Trump: ‘I concede NOTHING!’ – The Red Alert News

Trump: ‘I concede NOTHING!’

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, President Donald Trump tweeted that he will not concede the presidential election to Joe Biden.

Please see the tweets and share your thoughts in the Comment Section on this page. Should President Trump fight on? (The notations about election fraud within the tweets were added by Twitter, not Red Alert News)

This is a Red Alert Breaking News story and will be updated as warranted.

The President had tweeted earlier that “[Biden] won because the Election was Rigged.” He then clarified his position with the tweets above.


  1. donnie onstott says:

    trump aint going nowere they have enough evidence on those corrupt lying cheating inner bread communist ass democrats to land them all in jail 4 life but i would prefer they get the firing squad

  2. Ken says:

    Trump is not a quitter. I don’t believe he said disparaging things about our troops. As he said, you’d have to be an animal to have said those things.

    Fox is whimping out. Despite many of their most respected and watched personalities supporting our President, they have started adding “unsubstantiated” to their crawler at the bottom of the screen. No guts. The Dominion voting machines were developed years ago to allow manipulation of voting results. It worked for Hugo Chavez, it may work for Joe Biden. Unlike the “hanging chads” of the 2000 election, this one is going to stick, and it is now Joe Biden who will have an illegitimate presidency, adding to the embarrassment of his son Hunter. As many have said, Joe was only chosen so that Kamala could step in when Nancy was able to manipulate the 25th Amendment to remove Joe from office. But now the ladies of the Republican Party (including our own Young Kim) have moved in on Nancy, and have weakened her power. I give her two more years. The Red Wave (and I don’t mean Communism) is coming, and this one will happen.

  3. Tussock says:

    This is not about one man, President Donald J Trump, but about DEMOCRACY. As someone who is not an American and not living in the USA, I say to all those who have been conned, open your eyes, open your minds. Democracy is under threat all over the world. The USA is the last bastion of democracy and the hope of the world. This voter fraud in the US election is part of an international, far reaching effort that has been perpetrated in other countries with positive results by the socialist/communist New Word Order. If it is not exposed and rectified here, democracy will officially be dead and we will all be screwed. Wake up, people.

  4. Jackey Attaway says:

    Let’s put satan’s followers where they belong leave non of them behind. Clear the streets of all evil through out the United States. We as a nation deserve better.let our armed military do there job To remove foreign and domestic threats!
    Just remember we are all behind you! Thank you for what you and your team has done and for what you must do. We are at war !! NOT AN ELECTION A TAKE OVER

  5. cal peters says:

    holly rose they dont like him cause he is about betterment of the us that you live in dipshit. hes done more for this country in 3 1/2 years with no help from your side all fought tooth and nail the whole dam three and half years.
    all the others gave every thing away to the rest of the world not him . wake the f up you moron

  6. rm says:

    Joseph Biden…..not my President…maybe president in name only… I didn’t vote for climate change or Paris agreement, I didn’t vote for a runaway EPA which will kill businesses and destroy millions of mining and manufacturing jobs and drive heating bills and energy costs way up, I didn’t vote for China to be coddled, especially when China deliberately inflicted the coronavirus on the USA…. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, Schiff, Maxine Waters, and a few more in Congress caught the coronavirus with a terminal result…

  7. Robert W says:

    This election was as crooked as a “three-dollar bill” and thank you President Trump for not conceding the election. Our Lord works in mysterious ways so we keep the faith for God’s will.

  8. Tina Thomas says:

    We have only one president and his name is Donald Trump. Biden has not been sworn in regardless of all he claims. MR.PRESIDENT,America stands behind you. We will not give up nor give in.

    • Ken says:

      And as of this writing, no State has certified the election results. Why? Because they know that there is enough evidence to throw out the illegitimate votes. Now there are those screaming that we need to proclaim “sleepy Joe” so we can get on with this farce. I donated to Sidney Powell and Trump’s legal team to help them get to the bottom of this. But I’m afraid the Swamp is too deep.

  9. Mary Shepherd says:

    I’m with you Donald . They’ve been scheming this for 3 months in Joe’s basement . This is fraud at the highest level !

  10. Roger Jones says:

    God bless you Mr.President.Im on your side all the way.

  11. Rita Perez says:

    President Trump did not lose the election. The American people did. The global conspiracy has everything to do
    with the way our elections were conducted. With or without their knowledge Democrats have become
    the killers of freedom in our country. They have allowed themselves to be used as pawns within the global conspiracy. This is much bigger than rigged elections.
    President Trump is a fighter. But it is out of his hands.
    We better pray that God takes in His hands the destiny of our nation .

  12. Holly Rose says:

    All education has been wasted on trump. He has absolutely no common sense. His wife, daughter and son in law have more sense in trying to convince the old fool to concede. Not only does trump have low IQ he is a poor loser. Facts remain that he has no support . Look at the low turn outs at his rally 250 people show up. What more proof does he need? The people have spoken with their votes and trump lost and Biden won. I’m siden with Biden. trump speaks like a 5th grader and I wonder about his mental capabilities. What more proof do we need? We had a moron running the US the past years and to top it off, he has antagonized every nation’s leader. Name me 5 who like him. NONE!

    • Tom Tackett says:

      Continue to Pray for our President, our Country!! Leave it with our FATHER GOD!! Truth will prevail!!
      Lies will be exposed!! Fight on Mr. President, the people are behind you. I don’t care what THE FAKE NEWS SAYS! GOD BLESS YOU!!

    • Love USA-Dump Trump says:

      thank you! I’m with you all the way on your comments about “the old fool” Trump!!

    • T Beach says:

      You been smoking crack with Hunter again or are you really that stupid??? You would rather have a proven criminal that should be in prison for several different things running the country than a man that accomplished more in 3.5 years than Obiden did in 47 years. Name 1 accomplishment of Obidens in 47 years?? Ill wait.


    • Ken says:

      BillieMarie, first of all, typing in ALL CAPS is considered impolite.

      What you said was obviously meant to shame us into keeping our mouths shut. Any amount of corruption in the voting process (like in knowingly allowing ballots cast by dead persons, or persons who moved into a district after the cutoff for being eligible to vote in that district), or using voting machines which are programmed to flip votes made for one candidate to be counted for another, no matter how few illegal votes there are, is reason to do it all over again. I am hoping President Trump will hold out until a reasonable effort is made in all States to correct this corruption.

      • Ken says:

        As far as how things appear, I don’t care. Those who hate Donald Trump already hate him, and anyone who supports him. President Trump doesn’t care how things look, as long as he does what is right. He’s had to face the “never Trump” nonsense since the last election, with a corrupt FBI continuing to menace him. As far as I’m concerned, there is still deep state corruption in the FBI, and why AG Barr doesn’t address it is beyond me.

  14. Kirtland Belz says:

    No No No

  15. Joe says:

    This battle between good,TRUMP and evil,puppet hidenbiden, is far from over, we won’t allow this outright steal of our election, by the dumbocraps, even if the spineless,rino’s and repukes, give in to the greatest screwjob by the radical,liberal,socialist,marxist,commie dummycraps to the 72,000,000 deplorables, that will back Trump, through this outregeoussteal of our election,this fight is far from done.

  16. Claudia Hohman says:

    Trump won the election, no one can tell me different

  17. maury says:

    this guy trump is hurting the US, hurting his party. The people have spoken—-Biden has won, This shelf centered person is an CPA—–it is time that we move ahead

    • Day says:

      Good afternoon,i would like to start saying that i know im asking to much for those who voted for Biden or sympathize with Democratic Party=Socialism=Communism its just the same,what im asking is that educate yourself,get some real information because Ignorance could kill a country,you dont know a tiny thing about Communism and i can assure you is the worst,evil thing could happen to a human person but i know is too much for you to process for your little brain so at least do some research or kill youself because like it or not my President Trump has the integrity,dignity,self respect,cares for his country and the people,HE IS OUR SAVIOR AND WE WILL WIN,if GOD if with us who’s against US

      • Kristine D says:

        God get a life or something close to it. Your party lost be an adult and deal with it instead of whining about it. Have “rump” not stopped scientists from finding a vaccine to stop the virus, all these people would still be alive! Rump is a murderer. He’s no better than Hitler…get a life. If you don’t like it here or the results move to Canada. You idiot

      • Kristine D says:

        You need to get over it and move on. Rump lost deal with it. Be an adult and quit whining.

      • Ken says:

        Day, no state has qualified the results of the election. Biden is lying when he stands in front of a backdrop that states it is the Office of the President Elect of the United States. He would not qualify for that title until enough States actually certified the election to give him 270 electoral votes.

    • David D'Anna says:


    • Robert Townsend says:

      No they haven’t spoken… Big Tech, Silicone Valley, George Soros, LeBron and Mike Bloomberg have… This election was bought and paid for

    • Diane Regan says:

      Hey Maury this “guy” TRUMP is THE PRESIDENT of the USA by the way. U get OVER IT ALREADY. YEA, YOU. We are Fighting for the preservation of AMERICA. Ya know like FREEDOM for all those who fought to preserve YOURS. Just a little detail. NO, U SNAP OUT OF IT. US PATRIOTS INCLUDING “THAT GUY TRUMP” are going to fight for it. Where will you be?
      In the BASEMENT?

    • Michael says:

      President Trump is not hurting the country. The socialist DEM-O-RATS have turn it into a 3d world country, with their BLM and riot THUGS that they are paying to tear down the country I gave 23 years to this country (oath taken) as a Republic Nation (One Nation Under God). I am retired now, but I have no problem coming off retirement to CLEAN HOUSE on DEM-O-RAT THUGS. The DEM-O-RATS have made this election the worst in US history. Oh, by the way news media are not the official voice as to who will be president.

    • Tussock says:

      Maury, clearly you are totally uninformed and obviously taking your news from the popular media. There are a lot of credible, balanced sources available that rely on facts and not emotions. Search them out and educate yourself. Alternatively, if you are too lazy to do some actual research, just wait a bit and it will all be revealed presently.

      • Ken says:

        Tussock, unfortunately my source of honest reporting is giving in. Fox News has started to crumble. Now they’re running on their crawler at the bottom of the screen things like “unsubstantiated” when the President speaks. A couple weeks ago Newt Gingrich was on OUTNUMBERED, and when he mentioned George Soros, Missy Frances and Marie Harf (the Dem ringer) grumbled that Soros wasn’t needed in the conversation. Gingrich took exception to this (it was his conversation), but when Falkner backed them up, he gave up. The next day Falkner and Frances spent a lot of time apologizing for that attempt at censorship. I’m afraid Fox News is trying too hard to be “fair and balanced.”

  18. Bob V says:

    Come on, man….Listen, the Democrats have been cheating at elections for over 100 years. Most of the time all the good people look the other way, and by good people I mean the more accepting of the American crowd, the Republicans. But they have stepped up their game in the last 20 years as desperation at taking over hits new highs. You can remember 2000, which Gore and the media thought he won, which hits many similarities with this year where Biden “Expected” to win. You know why he expected to win? Because their “world’s greatest voter fraud organization” went into hyper drive. With all the money and time and manpower and fake media assistance (who probably also knew, but that’s another story) and ‘extra’ ballots, it was supposed to be an open and closed case. They didn’t count on the sheer volume of American citizens fed up with the Nazi racist Democratic mantras and political correctness that is killing this country. These lawsuits will make this transparent, if they are allowed to fully investigate the fraud. But more, I hope this induces HUGE changes to the way that elections are held in several states. You notice that the more modern the voting process the more fair the vote and the less claims of fraud. So…let’s get those few states where the Dems KNOW they can cheat openly, on-board with modern process or maybe be overseen with National Guard and police if they can’t bring themselves to operate cleanly. God save the US of A. Let’s pray President Trump gets back in.

    • Donna says:

      I pray to God that Trump gets back in Joe Biden knows he lied about everything God help America if Joe Biden actually really and truly wins this state will be turned upside down or should I say country and for any of those who served in the military thank you for your service I was a military wife for 25 years. To everyone who is in President Trump‘s corner we need to fast and pray for our president Donald Trump we know that he is a better president, he has done everything he said he was going to do end it Kamala Harris an Joe Biden take over the White House oh my God we might as well pack up and move to Canada or somewhere in Europe because this country is going to be sat on his head upside down Joe Biden is nothing but a liar Kamala Harris is nothing but a liar and even if Biden does when he will never be my president never I have seen videos on how this country will be if Biden and Harris take over it’s not pretty and God says whoever voted for the wrong president rat will be brought up on them so I feel sorry for the people who voted for Biden and Harris I think God every day that I voted for Trump and pants I love those too!! Trump may be a jerk but I tell you what he’s a businessman and he’s a darn good president!!

      • Roseann says:

        2020 election will be the worst days in History for a fraud in the election Biden and Harris will ruin this country giving China free rain. Democrats spied on Trump before and during being president. Obama is a sob Racist and he stirred the pot for the black people rises up in this country things were not the best. People who vote Democratic think there going to get all this free stuff down the road the middle class pays and pays and pays. While our spineless senators do nothing for us only themselves. Pelosi piece of shit has no intention of helping the middle class why she is still in office us beyond me. Trump 2020

  19. Rita says:

    Biden just needs to give away, along with all the Democrats. Enough is enough President Trump is our President. Democrats are nothing but frauds and liers!!

  20. nicky crawford says:

    This is a battle between good and evil! We are in the end times! This is the times when evil is good and good is evil, a lie is the truth and the truth is a lie! The God of Abraham,. Isaiah and Jacob, will deal with this evil as he did with Sodom and Gomorrah!!! Jesus Christ is the answer, repent get right with the Lord, stay in his word, ask God for wisdom to get though these times!!! Have faith the Lord will deal with those who are determined to bring in evil and worship their father satin, pray for their souls for they are lost and destined for the lake of fire!!! This is the time to repent and get right with the Lord before it is to late, time is running out the Bride of Christ will be leaving soon (Rapture / Resurrection) 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 / 1 Corinthians 15:50-53!!!

  21. Debbie says:

    Where’s an attorney general with the guts to do what’s right?
    Where’s the Durham Probe?
    Where’s the Criminal Indictments from the FBI/CIA, etc., etc., etc….
    DO YOUR JOB, BARR!!!!! The Deep State thrives because you’re a weakling. PUT THEM IN JAIL! RESTORE JUSTICE!

    • Grace says:

      Law enforcement and the AG have to get their ducks all in place before they make the announcement that President Trump legally won the election. The BLM/Antifa mob and all their destructive followers will be out in full force and there will be some bloodshed. These mobs and the DNC are not going to go quietly into the night. The knowledge that four years of criminal acts produced nothing is going to destroy any sense of reasoning they have left. Rubin and AOC already have prepared lists of named Republicans to be reeducated or destroyed. Not being able to fulfill their agendas will destroy their confidence.

    • Robert Townsend says:

      Bill Barr is a big waste… He is probably in on the scam

  22. Connie Verdick says:

    Do not concede, this was a rigged election. We stand behind you 100%.Demand they recount all 50 states.

    • Stephen B Nocita says:

      You’ve been drinking the Kool Aid again. Even the Republican Election Officials agree there was no fraud, miscount, fake news, fraudulent voting or any other significant voting irregularities.

      If you love this Country more than Donny, you’ll unify behind the president-elect. If you love Donny more than this Country, well then well else needs be said.

      • It has been proven there is droid. We must follow this through for the interigity for the future of our elections. This election has been compromised and needs to be re done

      • Bobby says:

        You can tell who the uneducated voters are, they do not research anything, they believe the bias B.S. the hear on main stream media. So you don’t like Trump? TOO BAD. Enjoy the freedom and civil liberties that WILL be taken from you under Kamala. No more manufacturing jobs in the USA, ooh that’s right you chop lettuce at McDonald’s for a living. Maybe you should get educated about EVERYTHING, then you might be respected when you trash talk someone who has done more for the working class then ANY other president douche bag!

      • Jeanne says:

        Low information democrat. YOU drank the Kool-aid

      • RENEE LOPEZ says:

        Either you are incredibly naive or you’re lying to yourself and I don’t believe anybody is that naive there is Clear Proof that the Democrats are cheating and lying it’s their thing

  23. Please keep fighting President Trump. My entire family voted for you both here in FL & NY. Do not concede under any circumstances. We still have the option of Congress. I’ll pray for you nightly. God helped place you in this position & he will keep you here.

  24. Robert Berger says:

    Donald Trump is the worst sore loser of all time . He’s in denial, and that ain’t the river that runs through Egypt . Let’s face it : Joe Biden won the election fair and square and Trump’s claims of “Democratic voter fraud ” are a crock . There is zero evidence the Democrats having rigged the election or even trying to .
    But the real reason why Trump refuses to resign is this : he knows full well he is going to prison along with his equally crooked corny sin the White House and other associate of his , as well as his worthless children and son-in-law . For nearly four years , Trump has been wreaking havoc on America with his reckless disregard for rule of law, the Constitution and the rights of the American people .
    He is by far the most corrupt, incompetent, abysmally stupid, inept, clueless , lawless, reckless, brainless, mindless, soulless and heartless president tin US history . In only four years he has done more damage to our government, to democracy in America and more harm to the American people than all of our previous presidents combined . I don’t have the time or space to list any of his countless and genuine “high crimes and misdemeanors” as president , his countless crimes as a businessman and a private citizen .
    It’s time to take out the trash ! Like ti or not, Joe Biden is president elect . Get over it, conservatives .
    But ironically, you will be in far better off under Biden than under Trump .

    • Pops says:

      Big surprise coming.

    • Robert Lankford says:

      I guess I missed it. Please tell me when the ballots were certified.

    • Norm Demichele says:

      Your just as
      dumb as crooked biden.the whole biden crime cartel is GOING DOWN!!

    • Ed Kieffer says:

      If you voted for Biden you should be shot for treason for selling out america

    • Open your eyes and your mind! The past 4 years of action speaks much louder than a Big mouth lier who has done nothing in 47 years except create animosity and push racist policy and devision of Americans. He is spewing lies when he talks about unity! He wants 73 million people to roll over and do whatever he and Commi tell us to….their agenda is divide and conquer! President Trump loves our country, the Constitution, and respects everything our founding fathers created. In fact our families before us fought for the freedoms we have today!If you do not love America, please move to a Socialist or Communist country that you can love and be happy in. Don’t ruin this free country for those of us who love it!

    • JANET STRATTON says:

      The Democratic Party are possessed with Demons evil nasty no love self center money hungry people.I believe in my heart Satan placed his demons to destroy the most precious gift the dear Lord has give to his children was a free freedom country of USA.You take the word Democratic take the c off and place and n you get Demon scary sad.God give us life to live as we wish to love one another.Not hatred only to love and to give to others.We are born we live we all die.Once we die we all have to answer our ways on earth.The evil ones my heart goes out to them.President Trump was given to us from God.We were so blessed and I do believe he is looking down upon us.Good always precedes over evil.Trump will be re-elected it is Gods plan.God bless American.The love for all.Make America Great Again!

    • robert wadman says:

      if you think the shoewas on the other foot that dementure joe would walk quietly away no friggen way

      • Ken says:

        Robert, yes, if the shoe were on the other foot, Joe would refuse to concede, while the rioters would be doing their best to tear apart the country. If Trump sent in the National Guard (the Army probably would refuse to respond), the President would be blamed for responding with force for his own sake, not the country.

    • Allen says:

      I thank you are brainless stupid fool with no respect for our great country which will surely be destroyed by the left.I for one do not want to see our great country destroyed by socilsom.IN GOD WE TRUST. Like it or not GOD is still in control.

    • RENEE LOPEZ says:

      Fair and square since when have the Democrats been fair and square I don’t even think they know what that is anymore you need to get informed read the epoch times find out the real truth stop listening to the left they vomit lies

    • T Beach says:

      You need to quit smoking crack with Hunter my friend. The only crook in this election was Obiden. Either your really stupid or on the pipe. Name 1 thing Obiden has accomplished in 47 years?? Even Obummer knew he was an idiot. He even said even Joe cant mess things up that bad.

      • Ken says:

        Obama even said “Joe, you don’t have to do this. You really don’t” My senator, Kamala “I’m a person of color” Harris (her mother is Indian, just like Nikki Haley or Bobby Jindal), is Biden’s backup, and Nancy is getting ready to somehow use the 25th Amendment to remove Biden, and install Kamala as President. That would put Nancy 2nd in line. Now how to get rid of Kamala???

  25. Hal Lemoyne says:

    ❤??CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen??❤

  26. Glen flacke says:

    The Democrats,cbs,nbc,cnn, Facebook, and Twitter are evil and immoral.

    All of them will pay a price when they leave this earth, and their judgement day comes with Jesus’s Christ

  27. RED FARRINGTON says:



  28. BBenvin says:

    DON’T GIVE UP! They cannot be allowed to highjack my country. All true Americans, those who love their country more than their own agenda, are COUNTING ON YOU, Mr. President.

  29. Connie says:

    Never say NEVER||||. You should fight on and and if the American people want any progress in this country they need to stand behind you. We do not need Liars and Cheaters in office.

  30. Rachel Geller says:

    Dear. President Trump don’t give up you won the election and the Democrats still the election it has been in the works for years and wouldn’t be surprised if Obama and all those in Government that were behind this and against you, not to mention the despicable Lincoln project who hate this country. I would like to see all those who blocked you from social media and news outlets be punished for election interference it was a coverup. I see this as the ultimate coup by our own Government and the Democrats. Please don’t listen to Jared Kushner, Geraldo Rivera,Chris Christi and the likes they don’t have your best interest at heart, those who voted for you want you to fight as It was your fight for your life don’t listen to the skeptics we the people believe in you don’t disappoint us. Please fire Gina Haspel she is one of your enemies.

  31. Marie Travers says:

    I still fly my Trump flag proudly. You got this Mr. PRESIDENT US NEW YORKERS NEVER GIVE UP. GOD BLESS YOU.

  32. Becky says:

    President Trump American people know who won this election and it was you !!We will always stand by you and will never give into theift and fraud keep on with the law suits and challenge’s

  33. Marcia says:

    Trump is a big headed stiring idiot. He is out to make money for himself and friends
    and is also a war monger. He thinks nothing of the poor and immigrants as long as he has power. Thank God I am not American and have pity for my American friends.

    • wesley thomas says:

      If your not Amercan you should shut the hell up. America is not the worlds sugar daddy. War monger no, but willing to stand against the enemy YES and I am proud to be an AMERICAN!!!

    • bruce says:

      OK lets start with Trump doesn’t take a salary. How is that making money for himself. There is no evidence this is true. Second, Trump got us OUT of WARS, not in them. Your ignorance is astounding. He is all for legal immigrants. Its the ones that break our laws to come here he has a problem with and so do I. I thank GOD you are not an AMerican. We have enough silly, uniformed idiots…

    • Beverly k says:

      I am glad I am an American. This is a response to the person who wrote that Pres Trump only cares about money for friends and relatives. So Hunter Biden is a relative to whom? As for not caring about tax payers who cut taxes and put it back into their pockets? I think that too was Pres Trump. As for not caring about immigrants???? We have ginger here as well as homeless. If he opened the doors to everyone that would be the end of our economy. If we can’t house all americans and feed them all just how in the world can we take on more people??? Think will you think!!! Pres Trump has done a lot and deserves a second term. Does he have an ego. I hope so! As all politicians do. Look at what some people are saying about him He has to have one to survive such nonsense. Quit with what the media are saying and do your homework before opening your mouth. Joe Biden by his own admission stated his votes came from the mail in ballots. Doesn’t that alone state that something is fishy with the mail in votes??? I need a president that has that ego and can lead and cares enough about America to fight for his right to be there. It states that he is a leader and not a complacent follower.

    • Virginia Burr says:

      War monger? Pray tell – and just how many wars are we in, at the moment or for the next 4 years. With Trump, that will be none. With Biden, I give you 10 minutes and we will be full at it.
      You are the dumbest of the dumbocrats.

      • If we are in none why has TRUMP sent our soldiers overseas to fight and not brought them home like he said he would. We have had problems all along. DON’T make out that that Red headed person is so great. We need a UNIFIED NOT DEVIDED GOVERMENT PEOPLE. A GOVERMENT FOR ALL THE PEOPLE

        • Ken says:

          I’ll sure to be watching when President Trump receives, what is it, two Nobel Peace prizes? Obama got one, but no one is sure what it was for.

    • JC says:

      We are so thankful you aren’t an American too!

    • Bobby says:

      You Stupid little girl, SHUT YOUR CUM CATCHER and stay out of my country!!!

      • Ken says:

        “You Stupid little girl, SHUT YOUR CUM CATCHER and stay out of my country!!!”

        Oh Bobby! Your reply, full of pornographic imagery, is about the most classless I’ve ever read. Do you really believe that your verbal vomit will impress anyone? There was a time when such crap would land you in jail. But I see what our country has come to. We’ll see if that decline continues under Presidential Pretender Biden. Hopefully he won’t get the chance, and I don’t mean when Nancy uses the 25th Amendment to replace him with Kamala, and make herself 2nd in line.

  34. John says:

    Mr. President, don’t even think about giving up until after every single vote is verified. The post office probably tossed out every mail-in ballot from republicians. They know who we are and where we live.

  35. Stuart Schmidgall says:

    Thank you President Trump! You are our President. May God give us the determination, trust in Him, and wisdom to carry through with with this issue. Let the truth be known and corruption stopped with the guilty prosecuted.

  36. Linda C Ostler says:

    We are so proud of you. Thank you for fighting for us!! Do not give up, we the American people are behind you!!!

    • Linda Wilson says:

      President Trump;you stated true facts & Americans know what has happened, common sense tells everyone this!
      Stay in there, you love our country! Thank you very much for staying in there! Americans are all praying for you?????????

  37. flonda ball says:

    Stay the course Mr. President. You have nothing to be ashamed of as you have done nothing wrong. You are a patriot not a liar. All of their lies will come out and that includes George Soros on down. He should not be allowed to live here. I am a senior and this is the worse I am seen. People think the media calls the election which is stupid. It is amazing to me that all of the senate and house are lawyers except for Rand Paul a dentist and they choose to forget about the electoral college. No Mr. President….you have had a hard 4 years but look at all you have done. That is why we need you and want you as our president. God Bless You and your administration.

  38. American citizen says:

    The dominion servers are in a different country. What fool thought it was good idea to let another country have access and control over our election data?Democrats. Pelosi’s chief of staff is married to a man who owns part of dominion. Conflict of interest maybe. How is any of this ok. Disgusting politicians

  39. Margaret says:

    Please keep fighting. Trump won this election. The Dems are out to lunch. It has to be cleaned up and not let this kind of corruption continue to go on. Trump/Pence and entire team are great. Our kids, grandkids, etc. will face a country that is awful if Biden does get in. Him and all his cronies are so corrupt. They need to be held accountable for their actions. I knew the dems would continue to lie, cheat, etc. to do anything they could to this President because he took away their power. He is a tremendous hard work and loves this country and the people in it. He is great.

  40. David A. Darflinger says:

    I agree Mr. President. One thing I have come to realize over the last four years is don’t bet against you. We are standing by.

  41. Jack Hall says:

    We need the court system to do their jobs. There are thousands of affidavits from around the country proving their is massive fraud in our system. I believe our country and president is being undermined by the deep state which includes our intelligence, our media and big tech. The left wants to portray our president as a sore loser but, in reality they need to check themselves for what they really believe in and want for this country. Six months from now the moderate lefts are going to be standing there looking at each other and asking themselves what did we just do. When you don’t have an electoral college (which means no 2 party system) the courts are packed, you’re censored, gas prices and inflation are soaring and you’re basic freedoms are being controlled. You had better hope that President Trump remains you’re president. You don’t have to like him you just need to know he has your back.

    • Ss says:

      Amen and Amen!!

    • Ken says:

      Hopefully the Repubs will win the two run-off elections for the Senate in Georgia (Jan 5), and it won’t come to a tie for every Senate vote, with VP Kamala as the tie breaker. If so, no move to get a Constitutional Amendment to get rid of the Electoral College, no added seats on the Supreme Court, and no tiny new states of D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, or the Virgin Islands.

  42. Republican Dan says:

    I hope the judges are not already bought and paid for by the corrupt machine that has a hold on America. This is our chance to free America from the corrupt politicians. Please help Donald Trump save this country. He has sacrificed everything and asked for nothing. God bless America and Donald Trump!

  43. No Honest person believes that Bejing Biden got more votes than Obama. We stand with our President Donald J. Trump who won re-election and to date has never been wrong.

  44. meg says:

    I agree with President Trump never concede. HE NEEDS TO MAKE ALL THOSE LIEING CHEATING DEMOCRATS PAY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE.They all need to be prosecuted for rigging the votes

  45. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for not conceding Mr. President! You are the real winner. Keep fighting to expose the liberal nonsense !! We need to get rid of this corruption once and for all!!

  46. maxibaby says:

    All allegations of voter fraud must be thoroughly investigated. If found and proven, perpetrators must be prosecuted to deter future election fraud! The American people must have honest elections we can have confidence in. Today 72+ million Americans feel our votes were stolen from us! Whatever happens the Democrats will have the stench of this tainted election following them in everything they say and every act they commit. From the top of the Dem party and down the line their credibility is less than zero!
    So hell no, DJT should not concede, it is his duty to America and the Constitution to validate the election! Fight all the way to the SCOTUS! I really want to throw out the election and have a do-over because how will we ever be able to know and prove HOW MANY REPUBLICAN BALLOTS WERE DESTROYED AND/OR THROWN AWAY? All the recounts in the world won’t include those, thanks to cult leader Pelosi and her cult peons!

  47. zita Shuffield says:

    Stay the course Mr. PRESIDENT. uncover the corrupt politicans and the demon-Rats. Send them all to jail.This is your presidency for 4 more years. Go getem!

  48. Andy Stephenson says:

    I’m not giving up on Trump. He’s done a tremendous job for all Americans. Yes this election was tampered with on so many levels because states do not all vote by the same rules. But you watch the democrats will change the rules on a national scale if they are put in power. I pray there are Democrats in D. C. that love America as it is intended to be by the constitution and stayed up to Pelosi and the hard leaning socialist left.
    It’s time for Democratic Party to make a decision on how they won’t America to look in the future. Winning isn’t everything.
    Same with the puppets in the media, if America falls the socialism there will not be 4 or 5 large media outlets, only one state run media. Of course CNN and MSNBC are already use to being told what to say, but what they don’t see is there will only be a need for 10 or 12 puppets for the only national media network.
    ANN, American News Network of the United Socialist of America.
    I hope this makes people think twice about what they are fighting for.

  49. King Don is like the kid, who did not get the candy and is stamping his feet on the ground and fisting his hands in uncontrolled anger. Though King Don did many good things for our country, and along the way he made many enemy’s. But time to go is prevalent. That is if he wants America Great Again!?

    • You must be one of those Dummerats! No, the time to go is for Basement hiden Biden and his cronies!

    • Boyles says:

      Do you honestly believe that America will become Great Again with a bunch of Socialists/Communists running the country? We don’t have to like President Trump’s personality to appreciate his love for the country and his working so hard for all of us. He’s a great President and I don’t want him to concede to the fraud. It’s been happening in elections for years and if our President throws his hands up and says “I give up”, this crap will go on forever. Time to put a stop to it.

  50. Robin says:

    Great fighter Mr.President! A true Republican.
    The democrats expect you just to roll over and concede. This cheating has been planned and in the works in case the election was close. They promised this. The media is so wrapped up and complicit in this cheating. You are fighting for the millions of true Americans that refuse to surrender this country to Socialism. I would say to Obama that pandering Joe has our Democracy on a dangerous path to Socialism.

  51. Susan Maxeell says:

    Exhaust all resources to uncover the fraud in the election!

  52. Steve Startz says:

    America will undo democrats permanently!!!
    All we be indicted for treason , election tampering , Murder, corruption and impersonation of humans!!!!
    It’s time for us to enlarge Guantanamo order in torture devises weld the cells closed and watch them slowly wait to meet their maker , SATAN!
    May God have mercy on their soles!

  53. Robert A. Roesing says:

    biden’s a fraud!!!! democratic party a damn joke!! jail biden /harris asap

  54. Numbers do not lie……The numbers are there in the hearts of the American people. We the people have spoken…. Trump is our President. NOW,…FIX the problem. Fix the glitches. America depends on it.

    • Kay Reed says:

      There is no way Biden won this election fairly. I know of no one that voted for him so where did all the votes come from????? He scares me. President trump may not say things to please every body but he gets things done and it is for the American people. He love his country and that is a lot more than I can say for Biden. Biden is for the all mighty dollar and to hell with the people. Enough said.

  55. donnie onstott says:

    every worthless ass lying cheating democrat caught in the rigging of this election should face the firing squad

  56. Rev.Dr.Barbara Welch says:

    TRUMP won-the corruption of mail in ballets were a corporate scam for white collar crime. We have to remember, that God sees all of th-is evil and will repaly tho-se who live beneath God Bless American call.

  57. George R Devendorf says:

    Thank you Mr President

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