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Trump Is Back in the Fight

Yesterday, former President Donald Trump made it clear that he will be in the 2022 election fight as the Republican Party battles to push Nancy Pelosi out of the Speaker’s chair and take the majority of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Following a meeting with Rep. Kevin McCarthy at Mar-a-Lago, Trump and McCarthy released the statement below.

We value free speech and commentary from our readers. After reading the statement below from President Trump and Rep. McCarthy, please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you believe the Republicans will win a majority of seats in the House of Representatives in 2022 and remove Nancy Pelosi from the Speaker’s chair? Why or why not?


  1. Vincent says:

    Most of the Republicans are spineless cowards who turned their back on Trump and the people who voted for them. They had a chance to stop the electoral votes and didn’t do it. The dummiecrates rig the election successfully and they will keep doing it so they have the power their isn’t anyone to stand in their way they had their chance to put a stop to biden and they didn’t do it. So prepare to be amongst the number of millions who will lose their job because of biden Pelosi and the rest of their unruly demons

    • Rodny says:

      If you all didn’t read today, the Democrats are strongly pushing for all mail in ballots so they can kick Republicans out of office. The Republicans if they want to keep thier jobs an help the people.
      THEY NEED TO GET OFF TIER REARS AN GET BUSY BEATING democrats at thier own game. Continue with impeachment of Biden an as Huckabee stated Harris also for all the release of the criminals in 2020. She probably has more skeletons in her past also.

  2. Paul says:

    I am 100 percent staying with our president Donald J. Trump. I will never accept Joe Biden and his crime family along with Nancy Polosi, Chuck shummer ShiftyShift and the rest of these Rhinos. I want Nancy out the door where she belongs. We have to take back both houses and if there is a way we will get it through because this election was stolen from 80,000 American people that voted for Donald Trump only to be debunked and cheated us out of and we are coming back with a vengence so keep looking over your shoulders you democrat rats

  3. Ally says:

    fTime is ripe for Repub;icans to take back every part of the US Government. Great leadership ou too Trump.

    • Charlene says:

      I belive in term limits. I akso belive Nancy Peloski does not represent the major peoples vote of free speach and other issues now present. She is a drauma queen and needs to be impeached for her lies and double standards. And supporting riots of the left.

    • Rc says:

      Mr. Trump should run for House seat in 2022, then for Pres. 2024.

  4. Candy Clanton says:

    I do believe the Republicans can take back the house in 2022 as long as the Election is legal. I doubt seriously it will be legal. I don’t think HR1 will get through the Senate but with their new plans to bypass the GOP & their new idea to make all election voting by voting by mail, I have my doubts that the GOP is going anywhere until we get rid of this Administration! And I’m also concerned about their plans to come after all the Trump Supporters – they have already given out all addresses for supporters. Definitely not good!

  5. N.Millet says:

    I do believe the Republican will take back the house because by the time 2022 rolls around the Democrats will have everything so screw up they will not have a change to get anyone elected and Pelosi should be removed from any position.

  6. AJ says:

    Many good ideas here. We need to have the 2020 voter election fraud coup treason completely investigated, and then arrests and prosecutions for treason. This criminal act was TREASON!!! Otherwise, it will continue. Have to remove all the rinos too. Then certify every person to support for congress. Have them sign a written contract to follow the conservative principles written out and agree to be sued by anyone when they become rinos. Always more to use but greed, ego, power, bribes will never stop. Primary every rino. Let them know that WE THE PEOPLE/ PATRIOTS have arrived. No more BS. Understand that you can never trust the demoncrat rino communists and they intend to subjugate you to a slave. Hope President Trump is reading these comments. Best to all PATRIOTS.

    • Tom Wilhelm says:

      It would seem to me that, by now, most of the evidence would have been destroyed. They successfully planned and executed their plan to steal the election. I have no doubt that their plan included destroying the evidence.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Tom, you and A.J. need to pull your head out of your ass and come to reality. No new Senator or Congress person would ever sign some loony contract to serve only to conservative priciples, etc. A.J
        , you are a low-life P.O.S. You think you can force a politician to sign some nonsensical contract, when their job is to serve the American people the best they can and to defend the USA CONSTITUTION. You think you’re a god to even delude yourself in having that kind of power. Just go die, dumbass. You’ll do our country a favor. Right, Tom, they destroyed the “evidence” of how they stole the election. YEAH, I DID THAT PERSONALLY. HA HA HA. YOU GOT ME, MORON. OH, WELL, shoot, I hope you don’t report me to the FBI…OH, PLEASE. HA HA.

    • Susan says:

      AJ, you are right!! The 2020 election is a sham, I am so heartbroken because President Trump and his lawyers did not pursue this treasonous act, and bring all involved, to justice! I am no longer a republican…Joe Biden is not a legal president! Our Constitution has been trampled on! I’m done! I will never vote again because we can not trust that our votes will be counted because we no longer have “rule of law” in America!

  7. Lillian says:

    I agree with many of the other responses that there will not be any honest election results unless they ban mail in voting and get rid of the Dominion and Smartmatic machines.

    I would still like to see those machines audited from the 2020 elections.

    • Tom Wilhelm says:

      By now, I would assume that those machines have been reprogrammed to appear that voting fraud couldn’t happen, and just before the next election, they could be reprogrammed.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Tom, man, you got me again. I did that myself. Wow! You’re on a roll, dude. You got us crooks nailed down and figured out for sure. Please, Please, Tom Wilhelm “Colonel Klink”, don’t call the Gestapo on me.

  8. Angela clark says:

    I will always stand up for president Trump. What myself and a lot of Americans want is…..before we go through all of this again… we want the 2020 mess cleaned up first!!…. all we heard after the election was “all the proof you had for election fraud, all the corruption, and how we were going to see the corruption finally come to the end, because people were going to be arrested. We are awake and understand that our voices are going to be heard, but before we start endorsing and working our butts for an election, we need 2020 cleaned up FIRST!!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Angela, you should wipe your poopy butt clean before you post your CRAP here. There is no shortage of people, Democrat and Republican who welcomes PROOF of a stolen election. We scream for it to all you LYING Trump supporters, especially to Trump himself. So far, not one iota or piece of evidence has been found or produced, which is why Biden’s win as President was certified, morons!

      • sad says:

        Hey Charlie your a real piece of crap. Your head is so far up your own butt you should go back to @ell. Wake up you donkey!!!

        • Charles Larson says:

          Sad, I’ll “wake up” when you or ANYONE produces a piece of evidence and proof that your insane claims demand, GREAT LIAR. HOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT REQUIREMENT?

  9. Anita DeFalco says:

    I believe, as long as we BAN mail-ballots, Republicans will take the House and the Senate!

    Other countries have banned mail-ib ballots because of fraud. After the 2020 election fiasco, we now understand why!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Anita, it seems that IF other countries banned mail-in ballots for elections, they OBVIOUSLY did not have good security measures in place to track people’s votes like the USA IN FACT DOES. Maybe their audit counters are idiots, too. Who knows? Who cares? Any nutcase like you Trump supporters can always dream up and imagine how an election can be and therefore be “rigged”. As long as your candidate loses you can cry wolf-fraud every time. Funny, how only since Trump became the President, hardly anyone ever did before.

      • Robie says:

        Hey jerk I guess you don’t remember that the Democrats said President TRUMP was not a legal PRESIDENT in2016 and trashed him for years.A $$$$HOLE

        • Charles Larson says:

          Robie, no, I don’t recall that , you must be referring to a small minority plus the fact that Trump lost the popular votes to Hillary Clinton in 2016, I did not vote then, I’m a registered independent voter. But I accepted Trump as the President, just as I accepted George W. Bush as President in 2000. I never saw any evidence to doubt the election results , but you need to understand that there are many Americans who want the popular vote to decide the elections, including republicans. It’s absurd that you Trump supporters suddenly decided that mail-in votes are “fraud” and only help Democrats WHY? PROBABLY BECAUSE YOU FIGURE THAT MANY SUCH VOTERS WOULD NOT COME TO THE POLLS BECAUSE THEY’RE LAZY, POOR, AND THUS WITHOUT A CAR IN THE CITIES. HOW DARE OUR POLITICIANS MAKE IT SO MUCH EASIER for these people to vote while you richer republicans would do ANYTHING to make it difficult and keep those democrats from voting, because you know most of them are black and other minorities and you’re a racist.

          • Maylynn Hughes says:

            No Charles, you are just a dumbass. There was all kinds of evidence. We caught the fuckers red handed. But the courts being demoncrats would not hear the evidence, and I don’t think they can legally do that. Joe Biden is an illegitimate president and it shows with how he is destroying American lives by every stroke of a pen he can handle. He and the socialist demoncrats are destroying this country and need to be stopped RIGHT NOW!

  10. Bella says:

    When Democrats wake up and find out that they have been lied to, they will suffer something similar to what is called “buyers remorse” or better put, voters remorse. BLM and Anifa are already upset that they have not been given what was promised from those in power. Lost jobs, lost industry, lost family monies, and lost freedom. I believe Biden will go down in history as one of the most destructive Presidents in the legacy of this country and the most dangerous president, destroying everything our Constitution stands for. Trump has been the greatest President this country and the world has ever seen. Even other major countries of the world, with the exception of China, have enjoyed Trump’s respect and fairness. I believe his return is necessary for the health and wealth of the world.

    • Tom says:

      You say he’s Lost jobs, lost industry, lost family monies, and lost freedom.

      He’s only been on the job 10 days. Let’s actually see his results before you make these imagined claims.

      • Chec barr says:

        After 28 exec orders signed, we’ve already seen enough!

      • Chec barr says:

        After 28 exec orders signed, we’ve already seen enough! We can’t wait for him to become dictator.

        • Maylynn says:

          Make that 42 executive orders countering anything that made America Great Again, and was good for Americans. Biden doesn’t care if he is hurting Americans. He is not in it for Americans, he is in it for himself and his family to continue making lots of money, by sleeping with China. He sold us out 12 years ago. And now he has free reign to finish the job. Hello madness, here it comes. Welcome to the new world order.

      • Tom Carman says:

        how much more do you got to see the raid roading they did and now i wish i was that damn blind and numb may then i can sleep better at night say bye to freedom

    • Greg Gilreath says:

      Amen – I couldn’t have said it better myself and I believe that this is but the first thing that President Trump will put into motion in the coming days. Great comment and may God bless you and your family.

  11. Billy Copeland says:

    There seems to be some concept that the 2022 elections will be honest!
    Now that the Democrat/Socialist/Communist Party has found the secret and that mail in ballots gives them the power to win plus the fact that the courts are afraid to even have honest hearings about the fraud they will win, win, win!

    • Louie says:

      If Republicans intend to win another election, they need to play the voting game the way democrats played this last election. Get my drift?

    • Tom says:

      Each state controls its own election process. To think that out of power democrats could rig every states process is ridiculous. Hillary won the popular vote yet lost the election in 2016. Some democratic steal there. Trump has been in charge for the last 4 years. Was he so incompetent he managed to let the dems rig the election?? or is this just more FAKE NEWS. WAKE UP.

      • Leslie Benjamini says:

        You don’t honestly believe that Biden who can’t think straight & never came out of the basement won that election fairly? If you do you are delusional. If he did why are democrats trying to pass HR1 to make fraud a permanent part of our elections? Why 2 more states? Why not leave things alone & try to clean up voter roles & have election integrity? UNTIL WE DO HAVE ELECTION INTEGRITY we the people know you stole that election & are planning to steal every election from now on.

    • Tom Carman says:

      amen sir but it is not only the courts we have our own Republicans scared as sh** of them also if they don’t do what they are told then they will lose there jobs but i thought we put them there but that dont mean anything anymore

  12. Charles Larson says:

    While reading many of the comments here and on other blogs, I’ve concluded that Trump’s staunchest supporters are brainwashed nitwits who’d drink the KOOLAID at Jim Jones’s house and sermons. I wonder how many of them know about the suicidal cult that Jones led in the 1970’s. Donald Trump has been a lot like Jones as a leader, an egomaniac who preaches LIES about “fake news” and pretends to be their Savior. The many insane theories about a rigged election, voter fraud, a stolen election, rigged and malfunctioning machines so evil their designed to change and give Trump’s votes to Biden. Really, where do you republican loonies come from? Mars? *******? *****? WTF? It can’t be this world and it reminds me of the 1960’s TV show, ‘The Invaders’ about aliens from another planet disguising themselves as humans. It’s shown on the ME TV channel in the early AM these days. Did these people even graduate from High School? Who cares about the republicans winning the House in 2022? I don’t. I care about what they do for our country, I don’t care who they are or what religion they practice.

    • Toots Tucker says:

      Wow! You morons still aren’t paying attention!

    • michael perkins says:

      you are as stupid as biden

    • Leslie Benjamini says:

      And what planet do you come from? Oh! Wait I know you have been brainwashed by CNN, MSNBC, etc. apparently dead people voting, people with no apparent address voting, people who have moved out of state voting, ballot harvesting & taking ballots from nursing homes & filling them out is ok. Not allowing Republican monitors in vote counting centers is ok. Driving truckloads of ballots from one state to another is ok? Stopping the vote counting in 5 states in the middle of the night is normal? No signature verification is ok with you. No proof of citizenship is ok with you.
      None of this CULT like. ELECTION INTEGRITY is a normal thing to want.. unless you are going to cheat.

      • Tom Carman says:

        hey don’t forget they had more votes coming in like 200,000 in PA alone then they send out and we are wrong if only the courts where fair and not afraid they dont want to job thier gigs

      • Charles Larson says:

        Leslie, you obviously make up “facts” as in fake news. Where did any state not allow republican vote counters at election centers? I know Pennsylvania did. TV news reporters talked to their election officials during the counts. States use volunteers from both parties. That’s part of the auditing and integrity to ensure fairness and accuracy. Mail-in ballots CAN ONLY BE SENT TO REGISTERED VOTERS TO FILL OUT. THIS MEANS STRANGERS CAN’T USE SOMEONE ELSE’S BALLOT WHICH HAS THEIR PERSONAL INFORMATION ON IT. If they count and register each person’s vote only once they should be able to detect extra votes from the same person IF THEY GOT ANY. You need to investigate the process and security measures they use instead of pulling crap out of your butt and making up GREAT LIES AND NONSENSE, IDIOT! Please get ANY PENNSYLVANIA ELECTION OFFICIAL TO TELL US THERE WERE 200,000 EXTRA VOTES than registered voters, which means they could not certify their results. Or stuff that piece of crap back up your butt. Go rape a skunk that believes your insane lies.

        • Maylynn says:

          Charles Larson, you’re the one with your head up your ass. We saw the videos because we don’t watch CNN, MSNBC nightly fake news. The demoncrats even admitted it. And the electors did certify the vote illegally, because they had more votes than registered voters. You really are stupid, and gullible to believe they would not lie. Watch who you call a racist, because your sounding like you have Trump derangement syndrome. You have no idea wtf you are talking about Charles. Enough is enough. These power hungry POS, need to be taken out of office once and for all, and people like you need to wtfu, before you end up in one of their rehabilitation camps called FEMA.

    • Tom Carman says:

      and who is brainwashed wow what dumb ass stop only watching late night bull shit tv and open up your and do some research and then get back to me when you can have a real talk

      • Charles Larson says:

        Tom Carman, the 2020 presidential election was the first one where states gave us the option to mail-in our vote because of Covid-19. Mail- in votes have otherwise always been limited to military and government personnel who are out of the country and overseas. I stayed out of the last two elections, I still have my 2020 mail-in ballot with the several personal questions on it to establish my identity. I have confidence in the system since any fraud shoUld be easiy detectable by the audit counters. They should know I did not vote once or more times or at all. I have nothing, no brilliant ideas or evidence to make me doubt the election results and neither do ANY ONE OF YOU TRUMP VOTERS. It’s easy to dream up fraud scenarios when your candidate loses and Trump has proved he’s the sorriest and poorest loser EVER. Crying wolf-fraud is the new rage since Trump became the President. Funny, it was hardly ever heard in prior elections for centuries.

    • Robie says:

      Your HEAD is UP your A$$$$ your getting brain dead

  13. Mark Robert says:

    Mitch Mcconnell needs to be gone and the 9 other anti Trump republican swamp creatures. Or we may as well start over with another party . I am registered in dependant . I lean conservative. I believe God’s word the bible and I am for our Constitution not the Corporate one. We The People. I do not like Fake news or fake news pretending to be conservative leaking fake news. I believe Trump had us but now feel frightened and want to go to a safer place then a democrat State which will lead us along to a loss of our culture and very lives.

  14. Bernard Healy says:

    I hope President Trump realizes the Republican party is not always his friends. I do hope he is able to bring the Party together and have them decide they are right for the USA only if they stand together and work at defeating the devilcrats.

  15. Minerva Moreno says:

    I for one am very disappointed in our government. Congress sucks, supreme court sucks and President Trump or the Executive branch passed with flying colors. The current administration sucks. They are a joke. I feel Republicans let President Trump down and it was just too much for one person. The fact that he accomplished so much with the DEMONcrats at his heels from day one is amazing. But within his own party there were/there are too many back stabbers. Too many career politicians too afraid to loose the spot on the corrupt system.

  16. Will says:

    They will never win another election if they do not get rid of Soros and his Dominion voting machines,, until I hear that,that has happened I don`t see any reason to even bother about voting

  17. Debbie Lynn Schnakenberg says:


  18. John martino says:

    If the Dems push through the Nation aside mailing Ballot and make the 25 million or more immigrants naturalized, it will be very difficult to defeat them in 22 or 24,sad to say. That is unless we print more fake ballots than that do. Just kidding about the fake ballots, these days I am desperate for something to laugh about. Hay did I tell you the one about a guy in the white house named Joe, never mind that’s not funny, its scary!

    • Big L says:

      All the state legislators controlled by Republicans need to get smart and put in, as soon as possible, Voter I.D., in person voting, or request absentee ballot, and signature verification. And no ballot harvesting. No voting machines. I fear republicans may not win another election.

  19. Bob says:

    President Trump is the best president we have had since Reagan. The Democrats will absolutely ruin America if left unchecked. Look at it this way if President Trump didn’t care deeply about America why wouldn’t he just walk away from all this nonsense the worthless Biden and his cronies are pulling. He does care that’s why he’s still in the fight!
    Thank you president Trump!

    • Juanita Roark says:

      Thank you for your strength and love to guide the people that believes in you. Keep up the good work. Evil will never win!! And thank you GOD.

    • Cara Smith says:

      I agree with you. He doesn’t have to take this. But he does. He truly loves America and even wants to keep God in it. My prayer is that by the time 2022 comes around people will see the sickness that has taken the capitol and our great Country. Who knows. Maybe we wont even have to wait til 2022. President Trump. I support and believe you to be mostly sincere in your actions as president. You had and still have my vote. You were ribbed as were the true american people. Not the baby killing communistic group who are in control right now.

  20. BRIAN says:

    You have to stop the corruption.
    Get control of the media.
    Stop the use of controlled voting machines
    Put in place honest Judges

  21. KONA says:

    get the witch out and we republicans, tea party people needs to stand with Trump all the way…the republicans don’t have the backbone to stand with Trump when he needed it November 2020 and January 6th, the only that stood with trump was Ted Cruz, he has guts like Trump..we the people have to get rid of the dictator and his administration,ALL OF THEM and obama , george soros and clinton family ETC…

    • Inez Bowman says:

      I just knew the democrats would try to find a way to rig the next election, mail in votes fit the bill for them. Hell they had the dead voting for them. But what I really think they will do is decide that we don’t need any election, and the democrats will outlaw voting all together. Our young people are buying into the democrats promises, but they will learn when their rights go out with window. As for Pelosi, I think she is the root of all our problems. She is causing most of all the trouble, and she undermined President Trump at every turn. He want to clean up DC and all the graft, but she needs to be in control and get all the money for herself and her asses.

    • Helen says:

      I absolutely agree. They all need to be removed for destroying AMERICA and not doing their jobs.IMPEACH Them All.

  22. Teal Tiki says:

    I have Loved President Trump since he first decided to run! My heart was broken when he was denied his win. We knew he had won, there was NO hiding it! This is fresh air to me, hope does spring eternally! I’m here to help you fight President Trump, I will always stand up for you! I know the truth about their lies and I will never believe anything out of a Democrat’s mouth! I am backing your fight against pelosi, she is evil and we need to remove her! Thank GOD you are willing to fight back.

    • Grace says:

      The same criminals that distorted the 2020 election are working on new deceptions for the 2022 and 2024 elections and they are good at their trade. It is my hope that there will be so many democrats suffering from buyers remorse by 2022 that Republican votes will be able overwhelm any schemes set up by Democrats.

      • Mark says:

        Your right on Grace, there now has to be voter identification in all elections. If you go to a bank or cashing a check or get pulled over by police you need to show some sort of I D . It’s not an attack on your rights just something that is part of every day life.
        No more voter mail in ballots, either in person or absentee ballots, it’s been proven that counting the mail in votes is to challenging to be accurate and legitimate!

        • Charles Larson says:

          Mark, the personal questions, name and address on the mail-in ballots clearly help establish the person’s identity. Their vote can only count once, so long as they record them only once. They should have an easy way of checking a person’s possible multiple votes which if it’s recorded twice there should be a sign of that in their audit computers, if they don’t have another way of knowing it. WTF? Why are you so distrustful of the process if it’s good enough for the democrat and republican vote counters who oversee the audit?

  23. Stephanie B Phillips says:


    • Olive says:

      I agree that President Trump was (and is) the best leader for our country. He kept his promises and did even more than what he promised ….. and now that we’ve seen what Sleepy Joe is all about and that he will continue to destroy America and its people, we need to get him and his cronies out of office. The Republicans need to get a back bone and stand up to this —— we need to get control of the House of Representatives in 2022! And, will somebody, PLEASE, take that pen away from Sleepy Joe!!!! He’s already done much damage with his executive orders!!!

      • Charles Larson says:

        Olive, Congress is the group of people with the ultimate power. Presidential executive orders can often only be temporary, especially if Congress unites to act against the president for the good of the country. That’s why we have Congress > to act as checks and balances in cases of bad presidential decisions.

  24. Rhina says:

    Freedom depends on us stop listening to stupid idiots. Live free do as you like happiness depends on our selves. Biden is a puppet we have a President Trump we WON. God Bless America

  25. Melba Mayo says:

    What beautiful comments all of them. Like me, through all the fake and horrible
    news, Mr. President, the only thing we know to do is to keep praying for you
    and our GREAT COUNTRY. God is faithful and He has promised to never leave us and
    He hasn’t as all your wonderful followers are proving. Even without my financial help your Star is shining brighter than ever. You have my vote, thoughts and prayers and when my financial contributions are possible you will have that too.

  26. Holly Rose says:

    I thought McCarthy was against trump and why did he go visit trump when trump is no longer president? What can trump do? He is a nothing now thank goodness. Why didn’t McCarthy go see President Biden to resolve whatever needed to be addressed?

    • Pops8675 says:

      Trump still president…Jobama just filling the seat til he goes to and see

    • BILL says:


      • Bill says:

        Alzheimers joe biden hasn’t lived up to the promise to the steel workers union, and SLEEZY Joe bidet bidens true colors a yellow streak down his miserable backside. The real reason SLEEZY joe canceled the oil pipeline was the asshole/oracle from Omaha stood to loose $30.00per barrel of all oil coming from Canada, VERSES the oil pipeline only costed $10.00 per barrel of oil.
        I have followed our president Donald Trump long before he decided to run for president. He is a great man, a great human being and was a great president and will bae GOD willing in 2024

    • Robin Kerby says:

      Holly Rose, get off the drugs and off this site, you are delusional, if you like Biden so much go to the sites for him. We are Trump Fans, do you understand the difference between Red and Blue, this is not called Blue Alert News, go find that site……………

    • Larry says:

      Holly,Holly,Holly! Go back under your bridge and be a good troll.

    • Tose says:

      Biden is a child raptist and a baby killer
      He is unholy and evil
      Get your facts straight

    • JULIE says:

      No one is politics that wants to do anything for the American people would approach Joe Biden, this man has done nothing for the American people as long as he’s been holding office. I had a gentleman approach me that asked if I could come up with ten things Joe Biden has done to benefit the people. I did research and could not come up with ten !! He sat down at the table and wrote 25 things Trump has done for the people in four years within 30 minutes and got up and made himself a drink. TRULY SAD TIMES FOR ALL OF US TRUE AMERICANS. Any person that loves your children should not have voted for the people that have been raping, killing, and torturing our children for decades. Human trafficking is a 5.5 billion dollar a year business which all the top elite psychos, politicians, and movie stars are all in it !!! Trump was not my president, even though I voted for him !!! He di more for us than any other sitting president. Biden is a greedy old man that is NOTHING and never will be !!! No matter what his address is !!

    • Altha says:

      Because Biden is a punk. Got it? He is only doing what he is told to do by the demons who pulls his strings.

    • Charles says:

      Why didn’t he go to Biden. He is not far left so Biden would not even listen to him. I am pleased he went to our President Trump. President Trump was and is always for the good of our country and the American people. The person occupying the office of the United States President is certainly not for the good of the country or the American people. Everything he does goes against America as he does the bidding of the far left. It is a shame people like you cannot see what the Democrats are up to, but I’m afraid you will find out in the near future. God Bless America and the American people.

  27. OPAL MILLER says:


  28. Tom Wagner says:


  29. Lindy says:

    I just wonder what in the world Pelosi and her flying monkeys see when they look in the mirror. So many young men throughout our history have given their lives for our freedom and for the Democrats to not care that their deaths will be in vein if they continue doing what they are doing. In my opinion they are pure evil, self seeking, money hungry, power tripping SOBs . I’m sure many of us are on their kill list. Come try and take our guns away and there will be a bloody battle waiting for them!

    • Robin Kerby says:

      I would imagine all her mirrors are cracked from seeing that scary face everyday, they see nothing they have no souls or conscious, how could they and get up and do all the hateful things they do day in and day out

    • Rose says:

      They see pure ulgy and unholy
      They are disgusting human beings
      We love Trump

    • Anna says:

      Dems will cheat again, they got by with it this time so they’ll do it again! Biden is already making mail in votes ok. Only God can change the mess the USA is in!GOD HELP US!

      • Bab says:

        God is still in control and we have to be strong and see Him work. So thankful for President Trump. Praying for him and his family. Not sure how he stayed strong enough to deal with the lies he and his family had to endure for every day he was President. Then win and have it taken away by cheating votes. Melania is beautiful, the most beautiful and speaking 5 languages First Lady we have ever had. Beautiful family that had to endure lies, undeserved criticism and yet kept fighting for the American people. Somehow we need to get the voting back legal and the liberal college professors to stop teaching lies and hate! Make the college professors believe in America or stop brain washing our young people! Please pray for America.

  30. Lindy says:

    I just wonder what in the world Pelosi and her flying monkeys see when they look in the mirror. So many young men throughout our history have given their lives for our freedom and for the Democrats to not care that their deaths will be in vein if they continue doing what they are doing. In my opinion they are pure evil, self seeking, money hungry, power tripping SOBs . I’m sure many of us are on their kill list. Come try and take our guns away and their will be a bloody battle waiting for them!

  31. Roy Stauffer says:

    BUT this so called Patriot party is not the answer and will only ensure Pelosi and the left wing continue to hold on to the power
    even president trump has said he will not join this so called party because it will only weaken the republican party
    only way to win is to strengthen the party

  32. Albert M Faivre says:

    Biden will screw things up in this country the voters will be begging the Republicans to fix the country AGAIN!!!!

  33. Glynda Morris says:

    Nancy Pelosi is an extremely evil person. She even suggested trying President Trump for murder. All the while she does this, it is fairly evident the protest at the Capital was staged. I feel that Pelosi staged it so she could control her false narrative against Trump and his 75 million supporters. She OWNS the FBI and DOJ. So, that noted, do you think we have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning a fraudulant election?? Really???

    • sharon Nelson says:

      I agree Pelosi was the one in charge of security. The pandemic was also planned by the dems. They are communist and in the pockets of china.

  34. Rita Fink says:

    I believe that Trump was robbed! Remember just how many Trumpers, showed up at the Capital! You do not need to be a rocket Scientist, to figure that out?? You can not tell me that PELOSI has kept her seat, because she is so well loved?? No, she has kept her seat, because she has the (“DIRT”) on most in Congress?? Or why else would she be able to do the things that she has done to a SETTING PRESIDENT? I really can not understand , how she can get away with the stuff that she has pulled?? Spying on a candidate running for President by the FBI, HILLARY, yelling Collusion, Pelosi knows that not true, and she runs with it any way! The damn Phone call, to another Country Leader, should have been called out as TREASONOUS, by the so called listener??? Why isn’t that person in jail? Oh and the best for Last her Impeachment crap?? Every thing that they have thrown at Our President did not stick because, none of it was actually charged! The Second IMPEACHMENT, because of the Looters and Rioters from the summer, broke into the Capital Building! It may have been the second time that they tried to frame him, for absolutely NOTHING! In can’t be an IMPEACHMENT for the second time because, the first went NO WHERE, like every thing else they have thrown at the President?? I wish to God, that the REMS win the seats they need in the )”2022”) election, and wipe out that damn SWAMP?? That would be the best thing to happen to washington since WE THE PEOPLE VOTED TRUMP INTO OFFICE???

  35. I support President Trump. Agree that Pelosi needs to go! Many of the radical Democrat’s need to be voted out of office. They are destroying America. Biden is nothing more than a prop for their agenda. Republicans must at all costs ban together to fight back! Voting, voting, voting – must be addressed. Republicans will continue to struggle at the ballot box, until the voting process is corrected. Republicans should have won Georgia! I believe, even in the run-off election that fraud was involved. We must stop fraudulent voting!

  36. Ron Geary says:

    They all need to go. We need to get rid of all the commie socialist RINOs and Trump is the one guy that can help get that done. BUT Idon’t trust McCarthy he’s already thrown Trump under the bus more than once.I hope they can work together and get this done.

  37. Catherine M Stark says:

    Yes, I’m ready to follow Mr. Trump wherever he decides to go. I believe in him and I believe he is our only hope for our future. So many people are going to suffer from the flick of a pen.

  38. Kathleen Kontonickas says:

    My concern is that Biden will make DC and Puerto Rico blue states and we conservatives will never have a voice again. They are stealing our freedoms by massive numbers of executive orders.

  39. Nancy Hoffman says:

    That’s great news! I want Republicans back in control of Congress. These crazy Democrats are not going to stop until the whole country is desroyed!

  40. AJ says:

    We allowed the voter election fraud to happen and continue without arrests and prosections. It will continue!!! These demoncrat rino communists want unity that completely censors and enslaves you. They used
    our national guard to intimidate you. New elections laws to guarantee their power. Tomorrow may bring an awakening not expected. Be prepared for the to ignite the freedom flame of 1776!!! Save your matches.

    • Barbara says:


    • Craig says:

      This is now China Town!!! Who the fuck will ever buy that free-fair election shit again?! 80 million of you libtard loving bums supposedly voted the hair sniffing stuttering bumpkin President. WTF is all the bitching about? I’m with you TRUST ME!!! Where is the phucking proof, we know it’s being suppressed by msm and big tech for sure… but the way way the msm pulled this off was rite in front of us!!! They called AZ with almost an hour to vote… just let that resonate for a minute. Thousands in line to vote leaving because race has been called for SLEEPY = Trump losing AZ by what 7 or 8k votes or something like that. Texas was already closed and couldn’t make a call that fast, what make AZ so super at tabulating votes so fast?! I’m ready let’s get this party started… we 1 it, they stole it.. now what? I’m not going into a gun fight with my bare hands like Ashli Babbitt did… we all saw how that worked out! RIP AB you are a true patriot 1% 4 SURE. What’s the name of the coward who shot her? DOX him NOW! If that BAD COP shot a #blm or Antifa he or she would be all over the tv… msm would villa fi the BASTARD for sure. I saw that shit going down 1-6-21 live in person!!! You cocky SOB’S bring in the guard as a show of force!! If the people decide to ascend on your city with the numbers I saw in the streets, and they are loaded with guns and ammo… IT’S OVER FOR YOU FINISHED. That day may well be coming… you are like the KING 2 FAT WITH POWER!! Both political parties are corrupt, McConnell, Pelosi, Sass, Kinzinger, Cheany, Swalwell. TERM LIMITS PEOPLE… every generation needs to be heard. President get 8 yrs max, why do senators and congress get 4 ever?! 45 will be 47 in 4 years guaranteed!!! After FAKE JO, FAKE DR. JILL, corn pop and CRACKPIPE are done fleecing the district like the PIKERS they R!

  41. Brenda Graff says:

    I’m all in for a new Patriot Party. ( We have seen the loyalty of too many (republicans in name only) I want to thank President Trump for honoring the Constitution of the United States and relentlessly trying to help the American people. I am a mother of seven children and 22 grandchildren and I wish I could ask the Democrats and Rhinos parents
    and grandparents if they are pleased with what their children have done to our country and their good name?

    Who is holding Hunter Biden’s laptop and Pelosi’s laptop and why can’t the American people know about what’s on the laptops?

  42. Dean D Vohs says:

    Democrats have already started the fight for 2022, by labeling Republicans as a dangerous, out to kill us, party. If they can scare enough people, then Nancy will remain Speaker. We as republicans must start our own campaign to encourage our side to stand up and speak the truth. Democrats already know that their agenda is not a popular one. Only way they beat us is with a massive smear campaign.

  43. Dave says:

    Nancy Pelosi is right about one thing. We are her enemy. And she is ours. We must destroy her before she destroys us. And we are in the halls of Congress. She is afraid and she should be. This is war after all.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Dave, you clearly have some screws loose in your head. There’s no war in our country, especially not between the democrat and republican parties. Pelosi only represents Californians and their states’ needs. She’s 80 years old, so pick on someone your own size and age. You’re a loony right-wing nut who dreams of another civil war because you want to oppress blacks again and either ship them to Africa or reenslave them. Most Trump right-wingers have proved they’re evil white racists.

  44. Rita Vega says:

    Ms Palosi is powered by hate for a man that only wants the best for our country. I believe God placed Donald Trump as head of our country and God’s will always prevails. Trump don’t give-in to demons trying to take over. As part of the Christian community I am always praying for you. God’s Will -will be done.

  45. rick says:

    This is a GREAT START! Several commentators on this site have it right! First, get rid of the RINOS, especially gas bags like McConnell, Graham, & Cheney, then go after Wax Woman Paloozi & Tumor! Use every legal tactic you can against the commiecrats, & shove their noses in their own lies! Time to turn the tables!

  46. Terry Adkins says:

    Angel of Almighty God angel michael in Jesus name we ask send the holy angel to fight for our President Trump destroy the evil democratic’s,. God Bless America

  47. Sheila says:

    Wonderful news! So thankful for President Trump and what he did for our country.

  48. faye says:

    There must be term limits set to keep people like Schumer, Pelozi, Schiff out of office. Political office is not meant to be a lifetime assignment.They have a double standard and Pelozi is worse than all of them put together. Her ass needs to be in jail for tearing President Trump’s speec up behind his back on live TV. Absolutely nothing was done to her. Nothing has ever been done to any of them who have tried to over throw a newl
    k sitting President. They are evil!!!! Hilary Clinton and her cronies did things that most citizens would go to jail for years. They have never been prosecuted. She has blood on her hands for what happened in Bengazi. The old Democrats are now disappearing and only a few left. The Constitution must be protected!. Do not let them try to rewrite it.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Faye, I agree with you about Nancy Pelosi, I disliked her tearing up Trump’s speech at the State Of The Union Address and I disliked her NOT properly introducing Trump with the usual respect that the President is given THERE on TV, SHE has the responsibility to do her job well, right and with the class and professionalism that other Speakers Of The House have traditionally done. Tip O’Neill comes to mind as the one longtime SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE that both party’s politicians liked and respected. Pelosi brought the job to its lowest moral level I’ve ever seen or known. That all said, Pelosi tearing up Trump’s speech was a symbolic statement of her own disgust and hatred and a pathetic attempt to steal attention from Trump. It was childish and offensive to the American people and you’re right, she’s one politician that Californians should’ve fired and replaced years ago. Still, I keep my opinions of her and Trump separate based on their actions and work and there’s no denying what Trump and his supporters did to the Capitol on 01- 06- 21, an uncalled for attack and insurrection that Trump incited and thus he’ll be impeached for.

      • Leslie Benjamini says:

        That’s ridiculous. He did not incite any one. READ HIS SPEECH. That incursion was planned before Jan 6. His speech had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. You are delusional if you think it did.

        • Charles Larson says:

          Leslie Benjamini, Trump obviously knew those protesters were coming to the Capitol and told them to go there , “I’ll be there with you” he told them before, he knew about them in Oregon in December, Trump knew about the planned attack, maybe not how far they’d go, before they were stopped by the Capitol police, but we have Trump’s words on TV that will convict him of egging/inciting them on to “fight like hell”. Maybe you’ve not seen all of the Trump’s speeches days and weeks earlier that our news channels have of him speeking about Q-Anon and his supporters. You and others here need to study all of Trump’s incriminating words as messages to them.

  49. glenn kulich says:

    the democrat party needs to be taken down as a domestic terrorist threat.

  50. glenn kulich says:

    Democrat party is acting like a bunch of nazis. they cheated and they know it . this is why they just keep plugging away without concern…they are the betrayers, they are the enemy within. they told TRUMP not to use the military against blm and antifa riots..GET THE PICTURE..THEN THEY USE THE MILITARY ONLY WHEN THEY FEEL THREATEN …NOT THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHERE BEING MURDERED BY ANTIA AND BLM MEMBERS..PROVES THAT THE DEMOCRAT PARTY ONLY BELIEVES IN THEMSELVES AND TO DO GOOD ONLY FOR THEIR PARTY BUT IN RTEALITY THEY ARE THE INVADERS OF WHITE America,, iIthink biden hates white people cause we tell the truth…

  51. Terry Adkins says:

    Very good news ! Almighty God bless our president Trump, bless our United States of America. Flush the Democratics down the toilet of the world!! In God We Trust

  52. Terry Adkins says:

    Very good news ! Almighty God bless our president Trump, bless our United States of America. Flush the Democratics down the toilet of the world! In God We Trust

  53. Pat Null says:

    I think President Trump did a great job of implementing economic policies that help middle class Americans, the First Step act, rebuilding the US military, eliminating the gender less society dictates, Middle East peace agreements, the vaccine, and many others things. I am disappointed he did not seem to transfer his manner of doing things from the CEO of the Trump Corporation to the fact he was President. Biden definitely knows how to talk the talk but it is a travesty that he is now running the country. If Pres Trump could please interject some fatherly words with his toughness it would be wonderful. Please please Pres Trump look at some of the Pres Reagan speeches. We need your leadership but we need a kinder gentler you who I think would be more effective in explaining and communicating with all. Give some details of why you believe as you do. It can really make a big difference. Even the bikers have a gentle side. Do it for our country please.

  54. Jerry Stirtz says:

    Jerry Sirtz
    Congratulations on getting a site for free speech.

  55. Victor says:

    Get Crazy Nancy out at all cost.

  56. Sandy Grady says:

    Yes get Pelosi out she is crazy and a danger to America and so is biden and harris…. America needs President Trump back in office to keep America Great, with God’s help we can do this…

  57. Dee says:

    Obviously the government has something very bad planned for our country coming up in the next few months since they feel they need the military to protect them from what they plan to do in the coming months. Americans shouldn’t have to live in fear of their government and Trump needs to do something now to prevent whatever evil plans the government plans to do in the coming months.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Dee, I’m not sure anyone knows what you mean. Maybe you need to understand that our politicians should not have to fear the citizens invading the Capitol or the White House. OUR PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO FEAR RIOTING BY TRUMP VOTERS ANYMORE THAN BY BLM. What do you think Trump can and should do about it? He already did too much since he was behind and incited the insurrection. This is the problem I have with you Trump nuts — > you constantly try to turn the guilty party to the “Democrats”. Ludicrous Lies go nowhere. BLM IS NOT A GROUP OF “DEMS”. Q-ANON IS TRUMP’S SUPPORTERS. BAD WHITE RACIST COPS KILLED INNOCENT BLACKS WHO DESERVED TO LIVE THEIR LIVES. NOT ONE OF YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE DEDENDED THEM or blamed the cops BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL RACIST DESPICABLE PEOPLE AND FIGURE THEY DESERVED IT OR BROUGHT IT ON THEMSELVES. B.S.!

  58. Ted says:

    We need to clean out the 10 Republicans that voted for impeachment first, and then Nancy, and her group.

  59. Betty Touchet says:

    So happy to hear that they will work together to get rid of that ild hag, she deserve to be kicked out. Schumer as well, pieces of crap! There are a lot of people in high places that condemned President Trump for Jan.6th, not just McCarthy, but Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham,even the Georgia Senators running in the runoff! All turncoats!! I have lost a lot of respect for many Republicans for turning against my President Trump!!

  60. Paul says:

    Yes For sure This is the best news yet that I”ve heard. Nancy Polosi has to be removed from Speaker or we will NEVER get anything thing done. She has to go. Let us take back our country again which we should have never lost these last few months.MAGA GO

  61. Sue McKenzie says:

    Republicans will have to work hard to do this but 46 is helping every day! Pelousy needs to go along with many others: they have been there so long, they have become stale.

    • Estelle T. says:

      What can WE THE PEOPLE do today? 1) Write a LETTER to each of your Senators, House of Representatives and let them know your wishes. 2) Write a LETTER to your Governor, Lt. Governor, state senator and state representative. One written letter is like 100 phone calls, or emails.
      Let them know, no dues or money to either the Republicans or Democratic groups until your wishes are meet.
      What would you like the Federal Government to complete? 1) How would the United States people be assured of a fair, honest election at all levels of government? 2) Lower taxes.
      3) Allow solar panels to compete with coal, oil, and gas 4) Open up ALL businesses. 5) State 10 reasons the Pairs Climate Accord would be good for the United States. 6) Teach American History from 1496 to the present in public schools. 7) Stop illegal immigration 8) Allow personal paid abortion but not government paid ones. 9) Any foreign national that commit a crime, in the United States, returned them to their country of birth within 30 days of the crime. 10) Term limits at the federal level for elected officials. 11) Finish the wall between Mexico and United States. 12) Stop foreign aid. 13) What are the penalties for illegal voting? What is an illegal vote?

  62. Clint says:

    Seems to me if you need 30,000 national guard,to get into office, and the dept of home defense to stay there, and they agree to protect you even while you degrade them. It makes little difference what citizens think or how they vote. Pelosi is basically running the country (into the ground) and it is likely to continue.
    Open borders bring in their new voter’s by the thousands, and every change they make insures their reign.

  63. Mae Morris says:

    I am with President Trump all the way. He is still our president and he will prevail as long as it is God’s will. I believe it is God’s will but we will have to go through some bumpy times before everything is straightened out. We blew it in the election because there are too many people out there that want to destroy this country. Donald Trump was bringing this country back to prosperity and then he was thrown to the wolves by those that all they want to is destroy him and all he has accomplished with God’s help. The truth will win out in the long run. Just be patient and believe in God. God is in control not the government. I trust God’s will to be done and it will. Faith, hope and love and the greatest is love so reach out in love not hate.

  64. Antonio Houck says:

    Who are we really kidding here? Communist Joe wins the Presidency while hiding out from all issues of national concern, and the way he intends to address things if elected. The American people loose by far the best President we have ever seen to babbling idiots who think anyone could be as stupid as them. Our country is watching as all these thieves, these socialist drama queens, spew their nonsense every day in hopes that they can brain wash us all to their way of life.

    My request is simple, give me something that I can still believe in. In the oath, when they vow to support and defend the constitution of the United States of America, how does that equate to, “unless the other side contributes more money?”

  65. JOSEPH DERASMO says:


  66. bruce says:

    Its imperative that we take back the house and the senate. We need to stop this malicious, illegal, fake dictator who is destroying our country with terrible decisions on a daily basis. I haven’t seen one thing from his 35 EOs that is good for this country. Have you?

  67. tracyjanes says:

    YES, LETS REMOVE THE TOP DEMOCRATS THAT HAVE MUTATED INTO HATE MACHINES AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP (MY PRESIDENT)and who are no longer working with anyone for the good of americans- but are life politicans only after financial gain and fame

  68. Sandra Earp says:

    I am very glad and grateful that President Trump will be helping to return our country back to a Republican majority in both the house and Senate. With biden/harris acting as dictators this is of utmost importance. With President Trump 100%!!! God bless America.

  69. Bernice says:

    Please get here out of power

  70. Robin Kerby says:

    If anyone can get it done, Trump will, so nice to see him again, God please watch over him and let’s stay behind him, we have to fight, we just have to do it better than the left. There are just as many of us if not more, so you can give up, or fight, if he is willing to than we need to stand with him. Biden is sinking his own ship, and I cannot help thinking there are some moderate Democrats thinking WTF.

    • DeeJay says:

      I agree with you 100% We need to fight to get back the House and Trump can do it! God Bless The Trump Family and the Trump Supporters. Watch over us, protect us and give us the Strength and Power to get back the House!

  71. Lynn O'Loughlin says:


  72. Donald says:

    There is no statute of limitations on treason or voter fraud! There is nothing more important for Donald Trump and the Republican Party to do than to bring the treasonous perpetrators who rigged the November election and Georgia runoff to justice.

    • Thomas S Carman says:

      so god dam true it is about time we knock them down a few pegs they are not above the law but it seem that way every body is scared of them if they don’t do what they want their career is over we need to drain the swamp for real no more life long shit TREM LIMTS

  73. Honest says:

    If any red blooded American did one half of the Criminal BS the Biden Crime Family has done….. They sure as heck would have us in cuffs and thrown away the keys to the Iron Bar Hotel

    • Sheryl says:

      Isn’t that the truth! Just sick of it. They are never

      • DeeJay says:

        There currently is different standards for the Dems then there is for us. This needs to change and be corrected! They need to be accountable for their Crimes just as we would be!

    • Anthony says:

      I agree 100 percent. I support Trump 100 percent. These people need to be prosecuted in front of the American people, in order to give us back any faith in this broken system. Just because these traitors are making the laws, shouldn’t mean that they are above them. Let’s right this ship, before it sinks. God Bless Trump.

  74. Cathy Marshall says:

    President Trump is definitely the bigger man of the two. I would not have blamed the President if he had refused to meet McCarthy since he stood, and blamed President Trump for the Capital incident on January 6th. I’m angry that these RINOS are happy to use Trump to their advantage only to kick him to the curb when they get what they want. I hope President Trump Helps them win back the Senate, but not with the same old players.

  75. Deanna says:

    Well now why does anyone think there will be an election in 2022? And IF there is, it will be rigged just like the previous election. Y’all don’t get it we had our chance and threw it away. We are now under socialist control. By 2022 America as it was will be a thing of the past that they will erase. We all must trust God to change this. But thinking everything has not changed is a pipe dream.

    • paula says:

      We had the chance to rid the usa from these traitors…TRUMP wasnt thorough enough and his members of house were and are to weak(ball less) to help…hes the only one who matters to this country he did it once without them and this mighty man will do it ahain….THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

    • Billie J Munkelwitz says:

      Going forward I think Biden and his crew will try to do the same as the 2020election “cheat”

    • Jill Appleseth says:

      After Christmas my hubby and I got yelled at for giving the casino main desk man a Happy wave of our hands and saying ” Happy Holidays!”We are afraid to go back to Remington.He yelled at us for being Politically Incorrect.

  76. SHEILA JOHNSON says:

    Yes I am 100% behind in President Trumps efforts to win back the White House in 2020. Yeah no more socialism!!!!!

    • Tom says:

      So, are you giving up your social security rights. It’s a socialist program

      • Charles Larson says:

        Tom, you’re right that Social Security is often called a form of socialism, a socialistic program, but it also is a retirement program that we American workers pay into all throughout our working lives. It’s a long- term investment that supports existing retirees. What we get out of it when we retire depends on our earnings, so the lower-income payees get the lower returns, too. I’m not sure how “fair” it is, but it’s far from equal or just.

  77. Terry Van Matre says:

    President Trump won this election.PERIOD
    Our military better do something about it NOW.
    we will not get another chance.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Terry, you clearly are promoting and inciting military violence as the means to give Trump the presidency. You’ve lost your mind, lunatic. That’s how Fidel Castro and his family took over Cuba. Do you think the 80+ million Americans who voted for Biden will go away in peace? Ha Ha Ha. Even Nancy Pelosi is brave enough to take up arms against you loony Trump supporters, You should be afraid of her, SISSY! You’ll soon be on the FBI’S Domestic Terrorist list if you’re not already by posting your nonsense.

  78. Tom Treadway says:

    We The People will never elect one person til we have voter ID which will never happen with dimos in control.

  79. Samantha says:

    Nancy P has to go!! Her and her white coats are crazy!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Samantha, it’s “She and her white coats”. WTF? What white coats? You see, this is what I mean about you Trump supporters. None of you can speak proper English that you should’ve learned and mastered in the third grade. If you graduated from the 8th grade and from High School, you’re not supposed to regress into an idiot over time.

      • Tina Haynes says:

        If you never Trumpers watched anything other than porn you would know about the white cloaks they wore during a Senate or House vote. Also, negatively criticizing someone’s opinion because of improper english is petty and small minded. Her point was still valid. ((SMH))
        PS. F*ck Biden

  80. Honest says:

    The Biden Crime Family MUST be protected by the FBI as well as the DOJ ~ Why doesn’t someone with a set of balls go after these CROOKS Within OUR AMERICA ??? Any IDEAS America?!! How the heck long must these people EXAMINE HUNTERS Laptop to Bring these Criminal Rats To REAL JUSTICE?!!!!!

    • JW says:

      Don’t forget the Clintons. They are as bad (probably worse) then the Biden’s.

    • Tom says:

      they are doing anything with that laptop they are not allowed to do that Nancy runs the fbi and the doj and the usa don’t you know that LOL

      • Ann says:

        I agree. Not all democrats (voters only) are bad. They are just deceived. Snf yes, they will be begging for someone to stop Biden. Someone needs to impeach Pelosi!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Mr. Honest, I assume you’re a male, so you use your balls/courage and storm the White House. Make sure Biden is there and then beat up all the security guards and secret service agents like James Bond and Chuck Norris in their prime would do. Then take Biden and his wife Jill prisoner down to the Basement Shelter Vault and torment them both by tickling and kissing the naked Jill until she gives you sex in front of Joe. Then demand $500 million and a Helicopter ride to the nearest airport with a 747 to fly to a South American country that’ll let you take asylum and remain safe. What will you accomplish in the end? Humiliating the Biden family , BEFORE the CIA tracks you down and kills you ,,,,> ALL BECAUSE YOU’RE A HATEFUL LUNATIC. Do you got a better plan?

  81. Gary Fernett says:

    Unconstitutional Joe is at it again…must block H R 1 bill in house at all cost if we ever want an honest election again.

  82. Marie Travers says:

    Yes get the 😈 witch 🧙‍♀️ now.

  83. Charles Jacobson says:

    Yes please remove her from her power hungry seat

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