Tom Cotton Shreds Biden and MSM Over Latest COVID News

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR)

( – United States Senator Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, didn’t pull any punches as he shredded the Biden administration and the ultra-left mainstream media for their actions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Appearing on Fox News earlier today, Cotton went after both the MSM and the Biden administration.

Here is a partial transcript of his remarks:

“From the very beginning, I believed this virus almost certainly came from a lab. I thought it was just a matter of common sense. You didn’t need secret intelligence or classified information just to look at the facts.

“You had a food market that the Chinese communists were saying was the source of the virus and didn’t even sell bats in an area where bats were not located. And then you had a laboratory where they were known to focus and work with bat-based coronaviruses that had a history, like many Chinese labs, of safety incidents. Again, to me, it was just a matter of common sense.

“But what did the liberal media and what did Joe Biden and other Democrats do? When you point these things out, they called you a racist or a xenophobe. They said you were spreading conspiracy theories and all the rest.

“And now, three years on, I think most Americans recognize that it almost certainly came from that laboratory, that the Chinese communists covered it up, and that you still have the liberal media and Democrats acting like lawyers for Chinese communists, trying to excuse them, trying to say, well, there’s not much consensus, we [do] not know for sure, much like they did a couple of weeks ago when China sent a spy balloon to America.

And you had people in Joe Biden’s administration saying, well, maybe it was just blown off course by strong winds. The kind of deliberate obfuscation and excuse-making for China that we saw three years ago about this lab incident and that we saw a couple of weeks ago about the balloon that flew over across America. It’s dangerous for the American people because it encourages Chinese communists to think that America will not stand up to their provocations.”

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