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Trump to Cuomo: No Vaccine for New York

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, President Donald Trump declared during a White House Rose Garden press conference that he will not be sharing with New York the COVID-19 vaccines that will soon be ready for distribution because of comments New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has made in recent months.

Also, Fox News journalist Geraldo Rivera said earlier today that he, “Just had heartfelt phone call w friend [Donald Trump] who said he’s a “realist” who’ll do the”right thing” But he wants to see “what states do in terms of certifiction (etc)” He sounded committed to fighting for every vote & if he loses, talking more about all he’s accomplished.”

Please watch the video and see Geraldo Rivera’s tweet and share your thoughts in the Comment section on this page.


  1. Larry says:

    Look, Trump administration has worked hard to get the vaccine for the American people. He’s trying to get the vaccine to as many people as possible as fast as possible. Idiot Cuomo went on national television and said that he will not allow people in NY to receive the vaccine because he doesn’t trust the presidential administration (most liberal communist don’t). Therefore it only seems logical to send the vaccine to states where people will benefit from it. Trump or any administration is not the problem for the people in NY, their ignorant communist governor is their problem.

  2. Mike says:

    Cuomo should be impeached or recalled. What he and that jerk mayor have done to New York City. Is a shame. They should both be removed. Before antifa and the blm. Thugs. Take over the city. God help us

  3. Martin Gutschenritterj1 says:

    I don’t understand the people of New York! I always thought they were tough and smart. So it surprises me they have not recalled their so called Gov!

  4. Ken says:

    Let’s get some things straight. Yes the President took a shot at Andrew Cuomo on Friday because of the nonsense he brought to the Covid-19 crisis, but Mr. Trump said that the State of New York will receive the first FDA approved vaccine once the State of New York, alias Gov. Cuomo, gives the okay. The President has made sure that everything that could be done was done for New York state, from PPE, Ventilators, and even a converted Javits Center and the Comfort Hospital Ship, which departed New York after treating fewer than 200 patients. The Javits Center and the Comfort were specially equipped to handle the Covid virus, unlike the nursing homes that Cuomo forced the elderly to go to to die. Janice Dean, Fox News meteorologist, lost both her in-laws when they were forced, by Cuomo’s action, to go to a nursing home.

  5. Geraldo Rivera can not be trusted as he acted as a dual agent for years. He leaned to democrats and was a big fan of Obamas, he suddenly became very friendly to Trump as soon he became a President.
    Rivera’s words that President “will do the right thing” are in line with democratic hacks demands to concede.
    President should not concede at any circumstance, he is correct about voter fraud. I live in NJ and have a lot of friends that share the same values like myself. We voted by mail-in ballots. Many of us question why our ballots have “received” status, but not “accepted”? and it’s been 12 days after the election? NJ is controlled by corrupt democrats and they think they can do anything, including to dismissing legitimate ballots of American citizens.

    • Ken says:

      My wife and I took our sealed ballots (so kindly sent to us without our asking by our brilliant Governor Newsom) directly to a voting center, where a gentleman took our ballots (in their sealed envelops), checked to make sure everything was okay on the envelop, and then made sure we could see him placing them in the official County bag. All this slight of hand with the mail-in ballots was done under the veil of making sure the VOTE was not suppressed, but it was only to put a lot of ballots out there, so that voter fraud would be easier to achieve. A few nights ago Tucker Carlson went through many names of persons who voted AFTER they were dead. In some states ballots were received by the authorities before they were sent. The excuse for not having a recount (which should include removing illegal ballots) will be that it wouldn’t change the outcome. That is no excuse.

  6. Tony says:

    Cuomo . . . is a stupid SHIT!

    NYkr’s . . . Why did you put him in charge. How many people did he kill in the old folks home by placing Covid patents there and slammed the door shut . . . now is is denying them the vaccine . . . because he has a beef with Trump.

    ^%[email protected]^%$#&%$^&R%!

  7. Patricia Decator says:

    Old enough to have watched Geraldo years ago and glad he left that sensationalization of news instead of true reporting.
    Can’t stand lies and half twisted truths put out by mainstream media and don’t know how they live with themselves.
    As far as the vaccine I have the flu mega vaccine this year, shingles 1&2, pneumovax and the MMR several years ago.
    I recently read about the GLOBAL-GREAT-RESET that is going on and concerned that the virus and vaccine are means to decrease world population and control the common man by the elite. WHAT IS THE TRUTH Oh yes I voted for TRUMP in 2016, and this year and still wearing my hat making America Great again. MOST of all praying that the wicked will be defeated.

  8. Debby V says:

    It’s time Americans take back America. We have allowed the liberal Democrats to take over our country & steal a presidential election. We need Donald trump as our president. He’s the only one that can clean up this government

    • Sandy says:

      President Trump is the People’s President. You just know his fight is for the people and that is why we love him. We know he’s the guy that’s going to fight tooth and nail for WE THE PEOPLE…
      Washington didn’t like him because he didn’t want to play career politics. He had more important things to do. It drove them crazy because he would call them out and guess what, he was right.
      Thank you President Trump for all you have done in the last four years. Your legacy will live on and you are the untouchable. No one has done more than you have in four years. We the people will never forget …

      • Robin Petranck says:


  9. Steve Startz says:

    A great decision!
    After all the vaccine is designed for humans!
    Democrats are anything but human!

  10. No shame,no conscience!!!He doesn’t care about people.He already has experience in how to send people to death.It boesn’t matter if there are.thousands more dead.You can be sure yourself that he will provide all his family and friends with the vaccine!! They can do everything in the first place.They”deserve” it and we do not.We are a lowlife piece of garbage for him.For whom we vote, we have.Now wait for Biden to say “thank you” to you!!! Shame!!!!!!!

    • James M Stone says:

      You stupid BITCH! President Trump has done more to control the virus than anybody else. You dumb asses act like he is God or something. None of you fucking democrats have any morals or honesty; you are all sorry as hell!

    • M.E. Hamill says:

      Please remember that King Cuomo did nothing for all of the elderly in nursing homes except have people with the virus be sent back to them to spread the virus.

    • Sandy says:

      There isn’t anything more that Biden can do that Trump already hasn’t. Trump did everything he could when this virus broke out . Credit goes to Trump and not Biden . But you Democrats are in such denial and can’t handle the truth .

  11. Sam B. says:

    It’s so sad & pathetic when some of these career quack politicians play politics like this when it comes to the health & overall well-being of WE THE PEOPLE! Unbelievable & Un-American!! The Vindictive quest these career quack politicians have against trump AFFECTS & HURTS US ALL!! Obviously “The pride these folks have gets in the way & totally keeps them from making proper/correct judgments”….all because they don’t like Trump! He’s NOT the pc pansyass spineless intimidated President that can b bullied!! Oh yeah…TRUMP GETS POSITIVE RESULTS FOR THE COUNTRY! As a moderate Democrat who knows dozens of others…WE say “ right on Mr Prez!”
    To ALL my fellow Americans..: if u live in a state where whack job political leaders run their cities & states like Cuomo & de Blasio..LEAVE! New York, California & a few others r becoming “unrecognizable”. WE THE PEOPLE deserve better! Sad. Pathetic.

    • Gary Luffman says:

      We must defend our country from socialist. No Matter how!!!

      • Larry says:

        I agree 100% but it sure is getting hard to do with morons electing liberal communist enemies & muslims who hate this country to positions of governors, state legislators and to U.S. Congress. We don’t have the perfect country but we have the best country for people to live in and it is being destroyed from within by ignorant voters. While we have to be careful of other countries, our main enemies are here in our own country and the liberal socialist morons breed & vote.

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Preach Sam! Attention all the good people of New York..”make your voice heard” if ur detached governor cuomo refuses the vaccines after they r cleared/certified from the fda, cdc & nih!!! These idiots(radical leftists) really think Trump will b the 1 to make the call to release these vaccines! He can’t! How were these people voted in to office?!?! Or maybe they & the biased BS lamestream media think we r that stupid. The other choices for office must’ve been real beauts. Lol.

  12. David Smith says:

    LOL California has Pelosi and New York has Cuomo NEED I say more LOL?????

  13. albert marvell says:

    Cuomo is for Cuomo, and all that he can get! His mandates are unconstitutional! The supreme Court will/should bring this out! Sad “state of affairs, New York State is /has been broke, and Cuomo wants all USA citizens to pay the bill! Albert Marvell, Scotia, NY 12302

    • Mary Kay Knapp says:

      Dear President Trump I live in upstate new your. I would really like is if upstate New York could be separate from comos down state New York this man is an egotistical ass hole and it is his way of now way. If the two were separated the upstate New York from down state New York. They would each have their own budget and there own govener. This way upstate New York would not have to listen to this idiot ever again. I also believe Biden should go back to his basment. He is not our Resedent. Please lord find the truth and kick sleepy joe to the curb. We want DONALD J.TRUM

      • Sam B. says:

        Mary Kay…hopefully ur governor won’t make a catastrophic mistake & not allow these vaccines to b distributed in New York once they’re certified. That sad & pathetic to play politics with something like this. It’s become “status cuomo” for the unhinged leftist sadly.
        Stay safe & healthy! ??

        • T Beach says:

          Yea im gonna take a vacsine that is 90% effective for a virus that has a survival rate of 99.7% That makes absolutely no sence at all. Especially if Fraudci had anything at all to do with it. He isnt anything more than Gates puppet and Killarys bitch

          • Larry says:

            I agree & have no plans to personally take the vaccine either. HOWEVER, someone needs to take Commie Cuomo into a dark alley one night. That ignorant damn fool has NO RIGHT to withhold any medication from the people in NY….PERIOD and it’s criminal for him to even attempt to do so. If Cuomo ended up dead there would be a handful of idiots at his funeral, the rest would be people there making sure that he’s really dead & gone. People ignorantly allowed the bum to ride into office on his father’s reputation. Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t make a pimple on his father’s rear-end.

  14. Bettye says:

    The Cuomo bunch have NPD. Narcissist Personality Disorder.

  15. Trish says:

    I agree who does cuomo think he is ? He should be for the people of New York state. We from n.y.should be allowed to make up our own minds if we elect to get the vaccine. He has a beef with the president that’s on him. Grow up be a man. Stop acting childish. Do your job for the people of our great state. Dont be afraid the Democrats will be out for you. Keep in mind you are just governor because you were elected by the great people of n.y. state

  16. John c says:

    cuomo. Has to go he is responsible. For many deaths. He is a terrible govenor and is destroying New York City. With his buddy the mayor. He should be impeached for what he did to the nursing homes.

  17. yvon cedrac says:

    Biden 2020

    • Wendle Elsworth says:

      TRUMP2020 ✊?✊?✊? PERVERTED PEDOPHILE Joey Biden is a looser and a disgrace to the United States of America and the legal citizens of the United States of America!

    • Sam B. says:

      Wait a minute….Biden 2020? For president..or (like Biden says) the democrat running for U.S. SENATE?!?! LOL…truth over fact! C’mon man.
      God help us if quid pro quo JOE is certified the president elect..& I’m a moderate democrat…that wisely voted for Trump!

  18. yvon cedrac says:


  19. bruce says:

    If Cuomo doesn’t want it, thats on him. He can ask for it if he changes his mind and the NY people can hold Him accountable.That needs to be stressed. The only reason we are talking about the vaccine is because President Trump made it so. Not Biden, not Cuomo, not Fauci, not the media, not democrats.

  20. Joe says:

    What a moron, gov cuomo is, pathetic idiot, with dead people on his hands for his stupidity.

  21. Linda C says:

    Cuomo needs to go. He doesn’t care about his state. Anyone that doesn’t take the vaccine for that reason is stupid. Trump didn’t make it, scientists did

    • Kathy Sherman says:

      Correct! Cuomo & Harris made ridiculous statements about the vaccine. Trump did not make the vaccine, and, it had to go thru rigid testing. I probably won’t get it just because I think the virus is mutating to be less risky than the flu, and I don’t get flu shots either since my friend nearly died of Guillan-barre after his flu shot.

  22. Lan Huynh says:

    Cuomo is playing politics on the New Yorkers’ lives!
    Shame on you, Mr. Governor! If you have any integrity at all !!!

  23. Brenda says:

    It is very sad that NY’s governor is so dead set on having more deaths. It’s obvious that President Trump is ready and willing to help him and yet he would rather put his nose in the air. How Shameful can he get. I think President Trump is doing what he needs to do as much as I think people have the right to make their own mind up as to whether they want to take the vaccine. It’s not the governors call to make their mind up for them.

    • Tony says:

      Andrew Cuomo is a vindictive f——king immature little two year old POS, he has killed so many innocent New Yorkers because of his hatful vindictive child behavior toward our great President & should be in prison

  24. Honest says:

    When are the Great People of NYS going to pullthe plug on the Homo=Coumo Dead Beats?

  25. BKK says:

    It breaks my heart that Cuomo would let his people die rather than take the vaccine. Now that is a real politician. Now we know why so we all voted for President Trump (legally). He has a heart for the American people. We are not a pawn to him.

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