Trump Advisor Ordered to Jail (Video)

( – Vile leftist judicial repression targeting Donald Trump and MAGA has entered a new phase as now Steve Bannon, an emblematic face in the movement, has been ordered to go to jail to begin serving his prison sentence for “contempt of Congress” after refusing to testify before the Democrat-led committee on the January 6 events.

See videos of Steve Bannon’s comments below!

On Thursday, a federal judge issued an order directing Steve Bannon, a former advisor to President Donald Trump and former White House Chief Strategist, to commence his prison sentence by July 1, as reported by The Daily Caller.

This development follows a series of legal proceedings that began with Bannon’s conviction in 2022.

Bannon, who was charged with contempt of Congress for failing to comply with a subpoena issued by the committee investigating the events at the US Capitol of January 6, 2021, had initially avoided imprisonment pending the outcome of his appeal.

However, his conviction was affirmed by a federal appeals court in May, leading the Department of Justice to request that the original sentencing judge mandate Bannon’s imprisonment.

The judge in question, Carl Nichols, who was appointed by Trump and had originally sentenced Bannon in October of the previous year, acceded to the request from the prosecutors on Thursday.

Bannon is now required to serve a four-month term in prison.

This sentence parallels that of Peter Navarro, another former aide to Trump, who began his own four-month sentence for similar charges of contempt of Congress in March of this year.

In a public statement outside the courthouse, Bannon vehemently expressed his resolve.

“They’re not going to shut up Trump, they’re not going to shut up Navarro, they’re not going to shut up Bannon, and they’re certainly not going to shut up MAGA,” he said.

“There is nothing that can shut me up and there is nothing that will shut me up,” the former Trump advisor added.

Continuing his defiant tone, Bannon also stated:

“There’s not a prison built or jail built that will ever shut me up!”

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