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Trump to Resume MAGA Rallies

Happening Now: Former President Donald Trump is all but certain to resume holding MAGA Rallies in the near future.


Former President Donald Trump is discussing the possibility of resuming his signature “Make America Great Again” rallies as he seeks to remain a part of the political conversation while out of office and silenced on Twitter,” according to The Hill.

CNN reported that Trump is considering the resumption of his rallies, and that he may hold events to support candidates challenging Republicans who have criticized him, such as Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), one of seven GOP senators who voted to impeach the former president for inciting a mob to attack the Capitol. [emphasis added]

“Trump continued to hold MAGA rallies in 2020 even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The rallies came to a halt after his loss to now-President Biden in November’s election.

“‘It will definitely be different in terms of the setup, but we got really good at planning these events in 2020, so we will probably use a lot of those same vendors again,’ a Trump aide told CNN.

For more of this report, please go to The Hill.

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