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Trump: ‘I May…Beat Them for a Third Time’

At yesterday’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, former President Donald Trump brought the crowd to its feet with raucous applause and a roar of cheers when he teased that he may run for the presidency in 2024.

Trump said, “But who knows? Who knows? I may even decide to beat them for a third time, okay?”

Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comment section. Would you like to see Trump run in 2024? Would he win?


  1. ck says:

    He’s going to jail!! Can’t wait!

  2. Charles Larson says:

    Wow! What a sorry group of Trump CULTEES. He’ll be drinking pina coladas and Corona Light beer on his island beach resort, under a large umbrella to shade him and watching Melania and Ivanka skinny dipping in the ocean, for his remaining years. He won’t come back to run for president or even postmaster general. He won’t come back period. His legal woes will catch up to him. He won’t risk it.

  3. STEWART CAPLE says:


  4. Pegs says:

    #TRUMP 2024 PERIOD!!!

  5. Tom Deviney says:

    I as one of millions hope that President Trump runs again, and I fully believe that he won the last election. There is no way that a man that couldn’t draw 50 people to a rally could get 80 million votes. Trump won, but got it stolen from him.

  6. jkryanspark says:

    Trump is a sick degenerate living in an alternate reality he shares with America’s lowlife class. Religion rots the brain through its hierarchal principles. It’s no wonder so many morons who adhere to religion and its slave owning Biblical precepts are also adherents of the sick former president. He belongs in prison.

    • Sam B. says:

      Woooooow! Temper temper! U need a hug! It must really suck to b this upset about a president who got ALL the positive results for the country & had a pro america – America first agenda..& NOT a “truth over fact/America second-last” agenda.
      I’m a registered very moderate Democrat….not a radical psycho-socialist dictatorship party supporter. I’m also not in denial of the great accomplishments the Trump administration made in the face of non-stop obstructions, fake news conspiracies etc etc etc. So adolescent, small, hateful & pathetic the socialist party is. What chaps the asses of the hater-naysayers is that Trump isn’t the typical pc pansyass corrupt politician. He has a SPINE..speaks his mind…got great results & wasn’t told to b nice!!

    • Avo Long says:

      So he is sick… etc. etc. Firstly, there was no one president in history that was treated so badly as Donald was. I blame here owners of the media. There is the truth and there is agenda. Guess, at the Trump era, which one was more important? Till now, there is no truth AT ALL in any media. It is worse than Brezniev era propaganda. Then you can not say what Donald Trump or is not. You do not have ANY REAL information – there is only information for steering the “stupid Americans” into the agenda of the media bosses. Thus, of course, “the bandits” run on Capitol, never mentioning the patriots that were (first time in history!) fed up with the constant, notorious lies. BTW, I prefer 100x, as you call it “sick” person decisions that brought results than Obama conformism that ruin the country. Also, I feel, that you commenting the way you did, you belong to lies gang, just hiding behind fancy name.

  7. Momma says:

    I pray every night at 8:00 PM for few minutes to ask God to give democrats their just dues-GITMO!!! All are welcome to join me. The more that call on God for help, the more he will be willing to help. He will believe we support and believe in Him. God bless and keep us safe.

    • jkryanspark says:

      By prayer, you obviously mean wishful thinking. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that Christians are the most ungodly people living in America and wish for pain to be inflicted upon others. You are a delusional lowlife. You ‘pray’ for harm to come to me, while I wish for the best for all Americans.

  8. SMAC says:


  9. Sam says:

    We keep hearing, even on Fox, that Biden won the election and there’s no evidence of fraud! How much more evidence do they need before they will admit it? What has happened to our country when everyone is afraid of facing the truth that is staring them in the face and there are countless videos of Americans testifying about voter fraud! There’s NO WAY that Biden legally received more votes than even Obama! President Trump won the election and the corrupt democRats stole the election and now have the capital surrounded with military force and Biden is signing multiple executive orders that he said was what a dictator does! Wake up America! We are living under a socialist regime right now! I don’t know if we can wait til 2024 or even 2022. How many signatures are needed to recall a president/vice president/speaker? We must get them out of there before our nation is in ruins! If we can last 4 years, THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR YOUR STRENGTH TO SAVE AMERICA AGAIN!

  10. Not only do I want Trump to win in 2024, but I want him to restore justice in 2021. He remains president now, because he won this election. But China, together with the fake media, stole his victory, humiliated America by imposing a dementia patient on our country, a worthless unfortunate old man, Biden.

  11. Holly Rose says:

    Tied to the Russians, twice impeached and lost the reelection I just don’t see how trump can be elected for anything outside of city dog catcher in 2024. trump is a rotter, lies and is dishonest just ask my sister who knows a lot about trump. It was a real awakening for me from what I heard from my sister about trump. He is truly low life, scum of the earth.

    • Sam says:

      Holy Rose, who the hell is your sister? Have you both been living under a rock on the moon? Can you see what Biden is doing to America? Thank God for President Trump, our true President, who will again save our country now that we know what the democRat’s fraud team is capable of and we can put up an equal fight!!!

    • Nina Rogers says:

      Holly Rose, Do tell.. enlighten us with more of your twisted truth

    • Pegs says:

      holly you POOR SMALL little girl that cannot THINK for yourself. I think your friends are all out in the streets of Portland DESTROYING buildings & Peoples LIVES!! your sis DOESN’T have a FREAKIN CLUE. So SAD & MISINFORMED. #IDIOT

    • Victoria Cosio says:

      Rose how did your sister know Trump? Did she sleep with him? Or she dreamt of sleeping with him and got rejected. He is a looker when he was young and RICH! I doubt if she got closer to him than 1000 feet. And to say she knew him?

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL…Holly u r always good for a laugh. I’m all for people respectfully voicing their opinions..but damn lol.
      What happened to ur altered ego aka ur sister KAY? I called her “Caracas Kay” because her views & outlook was that of someone who is a sympathizer/supporter of the socialist dictatorship communist government of Venezuela. I’ve always said to people like “Kay” lol..if that’s the government u like..move’ll fit right in! How about this: We’ll swap out the 100s of thousands that WANT to b here for the freedoms & opportunity’s we all have as citizens for those here that like that type of destructive corrupt government that our current socialist hate party aspires to b. NOT GUNNA HAPPEN. Venezuela has LOTS of vacancies!

  12. Old gringo says:

    I am continually amazed and appalled at the Republican inability to confront real issues with confidence and solidarity. Backing away from controversial and important issues for fear of disapproval or of “making a scene” is just not being willing to fight. Fear of being called a “birther” caused the GOP to back away from a volatile issue, and that birth certificate was a fake if I ever saw one. So we really had an illegitimate president for eight years and the GOP just accepted it. So Trump is criticized because he won’t let go of the rigged election. It WAS rigged and it WAS stolen, but we don’t want to argue about that. It might not be a popular position (you think the media will care which position you take — it will ALWAYS be WROMG!). Oh, why bother. It takes BALLS and Trump is condemned for having them! Gimme a break…

    • Sam says:

      You MUST “bother” to work together to save America! Don’t give up! Stay strong and we can fight this illegal takeover that the democRats have orchestrated on America for the second time!

  13. Steve says:

    Trump never lost the election. Communist Americans, communist Chinese and socialists from many other nations switched the votes for Biden. There is very “hard” irrefutable proof! But when the CIA, DOJ, FBI, and federal judges are in on it, it’s up to honest Americans to stand up for justice or lose our freedom altogether!

    • Craig says:

      We have an illegitimate Executive branch, we need to stand up for justice and our freedom!

  14. Becky says:

    Yes I watched every minute of president Trump’s speech I loved it was great feeling to see him back on stage again hopefully he will run again and we can get back to being great again !! Long as he has a plan for us I am all for it we’ll see what happens

  15. rick says:

    In the next two years, we will find out as a country, just how many people possess & value the American ideal, as opposed to those who value communism. How on earth can any truly sane person doubt that President Trump has anything but the greatest respect for the American ideal? Only Bizarro-World Utopians, aka commiecrats, could think otherwise! God Bless President Trump & America!

  16. William F. Reade Jr. LTC USA Ret) says:

    I would love to see someone challenge Harris Citizenship in Court She is not “Natural Born” maybe not even a citizen. The lied and committed fraud by rigging the ballot. I am trying to get the word out.

    • Bonnie says:

      Believe me , if that is true ! It would not matter at all. They have the abilities to cover anything. This is the NEW WORLD ORDER! What they say is true and we are not allowed to question? We all watched what happened in North Korea! Try Venezuela? You are looking at the new plans for the Beautiful United States of AMERICA. This is the Obama dream to his father! They hated the US! We really shot be chafing him with Treason! He is the worst President I EVER! Thank you Oprah! This is not about race! This is quality of character! Evil is not about Race!

  17. James says:

    The best president of all time!Our country was the best its ever been until the China virus came in we need trump back as our president to keep our country going on the right track as it did in his 1st term!

    • Sam says:

      The china virus was another plan of the communist china backed democRats. When President Trump is in the WH again, we must investigate fully what happened in the Wuhan lab! I believe it was germ warfare orchestrated by china and their democRat minions in America as part of their plan to bring down President Trump and put their regime in power to destroy America!

  18. Victoria Redmond says:


    • SMAC says:

      COME FROM?

  19. Donald says:

    While I understand the applause when President Trump implied he might run again in 2024, that could possibly have tge same fraudulent outcome of the past election. What is truly needed is for Trump along with every Republican and Conservative, along with any Patriots still in the democrat party and in federal law enforcement agencies as well as the DOJ and SCOTUS to put their considerable resources behind investigating the past election. There is no statute of limitations on voter fraud, sedition and treason! Over 300 CUTIZENS HACE PYT THEIR FREEDOM ON THE LIBE WITH THEIR SWORN AFFIDAVITS AND NOT OBE OF THESE AFFIDAVITS HAVE BEEN INVESTIGATED AND PROVEN TO BE FALSE!! OUR COUNTRY WILK REMAIN IN A SPIRAL TGAT KEADS TO A TOTALITARIAN AND OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT UNLESS THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FRAUDULENT ELECTION ARE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!

  20. Melanie fish says:

    Yes our country needs to have president trump as our president

  21. Helen says:

    I am one of thousands of people who definitely pray that President Trump runs for reelection in 2024! He will make America Great AAgain. It has declined tremendously due to bad decisions made by the current establishment.

    • smac says:

      I believe god did the miracle that put trump to be our president to save our country, which was heading into becoming Islamic Socialism. The news people and many of the people did not accept him (Democrats). In biblical times, Jesus,
      the greatest man to walk this earth did not accept him

    • smac says:

      I believe god did the miracle that put trump to be our president to save our country, which was heading into becoming Islamic Socialism. The news people and many of the people did not accept him (Democrats). In biblical times, Jesus,
      the greatest man to walk this earth was not accepted either.