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Trump Returns To the Political Stage

Breaking: For the first time since January 20th, former President Donald Trump will retake the political stage this week and speak about the future of the Republican Party before a live audience.


According to the New York Post, “Former President Trump will be a keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Fla., his first public speaking engagement since leaving the White House, a spokesman for the organization confirmed to The Post on Saturday…

“Trump’s speech will focus on “the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement,” a source close to the former president told The Post. [emphasis added]

“‘Also look for the 45th President to take on President Biden’s disastrous amnesty and border policies,’ the source added.” [emphasis added]

For more on this breaking news story, go to the New York Post.

This is a breaking news story that will be updated as more details emerge…

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Are you pleased that former President Trump will return to the political stage this week? Why or why not?


  1. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Trump should be President indefinitely. That says it all.

  2. Gregger says:

    Outstanding! Let’s get this party started! Trump 2024!

  3. judith says:

    We need you back and the Trump Train running again. My Husband and I are from Ohio and We stand behind you all the way. We will vote for you again in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, Or as long as it take to get you back in the White House. We miss you. Your The Best THING THAT HAS HAPPEND TO America in along, long time. You are My President and always will be. GOD BLESS YOU PRE$SIDENT TRUMP AND GOD BLESS AMERICA

  4. Lee Lorberau says:

    I am having the first sense of hope for our countries future. I need my grandchildren and the future generations of this country to have a good future. Trump has proven he cares for this country with all the positive steps he took for the average citizen, I am one, but many citizens get their opinions from the fake news media. Our current officials have proven already they only want the power and do not really have the knowledge or skills to keep this country and the citizens safe. God bless Trump’s determination. I will vote for you again…

  5. Jo Williams says:

    I am glad he is back. He is a leader. He is for American> He supports USA constitution, our freedoms. Sometimes he does have a bully attitude with words in putting people down. He may not always do the best in expressing himself. Leaves a lot of room for the left to twist his words and give a total different meaning than was intended. There are times I thought he was his own worst enemy with words. Hope he keeps to the issues and does not attack people personally. Also, move on from past grudges, and the stealing of the election that a lot of agree is true.
    We the people need to move on and work toward what we can do to save our country. I say, we because President Trump cannot do it alone. He has the leadership ability and he will stand strong against the socialist agenda, and stand strong for USA, her freedoms, and the American citizen. I hope his goal now is to help organize us to put honest American people who will be for America in the Senate, Congress, and local State positions. He is just one man and cannot do it alone. We the people need to step up and do our citizenship duty. Write or voice our opinion to our elected representatives on issues before the legislation. They work of us. We need to tell them how we want them to represent is on issues. President Trump has the leadership ability to lead us and help organize us to save our country from those who seek to destroy American of our freedoms, and who seek to destroy USA Constitution, and USA WAY of life.

  6. Barbara says:

    Wonderful👏🌟🇺🇸🙏🏾💋 when will this be. What date I love him
    God Bless him and the U SA. How will we know?

  7. So excited you are making an appearance!!! My family n I knew you were coming back we just aren’t sure when this will be!!? I pray you can somehow get all those Oil Refinery men their jobs back n help the Wall Border Patrolmen to keep these people at bay thus not endangering their lives any longer!! How mean of Biden camp to do such horrible acts to the American people!!! Thank you Mr. President for giving us a preview of things to come!! America Loves You!! Your Thee Best President EVER!!!

  8. Beverly Tujague says:

    Trump is a great person with wonderful perspectives and plans. However, although I’m glad he will be there I hope he does not drill the stolen election issue. Most Republicans believe this and many democrats will not hear it. Let it die but without warning work to have a way to ensure accuracy. No mail in and absentee votes except by military or disabled. Picture state ID. Can’t afford one? How cashing entitlements. Have a central computer that records and compare ID # so none can be repeated.

    • Maam, he already won!! It’s not about who won anymore cuz it’s been proven a Unanimous 75 out of 100 Americans voted for Donald J. Trump, Period!!! If he addresses this it’s because he feels cheated on n this is his God given right!! Let the man speak on whatever he sees fit!! Biden has already stolen now a little over a month of Trump’s Presidency!! Who the Hell do they think they are with their Arrogant selves!! God help them!! No Gods gonna make them all stumble on their own stuff n it won’t be good!! President Trump will be forced to clean up their messes!! But he loves the American people as much as we love him n will probably be Honored, so let the man say whatever he sees fit, please!!!

  9. James says:

    Trump Train 2024

    • No, Trump Train 2021, 2022, 2023 n on n on till this tik toc world gets swooped up by God Almighty Himself!! Thank You Jesus!!! N thank you Mr. President Trump!!!😀 America Loves You!!! 😍😍😍

  10. Holly Rose says:

    Oh no, we got to hear some more of is idiotic, immature haranguing? Good grief I thought he was done and over with now we got President Biden.

    • Sam B. says:

      Dear Holly. With all due respect for our first amendment rights that we still have(thank god) that afford all of us to voice our opinions…I gotta say that all of us true patriots feel the same way about some of your comments..& others that r supporters of the unhinged radical double standard corrupt socialist “America second” party.
      Every day that the radical socialist party continues to erode our constitution, bill of rights, America FIRST, success etc etc etc.. will only embolden the power & overall strength of President Trump & the Republican Party. So keep up the good work! LOL!!!

  11. Oscar says:

    You trump syncophants and delirious zombies please give your dumb ass heads a powerful shake ! Trump is gone forever thank God! US is getting back to normal finally.

    • Sam B. says:

      Oscar…C’mon man! LOL. President Trump gone forever?! The U.S. getting back to normal?!?! NOT..wrong answer LOL. As long as the unhinged radical double standard corrupt socialist “America SECOND” party continues to dig us further & further in a hole..President Trump & the right r looking better & better every day. Your radical socialist party & their brilliant views, ideals & direction they r taking the country is doing nothing but adding more & more strength/power to an already powerful President Trump & the Republican Party. I’m a registered barely left leaning/very moderate Democrat…NOT a socialist party supporter..who’s also not in denial nor to proud to admit the obvious. U, Holly Rose, Kay & a few others should give it a try. Pretty liberating!
      Trump will always move the needle which drives the socialist party & their fake un-news media megaphone promoters CRAZY! LMAO!!

  12. Larry Lee Parks says:

    You were robbed and so was the American people.we would love to see a come back to drain the swamp.go get em mr president

  13. Ray JB says:

    Be sure to watch the 2 hour “ABSOLUTE PROOF” documentary on the election fraud!!!I have limited funds and no money available to contribute. However: HOW CAN MITCH MCCONNELL, MITT ROMNEY, THE SUPREME COURT (and others) BE SO BLIND AND IGNORANT? IT IS “INTUITIVELY CLEAR TO EVEN THE MOST CASUAL OBSERVER” THAT THIS ELECTION WAS FRAUGHT WITH FRAUD TO OVERRIDE THE LEGITIMATE VOTES!!!!FURTHERMORE; THE SENATE AND HOUSE WERE DERELICT IN THEIR DUTY TO VERIFY ALL LEGITIMATE VOTES WERE COUNTED, AND ENSURE THAT ALL NON-LEGITIMATE VOTES WERE REJECTED!!!!I fully support President Donald J Trump, recognize he truly loves this country and stands firmly for what is right, for the Constitution and for We The People of The United States of America. There is a very huge silent majority who recognizes that We as well as He are under attack by the radical left. Democ’rats. (Which is what the Democrat Party needs to be renamed as that name accurately reflects their Attitude and Hate for all that is good for our nation.) Democ’rats should never be referred to as being the Democratic Party, because there isn’t anything in their platform or conduct that indicates they adhere to Democratic principles. Anyone who refers to them as being Democratic or being The Democratic Party is either ignorant or lacks even an ounce of intelligence. Just make sure as Republican members/candidates for the Senate and House you will fully support and stand with President Donald J Trump, truly love this country and stand firmly for what is right for the Constitution and We The People of The United States of America. If you do, I am confident the huge silent majority will elect/retain you to represent them. DO IT!

  14. S says:

    Twitter shut your account for your idiocy and banter! Stay playing golf and make your wife happy! She was never happy while you were in office, it was in her face all along and her faking all the time, just to make YOU happy! So f*** off! You had your time! #desperatecheeto

    • Sam B. says:

      Temper temper. C’mon S! Yes…the obviously biased/double standard Twitter shut him down..but still to this day allow the supreme leader of Iran to spread & incite hate & violence around the world..& still calls for death to Americans! I guess the thousands that they’ve killed through the years isn’t enough. The direction the radical socialist party & Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden r already taking the country is on the path to destruction! This is only making President Trump & the republicans that much stronger/powerful than they already were. So keep up the good work..sigh.
      The Trump train is coming!

  15. Jesus says:

    Yes everyone knows the Director just got fired we won but it’s politics

  16. jonathan says:

    Yes, He needs to talk to every state Republican head quarts to rally them against the imperial appointed czar Biden…. Biden is out to destroy us. we can’t make the process easy… stop Biden and his agenda to destroy the usa. Plenty of legal issues to impeach just pick one.

    • Yes, yes, yes!!! You just go Mr. President Trump!!! SO wish I could tend this meet!!!😀 This news just made my whole 36 days (since you left in Air Force One) SO much better!!! I can’t wait to forward this Wonderful news to all my family members- your supporters!!! Fox news will report it for you now you have a platform to use so we can hear from you- n this too is such Wonderful news!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Lord Heavenly Father please let this be symbolic of the weeks n months to come!! In Jesus Name I pray- Amen!!

  17. Jean says:

    President Trump we need you to fix the damage biden has already done in the first month. You have a lot of supporters here in Ohio awaiting your return.

  18. Kam says:

    There has got to be some way to show the voter fraud that will hold them accountable! I’m sickened to see what Biden has done to us only since Jan. Please tell us someone is doing something!!!

  19. mini says:


  20. Rhina says:

    THE AMERICAN CITIZENS WOULD NEVER ELECT A PUPPET – President Trump is our president!

  21. Lila says:

    We’ve never had a president like you Mr Trump and no one can ever take your place so come and take over again. We need you.

  22. Tammie says:

    We believe in you president Trump, we all voted for you, hoping the truth is found, and the criminals get served, a big plate of justice, we’re all behind you,

  23. Tammy Clift says:

    Awesome! We have missed our President Trump! We are all waiting to hear from you. ❤️🇺🇸💙

  24. Tammy Clift says:

    Awesome! We have missed our President Trump! We are all waiting to hear from you. ❤️🇺🇸💙

  25. Come back President Trump before we all get Killed by these Idiots.

  26. E.D. Ullrich says:

    Great! Just what this country needs is more of Trump and less of Biden. Go get ’em TRUMP! WE DON’T EVEN NEED kamala.

  27. Marjorie A Etner says:

    We would welcome the return of our president. We can hardly wait to see if there’s any possibility of that happening. We’ve never had a president that spoke the truth and backed it up with action.We vote you come back!!!

  28. Margaret says:

    I’m so happy. Please come back to us. You are our President. You will be back in once the Supreme Court realizes those votes were destroyed you had!!

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