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Trump Responds To The Supreme Court

Breaking Now: Former President Donald Trump has issued a statement in response to the Supreme Court decision that he must turn over his tax and financial records to prosecutors in New York.

After reading Trump’s statement below, please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe that Trump is being unfairly persecuted? Why or why not?


  1. Wendy Maison says:

    Give us back our President. You stole it dirty corrupt Democrats. Your good for nothing destroying our Beautiful nation. You will definitely reap what you sow..God is watching and he will expose everything…

  2. Susan says:

    Everybody needs to watch absolute proof by Mike Lindell… Everybody loves President Trump!!!!! Go President Trump!!!!!!!

    • Ben Wiggins Wiggins says:

      Amen, Mr. Trump!! We are with you, stand with you and will fight with you until the deep state is exposed and permanently eliminated. America has come too far to be hijacked by the communist left-wing, baby killers!

    • Lynnett says:

      TRUMP 2024, hopefully sooner!!

    • Sunshine says:

      This is definitely a witch hunt!! Republicans better get a backbone and start fighting back! Or, better yet go after Dems that break the rules period! Go after them the way they go after us! How do you stop a bully? Beat the f#*k out of them! Republicans are more civilized but these are NOT civil times! Republicans Fight for us!!!

    • Sunshine says:

      This is definitely a witch hunt!! Republicans better get a backbone and start fighting back! Or, better yet go after Dems that break the rules period! Go after them the way they go after us! How do you stop a bully? Beat the f#*k out of them! Republicans are more civilized but these are NOT civil times! Republicans Fight for us now

      • jeanpaige says:

        I agree, Trump did more in 4 years than the Democrats have done since President Kennedy. I pray to God he will be our President again.

  3. Jean says:

    The Supreme Court Justices are cowards. They are afraid of biden and the communist left. They have failed to support the Constitution by not hearing cases in fear of retaliation and threats by the left to pack the courts. They are and have been derelict in their duties.

  4. Don says:

    It’s obvious there are too many bought and paid for losers on SCOTUS.

  5. Fred Zehend says:

    If Trump’s tax records are demanded to be seen,then all elected officials will also have to do the same. Get it. No, they don’t.

  6. Lo says:

    Trump has been treated very unfairly for 4 years. He is now a private citizen. I don’t care about his tax records. I think they should let it go. God bless America.

  7. Jim Jackson says:

    The democrats haven’t done anything constructive for years. Why start now ? All they can think about is continuing to attack Trump just for propaganda purposes.

    • kathy wong says:

      President Obama took us out of debt and had work for our people trump was so busy being a dangerous clown that he destroyed the economy separated the American people and did the most to cause hatred among the people that live here and if he had 2 sets of books and cheated on his taxes he should be charged just like any other private citizen .we have heard you have to be born pay taxes and die sense you were a kid I know I did why shouldn’t trump

      • Norman Edwards says:

        Just EXACTLY HOW did Trump Destroy the economy? We had the Lowest Unemployment rate especially among people of color, highest GDP, less drugs coming across the border. SO AGAIN I ask, how did he destroy the economy?

      • Frank says:

        Go back to china. Trump deserves respect.

      • Frank says:

        Hey stupid. It was obama that caused our military to be depleted and set race relations back a hundred years. He also caused the killings of many police officers. Thank God obama is not president any longer because he is a terrorist in my opinion and he hates America. Trump brought people together other than the satan worshipping democrats like pelosi and schumer as well as schiff. Lowest unemployment of all people in history. Stock market rose quickley. Never started a war. Best President in history. He will be back soon and biden is going to prison as soon as military removes him and horizontal harris.

      • Tina says:

        Kathy go back to CHINA! President Trump was and is awesome! The MSM is bought and paid for by CHINA. You love Obummer take him with you. You 2 are IDIOT’S. God Bless the TRUE President Trump and yes he did thump your Dementia Joe badly

      • Delores says:

        Obama put over 400,000 out of work and on welfare, caused so many businesses to close. Now he’s whispering in Bidens ear and he’s copying the same actions as Obama who said he always wanted a third term. Where have you been? This country was a holy mess.

      • Lynnett says:

        Such stupidity! Maybe you need to go back to your country if that’s the way you feel! And hurry!!!

  8. Holly Rose says:

    If trump had a mother like mine, he wouldn’t be whining like spoiled brat that he is. My earnings had to pass the scrutiny of my parents, aunts and sisters. Every item bought had to pass judgement as to whether I needed or not. Every penny had to match my budget. My finance record was open to the whole family so why can’t trump financial record be open to us all? What does he have to hide? Also in my family my words, thoughts and actions were scrutinized and if I said or did something wrong I either got slapped hard and or berated severely. Mom always told me to take it like a man and you just better do as she says or risk being thrown out of the house as what happened to my sister. There is in funny business and that is the way we should look and treat trump. He”‘s got a lot to hide.

    • Sharon Gove says:

      I’m sorry you were abused by your family. Learn from it and don’t wish it on others. I was never raised like that. My parents cared about me and taught me right from wrong. IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS NOR IS IT MINE WHAT PRESIDENT TRUMP’S FINANCES ARE. GROW UP!

      • kathy wong says:

        maybe it is not your or mine but it is the business of the IRS just like your or mine

        • Gregger says:

          True. And if the IRS had found anything wrong with his taxes, they would persue that and collect taxes and penalties due. Their audit has apparently found nothing. Even if they did, it’s none of our business. They have the power to prosecute should they choose to.

    • This is how you differ from Trump. Trump is personally responsible for his affairs, for his actions. And you, without your mother, are nothing (empty space). How old are you, baby, that your mother decides everything for you? And without her, you’re an asshole, not a man.

    • John says:

      Holly rose. If you had a mother you would be better than you are now. Snuff said. That was an intended statement…

    • Mayorka says:

      He does not need to show his taxes for the simple reason he has been attacked before the primaries of 2016.
      All vicious acts of the House & some of RINOS make him vulnerable to take vendetta with him.
      Look all the cancellations of Social Media treatment by Fake News is an example to what level of evil they can do over his clients partners, friends employees.So a displayed of his wife information and his son.This is the continued of 5 years of witch hunt.He is a private citizen now and Cuomo who has been investigated for bad management if Covid cases & Nursing Homes.He was Acquitted twice he has been investigated 4 years.

    • Frank says:

      If you had a good mother you wldnt be as dumb as you obviously are. Anyone that was mistreated as badly as Trump would be upset. He won in a historic landslide but was cheated by corrupt democrats working with foreign governments that know Trump wont take their crap like biden has does and will continue as the corrupt criminal he is in my view.

    • Frank says:

      I’d say its beiging biden that has a lot to hide. But hes going to prison soon soooo bye bye joe. Military tribunals coming soon for all of you traitors.

    • Tina says:

      Why do you post on here, you love people detaching your life, go to CHINA. Everyone penny pinches, boo hoo. He is a private citizen dummy. No one cares what he makes or how little you make. Sacrifice like we all do no one owes you shikati

    • Lynnett says:

      Who are you mad at? Your family? Yourself? You may need counseling!

    • Sunshine says:

      President Trump’s taxes are not any of your business, my business nor the Fake news business which is what this is all about! They’re bored with Biden as he is a dictator and fake news needs fodder for their ratings! Just like your taxes are none of my business and certainly my taxes are none of your business! Trump’s taxes are none of anyone’s business! And even if he did do anything to protect his money…I don’t care because we all do it if you have any brains, we all try to keep more of what we earned! I personally don’t want to give my hard earned dollars to a government that spends foolishly on shit like welfare for illegals, planned parenthood that kills babies here and abroad, Extravagant lifestyles while carbon footing all over the world while putting people out of work all in the name of climate change! I think you get my jist here! Open your damn brains and start seeing what a sham the Demoncrats are!

  9. Did the supreme court just violate federal law? Ooops. They sure did. A persons tax records are protected.
    You can admit to bribery and extortion to explain your cash flow. BUT, YOUR TAX RECORDS ARE INVIOLATE AND CANNOT BE USED TO PROSECUTE. If you do not believe this man is being persecuted, there is the evidence right their.

  10. Diane Burton says:

    Dear President Trump, you have said it all!! But we haven’t seen anything yet. All that the enemy is doing will bite them back, and it is coming…..God bless you and yours.

  11. Chris Brewer says:

    I can clearly see even our Supreme Court is manipulated by the CIA and deep left!Can you imagine how these folks live. Always looking over their shoulders. To make sure no one is there to take them out. CIA is more corrupt than any of them. When it reaches the Supreme Court like it has twice with no Justice, means forget the laws! Republicans make your own laws.Democrats are professional theives and liers!Look at the laws undone by a rogue President, Assisted and ordered by Congress.All I can say is if your a Democrat,CIA FBI or any government official” Stay the FUCK offa my turf! I do not trust any election or any government chair sitter!If it were up to me,I’d rally the country against democrats, I mean immediately! Democrats are out of control.People actually beleive the lies and deceit..FK IT! ILL MAKE MY ON LAWS UNDER 2A.THIS GOVERNMENT AND CIA NEEDS TO BURN TO THE GROUND. You got my name and address, Use it with all the others you have secretly spyed on for years.Scum of America! This war is just getting started.

    • John says:

      He is not our president. He is a crook. Call crime-stoppers.

      • Mayorka says:

        Yes ,you are correct Biden is not our President he is a crook who sold us to China. President Trump did not got paid i think he is the only President who loss money while in the WH and after no like Obama got in with 1 million and
        Even the girls came out with money scholarships just because they have friendship with Hollywood people came out with money.Big family deal.Imagine Trump after left the WH Di Blasio cancelled Trump contracts with the city.17 millions.Open your eyes who are the crooks Hunter Joe Obama Hillary and others.

  12. Lana Georges says:

    Trump has been treated very unfairly this past four years. We could care less about his tax returns

  13. Linda L Christian says:

    I cannot believe This they are still after President Trump for tax return.
    They should go after each and ever person that holds a high office in government then, to show their tax returns !!!!!!! Nancy P. Chuck S. and others. Look at the big places they live in while their states are in Shambles. The picture of some of them sleeping while a colleague was talking they should have to be docked pay for sleeping on the job.
    Did they forget President Trump gave his pay check to help others. No other politician ever did this. Can you show me where in the constitution it says you have a legal right to see a citizens Tax return.

  14. Albert Christ says:

    We need to pray. Only God can save us. America needs to turn back to God and uphold our Constitution.
    I support and stand for Trump.

  15. rick says:

    Is everyone starting to realize what a Criminalocracy is now? The only difference between the Nazi Party & the Democratic Party is the spelling! Put all the commiecrats on a leaky boat down the Potomac!

  16. Robert6391 says:

    I do understand where Trump is coming from, with no Presidential protection and no jury like the impeachment trial. If charges are made then Trump will have to face a cross section of the public who will be his jury, not just politicians who are afraid of Trump supporters.
    Now there is another law suit against Trump coming from a Red state Georgia, and that will be a hard case for Trump to beat when the evidence is right in front of everyone’s eye on TV. Then there will be the investigation about the 6 January invasion of the Capitol, no one will let that pass without, an indepth criminal investigation and all the persons charged has testified in open Court that Trump sent them there, to stop the certification, now how does Trump prove 34 so far persons who have testified.
    Trump is in hot water much deeper than he wants you to think, and with no money to fight with, Trump has so many loans that are coming due and he has not got the money to pay them.
    There is the age old saying if you can not do the time do not do the crime.

    • Sunshine says:

      Trump has not done a crime which is what you’re failing to see. He told people, “I know you’re going to the Capitol, so peacefully and patriotically protest” which is worse… That? Or Impeach 45! When you see them, you get up in their face, you take them out, you let them know they are not welcome! If you watch Fake news media, you might not have seen that. It’s Mad Maxine Waters. What about ol Chucky Schumer threatening the Supreme Court! If they do something to Trump, they better damn well do something about these 2! I’ll be pissed and so should the Republicans! Fighting for election integrity is NOT a crime! In this day and age, being a conservative is a crime! I truly hate what the 😈 Demoncrats have done to this country, patriotism, law and order and the right to fight Only reserved for them!

  17. Beverlyk says:

    Again I don’t know what purpose this whole thing is for. I appreciate President Trumps efforts but he can never do this alone. He needs backing of the military of the senators and congressmen and police and governors etc to take that stand but as it stands right now they get threatened so is it fair to them? No. It isn’t. I think Texas has the answer. If you don’t like it then break away. Apparently our votes won’t matter since no one wants to register and prove citizenship and ids Oh forgot Let’s make aliens citizens so they can vote democratic. All we are doing right now is making our country the laughing stock of all of Europe We elect a president with dementia and then get ridiculous policies. It’s kust sad

  18. Beverly says:

    Again I don’t know what purpose this whole thing is for. I appreciate President Trumps efforts but he can never do this alone. He needs backing of the military of the senators and congressmen and police and governors etc to take that stand but as it stands right now they get threatened so is it fair to them? No. It isn’t. I think Texas has the answer. If you don’t like it then break away. Apparently our votes won’t matter since no one wants to register and prove citizenship and ids Oh forgot Let’s make aliens citizens so they can vote democratic. All we are doing right now is making our country the laughing stock of all of Europe We elect a president with dementia and then get ridiculous policies. It’s kust sad

    • Frank says:

      Texas should pass a state law that does not allow illegal immigrants to remain in Texas. They must be put on buses and sent to DC. They want them they can have them. Allow people to enter the right way thru our laws. If not ship them out. They are not US citizens

    • John says:

      We didn’t elect a president. They did.

  19. Kimberly says:

    As soon as Obama releases his birth certificate then Trump will release his financial documents!!!

  20. hilda says:

    It is the most ridiculous behavior of the swamp rats. They still are determined to make the life of an innocent person impossible. If the court is going to show the tax documents then ask Joe Biden to turn his tax returns too. Also the tax return of Charles Schumer and the rest of the swamp rats. The Court has to be fair in here. Demand the tax returns of all the swamp rats.

  21. Paul says:

    Biden and Harris are asshole puppets,Trump is still the president and all these assholes like Omar and pressley and all the rest of the Dems must be evicted from this country

  22. Bob Blaine says:

    President Trump has been falsely accused since before the 2016 election! The democrates and some republicians has tried twice to impeach him with no evidence, millions of dollars of our hard earned taxpayer dollars wasted,all because of your hatred for a man that has done more for America than any other Presdent in my lifetime and I am almost 74! President Trump has not taken 1 dime for his term of office! If you wsnt to investigate someone, look at investigating Joe and Hunter Biden, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that even the worst laeyer can find a conviction!

    • mini says:


      • Scott Johns says:

        Brain washed right down into the QAnon rabbit hole. Can’t you understand and use your own judgement instead of the words of a corrupt and criminal man.

  23. Becky says:

    Supreme court is so disgusting without a doubt his taxes are none of our business period and they need to do there job and see to it they stay private to him unless he says otherwise.Do we have any privacy left anymore for anything ?

  24. Colc says:

    I’ve seen this coming since about 2008, we elected (possibly, I have grave doubts now) a president, who basically completed an already somewhat entrenched shadow government, Obama was the Trojan horse, there are so many enemies throughout all the government agencies, the only one who can clean them out is God, and honest people within these government agencies, and that includes the SCOTUS, coming forward and telling the truth, the Truth will set us free! Many people are awake now, not woke, but awake to the reality that America is run by a cabal of elites that just want power and don’t really care about the American people.

  25. Kaye says:

    I wish these Democrats would get away from President Trump! He never took a salary for being our President! Good grief. LEAVE HIM ALONE! The Democrats are so spiteful and evil they are determined to find something on President Trump!! Well, I think you can find something on each of us, don’t you? Get over it Democrats, he is not going away until God says so , if you don’t like that, ask God about it!!! Oh, I am sorry, you have to know Him first right!? I am praying for you people to find your heart! I have never seen such evil, mean spiri people before!🙏

    • Nanadar says:

      So true….they are obsessed with him and wanting to stop him from running for office in the future. God bless the people of this country!!

  26. SOS says:

    May be time for a Civil War or segregation from the Union. Where’s our military? Are they as corrupt and bought as the Supreme Court, the Legislative and Executive branches are? I think they are.

  27. Michael says:

    It’s so funny that everyone got so bent out of shape with Trump on the Hollywood tape but no one cared about Commy harris sold her body for a job.

  28. Ellsa says:

    It seems money has corrupted SCOTUS, too, as well as Congress.The people need to FIRE the whole mess. Let’s find a way of ridding ourselves of them. I’m sure ordinary people could do a better job, than these China and Iran loving idiots.

    • Colc says:

      Convention of the States, Article V of the Constitution! We can pass laws and bypass Congress and the Senate! We still need a few more states, though, has to be 34.

  29. My worst fears are realized this day when a man’s taxes are public information! This makes us no more than a third world country!! Disgustingly ridiculous!!!


    Democrats are sooo desperate. Can’t accept the fact the President Trump will win in 2024 and is the best president ever!!

  31. Sybil says:

    Frankly Pres.Trumps business is his own as he is the best president this USA has had in a very long time and is still president because Biteme stole the Nov.3,2020 election, Biteme is not a legal president and he needs to be removed as in the short time he has been at the WH he has totally screwed up our USA and other countries. God is in control and HE isn’t real happy right now and neither are We the People. It’s time to put Pres.Donald J Trump back in as president because he won the election in a landslide. Get all the demoRats out …God bless America

  32. Susan says:

    President Trump is still President and everybody knows it!!!!!!

  33. Ernest Delpero says:

    It’s hard to believe that the Supreme Court wouldn’t hear the facts on the case concerning the Elections results which involves the country and citizens on the country. However they did hear the case concerning Presidents Trumps legal battle about his tax returns which is really a private matter and does not concern the country or the citizens of the country. VERY SUSPECT!

    • Ellsa says:

      SCOTUS has turned against the law for people. Now they rule for Iran and China! They hope to turn people against the BEST President we have been ever had, or will ever have. Down with our so-called government. Just a bunch of haters and revengeful idiots.

  34. Michael says:

    The whole problem is most all of the politicians and tech are in bed with China.

  35. Blanca Holland says:

    They’re trying to get President Donald J Trump, family, friends and supporters tired and to tell them eat my grits: another hunt hoax of the red October. Need to see who’s paying for the pocket book?

  36. Susan says:

    The Supreme Court is a joke!!!! The suprene court is as corrupt as Biden, Obama and the Clintons!!!! President Trump needs to get rid of them some how!!!!Look at what is happening to our country because of the corrupt judges!!!! This is like a third world country!!!!He will do something different now!!!! They need a good kick in their ass!!!!!!

  37. Michael says:

    It’s unbelievable we have a bunch of democratic nuts trying their best to destroy this country. The republicans need to get off their asses and do the Democrats the same way. The only thing I can hope for with the price of dope going down because of the dumb people in charge is that maybe more Democrats will overdose, and with the rates of crime going up with any luck the ones that let it happen will pay the biggest price.

  38. Susan Shelton says:

    This is as usual Pathetic.. he’s got to be outa’ his mind with one deal rt. after another. I’d hate to have to pick the good guys out of the Swamp… with all the Lawlessness… May come up empty handed…. Sad & Scary to know only Human that cares for the U. S. is badgered 24/7…

  39. SouthwestBelle says:

    Democrats and turncoat Chief Justice Roberts will go down in history as the most traitorous UN-Americans who ever lived. Their hate will devour their insides to the disgusting mush that they are. Funny thing, tho…they’re too stupid and egomaniacal to even see what’s coming sooner than later.

  40. Richard says:

    He’s exactly right the Supreme Court is a disgrace These people have no morals and defiantly no respect for the rule of law just more of the swamp

    • Ellsa says:

      We have to ditch the swamp to drain it!!! That means all up there. The Republicans are afraid they might lose a $ or $$. They çringe at their own shadow. Seems the love of money from China,iran and Soros will devour all of us.

    • Lynnett says:

      Such a shame the Supreme Court are cowards and corrupt!

  41. Mary L Janes says:

    President Trump a true leader the Dems were just hateful to him and he is still MY PRESIDENT. tHE THEIVES STOLE THE ELECTION THER WAS NO OTHER WAY THEY COULD HAVE WON

    • Bj says:

      Totally agree. There is nothing Supreme about that court. Just had to stay with the Swamp. This entire party is so corrupt! They are following Obama to Fundamentally change the way this country runs! We did not listen!!! We thought we could trust our government! Boy were we wrong! Biden is Obama’s puppet when he is awake??? Not often. Just put an EO in front of him, he will drool on it first, then sign it? But this will be over, IF IT TAKES IT TO REVELATIONS! Enjoy the ride dems. You will be right at home with Lucifer!

  42. Teresa McCranie says:

    I feel that those who have persecuted our president Donald J Trump should be persecuted as well as they did him, I feel that the election was rigged to high heaven, there is no way that the Democrats took the house took the Senate and the seat that’s just absolutely ridiculous. I have never in my whole life seen a man who has stood by himself against everyone that’s come against him and stood against them all for us and We the People want him back, he is a giant of a man I want President Donald J Trump to be our president again. I think Nancy Pelosi and the Dems will answer to what they have done.

  43. Claudia Higgins says:

    I do believe the swamp was bigger and nastier then you could have Imagined. I watched votes go down from your side and go up on Joe Bidens side almost simultaneously . I watched it happen so Yes this election was stolen . I also believe some of your trusted friends should not have been trusted . Some of your Expert Analyst people were not so expert. They lead you astray from what should have happened while you were in office .

  44. Elizabeth Golibart says:

    This man has been treated unfairly since the beginning of his presidency. I believe he won the election in 2020 fairly but it was stolen from his. His family has been under tremendous scrutiny. The current administration is corrupt and should be held to the same principals as President Trump was. He was our greatest president and hopefully will take office again soon.

  45. Carlene says:

    This is a disgrace!!! John Roberts should be impeached!! President Trump has done nothing but look out for all AMERICANS shame, shame, shame on this witch hunt and may God intervene. God Bless America!! The Bible says Vengeance is mine, I will repay.

  46. Carol says:

    Donald Trump is still President!

  47. Larry J. says:

    We’re sick of politicians, sick of the Democratic Party, sick of the Republican Party, and sick of illegals!.. We just want this thing fixed.. Trump may not be a Saint, but we didn’t vote for a Pope.. We voted for a man who doesn’t have lobbyist money holding him back, a man who doesn’t have political correctness restraining him.. We all know that he has been very successful, he’s a good negotiator, he has built a lot of things, and he’s also NOT a politician, NOT a cowardly politician.!.. And he says he’ll fix it.. And we believe him because he is too much of an egotist to be proven wrong, or looked at and called a liar.. Also, we don’t care if the guy has bad hair.. We just want those raccoons gone, out of our house, NOW!!!

  48. Tricia says:

    This is wrong in so many ways. First they try to impeach him,now this. No President has gone through this. The Demoncrats stole the election. Our Founding Fathers created the Constitution for a reason. This wicked person in office is basically killing America, and putting down the drain. Wait til God gets a hold of these people. They won’t like it.

    • Ellsa says:

      Let’s pray for God to act quickly. Obama is the dictator, the rest is his lapdogs. We will have to replace the WH. It will be totally rotted down soon!! Swamps have a way of rotting things.
      We must get rid of ALL PACs. They breed off of China child- slave labor. Just STOP buying anything from China! That will bring these mighty corporations and China to their knees. Corporations and big tech are pure evil! Unhook anything they support! I did that when Clinton and Bush’s signed these NAFTA and CAFTA treaties. They and money will be the demise of America.Why Soros sticks his nose but in, I don’t know. He and obama were born in other countries. Didn’t Hungary strip Soros’ citizenship? Why can’t the people do the same for obammmmy, and SCOTUS, Congress and them packing?

      • Do you need Donald Trump back we need to get rid of those corrupt evil Democrats something needs to be done soon or our country is doomed says:

        Do you need Donald Trump back we need to get rid of those corrupt evil Democrats something needs to be done soon or our country is doomed

  49. Dale says:

    I believe that your Fellow Conservative feel betrayed by the lack of ability by so called republicans to rectify the illegitimate 2020 presidential and congressional elections. In my state of Michigan both Donald Trump and John James had commanding leads in the election at 2 am on 04Nov2020! But somehow, when I got up for work 6 hours later both had lost. This has NEVER happened in my 57 years and it should have NEVER happened on 04Nov2020. This election was stolen by lying, sheeting Democratic Socialist and the Republicans let them to it! it is time for a new party, a true Conservative party, as it was originally designed in Ripon, WI. I don’t believe that I will ever back a so-called republican ever again, unless Donald J. Trump is the LEADER of the party!

    President Trump should put on rallies because his supporters (75 Million plus) will show up! The Democratic Socialist / Marxist can’t stop Conservatives, “We The People” will always find a way to overcome Tyrants!

    Welcome to Tyranny 2021! The Liberals are trying to turn the USA into Nasi Germany 1937. What a bunch of Immoral, Hypocrites!

    There truly is no longer any morality in DC AKA the District of Corruption! Many Republicans in Congress conspired with Socialist Democrats to STEAL the 2020 Presidential Election! The Supreme Court MUST review all election results and overturn the falsely reported results.

    Republicans in Michigan were not allowed into the state house for the review of election results or for certification of electoral college votes. This screams of corruption and immorality, yet nothing was done about it!

    But it’s okay with the Liberals if public cities and private businesses are looted and burned throughout the summer of 2020!

    A Biden presidency is 100% Illegitimate!


    Obama is one of the most immoral and corrupt Marxists on earth!

    Impeach Joe Biden and Harris and Pelosi and Schumer! If you don’t, the USA as the framers designed it, is gone forever!

    Thank You,


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