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Tragic Video from the Boulder Shooting

WARNING: The video below is graphic and shows the scene at yesterday’s shooting in Boulder, Colorado, when a citizen journalist first arrived – even as gunshots were still ringing out inside the store. If you believe this will upset you, please do not watch. We present this because we believe in presenting the truth, and this is the sad truth of what was taking place outside and inside the store.

After watching the video below, please share your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. David Smith says:

    LOL Holly then we would have bombs the IRA didn’t have guns but they sure gave the British a hard time without them they killed the British soldiers in other ways you can ban guns but the criminals will still get them my neighbor was on probation still dealing drugs and had a gun he wasn’t supposed to have

  2. Lori says:

    Guns are not the problem, people are.

  3. Holly Rose says:

    If all guns and anything gun related such as hunting and self defense were banned, we wouldn’t have shootouts. BAN ALL GUNS NOW. EVERYBODY TURN IN YOUR GUNS NOW!!! Listen to Biden and Harris. They know what is good for our nation. Wake up everybody! Other nations are peaceful such as China and Russia because they don’t have guns. We need to rewrite the constitution and get rid of the 2nd amendment for our safety and sanity.

    • Larry says:

      You need to increase the dosage on your meds Holly Rose because you are seriously delusional!

    • Kathy Supplee says:

      Thats a looney talking now Holly No one is giving up their legally owned guns. How About Round up every lunatic and put them away….Oh that would be so hard find them,…. Unless they write a ridiculous POST!!!

    • De Glo says:

      Biggest laugh of the day you are! So, only the criminals will have guns you idiot!…and they WILL! how will you help yourself or your family out of a gun fight with them? Might as well leave your doors and windows open too!…put a sign in your yard “come take anything, I cant defend myself or my family! I love Biden he helps me get rid of my treasures and my family’s lives”…how stupid does that seem to you now?

    • ck says:

      You can’t ban all guns, that will never happen!! Assault weapons, yes. Better background checks, yes. Last but not least, quit giving guns to mental patients!!! I mean really, who thinks that’s a good idea?!!!

    • Germaine says:

      Ok! Ban all guns! BUT, this includes the Secret Service! Why should those lying Democrats be protected and not private citizens? WHY?

    • Holly it must be time for you to book your trip to China or Russia now. I believe we can get your fare paid. Get the hell out as you obviously don’t have a damn clue.

    • Gerald says:

      What world are you living in? I can tell you haven’t traveled to any other countries you only know what you hear or what you see on TV you don’t see real life

  4. Eric says:

    I believe the boulder police department is behind all of this cause were are the police you got dead people I’ll n the parking lot dead people in the store you got an old man looking at his phone I believe this is an attack on our second amendment I believe the shooter was paid off I believe the shooter is going to live like a king in prison the shooter is alive and well if it was somebody else they would have gotten killed by the police that’s why I feel boulder Colorado is behind this.

  5. David Smith says:

    I wonder why the reporter didn’t stop and see if the person he ran past was alive I guess that is fear and shock in both those people

  6. David Smith says:

    I am shocked that old man was playing with his phone and pointed to a victim didn’t even try to help that person and wasn’t even running to get away??? What kind of country and people have we become more important to play on your stupid dam phone than to try to help someone

  7. Robert Beld says:

    A bunch of BS just a way for Democrats to get your firearms

  8. VERNA HART says:

    Why is this happening? Wheres the police in all of this? An active shooter in a store and numerous bodies lying in parking lots and in the store. Has anyone notified the police? Does anyone know who the shooter is and why is his reason for killing people? I saw the video and saw a security guard lying on the floor inside the store. Bodies laying in parking lot. A citizen warning others of an active shooter and to stay away. The two individuals standing in the doorway seem to be unconcerned. An elderly man checking out his phone while listening to a citizen shouting active shooter, and to stay away. At least this guy is warning others all while fleeing the scene. I could hear gunshots ringing out in the store.

  9. Blanca Holland says:

    Sad for those left behind to pickup the pieces of the actions of a deranged man: this is the questions: why did he shoot randomly? Was he hyped up? Did he have an issue with store? Was he program by videos or movies to think he was fighting the enemies within and outside of this nation? Did he have ptsd of any form? We pray that the LORD ALMIGHTY intervene for these families and give them peace of mind and spirit to deal with the pain of life assault on this nation and her people. There’s to many questions to be answered by those who investigate the crime committed: it’s not the weapon at fault but it’s the person who execute the plan of death: for he could of used a pressure cooker bomb device,machete, knife,baseball bat etc. When a person flips out of his or her mind : the only one that can help is GOD OF HEAVEN. Let’s pray for our nation and her people: for Satan is using everything and anyone : as a thief who comes to steal,kill and destroy: what we hold most dear the love ones who go about their daily lives: before you let them go hug and pray for them : telling them how much you love them. Pray for this thief that he has a chance to repentance: yes he was used by Satan as a thief: for he has stolen the time of every man and woman dead: May JESUS YESHUA bring peace instead of strife and anger in our nation. For in HIM we have life abundantly and hope in the everlasting life with GOD OF HEAVEN our FATHER our CREATOR.

  10. judith says:

    What was the police doing, Probably just standing around watching these people getting killed instead of shooting back. This all Biden faught for not keeping the borders closed. He is a disgrace as President. Harris is a disgrace as Vice President. Harris was laughing when the media ask her about the Border being open. She thinks this is funny. They are not fit to run our country. We need President Trump back in charge. He would never have The let this happen. ARESST all these Democrats and put them on the other side of the border, and let them live with them, they like them so much,

  11. David Smith says:

    Culture Watch News they are just saying what the sheriff’s at the border are saying These people in office are doing more damage to America than Bin Laden could ever do You don’t give terrorist billions of dollars like Obama did and what the present dictators did 191. million to Yemen Al Q, and declassify them as non terrorist

  12. David Smith says:

    If you are interested read Culture news about the illegal immigration where people say this was going on when Trump was President yes it was but not like this Trump tried to build a wall Biden is flying them around the country. As my friend said Mt. Larson it was our right to go kill Bin Laden he may be right then I assume it is OK to kill the terrorist we have in office right now

  13. David Smith says:

    Way to go ILL. starting to pay the blacks for slavery 200 years ago I have A question will they pay the American Indians the Chinese and the other races that were abused when they came here and murdered??? It is great black families will get about 400,000 dollars all you have to have was a person great great grandfather who you probably never heard of being on a plantation I hope they will give me money for the abuse of my German ancestors

  14. Don says:

    Well, knowing that Boulder is just another lib mecca it doesn’t surprise me at all. I AM sorry for the innocent caught up in the lunacy.

  15. maxibaby says:

    I wonder if the increase in mass shootings are being made by people who want more gun control and/or all weapons confiscated? If this is not their intent….it is the effect because with every shooting, the marxists are screaming louder and louder for more gun control! With the Dems having total control right now, it is not the time to give them more ideas of bad things to do!
    It is horrible to think that way but, it has gotten to the point I put nothing past the marxist Dems in their war against our Constitution and way of life! When socialism/communism makes a takeover move they must first disarm the citizens so there is no way to defend ourselves and stop them!
    May God’s love and peace sustain the families of the people killed and injured in this horrible Boulder, Co massacre!

  16. Lemont Cranston says:

    Our Constitution does not allow these politicians to do the things they are doing! Everything they have done since “TAKING” power has been against the “WILL” of “We the People”! That is tyranny and cause for removal of the cabal, even if they refuse to transfer the power peacefully!!! Which would make force necessary and legal!

  17. James Payson says:

    Yes trump will be president again Biden should have never been put in office here’s one reason why. The border law we need that wall who’s going to support all these immigrants us why Biden is a fool and shouldn’t have allowed this just too despise our real President. TRUMP

  18. Donald says:

    Too bad an armed citizen wasn’t there to end this!