Trump Blasts Fani Willis

Donald Trump

( – In a seemingly righteous counterattack, presumed 2024 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has ripped Georgia DA Fani Willis by declaring in a new legal filing that she had a “calculated plan to prejudice” jurors against him in the 2020 election trial.

In the legal document, the former president leveled serious allegations against the Fulton County DA regarding the election interference case.

Willis already faces intense scrutiny over her professional as well as romantic relationship with lead prosecutor Nathan Wade, The New York Post notes in a report.

She has defended her position through a legal filing, arguing her opponents haven’t proven an “actual conflict of interest.”

Trump’s legal team countered, asserting the issue extends beyond alleged forensic misconduct.

“Our case implicates far more appalling and unforgivable types of forensic misconduct — deliberately stoking racial and religious prejudice against defense counsel and the defendants, testifying under oath untruthfully, and committing fraud upon the tribunal — in the prosecution of the defendants,” reads the former president’s filing.

Trump’s attorney, Steve Sadow, has argued for Willis’s removal based on her speech at a church service, which they interpret as an attempt to manipulate public opinion on racial and religious grounds to the detriment of Trump and his co-defendants.

“[Willis and Wade have been] testifying falsely in a hearing before the Court on a material factual issue — whether their ‘personal relationship’ began before Wade was hired,” the document reads further.

Trump’s side presented witnesses claiming the relationship predates Wade’s hiring, contradicting Willis and Wade’s assertion that it began in 2022.

The State of Georgia has defended Willis, emphasizing the high burden of proof required to disqualify a district attorney, and arguing that no actual conflict of interest has been demonstrated.

“The State maintains that the Defendants have not established an actual conflict of interest even by a preponderance of the evidence,” the state of Georgia said in the supplemental brief.

“The Defendants cobble together flowery, righteous quotations from inapplicable cases that may sound enticing at first but that entirely misstate the law in Georgia,” the court document states.

Willis contends that Georgia has no legal precedent for removing an elected DA based merely on the appearance of conflict or impropriety.

Furthermore, Willis refutes claims that she stands to gain financially from Trump’s conviction, while Trump’s lawyers suggest Willis’s employment of Wade was self-serving, implying financial benefits derived from their relationship.

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