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Trump Pulls Off a Surprise!

“Former President Donald Trump appeared at a campaign event for Sarah Sanders over the weekend,” as reported by Breitbart.

“‘Great weekend on the campaign trail featuring a surprise appearance at one of my events by President Trump!’ Sanders wrote on social media Sunday evening.

“Sanders served as a press secretary for the Trump campaign from 2017 to 2019 and left the White House to return to her home state of Arkansas…

“Sanders announced her run for Governor of Arkansas in January 2021.”

For more, go to Breitbart.

See Trump’s endorsement below and share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section. Do you support Sanders’s run for office?


  1. David says:

    Jimmy the facts please educate me with what Biden has accomplished in his life??? He was a great Dad we can see the by Hunter being drug addict Pedophile and a scam artist with the Chinese or am I wrong if I am please tell me the facts. Even Obama said he was a loser and didn’t want him as VP and now please tell me what he has done I guess it was good he stopped the pipeline but maybe he should stop Fracking it is a million times worse. Please give me facts of what this great man has done besides touchy feely hair sniffing and can’t give a speech with the teleprompter right in front of him. and the graceful lady he has as a VP if she spread her legs any father she would break her hips. Please tell me what she has done besides bail out rioters and tell them to keep rioting Or maybe that was fake news too you are the fact man tell me what I have wrong sir. Breonna I have a feeling in my gut the cops were trigger happy like with Daniel Shaver and thought her boyfriend was there in the bed and he shot a cop paybacks are hell and they knew about the dead body in the car she rented and reported stolen If I am wrong please give me the facts Did she deserve to die HELL NO Now Floyd They say his last arrest he had drugs also and he refused to get out of the car so they had to drag him out if I am not mistaken is that not resisting arrest??? And this second time I was told he refused to get out of the car also and he was very intoxicated with drugs from the coroner report and he was doing a felony of fake money and fraud on a business and to say I can’t breathe from what I know you need air to talk. Did the officer break his neck with the take down??? Or did the drugs in his system kill him in the process?? I don’t know please Mr. facts educate me. Did He deserve to die HELL NO But neither did Daniel Shaver or David and those children at Waco But their cops did not go to trail for murder Daniel Shavers cop just got fired. and neither of them got any money Please educate me what the difference is like I said I am very ignorant and a racist I have been told Thanks for you help to get the facts right for me

    • D & G Matthews says:

      Great news. All us ex-pats fm CA, now claim TX home, are pulling for her, for Arkansas.

  2. David says:

    LOL Welcome aboard Mr.Jimmy facts you can join Cazabon CK Corri Sheldon and Mr. Larson and a few others seeing how you are so factual please tell me your thoughts on the Twin Towers the Pentagon and the hole in the ground at PA. I would love to hear your facts. Also please explain the difference to me why a black person getting shot committing a felony gets 27 million while a white guy coming out of a room gets blown away and gets nothing and the cop just gets fired like in the black cases except he doesn’t get millions and I don’t believe Daniel Saver was committing a crime I may be wrong. Also why David and the innocence children at Waco their families were not given millions I have been told I am a racist by a very smart man on this sire so I guess I am but I a very ignorant and can not get my thoughts to justify this. You seem to be very educated and have a wonderful command of the English language please educate me

  3. Kim Davis says:

    Good luck Sarah!!!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Why does this so called “error” in the Bible anger Democrats? I’m surprised they even know what the Bible is. why are they angry–they don’t even read it or believe it. It’s not an error, just a mistranslation by some long ago monk. Why get so upset over a book they don’t believe in anyway?

    • Jimmy the facts says:

      Damn some people are so damn ignorant. You bible thumping $#:! You probably should know just a fraction of what you are trying to talk shit about. I don’t mean your Facebook or Twitter conspiracy theories. You ignorant fu#&: really, talk about something you know at least a fraction about. The damn conspiracy theory bs is really getting old. I truly believe,Trump and his huge list of absolutely dishonest, self centered, fake news pushing, sexual predator being, spoiled baby brat, and excuse of a human beings conspiracies need to be irradicated from the face of the earth before he destroys anyone, anything, and everywhere he’s in touch with. Many lies have been pushed by chump. Chump is the worst waste of good air the earth has ever faced. Learn the truth about him and his lifelong string of complete fabrication of his accomplishments, if you call them that. Bankruptcies I don’t think qualify for an accomplishment. And that is all he ever did with every business he had contact with. Now he has spread his lies and conspiracy filled bs throughout the country, and his false claims have influenced so many ignorant, innocent, normally decent people in our country. It should be illegal for a congressperson to knowingly lie and misrepresent themselves every single day. The douche is only concerned with his bank accounts. Nothing more, and the fact that you people can’t see that, and can believe even just two words that come out his face, is just sickening and depressing to all the people who have enough sense to know his bullshit aint got a shred of truth to it. Fuckn conspiracy theorist purposely misleading the whole American population! What a bunch of dumb fu#$!!

  5. The best thing that SHOULD HAPPEN is all DEMO–C–RATS are OUSTED from politicle office in 2022 & 2024, we should be very,very TIRED of the WEST COAST & the NORTH EAST COAST DEMO–C–RATS WRECKING OUR U.S.A. !!!

    • Jimmy facts says:

      Damn you want what’s left of the country Trump destroyed, to turn to a third world country, cuz chump would have bankrupted us like he did every other attempt he made to scam everyone who came in contact with him. Morons, I can’t even read the ignorant bullshit you people say. If you could use that pimple on your shoulders, we would be in trouble.

  6. Debbie says:

    I think Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be great as governor, very happy she is running. I can’t get on telegram channel, fixing to see if I can go on

  7. Jo says:

    She will make a great Governor. Hope and pray she wins. It is great President Trump endorsed her.

  8. ee says:

    When they start putting blm & antifa in jail where they belong then you can discuss the Jan. 6 incident and blm & antifa were in on it. The leader John Sullivan was arrested but of course let go. And Jan. 6 incident and that was what it was. An insurrection is where people come armed with intent. No guns were there except for the police. pelosi was in on that. She had been asked 4 times by the capital police for support and even Trump had asked for guardsmen because of the numbers of people that would be coming. So if you want to blame someone put it where it belongs, pelosi…………….

    • Jimmy facts says:

      Again, we got a delusional ignorant and mislead shit spreader, spewing garbage out there sucker. It’s so damn sickening to see all these innocent people being lied and misled into just plain rediculous use of that bubble on their shoulders they call a head, and if you are really that ignorant then you deserve to lose everything and everyone who just couldn’t be that ignorant. But the world be pretty boring if there were none of these stupid mf still trying to win a fight that was over before it even began.

  9. Becky says:

    Awesome for President Trump to rally behind Sara Sanders at least he knows she is the kind of strength we need in the Republican Party to make this country great and stand up for the American people I know if she wins she will be Great Senator!!!I will rally beside her all the way to the top and beyond good luck Sarah

    • Arda says:

      Except she’s running for Governor – not Senator. Other than that, I agree with you totally

    • Jimmy facts says:

      Do none of these dillusionalists realize that chump is only in the Republican party because there was no Republican candidate who had a chance. Trump is not a Republican to begin with wake up, get some education before you skew your garbage about like it is factual.

  10. Sam B. says:

    Totally agree! Sarah will do a great job for the great people of Arkansas. She’s sharp..very likable..well respected..a patriot…..& has a SPINE!! She WILL stand up honorably for the citizens of Arkansas..keep them safe & respected! I love it. Hope she wins that election.
    #SarahHuckabeeSanders2022!! 🇺🇸

  11. AJ says:

    This country needs men and women in top federal and state positions that show a back bone to support our rights and constitution to stop these communist traitors from destroying OUR country. Govs. Abbott and DeSantis are good examples. Remember voting is now stolen from WE THE PEOPLE. Remember there can be no forgiveness towards rinos and the communist traitors if you want to save OUR COUNTRY.

  12. Sherry Chase says:

    Love the girl💗And so wishing Mr. Trump was still in We the People’s house. Ones in there are for themselves and corruption and socialism.

  13. Paul Henry Cazabon says:

    Donald Trump belongs in jail for his port in the deaths at the Capitol

    • Farmer says:

      What deaths? There was only one woman, an Air Force veteran, shot by a crazy police officer. His reason for shooting her was because she was carrying a backpack. Duh. So were several hundred other people. And, oh by the way, she had a sweater and scarf in her backpack. She and her backpack posed a really imminent danger.

      • ck says:

        That bitch was a terrorist and got exactly what she deserved! No charges filed on her takedown!

    • Lyd says:

      He had no part in bvb the killings at the capitol.If you watched real news you would know the truth.

    • Patsy says:

      And what about all of the deaths – so many more – in the hands of the Leftist support Antifa and BLM thugs all through last summer? Shall we compare the body count? Complete radio silence on people saying that our Socialist-led Dem party be held accountable for the travesty of their leftist thug behavior. How Trump is ‘responsible’ for what a few Antifa-planted criiminals did to incite violence at the Capitol, I will never understand. But the Dumbocrat party is all about pointing fingers, whining a lot, and doing what they damn well please anyway. And then deflect the blame on to everyone except for themselves. And you are an idiot to think otherwise. Dems are the true dumb asses in this country, not the Patriots, who do actually have some functioning braincells and are able to see the BIG picture of where all of this is heading.

    • Timothy says:

      Get your facts right before you bump your gums!! Slither on back to where you are from and maybe Joey will make you regret supporting him and his tutor Harris

    • Sam B. says:

      Your right Paul!! How dare President Trump incite all the violence & mayhem the the capital Jan 6th. He should b in jail the rest of his life for doing such a dastardly deed. How dare he tell the people that were going to the capital to have their voices heard to do so “PEACEFULLY & PATRIOTICALLY!” How dare President Trump incite an insurrection…which was followed by a snap BS IMPEACHMENT because he asked the people going to the capital to do so “PEACEFULLY & PATRIOTICALLY!!!!”
      Paul….C’mon man! LOL….wow.

  14. Yes, this is so great with Trump, all the way with whoever he backs.

  15. Joy says:

    Sarah is a rock star! She is a great Governor’s Daughter, how could she be anything but good for Arkansas! Of course, Trump would support her! It is good for them both!!

  16. David says:

    LOL Be serious she will not win because they will fix the voting I will be shocked if she does win I wanted Mike Huckabee to be president but He was too faithful and honest and I feel the stress of the job would have killed him so I am glad he didn’t get the job

  17. Rosa says:

    What’s the big deal of Trump endorsing her?!! You are starting to sound like the paper rag “The Star”

  18. IRENE G says:

    You:ve got it girl Let”s Go Great

  19. maxibaby says:

    It is known around the world, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and DJT are joined at the hip and a DJT support can in no way hurt her! It is a win win for Sarah, in popularity and financially! Everyone already knows that!