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This Is Why Americans Are Buying Guns

( As if there’s any doubt, we now have official evidence as to why Americans are buying guns – both handguns and long guns – in record numbers.

It’s because there is something else that is happening in record numbers.



Yes, what Americans have believed for more than a year is confirmed.

The streets of the United States have grown more deadly, and it’s happening at a record pace.

According to statistics released today by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, homicides in the U.S. ballooned 30% percent from 2019 to 2020. That’s the single, greatest yearly jump on record.

Think about that – the largest jump in murders on record.

What does that mean when it comes to the actual number of murders?

Well, more than 21,000 murders were reported to cops in 2020, according to the Bureau’s Uniform Crime Report released this morning.

And, according to the Gun Violence Archive, the number of homicides committed with a firearm rose by close to 4,000 between 2019 and 2020.

Also, keep in mind, because only 85% of cop shops across the U.S. send their stats to the Feds, it’s better than a safe bet that the number of murders is far more than the 21,000 being reported today.

Please email [email protected] and share your opinion about the latest FBI homicide statistics that show a record increase in murders from the year 2019 to the year 2020. Have you noticed a rise in crime in your community? Do you worry more about violent crime now than you did in recent years? What do you think is causing the record jump in murders? What do you think can be done to reduce the number of murders and violent crimes in the United States?

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