lives. Their inaction, along with the inaction of Democrat governors encouraged this destruction. Questioning the validity of the 2020 election was Trump’s right. The Democrats spent four hears questioning the validity of the 2016 election. Also, his speech had at least 20 minutes left while the Capitol building was being breached. The impeachment trial against Trump is a partisan sham! The Democrats are using this sham as a fund raiser.

      • Robin Kerby says:

        Amen Claudia, Karma is a bitch and it is coming full force for these lying, cheating, hating disgusting people who call themselves the Government.

  42. Ralph Pelkey says:

    We the people will be the loosers if they get there way! With things screwed up the way it will be they don’t want him in office to make things right for you and me!!

    • Robin Kerby says:

      That’s why are Republican Senators better get in there and fight with everything they have against this. Supposedly this is not even legal so how it can even go forward is crazy, oh that’s right because the crazy bitch with the Gavel says so. She is bought and paid for, has to be otherwise why would she even be in Congress 30 something years later, Ridiculous, they need to bring up every Riot incited by every Democratic leader that pushed and defended the RIOTS all summer long. How is that SUMME of love working out………

      • Dave Spear says:

        The Democrats want Trump tried so that he can’t serve again. He is not a politician who can be bought off. He is not rat snake skunk or pig like Biden and Harris are. He cares about the little people.

      • Jane G Smith says:

        Totally agree with you. It was okay for them to outright say it was good to riot, burn even murder police officers and innocent people, and praised them so-called peaceful marches. All of them Pelosi and other Dem. should also be held accountable.

        • Clint shrader says:

          Exactly correct, I have already written my representative speaking as much. the evidence of as much was witnessed by the nation on national tv. Kamala harris even collected funds to bail rioters out of jail to continue rampaging. This incriminates anyone who donated to Harris’s fund as well. They show ld be prosecuted by their own standards.

          • melinda middleton says:

            If their wanting to get trump on that I guess they better get. Bunch of them cuz they had evidence the rioters already had it a.planned to do the capitol b4 pres trump rally that’s what they got on tv And said fact and their adults them people know rite from wrong nobody twisted their arm to storm the capital

  43. Rhoda says:

    I have never seen so much hate. This is really sad that we are being sold out to China so the dems can get richer. Not one thing this new administration has done is for the good of our country.

  44. G says:

    First most of what we seen inside the WH appeared staged and more like an NBA fight with Capitol police. Videos show they were let in so does anybody really think that small group of police, who were ordered not to have guns, could have stopped all those people from getting anywhere they wanted quickly. Unfortunately there were the loss of lives reported, and known BLM / Antifa people leading there group that got some peaceful Trump supporters following the knuckleheads. The impeachment is another violation of the constitution which will draw out more nefarious politicians.

    • Robin Kerby says:

      I do not doubt one bit this was a setup, setup by the Dems, everything bad has their stick ass hands all over it, just their style to do something like this. Mail in ballots, changing election laws, not willing to even look at the fraud, no fraud my ass, they are the DEVIL here on earth.

  45. Honest says:

    Only reason to FEAR Mr Trump is because he WILL Clean House with these radical A== Holes called Demon Rats and they know this

    • Robin Kerby says:

      Amen to that, FEAR, how dare he do great things for this country, he showed them all up, maybe he likes to gloat, but so what, doesn’t take away from the great things he did and the many more things who could have done if the kindergartner’s in the White House hadn’t got in his way.

  46. kevin Bolin says:

    with the horrible riots we had in many cities this year then that means we should kick out and declare all of those governors and city mayors should be barred from ever holding office again so let’s impeach all of those criminals. Its ludicrous to say Trump caused this when it began before his speech even started or before he said anything and there has already been tons of proof show it was planned by antifa. BLM and other leftists hell even the cops were involved in removing barricades etc. so no way is Trump to blame for this. Anyone but an absolute lying sack of crap would admit that.

  47. Robin Kerby says:

    Just make sure during the trial they show the left promoting Riots and killings all summer, Maxine Waters told people if you see Trump supports go out and get in their faces you do whatever it takes, now what the hell is that, if that is not incitement. Still going on and they barely make mention of it, it was horrible what happened at the Capitol but that was not Trumps fault, more people died in Seattle and Washington but that is ok because scumbag Antifa & BLM was responsible for that. You know why they don’t mention it, because they are on the payroll of the left, probably being paid daily to keep it up. DISGUSTING

    • Dolores Brei says:

      Keeping quiet & doing nothing about the riots in the Democratic cities is just as much liable as anything that they say President Trump said, which are all lies! Even the fact that Buden stopped the Pipeline & 11,000 people are losing their jobs because of [email protected]

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