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Trump Attorney: Election Rigged by ‘Communist Money’

Breaking News: In a stunning press conference just moments ago, President Trump’s legal team alleged there is a “massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China in the interference with our elections here in the United States. The Dominion Voting Systems…were created in Venezuela at the direction of Hugo Chavez to make sure he never lost an election…”

The allegations go on from there in detail.

Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe the election was rigged as President Trump alleges?

This is a Breaking News story and will be updated as warranted.


  1. donnie onstott says:

    when the worthless ass communist ass democrats got up in front of the whole world and lied about trump and got caught y wood anyone think the lying sbs wouldnt rigg the election they got caught so now the firing squad is the next move 4 america

  2. Jackie Sr. says:

    I can’t believe how people over look the fact that the Bidens are enemies of the U S A, why have they dropped the ball on the investigation of these two. And yes this election is no different than past elections. Money talks bull shit walks. I can’t believe a man trying to help this country out takes so much shit off of people like Ugly Nancy, stupid Joe and the so called media. Oh, and Obama needs to return to his own country, he is no longer president, nor to me he never was president, in name only. So take people like Warren Buffett that has money, can buy anything,like people, an election, and yes any politician. Trump is not a politician. We know that if Biden is declared winner as president we know who will be the real president madam president Harris. Yuck. Can’t win them all.
    I go back to Obama, I won’t live long enough to see or hear, but it will come out that Obama was not a citizen of the united States when elected as President. Think I get my point across on what I have typed, I am not a very good writer, and at 80 years old I don’t lie.

  3. Wendy Yanez says:

    Where are the rest of the Republicans? I say they all stand with our President and do something for once and hold them accountable. Grow a back bone and stand up for the people who are paying you. We are growing tired of the business as usual and that is why We stand with President Trump. Why is it that they can break the law and nothing happens to them and there is a totally different standard for the American people.

    This is a lawless nation now if you allow this to happen.

    • harvey Cohen, MD, Retired Colonel, US Army says:

      Secret ballot is the keystone of a democracies. Our system has worked since 1789 and has been improved along the way. When fair elections can’t be held, or trusted, there is no democracy.


  5. Don says:

    I don’t doubt it’s been infiltrating for years buying Demonrats.

  6. Jovana ducroiset says:

    the way the democratic party. and the media have behaved towards pres trump for this past four years I would believe anything they said about cheating

    • Concerned says:

      After reading these comments I now understand why our country is in such a mess. All the negativity is dangerous. If all of you believe what you are saying you should all be locked in an asylum, together. There is no proof that the election was rigged in any way. Do you not remember when Trump won the same thing happened; but Trump said no way, false media reporting. But now you think it’s true…. sad how your mind works. I want the person who got the most electoral votes to win; whether that be Biden or Trump.

      • Paige says:

        shut up! you’re a sleazy biden fan, i can tell….you stupid leftist bum!!! boo hoo!!! if you don’t like ppl’s comments, then don’t look at them, dumb-fuck!!

      • bkaur says:

        DemocRATS and the MSM have been attacking and spreading vicious hateful lies about Trump since he was elected.. They NEVER accepted the 2016 election, but they NEVER produced evidence of cheating.. This year, they HAVE produced evidence of cheating.. it is VERY easy to cheat with Mail-in Ballots and the idiot sent out millions of mail-in ballots to dead voters and ones who moved also… making it extremely easy to cheat… NO ballots should have been sent out to Anyone unless they requested an absentee ballot..the DemocRATS set up the way to cheat when they sent all the ballots out… Instead of listening to the president and what his policies are, you constantly lied about him and your lies have been filled with extreme hate…The democRATS are the ones who colluded with Russia in 2016… Clinton started the mess because she wanted to cheat and keep Trump from being elected.. didn’t work, but they continued to keep pushing their garbage to discredit Trump.. Trump had NOTHING to do with Russia to win the election.. People were fed up with the government and their corruption so voted Trump.. Trump has done MUCH good FOR the country and FOR the people.. WHY do people want to tear down ALL the good he has done.. WHY do you want to have your taxes increased, why do you want more and more illegal aliens to enter our country and the American people are forced to support them… WHY are you okay with illegal alien criminals being allowed to stay on our streets? WHY do you want to destroy the country with bad policies that will hurt the American people? You may not like President Trump but his polices ARE good for our country and the people… GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY… The ONLY ones tearing it apart are the democRATS with the help of the MSM when they spread their hate filled vicious lies about Trump

  7. Candy says:

    Don’t forget our dear friend George Soros

  8. Of course the election was rigged about twenty different ways. The Democrats have turned out to be crooks. We knew Joe and Hunter Biden was in to money laundering in China ,Russia and Ukraine before the election. It just get deeper for Joe.I wonder if Biden wife Jill is in with Joe and Hunter.After what all Joe has done how can he be President of the United States of America boy that embarrassing .why don’t all the Democrats that want to be a communist and Soloist go to a foreign Country that is communism .

  9. Don Sr. says:

    Hooks, crooks , liars, thieves, cheaters,claim to dispute the facts as they are. Really???? And I suppose they expect the American people to swallow this. NOT!!

  10. Sam B. says:

    Why the hell we r relying on outside the u.s. technology is beyond me. I saw this news conference today…which btw only Fox News carried because the other “pathetic biased narrative news networks” wouldn’t carry it..I wonder why!! Sooo pathetic & OBVIOUS. I’m a moderate Democrat & biased BS like this is another reason why I & dozens of other dems I know jumped ship & voted for TrumpPence. The biased “Narrative News Networks” totally shield & ignore serious information like this that is SO IMPORTANT TO OUR DEMOCRACY!! But because it doesn’t meet their BS narrative they won’t acknowledge it which doesn’t properly inform the few viewers they have…which aids/causes divisiveness in the country..esp with the week minded.
    As a patriot (not a dem) of our great nation FIRST…this must b looked in to. Our election integrity must b on the up & up! IF these unprecedented allegations hold up then we MUST take action! Recount all legit ballots that were scanned in these corrupt machines all across the country..& jail the hater loser assclowns that assisted in any of this!
    True honest patriotic citizens of our great country should want this no matter the political party.

    • Look homeward angel says:

      You bet they would, or should. My family ” doesn’t want to hear it.” Maddening!

    • Randy Valentine says:

      I totally agree with you ! Whether you are a democrat or Republican , this should upset Real Americans! These Elitists think they own this country and have destroyed our constitution! We must fight together as Americans!

  11. Kyle says:

    George Washington did not sway British intentions with handsome speeches of empty eloquence. He shot them my good sir, he shot them!

  12. Charles Kerss says:

    I recommend a make over, re-do the entire election and only allow mail in ballots for military personnel voters only. I would not mind standing in line
    again for 2-3 hours to protect the efficacy of our election process and institutions.

  13. Hlly Rose says:

    Well, this is beginning to look like trump has commandeered this election all along. Now trump is colluding with Venezuela and Red China to get his way. trump’s dishonesty will get him nowhere. Biden is the winner and the American voters have spoken. Giuliani and Powell or nothing but trump’s pawns. Let’s get a good Democrat lawyer working on this!

    • You need to lay off the Liberal Kool Aid. Get your facts straight about who is taking money and colluding with the communist countries. BIDEN IS the one taking money from China through his son Hunter. Pull your head out of your anal orifice!

    • James Oldham says:

      Biden and he’s team are liers and so are you stop acting like you don’t have any brains

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL…poor delusional Holly Rose. WOW. Nuff said.

    • MICHAEL says:

      This useless “FEMALE TYPE SPECIES” only post these comments for attention.

    • Paula says:


    • Patricia Seraballs says:

      Not one person in the United States would vote for Biden in their right mind. Biden sat in his basement except 4 or 5 times he made a public appearance. Biden had nothing new to add as to what he would do as President except repeat what Trump has already done. I don’t believe this election was without corruption. Voting machines made by one of George Soros companies and made to change names on ballots, and the votes sent out of the country to be counted. President of Venezuela use these same voting machines and has them programed to change the name on the ballot to his name to ensure he will never loose an election. My husband passed away 4 years ago yet he still get a ballot to vote in the election. I don’t believe for 1one minute all those thousands of votes that came in late at night were all for Biden and not one vote for Trump. That is a Trillion to one odds and republicans can’t watch the vote count because it violates the virus mandate of 10 or less. BS. Civil war coming.

    • Beatrice L Johnson says:

      No Biden is not the winner yet. You are right some of the American people spoke, in fact some spoke many, many times. 2 arrested for speaking 1700 times.

    • Frank Laquitara says:

      EDIOT!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Mark Leroy Vice says:

    Everyone that I know had suspicions that the election was rigged and this just confirms that our suspicions were true. I pray that the truth can be exposed without a doubt, and our President can be reinstated. I fear for the economy of our country if Biden is sworn into office. We were on our way to becoming the great nation under God that we once were under President Trump’s leadership.

  15. van tipton says:

    Over 1 year ago I moved from Reno Nevada to Texas I received two notices from Nevada asking if I was no longer in Nevada so they could clear my voters rolls . After a few weeks went by I went online to check to see that had happened, during that time when I was actually on line with the voter registration site I checked out other family members voters rolls … my father who died in 1992 was registered to vote… don’t tell me that this election was not rigged!!!

  16. Lee says:

    Anyone with an honest intellect can’t possibly believe that Biden had any remote chance in this election, unless there was massive fraud committed. I hope everyone involved with this fraudulent attempt to steal the election is identified and prosecuted and jailed.

  17. Bobby says:

    It’s time for JUSTICE and any Democrat responsible and knowing that it was rigged needs to go to prison for a long time and never have the opportunity to hold any USA elected office!! Once this has all been presented TRUMP 2020 needs to take place! Four more years for TRUMP and then PENCE 2024!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 PELOSI deserves jail time as well, maybe her and BIDEN can share the same cell.

  18. MICHAEL says:

    This election has been planned out since Trump won the 2016 election. We all must face the facts, the Democratic Party, many in the CIA, FBI, CNN, MSNBC, NYT are DOMESTIC TERRORIST. They don’t care about the Constitution nor this country. All they care about is power and money. May they all burn in HELL!!!

  19. ken says:

    What we already knew was confirmed……I hope Biden and his sidekicks really get in trouble for this. If not, then everyone on the government side caught the case of Palosi-19 and Biden-19….Beware for the spread of this horrible virus…worse than Covid-19

  20. James says:

    Everyone knows the election was rigged. People are not blind and dumb.

  21. Honest says:

    All the CROOKED HOMOS,er, Cuomos are WORTHLESS !! All About THEM~

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