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This Illegal Immigration Number Will Blow You Away

( – September 30th marked the end of the federal fiscal year. That’s important because that’s the date the federal government uses to compile annual statistics. And, there can be no doubt that one statistic will be, literally, off the charts. That number is the number of illegal immigrants Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the entire Biden administration will have allowed – some would say encouraged – to cross the southern border of the United States and, most significantly, permitted to remain in the country.

Here’s a small taste of what the annual number will look like and why security experts believe Biden will set a new record for a president having allowed illegal aliens to enter and stay in the United States. The United States Border Patrol arrested more than 195,000 illegal immigrants in August and, of those almost 200,000 illegals, upwards of 44,000 were released into the country instead of being immediately deported.

What makes that number an even more staggering figure is that it’s an increase of 430,000% from the previous year when former President Donald J. Trump was still in office. Yes, you read correctly—430,000%.

Given that figure for just one month of illegal immigration on the southern border, is there any doubt why so many Americans are up in arms and angry at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for all but ignoring the immigration crisis? Can there be any doubt as to why Biden’s polling numbers are plummeting?

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