Trump Volunteer Violently Attacked

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

( – In a highly concerning incident against the backdrop of the rapidly approaching 2024 election, a volunteer for Donald Trump’s campaign has been assaulted violently in an attack that occurred outside the headquarters of the local Republican Party.

The Police Department in Athens, AL, is conducting an investigation into a reported assault on Tara Johnson, a volunteer for Trump.

The incident is being considered a potentially politically motivated attack, Breitbart News reports.

Tara Johnson, whom the Alabama Republican Party identifies in a press release as a “dedicated Republican volunteer,” was attacked outside the GOP Trump Headquarters in Limestone County, AL over the weekend.

Jeannie Negrón Burniston, the communications director for the Alabama Republican Party, reported that Johnson is the primary volunteer at this location and deals with physical mobility issues due to health concerns.

Burniston also detailed that the assault happened while Johnson was in her vehicle, where she was assaulted by someone who “grabbed Johnson by the hair and repeatedly punched her in the face and slammed her head against the door of her truck.”

John Wahl, the chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, strongly condemned the incident.

“The attack on Tara Johnson is a disgraceful act of violence that has no place in our society. Having served alongside Tara on the Limestone County Executive Committee for many years, this is very personal to me. Tara is not just a volunteer; she is a kind and generous person who is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. We are heartbroken and outraged by this senseless act of violence against her,” Wahl declared.

He emphasized the ongoing police investigation and the importance of community assistance in apprehending those responsible.

“The Athens Police Department is currently investigating the assault, and we urge anyone with information to come forward and assist in bringing the perpetrators to justice,” he said.

Wahl also called for an end to violence in political discourse and criticized the Democratic Party and mainstream media for what he saw as inflammatory rhetoric.

“Violence has no place in our political discourse, and those responsible should be held accountable for their actions. In times of political adversity, it is important that we come together and reaffirm our commitment to civility, respect, and peaceful political engagement. I call on the Democratic Party and mainstream media to cease their inflammatory rhetoric, which incites individuals against Donald Trump and his supporters. The relentless demonization and vilification of political opponents only serves to sow division and discord within our society. We can and should do better,” he concluded.

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