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Trump: ‘I Concede NOTHING!!!!!’

In a series of tweets last night and this morning, President Donald Trump signaled his supporters (and angered his opponents) that while he will allow the beginning of the transition process to begin, he will not – at least at this time – concede the election to the man the mainstream media now calls President-Elect Joe Biden.

Please review Trump’s tweets in the order he issued them (the second to last one is a retweet of an earlier tweet, that’s why the date is out of order) and share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Trump should concede the election to Biden? Or, should Trump refuse to concede the election because you believe the election was conducted in a fraudulent manner?


  1. Lorrie B Ferguson says:

    President Trump you are the best for this country. DO NOT CONCEDE !!!!!! This nation knows that Biden and his team have all lied about not cheating in this election. They haven’t been able to hide the treason acts against not only you but this country. This country is behind you all the way. I voted for you and only you. You are my President. Stay Strong.

  2. Laura Roddenberry says:

    Time for all Trump supporters to peacefully protest everywhere. Do not burn the flag. Carry it with pride and respect. Demand recounts by hand and leave all machines behind and not use. Visit the homes of each Dem and worry them as they have done to Trump for four years. Demand to get rid of Pelosi, Schmitt, AOC and her group. Send back Reps views loudly. DO NOT give up. PUSH ahead to save our country.

  3. Gregory Van Nort says:

    Do not concede Mr. President, there are many that stand with you and praying. He who endures to the end shall be saved. Fight the good fight of faith. Shalom Shalom!!!

    • Patriot Bob says:

      Hang in there President Trump. I believe if the votes are counted accurately you would have one by a landslide, like Reagan did. I live in Oregon and we have had vote by mail for years and all our national reps. are Democrats. Doesn’t that tell you something? I wonder if an audit of our votes were done would we have some conservatives representing us? But with Democrats in power I doubt that would happen.

  4. Bobbi Chandler says:

    President Trump, please tell us what we can do as individuals to help you! We will do it! We cannot let the evil dems get back into the White House, OUR house, to destroy everything you’ve accomplished and destroy our country from within 👿 We all know if bidey had lost miserably, which he did, the demonrats would have torn up everything in sight and rioted & looted & just went crazier than they already do but please let us fight for YOU President Trump! Just let us know how! We Love You and our USA! Just tell us how Mr President! 🇺🇸❤🇺🇸

  5. Holly Rose says:

    What a pig headed stubborn simpleton trump is. He just doesn’t get it that our nation did not vote for him. Biden won fair and square and we the people have voted. There was no fraud involved at all. The so called fraud was a set up to distract the public and to pacify and assuage the fetal republicans. Glad I’m a Democrat!

    • Reeper says:

      Your a pile of SHIT Holly Rose!!

    • Bobbi Chandler says:

      I agree with reeper!

    • Bobbi G Chandler says:

      That sure isn’t nothing to be proud of 😂

    • Joy Mies says:

      Holly to show how stupid you are, you are not will to listen to anything others say because of you hatred of Trump. Maybe if you Democrats would listen instead of insult and argue, you might learn something..

    • KAREN MOORE says:


    • Karen says:

      Another idiot brain dead Socialist.
      when Biden defunds the police and you or your family need help it won’t come due to another one of Biden’s messed up views.

  6. Reeper says:

    We must stop watching CBS NBC ABC CNN don’t give them the ratings and call or text your local stations and tell them what you think about Joe Blow Biden he’s a pile of SHIT!!!!!

  7. Kellie Smith says:

    The one verse I keep reading is “DO NOT CONCEDE, we are standing with you.” While that must sound great to you, we should be asking WHAT CAN WE DO as individuals TO HELP OUR PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT DEFEAT AND CONQUER THIS EVIL DEMONIC PRINCIPALITY ???!!! Tell me Mr. President and I WILL DO IT!

  8. Betsy says:

    I agree BIG TIME about all of what was said about this horrific election. Corruption…BIG TIME! People who voted for Biden are certainly going to have BUYERS REMORSE very soon if this election is not overturned. I say to the Democratic voters…I hope you will be happy with your choice of BIDEN. You will regret that you did not open your minds to THE TRUTH! WE are in for a lot of trouble in our lives because of what has happened.I hope AMERICA lasts through this BIDEN administration if it comes to pass. Very Scary!!!

  9. Richard Rivas says:

    I’m going to put it this way, the Democrats are our latest domestic terrorist group. In time, we will see exactly what they have done to undermine and erode our Constitution and our freedoms. They are the ones that have divided this country on many levels. They are the ones that have been pulling the wool over our eyes to hide their sinister agenda. Let the motions that Trump has legally begun take their course and eventually everyone will see what has been going on behind closed doors in the democrat dungeons. Trump is not your typical president, he is not a politician, he is an intelligent businessman that has the courage to defend America and its citizens as blind as many are. He is fighting years of embedded corruption in the political arena and the time has come for those who have taken advantage of the good citizens of the United States to pay. This is why Trump will not concede at this point. He is not fighting for the sake of winning, he is fighting for all of us. He is fighting for our rights, our freedoms and for truth and honesty.
    God bless Trump, God bless America!!!

  10. Janice Alderson says:

    RESIST, RESIST deplorables, do not comply. Time to dish up some Dem’s karma.

  11. Hal Lemoyne says:

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  12. Ann says:

    We are now in a war in our own country, for our freedom and our rights as we have known them to be. I think of all of our veterans that have fought and died for this fact. We as American now have to take a stand and say no more and fight back against pack of Socialist that are trying to take over this great Nation. President Trump you are our Leader, we need you. You stand for the People and this Country. Never concede the people will support you, those that do not are apart of the pack that will fail. When you win and you will. They have to go – starting with Obama, Clinton, Barr, I think you know the list. I am so tired of all these people getting away with crimes that normal people would be in prison for, it is an embarrassment. Pass as many laws now as you can for the people to protect us.We support you this process might take longer till the courts finally cave and start acting. Be very careful who you listen too for advice and trust – Don JR. is your strong arm. God Bless you always and this great country. You will always be our prayers.

    • Maritza says:

      I don’t know what’s wrong with these people that agree with trump he is always lying he is a racist he likes to provoke violence he has down played the deadly virus that has killed more than 250,000 people . He does not follow CDC guide lines on safety like wearing mask he did all these rally without telling the people to wear masks what kind of leader is that. Not my president he has showed he’s vindictive ways because he LOST. He has fired important people at the pentagon and he hires people with no experience only because they are loyal to him . He is endangering us all. One more thing how dare trump clam that the election was a fraud all because he can not accept the fact tha he LOST. We need a president that cares about all of the American people not just he’s rich friends or goes plays golf while the world is going through a pandemic!!!! Shame on you trump for not doing what is right for all people!

      • Jimmie Walraven says:

        What planet are you from ?

      • Jayne says:

        BRAINWASHED fake news junkie talking shut like this about the best President we’ve ever had! You’ll see and you’ll cry like a baby sucker.

      • Rick says:

        The problem with the electorate are those like you. You call out statements about the president that simply are not true yet you treat them as facts. You have no concept of what is actually occurring in the present election cycle thinking Trump is a sore loser. You have no idea who, why or how this election is being stolen. The theft has been planned for years yet you have no idea of this. It really is the Dems who are not only sore losers (from before the election of 2016)but are now communists and you think this is OK. Maybe you are just another product of the public education system. Wake up!

      • Rhina says:

        Masks are to honor Islamic terrorist! Masks protect nothing it’s a virus we will all get it one way or another.

      • Sarah says:

        Oh boy, do you have any brains? Who do you listen to? Who put this garbage in your head? CNN, MSNBC, ABC all fake news. Hey, if you want to hear real true news go to Newsmax TV, or OAN TV, or read Epoch Times newspaper. That of course if still have some brains left.

      • Karen says:

        Are you also brain dead. How about admitting all the progress President TRUMP made during his 4 years. Bringing back jobs and building the wall. IF Biden takes over be prepared for Socialism and your neighborhood being flooded with illegals who will get all the free benefits we work so hard to struggle for. You are an embarrassment to the country.

  13. Debra Wonderley says:

    President Trump, please, please, never concede to the evil in our country.This is the worst fraud and corruption in American History.It just makes me sick to think what they tried to do to you. The Dems. and corrupt, China, evil,Joe Biden confessed the biggest fraud election in American History.The deep state has to be stopped before we lose our country to socialist and communism, they hate our country,all for power and money.George Soros is of Satin and Bloomburg.We are praying for you all time and your lawyers.God is in control and he wants to use you to turn America back to God.His hand is on you Potus. We love you very, very much also Melania and your family and Vice President Pence, you picked the best V. P. You are a great Father and Corrupt Joe is one of the worst examples for a father. Keep Fighting for us, never give up!Thank you for everything you do for our country, The best President ever! We couldn’t live in our country if they take over. God Bless You and God Bless America! Always Praying,

  14. Debra Wonderley says:

    President Trump, please, please, never concede to the evil in our country.This is the worst fraud and corruption in American History.It just makes me sick to think what they tried to do to you. The Dems. and corrupt, China, evil,Joe Biden confessed the biggest fraud election in American History.The deep state has to be stopped before we lose our country to socialist and communism, they hate our country,all for power and money.George Soros is of Satin and Bloomburg.We are praying for you all time and your lawyers.God is in control and he wants to use you to turn America back to God.His hand is on you Potus. We love you very, very much also Melania and your family and Vice President Pence, you picked the best V. P. You are a great Father and Corrupt Joe is one of the worst examples for a father. Keep Fighting for us, never give up!Thank you for everything you do for our country, The best President ever! We couldn’t live in our country if they take over. God Bless You and God Bless America! Always Praying, Debra Wonderley, OHIO

  15. Lesly says:

    How much did democraps pay to get Grandpa joe in office? Rigged system. The SWAMP is back!!!

  16. Kathy says:

    Do NOT concede. This election was stolen and we the people are not giving into these communists. We love that you care about us and this country. These scum belly crawling filth can go to any country. Just get the hell out of mine.

  17. Paul says:

    Never concede President Trump I and we the people are behind you 100% What trick they played out is beyond words and character and no amount of words can explain it out . You have done nothing but good for us Americans and the United States but these Godless people will do anything to anyone to get their one way hateful and we hate America to go through. We are all praying for you and on this election fraud and pray it ends soon as God has the final say in all of this corruption Keep fighting and God give you strenth to keep fighting the good fight.

  18. Lisa says:

    DONT CONCEDE or we will lose America.

  19. Gary Fernett says:

    They have admitted numerous times they cheated on national t.v. but keep saying the President has to prove it…what kind of bs is this…everyone who is not blind or deaf knows they cheated..are we just going to let this rich bastards take our country without a fight…I say hell no!!!!! Keep fighting the fraud Mr. Trump….If that does not work we will go to plan b..use our 2nd amendment rights and defend our way of life from communism that American have fought and died for….blood in the street if Mr.Trump does not win.this election.

  20. Joyce A Smith says:

    Not any “one” person in this AMERICA is above the law. WE all are to be responsible adults. Those who abuse the “office’s “ they hold are to answer and pay for their abusive use the same as a tramp, begger, the lowest paid employee has to and is MADE to. “No more of this free get out of jail card or certificate of pardoned for their crimes .”

  21. Millie says:

    President Trump, you have cleaned out the swamp! You have won the election! The fraud killed your re-election unless they fined more votes in trash bags somewhere! Biden is NOT presidential material, period!
    Keep the faith and we love you and Melania! God Bless America!!

  22. Janet says:

    I continue to pray for your team of lawyers and you and your wonderful family for safety and for strength to keep fighting. I believe you are saving our country and believe our country must stand for honesty and truth and remain the great democracy that we have always been. Many other countries are counting on us to stand tall against socialism and communism!

  23. Merri Lebo says:

    Mr. President, do NOT stop fighting. This has been a fraudulent election and our democracy is at stake. We are behind you every step of the way.
    It’s so wrong that the media even refers to him as President Elect Biden.
    It’s also wrong that this media operation continues to propagandize our
    citizens with fake news.

  24. NancySue Smith says:

    Dear Mr. President,NEVER concede.We need you as we face the future as The HOME of the
    I know we want our children
    Grandchildren & great grandchildren to Always live in a Constitutional Republic & NEVER give in to the terrorizing mob. Thanks for your service to our country. God bless you & the 🇺🇸 USA. In Jesus’s name I am praying.
    Yours truly, NancySue Smith

  25. Kram says:

    Would HE want you to concede when HE put you in the office? Have you received directives from HIM to concede?
    You have a boss MR. President… Listen to HIM and HIM alone, HE will not fail you. You have my vote, prayers and support.

  26. Gail Pablecas says:

    Look, we all know, libs also, that the votes changed in the middle of the night….if you don’t know that, then I’m sorry….so now THE REPUBLICANS have to prove it? Well we did, I actually say numbers change on my TV, Trump down 800 and Biden up 800…..ok…so there could have been a glitch…a mistake…I can understand that….but it kept on happening! There are hundreds of affidavits, many that are proving the system was rigged….but WE REPUBLICANS have to prove it? What if all these nay-sayers out there had children that got mixed up somehow in unlawful deeds…would all these people want this same judicial system working on their children’s case? Why do the innocent, the ones who did NOTHING wrong….have to prove their innocence? We all saw numbers change….we all saw shredding trucks picking up ballots….we all saw Dems throw out republican overseers? Our country is going to hell….cuz we’ve been sleeping, while Soros and his minions are doing their crooked jobs behind the curtain….what has to happen in order for law and order and righteousness comes back to play? The Dems HAD to play out this SHAM….they have everyone in their pockets….cuz the libs got them to play along… NOW EVERYONE OF THEM ARE COMPLICIT! Well done, you crooked POS….our government is flawed big time….and it just happens s to be becuz the Dems have the most evil characters…..we have to be much more diligent….we have to have many many more Rep7blican OVER-seers, in the counting areas after the voting is done….we have to play a much BIGGER ROLE…..I never would have believed in this modern day and age, that the libs could do what they did, cover it up, and absolutely GET AWAY WITH IT! Are there that many crooks out there….not only the doers of the crimes…..but the “so called non-partisans” too…? Is everyone that blind? What do I see, that the majority of liars and crooks don’t see? Well, I KNOW ONE THING… this time of our lives,, it looks like CRIME PAYS! I hope not…. for all of our sakes….becuz that’s the one ingredient you MUST HAVE to go commie….to go CCP, OR RUSSIA COMMIE, OR CUBA SOCIALISM…. ALL WE NEED NOW IS A FEW MORE RIGGED ELECTIONS……WITH SOCIALISTS WINNING (/illegally) and it will be happening! WAKE UP AMERICA….WAKE UP MODERATE DEMS…..WE HAVE TO FIGHT BETTER……

    • Raymond C Burger says:

      If this country is to seriously progress towards a brighter future, we have to follow the letter of the law(Constitution) as it was written by the founding fathers. These men were so brilliant to see the potential of this country and smart enough to include safe guards to prevent the very thing that’s happening right now. The crime here is going to have to be litigated by people who are at the very least as smart as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and the likes of John Adams. At the same time we need an honorable court right now for the purpose of carrying out the morally principled, ethically acceptable fair and inciteful litigation that will set this country on the good course towards our founding fathers vision. We need for every American to see exactly what happened over the course of Nov. 8th, 2016 till Nov 4th, 2020. Every detail must be obtained in order for the law to work. Keep the faith my fellow Americans.

  27. MICHAEL says:

    Biden and the Scumbag Democrats will completely destroy our country. They will do nothing for the people except tax us into homelessness and you will see gas prices go for over $5.00 a gallon. Jobs will leave and poverty will be like nothing we have ever seen before.

  28. Susan Mitchell Gray says:

    Absolutely do NOT concede! We the people do not expect you to do so. We want a fair and legal election, and allowing the blatant irregularities, rampant fraud and cheating to go unnoticed would be a HUGE disappointment in the POTUS WE know and love! WE are in no hurry, but the demonrats are anxious, thinking if allowed to go on as “president elect”, which he was never proclaimed as such, he would be accepted! HE WILL NEVER be our POTUS, EVER! And, furthermore, WE will be announcing a second term, but thru the legal channels, not thru cheating and fraud! God bless our POTUS, and may he triumph over evil!

  29. Julie Flaherty says:

    To my beloved President,. Don’t you ever. ever concede to that lying, criminal, thief ( the ONLY way they could have done this ) of a loser. You keep up with the great fight, I’m with you all the way. By the way you are a great father. Joe Biden is a horrible father, can you imagine, teaching your children this is the way you get ahead in your life in America. SHAMEFUL.
    Don’t you worry the good Lord has a plan and you are a part y that, you’ll see. Love you, Julie
    Oh. Merry Christmas and God bless America

  30. Barbara says:

    This election was a massive fraud headed by the Democratic Party. They sold their souls to devils like Soros and Bloomberg, the most evil 2 people that ever walked this earth (with Soros being the worst of the 2. That man should be thrown out of this country. The republicans who kept their offices or were elected should thank president Trump. Instead none of them stepped in to give their support, all they did was tell Donald Trump to fight to prove this fraudulence. They should all be ashamed of themselves and know conservatives have a long memory and WILL REMEMBER in 2022 what went on in 2020. WHAT A DISGRACE THEY ARE!

  31. J. LIGHT says:

    Mr President please please please keep fighting. I believe there has to be something out there that hasn’t been found yet that will leave you to prevail.
    I voted for you in 2016 with hopes of change from corruption and that is what you did. You have made big changes in this country and I don’t believe you are done yet. KEEP DIGGING IN AND FIGHTING !! Go Team Trump : )

  32. Jeffery Garris says:


  33. Robert says:

    Royal Ball Z people who love your country get your guns the time has come

  34. Ken Shockley says:

    yeah, President Trump warned us way before the election, the Dumbocrats stuffed their illegal ballots not caring that it would become evident that they are cheating, and being caught means what?

  35. Robert says:

    Don’t let that cheat and steal and prick Biden become president

  36. RICK says:

    Keep fighting the good fight Mr. President Biden is not my President YOU ARE. Thank You for all you have done for this country. You came through when your country needed you. The only man in the nation who could and would vow to take on the swamp and you did like gangbusters. Don’t quit now, your supporters aren’t quitting, you.

  37. Phil says:

    I believe our president should take the advice of the dems and not concede due to widespread and planned corruption. This was an unfair and stacked election to take over the country and turn it over to a socialistic and corrupt government.

  38. carellen says:

    Keep up the fight Mr President?!!

    • Ss says:

      I agree with all of the comments! Don’t concede!

      • Gillian says:

        Don’t concede President Trump and fight the good fight and to another 4 years in the White House. 2016 was the first election I was happy that we had the best president since I started voting in America and when President Obama became president I knew that he would harm America. My mom was from a communist state and when she walked with her friends they felt safe and protected because of my
        grandfather who treated everyone without expecting pay. She immigrated from South Africa to escape Communism
        and the Nazis an I don’t want communism or
        socialism in America. I will not accept Joe Biden as my president because you President and Mike Pence is my Vice President and I want you to make America great again and I live you and your family. Do not concede and fight the voter fraud and win again .

  39. H. B. says:

    A little common sense would cause serious questions to the consistent late vote surge in battleground states for a candidate who did minimal campaigning and consistently had difficulty putting three cogent sentences together!

    • T Beach says:

      And couldnt get enough people to come out to hear him to fill a small closet but your gonna tell us he got the most votes ever in any Presidential election I for one dont think Obiden an Kamelto won a single state. If they did it was probably through cheating. Need to investigate Piglosi too. I bet her continuing reElections are fraud filled too.

  40. Marie DiTirro says:

    Absolutely not concede to those idiots! This is the most fraudulent election in our history and President Trump should stand his ground on this!

  41. Ken Shockley says:

    do these swamp crawlers really want Don Trump as an enemy?

  42. Don Sr. Vaughn says:

    Never concede President Trump. Every person with half a brain knows full well that the dems are crooked to the bone. The good people of our country are behind you Mr. President.

  43. Norm j Demichele says:

    The Dumb o rats are crooks and need to be tried for treason

  44. F F Tramutola Jr. says: