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Trump Addresses the Nation After Impeachment

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, President Donald Trump issued the following video of him addressing the nation from his desk in the Oval Office of the White House.

He issued the video just minutes after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed the Resolution of Impeachment and sent it to the U.S. Senate where Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Chuck Schumer agreed Trump will be tried before the Senate for Incitement of Insurrection.

Please watch the video and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.


  1. Dolly says:

    When Schumer has enough power to put in the “New Green Deal” which is the Stalin Communist Constitution, (It has no bill of rights)and takes out our U S Constitution no one will realize that happened because no meadia will expose it. Only the Lord can save it. Your site is corrupted.

  2. Dolly says:

    When Schumer has enough power to put in the “New Green Deal” which is the Stalin Communist Constitution, (It has no bill of rights)and takes out our U S Constitution no one will realize that happened because no meadia will expose it. Only the Lord can save it.

  3. Gregory Rorex says:

    110 percent correct

  4. Ken Barkdoll says:

    USA this is your president . He has done a great job and succeeded against opposition at every turn . Very few could have gotten done for our country what he has against such odds . I hope and pray that our country is able to survive the next two years . The democrats are out to destroy our way of life and liberty . Let us stand up and not let it happen . Don`t be afraid to stand up for what is right and the American way .

  5. Carrie says:

    President Trump you did everything that you could for the American People without help from Congress or your own Senate. God will take care of all these people. The word says that there will be nothing hidden that will not be revealed. There is no way that you incited these rioters as they were already there while you were speaking. Americans, all True Americans need to wake up and see that the world is growing more and more lawless as the days pass on. President Donald J. Trump you are loved by so many people and we pray for you every day. God Bless you and Keep you and may His light shine upon you.

  6. Paul Wright says:

    I do not believe that those commie bastards realize the full impact of where they are going with this b*******

  7. Mike K says:

    Yes Mr. President. We are a nation of laws. But politicians can’t pick and choose witch laws they want to obey and witch ones they want to ignore. We all expect them to be followed all the time. So will the laws be applied equally or are they only to be applied to one side of the isle. Or only to be applied when it is expedient to win an election.

    • ALVIS says:

      Politicians do pick the laws they want to disobey.
      They already disobey the Constitution by making you a taxpayer for federal income taxation. They disobey 4 USC 72 by allowing the public office of the IRS to unlawfully exercise its office outside of the District of Columbia and into the interior limits of the 50 states.
      Congress allows the IRS to seize Americans personal property by ignoring the implementing Code Of Federal Regulations for 26 USC Subtitle F, Section 6331
      Prove me otherwise and you will have a solid case.

    • Sheila R Johnson says:

      We all knew this was coming. The Democrats social media and big tech along with Obama and Hillary Clinton Maxine Waters and too many to name. The moment our President announced he was running and before Obama mocked him at the dinner they had it in for him. He is and will always be my President. He has walked alone in his fight for the American people with little help in the White House. But friends I really believe we have not seen the last of him.I think he will be on the political scene for a long time. He loves this country and he loves the American people and God is not done with this man
      What happened at the capitol was wrong but he did not cause this
      Also if you want to talk about violence look at Antifa Black Lives Matter Maxine Waters Madonna and Joe Biden stating he wanted to beat the hell out of him. Cathy Griffin held up a severed head and plays were displayed where he was stabbed and succumbed his injuries. Why is there a double standard? I don’t care what people say or do I will always stand with President Trump. We are headed towards a socialistic society and it started with our freedom of speech. The next step for me is to vote these radicals out.

    • Sheila R Johnson says:

      We all knew this was coming. The Democrats social media and big tech along with Obama and Hillary Clinton Maxine Waters and too many to name Before the President announced he was running and before Obama mocked him at the dinner they had it in for him. He is and will always be my President. He has walked alone in his fight for the American people with little help in the White House. But friends I really believe we have not seen the last of him.I think he will be on the political scene for a long time. He loves this country and he loves the American people and God is not done with this man
      What happened at the capitol was wrong but he did not cause this
      Also if you want to talk about violence look at Antifa Black Lives Matter Maxine Waters Madonna and Joe Biden stating he wanted to beat the hell out of him. Cathy Griffin held up a severed head and plays were displayed where he was stabbed and succumbed his injuries. Why is there a double standard? I don’t care what people say or do I will always stand with President Trump. We are headed towards a socialistic society and it started with our freedom of speech. The next step for me is to vote these radicals out.

    • Gregory Rorex says:

      How many people were arrested in the cities that burned city halls burned, police stations destroyed, citizens murdered. The Democrats said those things have got to happen. If you’re a Democrat it’s okay, if you’re an American they want to bury you. This country has turned into a third world country full of scumbag muslims

  8. Pres. Trump,
    Thank you for the best 4 years of leadership in my lifetime of almost 70 years. It should’ve been 8 years and it might still be, only with a 4 year break in between. You did more for America in 4 years than any Pres. in history. You “put your shoulder to the wheel” and got things done, on little or no sleep. You’ll go down in history as one of the greatest presidents in history. I just hope we still have a country in 4 years that is not headed towards socialism or worse. Pres. Trump, you, your wife and family endured what no other family in a free country like the USA should’ve endured. Even with the evil democrats and many republicans against you, you we’re still able to complete almost all your campaign promises and much more. We know God’s pleased with you and your family. We are, also. God bless you, Melania and your family and God bless America.
    In Christ’s love,
    Joyce and Ned Jorgensen

    PS Joyce and I met a man that told us that before you were president, they were in poverty, but thanks to you and the economy that you brought back, he now owns a business. Your tax breaks, bringing jobs back from overseas and a slew of other great economic relief helped us, also, and all Americans. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for you, Pres. Trump. God speed.

  9. Mary A. Bell says:

    I do not blame Trump for the violence at the capitol on January 6. The crowd was infiltrated by Trump’s bitter enemies. Trump has not had a “nice guy” image. He is an imperfect human being just like every one of us. He has accomplishments on his record, such as a humming economy before COVID-19 from China hit, and his amazing peace accomplishments in the Middle East. He did indeed keep promises. But these things have not been acknowledged. Trump in no way deserves the vile hatred and opprobrium heaped upon him. With only a few days left in his term, his hateful enemies want him to go down in disgrace under impeachment. It’s outrageous!

    • Anna says:

      Totally agree!

    • Donald Warren says:

      I in no way condone the actions of Jan 6 2021, but it should act as a wake up call to Washington Politicians that the American people are tired of the way this country is run. Wake up Washington treat people as people and not objects of personal and financial gain,

    • Patricia Allums says:

      You were such a Great President that they had to impeach you twice! Think of it as an honor, not a detriment! You will always hold a place in our hearts and minds! Tell your lovely Melania that she did a great job of First Lady! Beautiful and did good things for the children! They may not remember, but their parents will

      Return to a quieter life in Palm Beach!

      Pat Allums (who grew up in the Glades!)

    • Bud Grounds says:

      I don’t know what will happen but I suspect a new party will rise which is sorely needed. Both parties have created a gridlock on legislation and continue to drive up our national debt. Some States are talking about leaving the Union but I think the Convention of States may be the only way we can bring this country back from the corruptness in all branches of our Government with a new beginning.

  10. Thankfully most of the comments are very encouraging because they support our great president. Thanks to all, especially those who are truthful. God bless you, American and the Trumps.

  11. dr says:

    dr 070121Jan …—… SOS …—…SOS…—… !!!!!!!!!
    Democrats used fear and intimidation the past four years of Trump’s presidency and made his life a living hell with all the criminal-shenanigans and false accusations and threats displayed by dems. they were abusive towards Trump from the on start : Polosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, Blumenthal, Biden, Durban, Coons, Harris, Klobuchar, Clinton, Swalwell, Schultz, Leahy, Johnson, Hoye, Raskin, Tlaib, Booker, Omar, Jeffries, Lieu, Warren, Kaine, Nadler, Cicilline, Clyburn, Warner, Cohen, Green, Jackson-lee, Castro, Jayapal, etc to name a few, there are some repub, also hand-in-glove with dems. others indulged in riots disturbance, called upon dems to attack repub, where ever you see them, Russian farce, Ukrainian set up, and dems constant attacks towards PTrump supporters, four years dems terrorized Trumpians, and many other occurrences by the corrupt MSM the villains in toe with Hollywood Bad Assess and the Rich and the Powerful like SORROS throws money everywhere to create anarchy. Chief justice Roberts turns his head in support of Dems, so what did the other three judges do, that were nominated by PTrump???? That’s right, this is the phobia spread by the dems in every department and some courts activists and lawmaker pay2play in the House. There will be no peace nor quiet, the same will happen to dems. we know where you live and your seeds whom you shall grieve for your sins. There are republicans who backstabbed and will fall in this category we are coming for you no matter where you move too you will be watched 24/7 liars and cheaters STOLE THE NOV20 ELECTIONS AND THE RESULTS OF THE WINNINGS meant for TRUMP AND MORE. WHAT DID BIDEN OR HARRIS DO TO WIN STATES ELECTIONS, NOTHING, ZILCH. READ BELOW, WRITTEN IN A SHORT FORM TO BETTER UNDERSTAND WHAT CRIMINAL DEMOCRATS DID, STOLE THE ELECTIONS. DEMS WON WITH TRUMP’S STOLEN VOTES ADDED TO ACHIEVE 80MIL.OR MORE. THIS MAKES BIDEN AN ILLEGITIMATE PElect. Rise up and fight this evil that has come to steal from the people. Biden has been the founder/creator of the swamp incl. judges, politicians, law agents and many more in the govt. created by Biden’s 47years in congress, he has them all IN-HIS-POCKET. With this fact in view, there will be internal fighting amongst dems. with people like the squad’s AOC and others, to force socialism on the people, more like communist China’s “Do or Die!”
    (It’s pretty obvious that our national legislators are all in the corporate bigwigs’ pocket)

    • Joy Feaster says:

      They aren’t in Biden’s pocket – it is CCP!!! This all started decades ago, there has been a great deal of work, and forethought put into play here! President Trump was not a part of the plan, nor was he expected!!! Even Bush is a part of all this! All we can do at this point is pray that God will have mercy on this country, that has put Him at the bottom of the proverbial pile and excluded Him except when they need Him!!

  12. Annette says:

    I cannot stand the way the Democrats are screwing up the Government and the people!!!It’s unconscionable. I hate everything,now. We are all f^*€€+!!! I hope everyone who voted for that A-hole gets what they want,because it’s coming! Maybe they will appreciate you now, Mr.President. About the violence, tempers are running high.I wish it would have never happened but, it did. All we can do is pray.

  13. Holly Rose says:

    Good. Now maybe this impeachment this time around will really sting trump good. He should be ashamed of himself for inciting a riot for this truly is sedition in the truest sense of the word.

    • Jerrie says:

      So you believe AOC, Waters, Warren, Pelosi and Harris among a few names should be prosecuted immediately and removed from office correct?
      I mean if your going to say all political people who attend a rally or speak at a rally that encouraged others to stand for what they believe in (trump did not specifically say brake in or harm anyone) then they are responsible for how someone else behaved…. I mean all above names except Trump spent time it our fundraising for BLM and or Antics all summer.. We know how those rallys turned out.. During president Trumps campaign for president clinton, waters, warren…. Among a few suggested harrassing, bullying, charming trump supporters and actually stating by some they would “take out” Trump himself…. So if your statement is truthful all of these people and more equally deserve to be removed and charged oh that would include Biden

      • J. L. says:

        Antifa… Harming trump supporters

        New cell phone.. Foreigners handling sp ck suck! Have to break this one in!!

    • APRIL COOPER says:

      He didn’t start the riot. Just because a few people take it on themselves, you blame President Trump. Where was your mouth when the BLM was destroying everything? Shame on every last one of you. OUR PRESIDENT HAS BEEN TREATED LIKE DIRT!! When you get what you want and we are a third world country, I hope you will all be happy then. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT, BEST IN MY LIFETIME,AND GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL…poor Holly Rose. Or is it KAY? Or maybe Ck? LOL…either way try getting ur info from a legit news outlet. President Trump clearly said at the rally in his speech to those that r going to the capital to have their voices heard to do so “peacefully & patriotically”. How the hell is that inciting a riot?! Lol. How the hell is that sedition?! Lol. How the hell is this impeachable LOL! Holly..the “3” of u r drink’n the idiocy kool-aid of the radical socialist party. Sadly hilarious.

    • Patricia says:

      He didn’t. Where have you been?

    • Anna says:

      That’s a lie, President Trump did not insight the riot, stop lieing

    • Paul Wright says:

      You idiot. You are so misinformed. The capital building was breached while our great President was still speaking and the true Trump supporters were still in attendance. The time line proves it
      This is another charade by the commie Democrats. Also the rioters namely antifa and BLM were invited into the Capitol building by the security officers who took down the barricades and motion them in. Check your facts.

    • LINDA MITCHELL says:

      Holly Rose are you, saying that President Trump incited the January 6th riot? Did you not watch the film that was being recorded. How the doors just opened up and let them in and that antifa, and blm matter members where there. Are you that blind as to this was a setup period for President Trump to be the fall guy. If you think President Trump was so bad. The POS that you voted for that stole the election BTW, watch what happens when all your rights are stripped away,and oyour taxes are increased because in socialistic countries they only have poverty and extremely rich people. No middle class whatsoever. President Trump is the best President since Former President Reagan. H e4 has done so much for this country and the American People of all ethics and races ny the way. Biden has done nothing literally nothing for America and the American People. You will see…

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:


  14. REP says:

    The freedom of speech has allowed us to show how illiterate and stupid we are or how smart we are by self education. The government has supplied us with illiteracy in our schools, the supreme court of idiots has played god by taking God out of our public schools and allowing abortion to substitute for law and order, disgracing the constitution, ethics and morality of this great nation. Anyone that can`t see this must truly be a devilcractic, that explains the intellect that they are using to justify their stupidity that doesn`t make any cense at all.

  15. Shirley says:

    No one would have the strength and guts to go through what our great,Wonderful,strong President Trump did for America and American people because he loves America. We thank you and love you President Trump and y our wife for all you have done and tried to do for America and its people.We thank you Your the best president America has.I will never accept Biden and any Americas wont. Bless you and your family members

  16. Corri says:

    Why didn’t he say this at the rally on Jan 6? hmmm…

  17. Beverly Gifford says:

    This President will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents ever! He made promises and he kept promises. I am proud to call him “ My President”. May God bless him and his family during this difficult time.

    • Jane Ciarlone says:

      He was a wonderful president! What a loss it will be for him to be absent from the White House because of a stolen vote. Biden – NOT MY PRESIDENT!

      • William Wlison says:

        I won’t miss him and his children enriching themselves while being on the govt. till. He is going down as the worst president in history which is a title greatly earned by DJT.

        • Veronica says:

          You are wrong our President and his family already had money. plus he didn’t take a dime while he was President lets see if Biden does. He shouldn’t need it, since he and his son got all kinds of money from china.


  19. Kenneth Shockley says:

    to all you good and honest patriots, do not fear, our Heavenly Father has heard our pleas for deliverance, GOD almighty will send his angels forth into the heart of the city, and they will slay those who will be slain, and jail those who will be jailed, this will be BIBLICAL, may GOD have mercy on their souls, A’-men and A’-men

  20. Bruce says:

    No surprise. What did you expect from a BullyBrat that thinks that combat soldiers who are captured like John McCain are losers ? This bonespurs bonehead deserves no loyalty because he gives no loyalty…

  21. Joe says:

    President Trump

    Your speech and the four years that you have been this
    country’s President has been exemplary and the best !!!

    The Democrats are evil and full of hatred while they attempt to
    bully the USA with their trashy communism and socialism .

    Pelosi, Biden and Harris and all those evil people can go to
    Hell where they belong.

    Almighty and Eternal God is always in control and will conquer these evil
    and sadistic creatures.

    God will protect his faithful and good people .

    God Bless President Trump , his family and all his good and faithful
    people that believe in honesty and truth forever !

  22. judith therrien says:


    • Sheri Fadden says:

      Your list is complete! President Trump has done NOTHING WRONG! If he had, we would be hearing it repeated over and over! They blocked everything so we CAN’T “fact-check!

  23. Denver Bowles says:

    I think President Trump is the best President we have had in years ,I know that he won the Presidential election ,but those bunch of crooks ( Democrats) stole the votes he got and gave them to Joe Biden

  24. Randy says:

    We love you President Trump & Melania !! We always will !!

    • Victoria Winzler says:

      Mr President: That was a wonderful speech and so honest and true. I am sitting here crying for what has happened to you. No one has even took the time to just take the time to really investigate what happened. It takes more then a few days. I am so sorry for the treatment you have received my God you are the President!.
      God Bless you Mr President and your family. And God Bless America may America stay America

  25. Janet says:

    Trump’s style of strength and clarity of American Principles in Action will be the goal for others to reach in order to be included in the annals of Great American Presidents.

  26. Valerie Evans says:

    God Bless our President and God Bless America!

  27. Samuel Young III says:

    Mr President Trump my family and I dearly appreciate everything you have done for us and this country. God is still on the Throne. The ones that are taking God out of this country and backing violence and destruction of this country will one day be going in front of God and be judged for their acts they are doing. Praying for you and your Family. God has us. The ones that believe and trust in him.We Love You and your family. God has your back and has your front.

  28. Janice says:

    Well said and thank you President Trump for loving our country and fighting for our rights. May God keep His hand upon you.

  29. Dysfunctional Veteran says:

    CK… Are you ashamed to use your name. PRESIDENT TRUMP is more of a man than you will ever be. What are you gonna be when you grow up?? I put our Pres. Trump right up there with Abe Lincoln and The Great Ronald Reagan. If you voted for
    O’Biden then you deserve what you’ll get. Which is nutten.

    • ck says:

      That’s rich! dysfunctional vet is your real name?!!! I have to say ……it is soooooooo fitting!!!

  30. bob peters says:

    I am standing firm as a true supporter of our President and agree that he has absolutely no connection to the violence we saw in our nation’s Capitol last week. When the President called for mass demonstrations, he has always agreed with our rights as Americans to peacefully protest. The frustration of the So called Election results is due to the Liberal Democrats who thru every form of devious means whether it was ballot harvesting, changing of voter rules, or people not eligible to vote has caused a great deal of mental stress amongst america. the double standards from the media, and facebook, twitter and organizations as well as members of Congress who urged people to riot in the faces of Conservatives for example Maxine Waters, but she and others get a pass by the corrupt media. Sorry it’s a 2 way street, Joe Biden’s son is corrupt and the investigations go nowhere due to a media who hides the truth to gain their power back. America was started with a revolution and it looks like we’re headed back to that state of affairs. We must stand together as a nation of laws and thru group effprts we must take back the govt. from these political Elitists who with the media are getting rich and sending America into a dangerous spiral downward. We thank Pres. Trump and his efforts to Make and keep our Country great and we again shall rise to victory in the future. We must all work together to drain this Swamp of Liberal Scum who perpetrate the halls of DC and bring back America to our great people.

  31. Joseph Montante says:

    The demon-rats are crazy and insane. Pelosi is an evil witch and her sham impeachment will come back to bite all of them down the road, including the 10 republican traitors who sided with the devil. You congress idiots are guilty of treason and I’m finished with all of you. I’ll never vote republican again for the rest of my life unless Trump is up for re-election in 2024. Trump is the best president we’ve ever had in my lifetime. Good riddance to the republican party.

  32. Darlene Wheeler says:

    I am appalled by what is taking place. My taxpayer dollars are paying fir Pelosi’s personal agenda!! She needs to be impeached. She has nothing but hate in her heart. She caused a lot of the early riots in this country. Why hasn’t someone had her removed from office??

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      She is speaker of the House and that is where impeachment is initiated and I believe she is right to call for impeachment of DJT is initiated and if you don’t realize it she is a very powerful woman.

      • Don says:

        Pisslosi is pure evil. And you, CK are an idiot!

      • Veronica says:

        She is crazy and needs to be replaced she is to old and evil and God will take care of her and the rest of you. She is the reason this country is being tore about, you need to do listen to someone else beside the fake news. I want to see all of you that vote for BIDEN AND HARRIS in 6 month when they show you what they are all about, then it will be to late for you to do anything.

  33. Dodge, Sharon says:

    We give praise to you President Trump for all your hard work even against all odds. The Democrate’s have made your job extremely hard but you have prevailed and you will be blest of God. They will get their dues soon enough and when they come before God at the judgment seat. We will continue to pray fore you and for our country.

  34. maxibaby says:

    Excellent speech! There is so much I would like to say but instead, I will just say that DJT is the most successful President in America’s history, having done more for America and Americans in four years than any other President did in eight years. I have not always agreed with his methods but I have always agreed with the results of his hard work and fearlessness when it came to getting things done for the American people!
    God bless President Trump!
    God bless and save America!

  35. Jim says:

    These morans hate President Trump because he is not a politician , one of the good old boys riding the gray train . He aid he would drain the swamp, and that’s what they are afraid of. The biggest swamp rats are the most afraid. Piglosi, killery, dumb asses Shuner and Shufty, even McConnel and te rest of the libturds. Come on President Trump, declassify all those documents and send all those crooks to jail. We need you for the next four years. Do not let them crooks destroy our country.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      I thick that the swamp has grown enormously under DJT’s watch as the whole country is now contained in his vicious swamp mentality. The mire is thicker than the mud in the largest Delta.

  36. Charles Collins says:

    Mr. President,
    You have been and are a true American patriot. That was a beautiful speech that is indicative of a truly presidential manner. I cannot say enough of the good things you have done for this great country of ours. I am afraid the ones that voted against you will find out very soon they voted blindly and will certainly regret that decision. I am concerned that we are now witnessing the decline of America. The question is how deep will that decline be and will America ever be able to recover. I have not seen anything recently that would bring the peoples of America together, only more actions to divide the nation. I am certainly proud to have had you for our leader and for all the things you have for the good of our great country.

    We wish you well in whatever your future endeavor will be.

    THANK YOU!!!!


    PRESIDENT TRUMP will really be remembered as one of the best POTUS’S of our time–AT the right time. He hasn’t done ANYTHING wrong-that OTHERS haven’t done–HE is just blamed for this crap because he IS the POTUS! You want to STOP this B.S.: start treating EVERYONE as equal–and making sure we, treat others as WE want them to treat us! Onlt when WE, as a unified nation, can WORK TOGETHER as a ‘TEAM, will WE be able to make a difference in our lives. this is NOT an impossible task, –we REALLY DO need to work together to survive!

  38. Beverly says:

    Awwwww sweet speech … ya President Trump. Don’t change. Love your tenacity such strength to withstand all you did for us. You fulfilled your promises and then sum. Will miss you as president but it is what is for now.

  39. Gary says:

    I can’t stand The totally hypocritical, brain dead Democrat parties when Portland and Seattle, Chicago, New York and other far left run cities were being looted, burned down, and police brutality and even many deaths of police and innocent people ? The mayor of Seattle called it a live fest and did nothing to stop it or arrest anyone. Governor Cuomo in NY said “show me where it says demonstrations are supposed to be peaceful?
    Kayleigh Mcanny said how about our Constitution?
    No Democratic Party was ever charged with inciting riots , instead they encouraged the violence.
    They will pay for all of this someday.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      Do you people know who was president at the time these events you are referring to occurred I will try and remind you who was the president at the time DJT. He mismanaged the corona virus and downplayed it so as to multiply the number infected and the deaths. Like I said earlier he is going down in history as the worst president in HISTORY.

  40. joan Bardeen says:

    Donald J. TRUMP will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents.

  41. Margaret Morgan says:

    President Trump you are the best president ever. You have been for us- We the people. We pray for You everyday. Please know that you have over 80 million voters who love you. We want the best for you and you family. We want you as our president.Please know you are loved.Please let us know how to support you, not the Republican Party. They are just as evil as the Democrats, they are out for themselves. They are in bed with China also. They are not for “ We the people”

  42. Betty Miller says:

    Thank you President Trump. You’re been one of the best President this country has ever seen. I’m sorry you and your family have been treated so bad by the communist- socialist- swamp Democrats and the no backbone swamp republicians. Our country will never be the same because of what they have done. We pay there salaries and they work for us, and we will get our country back from them.

  43. Deb says:

    Hmmm. I wonder if Nancy spent more tax payer dollars passing out expensive pens. It’s all show. Nancy wants to be Vice President. Thank God it will never happen. She is a bitter old woman.

  44. Ed says:

    Why wasn’t Nancy Polosi impeached after tearing up her copy of the State Of The Union Address last year on national TV . To me , it seems , she is power drunk and cannot stand President Trump because he stands up for the AMERICAN PEOPLE who elected him to office as it should be for whomever the AMERICAN PEOPLE ELECT. The ONLY reason the DEMS have impeached PRESIDENT TRUMP – AGAIN – is very clear to anyone with a brain in their head IS
    They do not want PRESIDENT TRUMP to be able to hold office again – and run against them again in 2024

  45. Kathleen Burkett says:

    Thank you Mr.President. As always you have shown your love for your country and it’s citizens.

  46. Linda K Hudak says:

    God Bless our president! And in my mind he will always be the President. I cannot bring myself to acknowledge the new administration. This impeachment thing is so wrong. I do believe that what goes around comes around and may the dems get theirs at some point! They are evil!

    • Tina Stralka says:


    • Frank says:

      YESSS!! LOCK HIM UP!! That’s what he earned: IMPEACHMENT. The Drumpf was NEVER meant to be President, never had a clue about the office of the President. His “address to the Nation” is too little, too late. He is a LIAR! Can’t believe a word he utters. He is a CRIMINAL, CORRUPT, INSANE, DUMB, FASCIST wanna-be. Thank God that he is Done! He is EVIL! He is a threat to our democracy.

      • Jay says:

        SO ARE YOU !!!

      • David D'Anna says:

        And YOU are a SHEEPLE and a BRAINLESS FOOL!! Pelosi should be put out to Pasture! Usually, Old worn out COWS are SLAUGHTERED! Too bad You’re not an OLD HORSE, They would send your ass to the GLUE Factory,TROLL! That spineless old Geezed r that you VOTED for won’t last a MONTH,Because,Camelhoe is going to do her best to ruin This Great Nation..Too bad Gutless fools like you won’t ever Go to batlle,Cause Old warriors like myself will be GLAD to arrange a meeting with Your Maker..President TRUMP did more for this nation than BOTH OBAMA and PEDO JOE did in * YEARS!!,So STFU,ASSCLOWN!! PEDO JOE WILL NEVER BE POUR PRESIDENT!! And YOU CAN SUCK CAMELHOES ASS!! SINCE you’re so good at it!

        • Don Butler says:

          Without a doubt you fit right in here with the like minded spew coming out of these ignorant idiots. Being a racist loser might seem like a lofty goal to you but it really isn’t. My father who fought in WW2 would be ashamed of people like you. The dozens of members of my family who have died defending this country would be appalled by your statements. Also if you believe anything that draft dodging loser says your insane.

      • Robie says:


      • Robie says:

        Frank hope will enjoy burning in H?,????.PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL ALWAYS BE MY PRESIDENT

      • Patricia says:

        There is something very wrong with you. You are disgusting. Good luck with Sleepy Joe.

      • Linda C Ostler says:

        you are saying you support the agenda of the socialist? those that took God out of the schools, out of their pledge of alligance, and trying to take him out of our country? Those who have trampled on our constitution, and torn down out monuments? That want to change our history, and have done a good job in the schools? Our grandkids books don’t even talk about our real history anymore. They try to push that our founding fathers didn’t believe in God? Really? They know what they are doing, they want to control all people, that’s why they used the media to ban all who may think different that them. That’s communism. If you can’t see that, you need to go back and study the original constitution, the one that made this country the greatest, and most prosperous in the world. Without it this nation will die. They work with the communist who work for Saten. Gods laws are freedom, which the constitution guarantees . Why do you think they have worked so hard to get Trump out? From they day he took office, that’s all they have done. He is the ONLY President they have not been able to controle, and who upholds and fights for the people and our nation. If you really want to know the truth, then I suggest you in sincerity, ask God yourself, if your heart is really wanting to understand, you will put your hate away, and seek for the truth, with the understanding that you will listen to what you are told. If your heart is full of hate, and you just want to prove others wrong, you will never receive an answer.

        • William Wilson says:

          You all know of course that people took those things out of school it only takes a few to complain and the things that the majority want will disappear as they become offensive to a few and the educators will take steps to remove them.

      • K.A. says:

        Look at what OBAMA did. He spent more in 8 years than all other presidents COMBINED. Then he refused to release his birth certificate. Nobody can tell me he was American born.

  47. Haskell says:

    Thanks to you President Trump, it has truly been nice to have a real patriot for America. We had no worries with you at the helm. Pelosi and Schumer are chopping at the bits and won’t let us feel like we are in America. It will be a tough time for Americans.

  48. Vickie Hague says:

    Thank you President Trump and the greatest first family in history, prayers for your safety, your health and happiness 💕🇺🇸

    • Shirley Kostrzewski says:

      Yes he and his family is the greatest and the greatest president we have ever had and thanks a lot for the job you have done. Prayers you your family and are country

  49. What happened to innocent to proven guilty. Everyone in govt and the media say that trumps followers caused protest
    Have they proved that. Anyone could have a tee shirt and hate. Never did he invite. Hopefully sooner rather than later the truth will be known
    Biden Harris and Polosi go to hell

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      This kind of insurrection only happened under the watch of DJT so I don’t know who else you can blame it on.

  50. Sue Katherine Rigler says:

    God bless America and President Trump. The radical left have done a very good job at brain washing their followers. How a man who has done so much for his country can be criticized and shamed is unbelievable. Keep the faith deplorables. Time will tell.

  51. Robert says:

    True Americans will rise to the cause when the time is right God bless this country and God bless everybody that lives in it may peace be with you no retreat no surrender Trump will rise again!!!!

  52. Emmett Nichols says:

    McConnell and Schumer don’t want to lose their cushy jobs where they are stealing the American people blind thru lobbyists and insider trading on the stock market. Totally trash and if the American people don’t go after these fools tpo get them out of office along with Pelosi as well as AOC,U NO THE LOCAL BARMAID,thieves all. God save us if we don’t wakeup.

    • William Wlison says:

      And DJT and his ilk are stealing as bad if not worse than the an it was not Antifa and BLM at the Capital that caused five deaths and threatened the lives and safety of many more.

  53. Becky says:

    President Trump has spoken peace now it’s time to listen to the American people and want justice for the people who stood by in States and Cities that was encouraged to be burn to the ground and businesses that was destroyed and the murder and Assault of innocent citizens also prosecution of the ones in charge and denied help from agencies to stop it you want justice now give to us and all that are still suffering from these actc of violence created by our own state and city authorities

  54. Anita Kysor says:

    I am appalled how hateful Piglosi, Schumer and even the Republican traitors have treated our President. In spite of their mistreatments of him, he keeps calm and states things that I am sure, they’ll twist into lies. When will they stop?
    They have committed treason against him. Why are they free?

  55. Gregger says:

    Pres Trump will not be convicted by the Senate- not gonna happen. Once again his rights, our rights, are being violated by a pack of rabid-assed animals.

  56. Laurie Albro says:

    What in God’s name is happening to America- Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin would be turning in their graves – I love this country and am devastated- and I think the worst part is the feeling of betrayal by republicans and helplessness! I see isis rising again, N Korea and Iran and China rejoicing. I see covid rising with open borders. I see America- well I no longer see America- God help us all!

  57. Honest says:

    Sad State of Affairs May God Bless all true Americans

  58. Don says:

    That was a soeech that proved him to be a true American GOD will not be defeated

  59. william herder says:

    Donald Trump did not need this job. If people understood that he had the welfare of All Americans in mind and was attempting to RESTORE the republic to what it is supposed to be, they would support him totally. Most people today are so dumbed down and apathetic, they cannot even describe the term republic as it was founded at the start. If we allow a return to “the swamp” and business as usual, we will lose what was gained !! There are swamp critters on both sides of the aisle. People who forget what happened in the past, are doomed to repeat it!

  60. Susan Gladney says:

    Thank you, Mr. President. You are a true patriot ,and our country has been blessed to have you as our leader.

  61. Kim says:

    I now want to see Harris and Pelosi impeached for the riots this summer and how they incited those riots! These damn Democrats are turning this country to a communist country!

    • Anita Kysor says:

      I want to see Biden impeached for voter fraud

      • Karlene says:

        For Voter Fraud, money laundering, bribery of Ukrainian government, lying & treason. He is and has been a TREACHEROUS human for 47 year unfit for government positions!
        Biden deserves to be behind bars along with his drug addict son,Hunter who has followed in his father’s TREACHEROUS way of life.

        • David D'Anna says:

          I Totally agree with you..We need to do to them what they have continued to do EVEN before President TRUMP became one of the GREATEST presidents EVER! STAND our GROUND, Hold the LINE, and RESIST their BULLSHIT the Legislative BODY of our COUNTRY has Done to divide our Great nation!! They ALL Need to be run OUT on a RAIL,Tarred and feather,Or HUNG for The TREASOIN THEYU COMMITED over 147 YEARS!!.I Hope that TEXAS Seceeds from the Union, and Our STATE does the same,,When the fools In Congress realize their CHEATING was for NOTHING, Maybe then..We can show them how a NATION is to be RUN!! God will Judge them,We’re only going to arrange the meeting!

    • Carol says:

      You are totally correct. It has already started.

    • Chris Brewer says:

      Yeah it’s to late now!! America has been sold to CHINA !! Good luck democrats!IM GOING OFF GRID TO REGROUP!!

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      DJT had a Chinese bank account.

  62. Anna Piwarski says:

    Thank you Mr.President. God Bless Out Countrhs. God Bless you and your family, God Bless USA Citizents.
    You and President Regan are the best once
    I am very very proud to be your and President Regan supporter

  63. D E-T says:

    I wonder how much longer we are going to be controlled by such hate filled people as Pelosi, Schummer and Schiff. So sad that our so called “government” has descendid so far into a spineless lump of humanity ruled by hate mongers. They are digging their own pit and setting their own snares. Everything they are doing turns people against them and shows them up
    for what their hearts are like. 73 million Americans who voted for Trump can’t be wrong while these three claim to be representing 73 million?! Not so.

    • Paul M. Darden says:

      These three have led a hate campaign unlike no other with threats against OUR President and his family, even death threats unlike those of Pelousy, WARREN, and so man demos. These people deserve impeachment, not Trump!

      • Chris Brewer says:

        I will not support any Democrat on any agenda.I will not unite with communism! I’m turning my back on the Democrat party forever!! And so are millions of others. Democrats are totally to blame for the last 4 years. Now let’s see how they blame themselves for the next 4.

      • Jay says:

        And throw in ” the haters from the View “, also The nut Job’s on late T V , top of the list COLBERT. How about righteous Kimmel that simulates humping a girl from behind as she peers thru a telescope.

        • David D'Anna says:

          Colbert is and ALWAYS will be a MOUTH with NO GUTS!! Hollyweird will go down the SHITHOLE,Just like the COMMIE POLITICIANS!! They ONLY Suceeded in DIVIDING This Nation FURTHER!I Hope that there is a RECKONING before I leave this Planet! It will warm my heart that Seeing the Politicians cower in fear when there is a REAL revolution ,and they are being found out and HUNG for their TREACHERY!!

    • Karlene says:


    • Larry Maxwell says:

      No worries, President Trump’s going to be our 46th President of this USA! Just stay patient and calm! No violence please, we will win!

      • Sonia Montero says:

        God has a strange operation in place, we need to intercede and pray for Gods anointed President Trump. He chose our President and he’s got things to do yet. Another 4 years. Thank you Lord. Isaiah 28:21

  64. Jean says:

    Please, someone tell me, and members of Congress, when and where in the world the words “Go in peace” have incited rioting, violence and insurrection. That rioting was planned days ahead!! Time to find those people.

    • Jay says:

      Put them away
      for murder, I feel for the officer that was hit in the head with a hydrant & died. Find that guy. Please no slap in the wrist.
      Thx for showing your faces idiots.

  65. ck says:

    LOL!! He threw you stupid morons under the bus like he does everyone else!! Keep sticking your heads in that great big fat ass of his!!! LOSERS!!!

    • bob stone says:

      fuck you looser

    • TJ says:

      Who the hell ever you are CK. You have to be a totally brainwashed DiM Democrat fool.

      • ck says:

        You stupid fuckers keep calling me a democrat, never have been, never will be. However the dems, at this time are showing a lot more integrity than some of the GOP.

    • Chris Brewer says:

      Patriots are not worried about your negative comments! And when Its time democrats will get there asses removed from office, ALOT of them! They are the root of all evil! And a disgrace to AMERICA! AND A DIS GRACE TO MY FAMILY AND GOD!

    • Janet Higgins says:

      He did just what a President should do. Delivered very well. I do wish he would have done it sooner, but. Certainly don’t think he is guilty of these charges. He has always supported the Police and Law and Order even when the Democrats didn’t. If anyone should be found guilty of inciting riots number one that comes to mind is Maxine Walters. Nancy Pelosie and Chuck Schumer have cause more division and played politics why the American citizens suffered. In the future when people look back President Trump will be recognized as one of the best President of the US. Maybe .u h sooner than anyone suspects. I don’t have the money to help monetarily, but even at 80 years old I will use my energy to help President Trump get reelected in 2024 and put my efforts in making sure some others so undeserving of office are never reelected

      • Anita Kysor says:

        President Trump did nothing wrong. I KNOW he is not guilty of any of these bullshit charges, Piglosi and her ilk need to be impeached

      • Shirley says:

        Comparing Nancy along side Trump, she loses, she is a bitter woman! I never liked her, but when she tore up the State of Union Address that Trump read, it was obviously how low her standards are and should have been prosecuted for her behavior! She is full of hate and should never be a leader! How do these Democrats get away with been bringing down our country and Hops back up on top, Biden’s son taking pay offs from Ukraine and others!! Behavior like leaving our hero’s left to die in Bengauzi, Ted Kennedy leaving his girlfriend to drown in his car, no help , just left her there to drown! These people that have done these things do not change! The Biden’s have been taking payoffs and is ignored!,,Where is our great America, that was so good, and PEOPLE respecting our country and why do we keep voting the bad ones in!! No consequences!! Please God keep Blessing and help America, get her Morals back!!!

    • Robert Rensimer says:

      boy, you sound like a real piece of shit. only spewing hate. unfortunately that is all that you liberals have. mom and dad must be so proud. lol can you imagine biden addressing the nation like that? lol

    • Sam B. says:

      Sick-o Ck….time to take ur meds & go back to Venezuela!! Don’t forget to take your other deranged peeps Holly Rose & her altered ego Caracas KAY! Bye!

      • ck says:

        You keep mentioning Venezuala bobby boy. Is that where you’re from? I think I hear them calling your name.

      • Sam B. says:

        LOL…Ck sadly ur the adolescent 1 with the name calling & with an anti-American outlook….just like your pathetic socialist dictatorship government in Venezuela. All of us Patriots react to ur repulsive propaganda that’s been force-fed to u by your radical socialist dictatorship government of your home country Venezuela. Chomp chomp! Lol…eat up!

        • ck says:

          This is so typical of you trumpers. Accuse people of doing something that you yourself are guilty of. Go back in this thread alone and see how much name calling you did. I’m sure you have an excuse……what someone took your phone and posted? Deflect much?

    • Sherilynn Petersen says:

      You are the moron if you believe any Trump supporter had ANYTHING to do with the violence.
      Hate, violence comes ONLY from the left’s, Antifa and BLM.
      They have killed hundreds of their own, women children the elderly. They have destroyed city after city. The news and FB, and Twitter have promoted them and their violence. SOROS,and other millionaires have bought and paid for everyone of them, this government, both parties. Hatred spews from the mouth of Harris, Pelosi,and all her followers.
      This nation belongs to one and one only The Lord Jesus, King of all Kings.
      He will not be made the fool. He is full of love for all. He also has a heart of anger and wrath. He will come shortly and any evil will be wiped out, justice love and light will rule and reign eternally. Be saved and be on the right side!

    • Karlene says:

      I think he is referring to BIDEN’S fat a**!

    • Michelle N Peragine says:

      Ignorant, uneducated, degenerate you are…. blinded by the lies of the democrats who cheated…..Waiting with your hand out for that $2000 – you ignoramus it’s not going to happen. Wake up at 5AM and go to work….don’t look for a handout…..If you do work, the democrats are going to take all your money brother…..Gas will be $5-10 a gallon, taxes are gonna go sky high due to all the money they’ve given you already….. PRESIDENT TRUMP may not be our POTUS but he did the right thing for all the American’s (the true patriots). Our protests were peaceful, Antifa and BLM (Dems) broke into stores, looted, vandalized …. asswipe who do you think is going to pay for all that……YOU!!!! Grow the f*** up. Get rid of the idea that there’s discrimination if there is any the Dems and you guys created it……


      • Patricia says:

        You are so correct! Biden will ruin our country. He has no interest in uniting our country. That is a bunch of bunk!