‘Thin Blue Line’ Flag Scores Major Victory

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – Law-abiding American patriots supporting the nation’s police forces have just achieved a notable victory over the lawlessness-promoting left after a federal court struck down a ban by a Democrat-run Pennsylvania township banning the pro-police American flag with a “thin blue line.”

A federal court has decided that Springfield Township’s ban on displaying the American flag with a thin blue line, symbolizing support for law enforcement, violates the First Amendment.

The township, located approximately 15 miles from Philadelphia, had argued that the flag’s use was generating negative sentiments and distrust towards the police within the community.

However, US District Judge Karen Marston ruled against this prohibition, affirming that it infringed upon the free speech rights of public employees.

In her court opinion, Judge Marston addressed the township’s characterization of the ‘Thin Blue Line’ American Flag as offensive and potentially racist.

“The Township repeatedly suggests that the ‘Thin Blue Line’ American Flag is of limited, if any, public value or concern because it is ‘offensive’ and ‘racist,’” Marston wrote.

“But as this Court previously told the Township, ‘the First Amendment protects speech even when it is considered ‘offensive,’” she added.

While acknowledging that it was “undeniable that the Flag carries racist undertones to certain members of the community,” Marston criticized the township’s approach to addressing these concerns as bordering on unprofessionalism.

Attorney Wally Zimolong, representing the police officers, saw the court’s decision as a definitive affirmation of the First Amendment rights of his clients.

“It was a resounding win for the First Amendment and free speech. It showed once again that the government cannot engage in viewpoint discrimination based upon a message it disagrees with or finds offensive,” Zimolong said.

The controversy surrounding the flag began in 2021 when the city’s police union voted to incorporate the thin blue line flag into its logo.

This decision faced opposition from several township commissioners due to the flag’s association with Blue Lives Matter. This movement emerged as a counter to Black Lives Matter and has been supported by police advocates.

Subsequently, the township’s attorney issued a cease-and-desist letter to the union, arguing that the flag’s use in the logo aggravated tensions between police officers and communities.

After the union refused to comply with these demands, the commissioners implemented a policy prohibiting township employees from displaying the flag – which has now been struck down.