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Breaking: Trump Trial Ruled Constitutional

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, the United States Senate, after listening to hours of arguments from the House Impeachment Managers (acting as prosecutors) and former President Donald Trump’s defense attorneys, voted 56-44 that the Senate trial of Trump is in accordance with the United States Constitution.

Based on the vote, the Senate trial will proceed tomorrow to the substance of what took place on January 6th when the U.S. Capitol was attacked and whether Trump bears responsibility for the attack to a degree that he should be convicted and barred for life from holding federal office again.

Based on what we know now, Red Alert News is confident that Trump will NOT be convicted.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as warranted…

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with the 56 Senators who voted that the Senate trial is constitutional?


  1. Jim Jackson says:

    Today’s Democrat Party is an abomination:

    The Democrat Party that lacks the moral values to protect unborn children against late-term abortion is a party that has turned away from Christian values and rejects the sacred words of our Declaration of Independence that proclaim that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are endowed by our creator.

    The Democrat Party that lacks the fortitude to repudiate (and actually condones and encourages) violent anarchists who attack decent law-abiding people in the streets and destroy businesses and personal property is a party that no longer has credible relevance and is an abomination.

    The Democrat Party that fails to repudiate the destruction of churches, synagogues, statues, government buildings and national monuments is a pathetic empty shell of what used to be a proud American populist institution.

    The Democrat Party that supports efforts to eliminate guarding and protecting our borders (ICE) is a party that has lost all credible relevance.

    The Democrat Party that supports open borders, sanctuaries, taxpayer paid free education and health care for illegal immigrants adding to the burden of American taxpayers is a party that is desperately struggling to find relevance.

    The Democrat Party that wants to give voting rights to illegal immigrants is a party that is in desperation to depend on an influx of illicit voters to win elections.

    The Democrat Party that supports efforts of radical groups to eliminate police forces in big cities is a party that cowers down to anarchists with tunnel vision and has not given intelligent thought to the ramifications of such idiocy.

    The Democrat Party that fails to condemn anarchist violence against police officers is on the wrong side of the peace and tranquility espoused by our constitution and the laws of the land.

    The Democrat Party that is more concerned with the safety and well being of illegal immigrants than that of our own citizens, our police officers and our military veterans is a party that has lost focus and will willfully cower down to any radical group in the self-serving interest of obtaining votes.

    The Democrat Party that suddenly wants to eliminate the electoral system of electing the president and change the make-up of the US Supreme Court from 9 justices to 12 justices is a party in a state of panic.

    The Democrat Party that wants to abolish the constitutional rights of law-abiding American Citizens to hold and bear arms is a party with tunnel vision that would turn this nation into violent revolution.

    The Democrat Party that perpetrated all manner of falsehoods to stand in the way of confirmation of Judge Brett Cavanaugh and Judge Amy Barrett to the US Supreme Court is a despicable, lying abomination.

    The Democrat Party that begrudgingly refuses to recognize and acknowledge the unpresidented economic success of this nation prior to the Coronavirus pandemic is a shameful self-serving abomination. Had this country not achieved the economic level of success enjoyed prior to the pandemic, the nation would currently be in a serious recession.

    The abhorrent “leaders” of today’s Democrat Party will say or do anything to win the votes of the ignorant, uninformed masses. Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Biden, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, etc will lie and perpetrate any hoax in order to advance their own personal agendas. For 3-1/2 years they have done nothing but spew lies, distortions, exaggerations, vitriol and hatred to try to remove our duly elected President of the United States. They are only concerned with regaining power, and not the well being of this country.

  2. Jim Jackson says:

    It is the authority of the United States Supreme Court (not the United States Senate) to rule on the constitutionality of issues. The recent usurpation of the authority by the US Senate is unconstitutional in itself.

  3. If Trump’s trial by a majority in the Senate is recognized as constitutional, then that Senate majority is the same like me, they recognize Trump as the legitimate president of America, whom, for some reason, they decided to impeach. In my opinion, they have the right to impeach the legitimate President. But who then is Biden?

    • john says:

      he is leading an insurection and should be arrested

      • SKIPP says:

        I don’t know what movie you watched, must have been on the Si-fi channel, oh, you missed the part where the girl and guy were congratulating each other for making the plan work. Then later that same guy is on video stating how he set of the plans for his followers to raise all that hell and make it look like Trumpers. Oh you probably only watch mainstream media and they don’t ever show the TRUTH. Millions of us watch a network that is honest and shows it all and we saw we clearly saw his proud claim to being responsible, even showed his MAGA CAP THAT HE WORE TO MAKE IT LOOK GOOD.

      • linda says:

        He did not! You on the left only receive fake news and never hear the TRUE STORY! THERE WERE ANTIFA AND BLM planning this days before PRESIDENT TRUMPS SPEACH! They really need to go after Maxine Waters,and other far left loons!!

  4. Larry Coppokc says:

    The one element in the entire fiasco that is missing is the answer to the question, “How did we get here in the first place?” The entrenchment of so much mind bending across our nation caused the populous, assuming a non-rigged election, to vote against President Trump. There in lies the problem. We, the people, created the situation by placing those in office who put personal ideals ahead of those who elected them. Consequently we now have a few years in which we have no influence over what they do. If an insurrection is required, start now by gathering voters to champion a cause aimed at removing representatives and senators whose interests are not in the welfare and well being of all who reside within the United States and its territories. The situation can be legally and peacefully reversed through active participation and peaceful revolt. We should either be for the United States or against it. Speak your preference at the polls but always remember that our vote, in an honest election, seals our own fate as well as others.

  5. Chris Brewer says:

    I’m not sure! But I think Democrats and Republicans just voted to I’m peach a x President for in citing a insurection! Yes if so, Democrats just set a record for law SUITS against Congress for inciting riots! Waters is one for sure! And ALOT more! Your gona see the biggest impeachment RETALLIATION in history!All you democrats should enjoy your freedoms!Republicans too! Your getting ready to face your truths!HA HA!.. Go ahead sweat it out! This is normal to feel guilty for the crimes you’ve committed! Go ahead impeach Trump if you think you can! Just remember the next protest coming, It want be like Jan.6th. And you want know the day it happens!

    • ck says:

      Can you say FBI, thug?

      • Mike K says:

        Which thugs are you referring to? Conservative thugs or Leftist thugs like those thugs in places like Seattle and Madison. If the FBI isn’t doing anything about the Leftist thugs murdering people and destroying property for almost a year now,why should the FBI be concerned with what so called conservative thugs may do. Are you saying the law only applies to Conservatives? Please clarify

        • ck says:

          They are ALL thugs! What’s amazing is you can even compare your typical violent riots that have been going on every year, to an insurrection to kill our duly elected officials including the vice president, that hasn’t happened in over 200 years. At least 200 years ago they had a real reason for violent action. You people are doing all this over a fucking lie. A LIE!!! UNBELEIVABLE!!!

  6. Jim Jackson says:

    This clears the way for senate trials of Joe Biden, the Clintons, the Obamas, James Comey, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, James Clapper, John Brennen, and many other left wing scum.

    • Garland says:

      Yes Democrats to be held accountable for Treason. Hang them all.
      Trump 2024 or sooner

      • Deborah says:

        Democrats invited the democrat thugs in . Opened the door as it was a hotel. Escorted them upstairs. Trump followers were in front singing amazing grace. They questioned who is climbing up there? Trump supporters look nothing like that and do not carry flags that does not represent America. They had horns on. They were also escorted upstairs by the officers that worked there. Please make it known that they would do anything to impeach Trump. Please investigate. I watched and watched how the scumbags were walked them upstairs to cause the issue to make it look like Trump did it. He did not.

    • David Keith Byrd says:

      You nailed it piss on them all

    • Larry Coppock says:

      Are you suggesting ‘Democrats’ go after “Democrats?” Remember, they are in control of most courts as well as the House and Senate.

  7. Charlie Boyer says:

    Bull shit! Have these people read the constitution? It’s perfectly clear about impeachment. I don’t know what the so called constitutional lawyer s say. Read the constitution!

  8. Rick0259 says:

    If the Congress can decide the issue of constitutionality, what’s the point of a Supreme Court? They can pass a law, and just make a finding that their law is constitutional. So much for “checks and balances.”

  9. Avo says:

    Sure! it is the so-called “constitutional”. We Dumocrats invented it, thus it can’t be unconstitutional (otherwise we would not invent this, right?). They try stubbornly to impeach the real president 2nd time (as the only option to be “safe” from him forever) and the leader of this is again the oldest Mefisto himself -the PeeLostE.

  10. If 56 senators who voted that the trial in the Senate is constitutional, then these 56 senators, like me, consider Donald Trump to be the legitimate President of America. But, for some reason, they want to impeach him – they have the right if he is the legal President, why not?

    • Donna says:

      Wow that is a very good point! You can only constitutionally impeach the real and only President. He’s the only President in my life time that I’ve felt he cared whether the American people lived or died other than as a vote.

    • Chris Brewer says:

      This is the problem! Democrats think they can do anything they want! That’s fine Lethem do what they want! People are sick of these PsOS! So people will RETALLIATE, and remove democrats 1 at a time!along with the rhinos!They are signing their end of Democrat administration! I’m lmao at these.Power grabbers and election theives! DEMOCRAT days are numbered! I’ll be glad when they disappear!None of them have the right to hold any form of office!

  11. Sam B. says:

    As a registered (barely left leaning/moderate) democrat who knows dozens of others…i/we r proud patriots FIRST who aren’t in denial. Having said that…HELL NO I/we don’t agree with this ridiculous snap impeachment. What an embarrassment. These radical adolescent small minded quack socialists (formerly the democrat party) r “off the reservation.” Its soooo blindingly obvious the motive of the socialist party. Their priority is to keep Trump from running again in 2024 at any & all costs. A WEEK or so before President Trumps rally Jan. 6th the fbi & dc police admit they knew of possible issues to come. Even the biased narrative fake newS networks report the same thing! Knowing ALL THE the hell can these low-life’s impeach Trump for telling the folks that were marching to the capital to have their voices do so “peacefully & patriotically!” This is impeachable?!?! This is sadly laughable. Could we the people imagine if trump would’ve said the divisive hateful rhetoric crap that kook Maxine Waters said?!?! These asshats wouldn’t seek impeachment for Trump..they’d seek the electric chair! Kook Maxine can say “I’m gunna take out Trump tonight myself” well as telling people to “get in their(republicans) face!” “Gather people & cause a scene no matter where it is & make them feel uncomfortable & tell them they aren’t welcome here!!” So this quack can say this BS & b totally ok…but these small minded adolescent socialists want to impeach Trump for telling people to March “peacefully & patriotically!!” Hypocrisy & double standards by the radical nutjobs is in full affect for the world to see! Not only r these cancel culture radical socialist hacks trying to cancel Trump but also ALL 75 million Trump supporters & tens of millions of other people that think cancel culture is pathetically ridiculous & a joke!!
    NO..this waste of tax payer money & time is without a doubt unconstitutional. So laughable. “Grow up socialist!”

    • John says:

      Get these brain dead Democrats out . That racist waters woman should be put on trial for threatening President Trump with harm. Then go after those flaming idiots that has made remarks against Trump of harm and threats. What makes them above the law. Those clowns are scared to death that Trump will run for office in 2024 and put all of those corrupt assholes in check. Run you chicken shits. Trump isn’t done yet. He will run this great nation again , providing that senile moron and his incompetent partner in crime don’t completely destroy America and the people. Him and his band of criminals may just take this country completely down before the 2022 elections. They have a damn good start.

      • Chris Brewer says:


    • Donna says:

      Even Trump was told it was coming. He offered security but pelosi refused so he called them up anyway and put them on standby. Did she call for their help? No, it was a bigger shamshow without them! She’s the one that should be impeached! She caused potential harm to both Dems & GOP by her incompetence and hatred of President Trump and all of us.

  12. Teri says:

    This establishment is actions are unconstitutional and every single one of them should be charged. There is nothing they have done that is by the law. They make up their own set of laws too fit their destruction. As an American citizens, I want the military too come in and defend this country against this establishment turning our country into a communist country. We are suppose too be. Country ruled by law and our constitution. This establishment has broke every since of the word too serve and protect the citizens of the USA. The only ones they are serving are themselves, foreign countries, and illegal immigrants. Exactly how does that serve or protect the American citizens? Freedom of speech is being altered too suit them. I have heard them threaten President Trump supporters for 4 years, watch them run with a Russia hoax for 3 years wasting the tax payers money knowing these where fabricated charges. They have committed a fraudulent election, I know it, the country knows it, and have no doubt the FBI know this. When are they going too be held accountable for their criminal activities?

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      Just like DJT and his cronies did while in office and his faithful drank the cool aid. In my opinion.

      • David D'Anna says:

        look who’s talking…There is not ONE word that can describe the BULLSHIT you SHEEP push! oooppps..That’s IT!! BULLSHIT, assclown~!! FUCK Obiden yourself and by the way,Include the WHORE “Heels up Harris” while you’re at it..You fool!!! Now you can have a three some!!…Your ONE braincell is giving you away!!TROLL!! well, At least you readily admitted that you voted for socialism/Communism,But, you have never read the CONSTITUTION and BILL of rights..otherwise, You would KNOW that you cannot IMPEACH a PRIVATE citizen!!! But, seeing how you cannot fathom truth and that overloads reasoning on your part,Let’s see how you like working for once in your life…..Because, you’ll find the 15 dollar an hour minu=imum wage the Gutless poiece ofHORSESHIT Promised you,won’t be coming,and those “GREEN JOBS” he touted are FAR AWAY from being REALITY!..If anyone has been played,IT’s IDIOTS like you!..Sadly,If you knew any History,Which,I am SURE you never read or dealt with,You’d would be Paying attention..and be concerned,because, If ,,that’s IF, you read and saw the headlines through the past,ALL COMMUNIST Leaders,and MANY MORE DICTATORS and world CONQUERORS throughout history,DESTROYED Nations for their power hungry greed and then DIED OFF!! so, hope BUYERS REMORSE comes soon for you.. cause, He’s not going to keep any Promises,He ALREADSY Proved ,that in 48 years of being a worthless ltying piece of shit career Politician,He has NEVER Helped this country and SURE isn’t gpoing to start NOW!! Ohhh BEFORE I Forget, He DOESN’T want UNITY,He HATES everyone,DOESN’T care about anything or anyone,Just LINING his pockets and PRETENDING to be a ROMAN CATHOLIC!! well, THe Cardinals Gave him some bad news,THey chastised him for one or for that matter,SEVERAL of his E.O.s..I Hope the CHURCH EXCOMMUNICATES the HYPOCRITICAL,LYING ASSWIPE!! ..If you don’t wake up and open your eyes and ears to his BULLSHIT..I cannot feel any compassion for you..good luck …I’m Out…

    • Donna says:

      Amen Terri! Agree 100%!!!

    • Chris Brewer says:

      They’ll be held accountable! It want be legal.But they’ll get surprised and soon.Like a theif in the night, they will know not the hour! The law! What law? No law or MILITARY CAN STOP what’s coming!How many are in the Military? How many are gona side with the people? No one cares because they all are outnumbered 10to1. …lol

  13. David says:

    There is not one Democrat in the Democratic Party that actually cares about rule of law or for the citizens of this Country, both Liberal and/or Conservative.
    This is the worst Congress in my lifetime. This is by far the worst, most pathetic, lying, law breaking, anti-Constitution, anti-religion most caustic Democratic Party I have seen in my 66 years.
    This Congress is an embarrassment to the World and the laughing stock of the World as they arrive to turn this Country into a 3rd World Socialist Country.
    Disgusting on all levels.

    • William Wlison says:

      The GOP is not much different than the Dems. They are all pathetic.

      • I don’t want to convict all politicians of being biased in their thinking. Too broad a brush. BUT, if it were a secret ballot, all those “no spine” politicians will ‘come out’ and REALLY vote their conscience….without fear from Trump. The question of whether or not to impeach has already been decided (folks continue to argue that issue)….the 2nd Impeachment is history…..NOW the case before the Senate is what punishment, if any, is appropriate in light of the Constitution’s “high crimes and misdemeanor’ sentencing standard. Remember, Trump WAS impeached the 2nd time while he WAS President. We should NOW be discussing what sentencing is appropriate…. what level of punishment…..LETS stop the should we impeach argument…that argument has already left the station. Last word….again, lets have a secret ballot to enable the ‘jury’ to come forward without having to grow a backbone……Sad but true……..

  14. Joan York says:

    We have to remember one very important thing in this whole matter. This is the beginning of bringing in socialism and communism full force. They don’t care about us. This business of UNITY that Biden talks about is the biggest lie I ever heard. People are getting angry and if enough of us get angry they better look out. If you don’t believe me go into a gun shop where they sell, rifles and shot guns. Just open your ears and listen to the conversations that are going on!!! We the people are finally getting a belly full of all this stuff that they are trying to make us swallow. I am a Christian that believes in Jesus Christ. I believe that he is coming back for the ones that have accepted what he did on the cross of Calvary. If you don’t know him, I would suggest that you get a Bible and read the New Testament. It will tell you all about believing in God’s Son Jesus. God knows about this frightful stuff that is going on and in his time he will take care of it all. They just think that they are going to get away with it but I guarantee they won’t. Despite it all “God is still on the throne”. As Christians we shouldn’t worry about any of this stuff. God always took care of the children of Israel and he won’t forsake us either.

  15. Rorry Ann Levee says:

    The Dems have been so horrible to President Trump they should all be kicked out and start with a whole new bunch! The Republicans that are not standing behind their President should be kicked out also. They are all a bunch of criminals and turncoats! There should be limited terms for all. These jobs were not meant to be full time or life time! Also there should not be a Golden Parachute for anyone! The Republicans that are standing behind President Trump should end this NOW! Also, No! Obama CANNOT serve another term!

    • William Wilson says:

      DJT and his whole clan were pretty much thieves and corrupt so I would put them in the same boat.

      • Timothy F Smith says:

        I can understand where you’re coming from. BUT, the entire reason the dems hate him, he tried to rid DC of “perks” and “golden parachutes” they ALL have. Trump lost money in office. The previous administration left office, Obiden included, with 30 times the net worth of when they took the oath. YES, 30 TIMES MORE THAN THEY STARTED WITH!! Look it up. They fear Trump.

  16. ken white says:

    The China Communist Democrats are so dumb that they don’t even know what the constitution says !!! If any one should be impeached then they better start at the top with Dishonest Joe He should be impeached for treason the whole world seen it on video !!!! Harris should be next for supporting the riots and telling them to keep going its all on video, Buck tooth lying Nancy and just plain dumb Chuck should be impeached for hate crimes and other things against the Greatest President ever and for wasting millions of tax payers money on these phony witch hunts going on for over 4 years now !! They should be kicked out of office for ever and made to pay the American people back the millions of dollars our tax payers money they have waisted !!next is waters she also encouraged the rioters to keep going on with their riot’s and get all the Trump Supports and hurt them !! the Johnson that told the blm to keep looting and destroying business and killing people . THESE PEOPLE ARE THE REAL DANGER TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. NOT OUR GREAT PRESIDENT THAT LOVE AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MORE THEN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT INAMERICAN HISTORYM!! THERE ARE A LOT MORE WHO NEED TO BE IMPEACHED IN THE CHINA COMMUNIST PARTY BUT LETS JUST STSRT WITH THESE FEW FOR NOW !!!!!!!!!

    • Sherry Smith says:

      So agree with you! I think the Republicans should start impeachment immediately on all you mentioned and more in the Democratic party. I also don’t understand how Schumer is Majority leader. I read the other day that hes had sexual relations with his daughters best friend when his daughter was a teenager. Got her pregnant 2x. The child had abortions and then later committed suicide. Why the hell is this scum bag, lower than dirt, even in our government. He should be behind bars or executed. I was shocked! This proves the demoRat party is above the law!

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      There has been much greater presidents than DJT he’s the worst president this country has ever had. He and his clan have so misused the presidential office for their own benefit that it isn’t even possible to realize the extent of their slight of hand has cost the American people similar to how other strong dictators have done. In my opinion.

    • Chris Brewer says:

      I made a promise to myself and God! If they get this impeachment to go through today! The Americans will rip this country and government into! And I’ll be in the Movement! Go ahead MSM AND DEMOCRAT GOVERNMENT! THIS IS A PROMISE! THIS WANT END WELL FOR YOU AND YOUR PARTY OF GOOKS!

  17. cweeks says:

    totally disagree. this is farce.. why dont the military stop these treasonous demons and get back to doing the right thing and continue to make America great again

  18. Candyce Clanton says:

    The greatest legal minds in the US today – most of which are Democrats – state this trial is not constitutional! The left are planning on getting rid of our
    Constitution – something must be done. I don’t know what but I’m leaving this country if we lose our Constitution – Thomas Jefferson said we would have tyranny & anarchy when America was approximately 250 years old & he was so right – he said we would have to fight hard to save the Country. Unfortunately, some of us are too old to physically fight.

    • ck says:

      Too stupid too!

      • Chris Brewer says:

        Yeah you are a stupid Democrat, with no morals or logical judgement! Don’t know any Democrat that doesn’t mooch off other people or lie to gain political glamour! That’s what democrats are all about! Themselves, No unity at all! Weakest bunch of corrupt politicians in history! Laughing stock to the world! Democrats have destroyed everything America stands for! They get what they deserve. This fake impeachment today, I beleive will start the big reset, but not without civil War! And this is what they are gonna get!

  19. Leith Masters says:

    The Coup has taken control. Who can stop them with our 1st amendment rights taken away by Big Media? Stalin & Hitler had the same methods. Silence the peoples voices!

  20. William Duncan says:

    This impeachment trial is a bunch of bullshit.Trump did nothing to encite the riot at the capital building.Those that entered the building were ANTIFA members that were bused in by the damn demorats.The building was not stormed like they demorats are saying.The capital police opened the doors and let them in.They are seen on video tape doing it.The ones who should be on trial are that drunk ass Pelosi,Schumer,Nadler,Schiff,and that backstabbing POS McConnell and every other damn demorat involved in this sham.The damn demorat party should be done away with and everyone associated with it run OUT of America to a socialist country so they can live in communism like they love so damn much.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      I’ll agree with one part of your statement about dictators that done nothing as DJT and his clan did. Me me me1

  21. P says:

    Anyone who nows anything knows he’s not impeachable. This was a clown show there will be peaceful riots if they do this.Check out the actual footage from the live video. PRESIDENT TRUMP DID NOTHING WRONG. Video looks different though!

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      I’ll agree with part of the statement that DJT done nothing wrong but remove the word wrong and replace it with right.

  22. Mary Thompson says:

    President Trump did nothing but good to this country and this is nothing but more harrasment by those total idiots Nancy P. And Chuck Schumer. How sad to steal an election and try to disgrace a genius President who did a SPECTACULAR JOB IN THE WHITE HOUSE and then give Obama a HORRIBLE PRESIDENT, a 3rd Term as President using the mouth and mind of another idiot…but a criminal idiot. Then turn around and sell the whole thing to the use and abuse from the Chinese. GOD IS READY TO RAPTURE THE RIGHTEOUS AND POUR OUT HIS WRATH ON THESE WICKED PEOPLE WITHOUT MEASURE.

    • William Wilson says:

      You don’t have to call DJT a genius as he calls himself a stable genius and I guess he is right as he has figured out a way to deceive a lot of people but I must say I like the silence since 01/06/2021.

  23. Dorothy Hull says:

    Constituonally wrong,Constituon says “sitting president”,but the Dem.who have been in office so long they think they can interpret the constituon to their own liking. That is why we need term limits.From day one,when Trump announced his running they have crucified him at every turn.Our country is much better with his 4yrs.Its shows pure hatred with no regard for the country or its people with Biden undoing some of the good Trump did..Trump lost the election due to pure hatred and greed of power and fraud There couldn’t be that many stupid people in this country.

    • William Wlison says:

      My only wish is that they had literally crucified him but you are mistaken him for a person who was really crucified and a crown of thorns put on his head which would be justice for a torrent such as #45.

  24. maxibaby says:

    ETCH these Senate turncoat backstabbing RINO names and faces in your memory and don’t forget about the ones who voted with the Dems in the House! There will be other RINO names and faces to add to the list before the next primaries then…..
    PRIMARY THE HELL OUT OF THEM….vote their behinds out of office! Replace them with Republicans who have our conservative values and will fight for the Constitution and America!


  26. Syb says:

    People have no common sense.A private citizen can not be impeached. Further more that riot was planned many days before January 6. President Trump was still giving speech when to riot began. Also looking back to the Nov.3 election, Donald Trump won the election by a landslide and keep in mind the demoRats rigged the election and there is a lot of proof of the rigged election. Biden is not president, he is there illegally as no one want him or Harris there both are communist and our USA is not communist friendly..God sees the truth and HE is in control and judge and jury and right now I don’t think HE is very happy with the evilness and disgrace toward Pres.Tump and we the people.

    • Timothy F Smith says:

      The ONLY reason they are trying to “impeach” him, so he can’t run in 2024. They still fear the truth.

  27. Becky says:

    Does anyone really understand the constitution ? How can so many elected officials be so stupid ? It is or it ain’t constitutional why should it be this difficult for these elected officials to prove one way or the other after all it is wrote in plain English problem is how they word switch and make it something else even thou it means the same !!! We are in for a world of Shame and have become the laughing stock of all countries . President Trump is my President and always will be now let the Deranged figure out how I come to that conclusion .Stay tuned for the results ha ha

  28. Carol Miller says:


  29. Curly Q says:

    The current “SWAMP INHABITANTS” are so far away from the constitution that we might as well be a third world country. It is amazing how a few people can twist something as good as the Constitution into a hateful, non-sensical document. Watching an old Bugs Bunny cartoon is more realistic than this totally illegal and unconstitutional impeachment of private citizen Donald Trump.

  30. Holly Rose says:

    I would think and hope trump is impeachable. If trump initiated the insurrection act, I read he would still be president until the problem ceases to exist so would that not make him impeachable? I hope so. We must get him out of office. My sister wants him dead. I wouldn’t go that far but I think serving life would be enough. He should never ever serve office again. We have a good man in Biden now who will carry on where Obama left off. Have no fears or worries as justice will prevail and trump will be punished for his evil deeds. My sister can quote chapter and verse all trump has done wrong. I am nowhere aware of half of what trump is done but if my sister says trump is evil, trump is evil.

    • judy says:

      ok so you only listen to what your sister says! and I can probably tell you how she is wrong. when jan 6th happened he was still giving his speech and didn’t even know what was going on at the capital and the idiot AOC wasn’t even in the building, yet gets away with accusing Sen Cruz of attempted murder!

    • Emanon says:

      Good christian beliefs wants him dead typical stupidity but it was ok for james brown impersonater maxine waters telling people what to do to conservatives your sister thought that was good


    • Diane says:

      Maybe you should stop listening to your sister, do some research, and get a thought of your own. President Teump had nothing to do with the Insurrection. It was bad actors dressed up like Trump supporters. Kinda funny the police were guiding them into the capital.

    • Robert says:

      You are one brainwash dumb f*** you don’t even know what you’re talkin about your fool

    • Timothy F Smith says:

      Sooo glad you like your tax dollars going to other countries than helping legit Americans. How many unicorns at your house?

  31. Donna says:

    Lets start bringing the democrats to justice and we can take turns playing judge and jury. Sounds like fun. And of course they would all be guilty.

  32. Peg C. says:

    I totally agree that the impeachment is constitutional. I really think a lot of people should fully read and understand the constitution before they start spouting off as if they know what they are talking about.

    • j. hyde says:

      how is it constitutional-how can they impeach to remove a standing president when he is no longer president!

      • ck says:

        trump was impeached while still in office. He’s absolutely impeachable. Doesn’t matter if he’s convicted or not, he will go down in history as the ONLY president impeached twice. I wasn’t sure who’s side his lawyers were on. They were horrible!! None of it matters because he will never be voted into office again. You can take that to the bank

        • Sam B. says:

          Impeachment the first time over a perfect phone call with the Ukrainians…unlike good ole “quid pro quo Joe Beijing Biden.”
          The now second attempt is because Trump asked people going to the capital to do so “peacefully & patriotically.” What horrific crimes President Trump has committed LMAOOO. How pathetic & adolescent r the woke wusses & cancel culture clowns lol. R ur feelings hurt just because we finally had a president with a SPINE…put America first..& wasn’t told to b nice. This very moderate Democrat (not a socialist) appreciates/thankful for all the great results of the past 4 years that r being erased by dictatorship executive orders.

    • Better show that to at least 100 DEMO–C–RATS for they will be understanding that very ,very soon !!!

    • Robert says:

      I teach constitutional law and let me tell you something about all you people out there you haven’t got a clue about what’s really going on you cannot be impeached if you are a private citizen if they wanted to bring charges against him they could outside the presidency so another words you people really need to read the Constitution because all I’m hearing is blah blah blah nothing concrete nothing to say that he committed a crime not one little thing

    • Timothy F Smith says:

      Stay off my six.

  33. donald stevens says:

    What the hell are the republicing party doing.dont we have any righs at all, you kiss the Democrates ass. you won’t stand for America you are scared to death of Biden Harris polisa do thay have something on you all are getting paid off by China.people like Romney McConnell Barr and other republicans are cowards and traitors thay don’t have any back bone thay are as bad as the Democrates are,thay thank that they are gods thay all have sold out America.You let the Democrates say and do anything thay won’t.You all make me sick, you could care less about America.Trump is right you all are fake like the news media, you never supported him.

  34. Alan says:

    I wish I was the top commander of all our military forces, I’d already sent in our troops to take down everyone of the traitors within our Congress, the treasonous federal burueacrats, and anybody aiding and abetting these traitors, and everyone of these traitors would be promptly sent to the gallows to be hanged and aired on national and global TV for all to see what happens to traitors to the U.S. Constitution and the USA, And anybody within the USA that riots and loots in response to hanging these traitors will either be shot on site or sent to the gallows, enough is enough, you’re either an American or you’re the enemy!

  35. Kathleen Jacobs says:

    Not only did the deep state politicians change elections but they feel as if they can run all over the Constitutional Laws of America. The Chief Justice is not leading this Parade and that in itself is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

  36. Cindy says:

    President Trump is the only man I accept as president.It will be a crime to watch this wonderful country lose much of what president Trump fought for. Unity,says Biden? I guess he doesn’t know the meaning of the word!!!!!

    • Patricia says:

      Agreed. I. So sick of the waste of OUR $ the corruption in DC is so bad we need Jesus to return and end this……


  37. Tina says:

    ENOUGH!! He is now a Citizen of the US. He was NOT telling anyone to do harm, in fact the opposite calling for a peaceful protest. How corrupt, dishonest and disgusting the Senate and Congress are!! President Trump one and Biden and Harris are COMMUNISTS!! Get them out of the White House now!!! Biden doesn’t even know what he is signing!!! God save America

  38. tom says:

    I agree with Jean the 6 GOP Senators who voted with the Democrats are a bunch of
    [email protected]&*#%!+. They won’t be forgotten when they run for the next election down the road. Unlike the democrats who stand together these people are wolves in Sheep
    clothing. Wake up America and vote them out.

  39. Bill says:

    We now have an unconstitutional senate hearing And an unconstitutional president.

    • Patricia says:

      Agreed. I just said to my husband its so corrupt I think we’ve past the point of no return. Evil is winning. Time for the rapture…..

  40. Raymond Ready says:

    Hey demonrats your making a huge mistake. You think your powerful enough to break the law? You will have us breaking the law also. Locks only keep honest people honest. Dont forget this.

  41. Patricia Burton says:

    About the time I think they’ve pulled all the stupid tricks they could pull they haul off and do something else even stupider. They haven’t got a complete brain between all of them. All a bunch of idiots. They all need to go to Gitmo.

  42. James says:

    Trump Train 2024

  43. Paul Shea says:

    This is not Constitutional and should not Proceed.
    Even before Trump was elected to be President ,and he was not President
    Yet, the Democrats wanted to impeach back then and they never stopped.
    And here they go again like they have nothing better to do.
    I have never seen in all my Life how much Hatred these people have towards somebody. It is very Sad and they are Ruining the Great America
    that I grew up in . And also Trump is not responsible for the actions of others. Capital Police warned Peloski and she shrugged it all off.

    • I honestly think myself that they the demonrats had a hand in that riot someone in that evil circle had something to do with it think about it seriously that probably planned the whole thing.some day it will all come out just like the virus thing dirty hands all of them god wont let this go unnoticed.GOD BLESS OUR SMERICA SND ALL THE INNOCENT PEOPLE SICK BUNCH OF COMMUNISTS

      • Ben Nicolosi says:

        Agreed : the riot was planned by the democrats that day the capital was under staffed with security on purpose. Those that rushed into the house were not Trump supporters. They were Rouge extremists. Some supporters my have made a bad decision and entered. Shame on them. However Trump did not push them into the windows. There are many evil politicians that are evil. The ones that do no were the American flag on their lapels make it obvious.

  44. The democratic idiots are scared to death of Trump.I hope he does run again in 2024.All the democratic idiots are to be hung on live Tv.Until they turn purple

  45. Voter says:

    Waste of: TIME, TAXPAYERS funds,ENERGY, EFFORTS….you are INSANE with hatred and wasting all of our lives, by the way..
    .take down that wall around the capital….leave our border wall alone, We, the People paid for the wall. Donate your paychecks to help the citizens in this country.

  46. Bobbe Gilman says:

    What a waste of our tax dollars!!! Enough already!!! Spend your time and our money on things to help the American people!!!!😡💩

  47. aPatriot says:

    Well ya the demo RATS do what ever thee want ILLEGAL mostly . The other side bears blame also they let them get away with it- as in 4 years of TRUMP hate and constant LIES and charges .Both sides are responsible for support the INSANE amount of Federal Bureaucracy and FAT SALARIES and Benefits for themselves and the bureaucrats. ALSO the huge amount of $$for other countrys in OUR budget and NOT supporting OUR Immigration LAWS. States like CA. have been openly violating Federal Immigration LAWS for DECADES now these same scum are in charge-why weren’t they dealt with in the PAST?

  48. JOHN P CATALANO SR says:

    The RINOS have to be removed from the party. OKAY the democraps are going to be removing egg residue off their faces. They asked for a fight, and they are going to get one that will bury them!

  49. NUBU says:


    • Dale E Thornton says:

      You know I think it’s the Senators and the people that voted that it’s constitutional I think they are the ones that should be removed from office and barred from ever holding office again these people are traitors they don’t care about the Constitution at all neither do the Democratic party

    • Gail Rock says:

      It’s time these democrats be removed.. T. his group is dangerous. They are not American Democrat’s. They are Socialist Communists. They’re main goal is to destroy our beautiful country. We did it in the Civil war and we can do it again now.

  50. Jean says:

    The GOP better know we are watching everyone of them and how they vote. If they support this sham of a trial there will be consequences.

    • Prema says:

      Excellent …. there will be consequences…..we are n o longer non involved and we are alert to the rhetoric and lies that are self serving…

  51. Roy Westberg says:


    • Sharon says:

      I disagree with the 56, president Trump did nothing wrong, it is unconstitutional what they’re doing to him, it is very very wrong, and very sad, my prayers go out to him, they’re not listening to the truth they’re just listening to the lies that have been told and said and everything, but their day is coming, I feel God will reveal it and take care of it

    • Prema says:

      There is no good Constitutional lawyer who says this is legit …. hatred and vengeance are the rule….makes me not only sad but makes me sick….how are we going to fix the country….it is so lawless and so full of leftists who are pathological murderers.

  52. sunflowers and Daisy's says:

    What else is new? The insanity knows no end. Dont we have more important issues like staying alive?

  53. Miha says:

    look , all of you out there with you’re head stuck between you’re legs, read the Constitution ! Theres plenty in there that refers to the supreme law.In case you’re wondering, commies voted and the commies in the people’s government have spoken and in case we do not have a miracle happen , they are here to stay !!!!!! What are you doing about it ?????

  54. David says:

    Kept it up Rinos and all you delusional lawless liberal democrats…. just continue pudding us off. It 80 million plus against Just a few hundred. You have no idea what’s going on and what’s being spoken on the street. You better quit this BS before you poke this bear further.

  55. Marlen Guell says:

    If President Trump is convicted in the Senate I think the Republicans need to indict President Obama for paying all the cash to bail out the traitor in the Army. In the billion”s if I remember.
    When you have such a bias body, the Senate: they won’t listen to anything but their HATE fo Trump.
    As far as the Republicans who voted to go to trial they need to be voted out of office. If you can’t support your president against the other party you either switch parties or quit.

  56. Virginia Stewart says:

    Unconstitutional I am getting tired of using the tax papers money,with so many out of work as a result of closing down the pipe line the Dems don’tcare about the American people.

  57. David G Dougherty says:

    We have to remember the MORON Republicans that voted that the trial was constitutional. Without Trump in office so much for the rule of LAW. Those socialists make it up as they go…….

    • Mary Thompson says:

      Very true. Without Trump as President the rule of law is in question. The fact that they make up the law as they go along for their purposes negates any law that doesn’t agree with that too.
      It looks like a shabby bunch that we have as leaders now. Why are they so determined to harm our previous President? I think its their envy and fear they might get caught rigging the elections and all the other tyrranical takeover tactics they are frantically cramming down Americas will.

  58. Carol Greene says:

    The Trump lawyer went word for word in the Constitution and still the Democrats voted in favor of impeachment.
    what a bunch of idiots and they should all be impeached!!!

  59. bruce says:

    So if that were true , we can impeach Biden, Obama, Clinton…So much BS.

    • BevG says:

      Biden should be impeached along with others. Look what is happening to our country. It’s a disgrace! As for the Republicans that voted for this sideshow and a HUGE WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY AND TIME, their constituents need to vote them out of office. They’re a disgrace also.

      • Blanca Holland says:

        If they don’t stop this kangaroo court they will have no republicans at the table of voters: we can republicexit: for it will die if they impeach President Donald J Trump: they have awakened a republic for which it stands one nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all: called we the people. The party of the eagle: not a donkey or a elephant.

        • Frances says:

          They need to impeach Biden, Harris Cortez,Pelosi,Romney, Schumer. All the Rhinos. What happened to our free speech?
          President Trump did more good for our Country than any other President.He loves this country and the Americans. They are suppose to work for the people, not themselves. Biden has done more harm to our country in just a few weeks. He cares more about the illegals than the Americans.

  60. Ruth vanoel says:

    You republican traitors. And that idiot Biden who is told what to do by Bernie Sanders, OBAMA and that screwball women he picked for vice-president. Their all ruining our country. And you idiots that voted for Biden . Don’t complain about the gas prices and heating bills.

  61. Sandy says:

    WTF! How is this constitutional? Stupid socialist demoshits.

  62. Matt Smith says:

    This is unconstitutional. How can they say its constitutional when he is not in office. What are they drinking and smoking. I have a feeling these people are being payed to push it all the way. Money talks they know the Democrats are gonna do away with the constitution you watch.

  63. Sandra wiles says:

    I think this whole process is against a president who finally lived up to his campaign promises. That makes the rest of our elected officials look like the frauds that they are.

    • Melody says:

      I think this trial is ridiculous and uncalled for. He has only done good things for this country and the democrats can’t stand that and the fact that he was getting the corruption on them to be found out.

  64. Lee says:

    I do not agree!!! For one thing it is known that nonsupporting Trump people were there and brought in. Also he’s not a president at the moment. And a impeachment is used against a reciting president. Just a waste of money.

  65. Bruce Wooden says:

    This is a pathetic shitshow! When the hell is someone gonna do something about these miserable f##cking demoncrats and their corruption ?

  66. Carol O'Clare says:

    Wrong! If it’s constitutional to impeach of president and who is already out of office then that means present past president Obama should also be impeached for some of the things that he did so that should be next.

    • Ben says:

      Argument is NOT whether or not to impeach a President who is out of office….That is not the current issue. HE HAS ALREADY BEEN IMPEACHED (2ND TIME) WHILE HE WAS STILL IN OFFICE. Need to get passed that issue and move on to the current issue, should he be punished…if so, what punishment to issue. Personally, I think Mr. Trump yelled “FIRE” in a theater…when he KNEW there was no fire;…people get killed in the stampede…..Is it not obvious WHO to blame?????????

      • ck says:

        Finally, someone with a brain. Can you even believe how gullible these terrorists are? Terrorist, terrorist against their own country!

  67. Lora Sugg says:

    It doesn’t matter, the Dems already do illegal shit constantly, why should this be any different. Trump should be and is my President!

  68. ted mac says:

    Unconstitutional. Democrats ignore laws of constitution all the time. No one to stop them. This is a dog and pony show. Everyone knows the Dems are going to crucify Trump.

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