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Trump Returns To the Political Stage

Breaking: For the first time since January 20th, former President Donald Trump will retake the political stage this week and speak about the future of the Republican Party before a live audience.


According to the New York Post, “Former President Trump will be a keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Fla., his first public speaking engagement since leaving the White House, a spokesman for the organization confirmed to The Post on Saturday…

“Trump’s speech will focus on “the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement,” a source close to the former president told The Post. [emphasis added]

“‘Also look for the 45th President to take on President Biden’s disastrous amnesty and border policies,’ the source added.” [emphasis added]

For more on this breaking news story, go to the New York Post.

This is a breaking news story that will be updated as more details emerge…

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Are you pleased that former President Trump will return to the political stage this week? Why or why not?

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