Trump Launches New Attack At Biden

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

( It’s a safe bet no one saw this attack from former President Donald Trump on President Joe Biden and his administration coming. And, with good reason.

The reason is no one could have foreseen Biden’s Department of Homeland Security issuing a new bulletin that warns Americans could be considered terrorists if they post material online that some government bureaucrat believes is misinformation or a conspiracy theory.

We’re not making that up, and you can read the bulletin by clicking HERE.

In response to the bulletin, Trump is slamming the Biden administration by saying:

“The Biden Administration now says “conspiracy theories” about elections are the greatest threat to the homeland. Does the Department of Homeland Security include in its list of conspiracy theories the on-tape irrefutable evidence of massive “Ballot Harvesting” in the Swing States? Do they include more votes than voters, and the fact that in Georgia thousands of duplicate votes were scanned and voter fraud was committed with 100-0 falsified vote counts for Joe Biden? Do they include in Wisconsin more than twice the election margin voted without ever showing Voter ID, which is illegal, or the widespread fraud uncovered in nursing homes? Or how 23,344 mail-in ballots were counted, despite the person no longer living at that address in Arizona, and that there was over 100% turnout for mail-in ballots in precincts in Pima County. What about the many violations of the Constitution, and the millions poured into Swing States by the Facebook CEO to hijack our elections?

“The Biden Administration will do anything to keep the eye away from the massive irregularities and voter fraud that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election, even so ridiculously as going after its own citizens as “terrorists” using DHS, which should instead be focusing on the Border, where millions of people, from places unknown, are pouring into our Country. They are so desperate to hide the truth, they’ll make it criminal to speak it!” –Donald J. Trump

We have a feeling this is a topic that will not go away as more Americans learn about Biden’s highly questionable bulletin. Just like the recent IRS plan to force all Americans to submit selfie-photos – a plan that was just terminated after justified outrage – the idea that Americans can be considered terrorists for posting material online that some government bureaucrat believes is misinformation or a conspiracy theory needs further scrutiny.