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Trump: We Cannot Allow Election To Stand

In a remarkable video speech from the White House, President Donald Trump presented in great detail the reasons he believes the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen from him.

Whether you support or oppose Trump, this is a must-watch video as it demonstrates, more than ever before, that he does not intend to concede defeat to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In fact, Trump concludes the speech by stating, “We cannot allow a completely fraudulent election to stand.”

Please watch the video and share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Trump is right or wrong to keep fighting to hold onto the presidency?


  1. Bruce Harrington says:

    Parlor gone, twitter gone, republican donor money gone, US corps shutting down the retardican party. Covid running wild, more deaths here that anywhere else in the world. Only amerikkkans are stupid enough to vote for Trump. Gary Busey is smarter and would make a better president. Almost any random non-mentally ill person would be better than trump, Even a 10year old.

  2. How do you spell TREASON ? Look closely to what happened and who all were involved.

  3. Irving Tiffany says:

    Trump has been pissing in the Kool-Aid. and a lot of people are drinking it!

    • Santa says:

      Is that you in that little picture circle? You are not only a stupid muva fuck but you are an ugly bastard as well.Did your mama have any kids that lived?

  4. Jan Walters says:

    I am a proud female vet and bleed red, white, and blue. Trump won this so-called “election” by a well-deserved and historical landslide. Trump has nothing but the welfare of the people and the Constitution in his heart. I feel so sad for the Dems who cannot accept this. Trump should enact the Sedition Act and let the chips fall where they may. I was always proud to defend this country, but if we are left with Biden & his cronies, the US is defunct and will never be the same. God bless Trump and I pray for his and all the rest of us patriots to overcome this. If it gets to the point that I am called again to serve this country as a defender, I’ll be there in a heartbeat. Trump, those that love liberty & freedom are behind you and will fight to the death to preserve this country and the freedom given to us by God. I love your resolve, strength, and support you all the way. God bless the USA.

  5. AJ says:

    WE THE PEOPLE/PATRIOTS that support President Trump must request/demand of him today to declare Marshall Law to save OUR COUNTRY and CONSTITUTION. No other path will save OUR COUNTRY and CONSTITUTION and investigate and prosecute all those democrat communists complicit in the voter election fraud coup. Otherwise, TOMORROW IS CIVIL WAR!



  6. ck says:

    This just out!! 42% of Americans say Trump is The Worst President In American History! George W Bush came in 2nd with 36%. Just like I said…..worst EVER!!

    • Terry Rogers says:

      That means 58% thinks he is the best!

    • Terry Ro says:

      That means 58% thinks he is the best!

    • John A Bird says:

      You have no idea what you’re talking about! President Trump is the only President within the past 60 years who is trying to retain this Constitutional Republic. This would include our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law, our Sovereignty, and our Freedoms. You have been brainwashed during your early years and have the thoughts of an ameba.

    • Crackerjack says:

      Your lying they did not say that tell the truth for get off the koolaid

    • Grace says:

      This election was not the first election to be rigged and unless we stop the crime right now, not next election, it wont stop. By the time the next election rolls around the law breakers are all set up and ready to roll. They did it with John Kennedy and got away with it. They did it in 2000 in Florida, with the hanging chads. They were caught. Thirty eight days and two trips to the Supreme Court and Gore didn’t get to be president.If this rigged election is allowed to stan and Biden becomes an illegitimate President it could very well mean the end of honest elections, America will be considered a tird world country ruled by buffoons and with no standing Supreme Court with enough courage to carry out their duty. John Roberts should resign. He has been compromised too many times.

      • Angela says:

        I say we do what the constitution says we can against a tyranical government. It’s time to arm up and storm washington ALL 72 million of us. Without it being ALL OF US nothing will be done or change. Demand a new ELECTION between biden and trump only NO MACHINES IN PERSON ONLY 1 VOTE WRITE IT OUT PUT IN LOCK BOX WITH A GUARD WATCHING IT MUST HAVE ID AND VOTER CARD!!

    • Frank Liso Jr says:

      BS what did you poll all democrats?

    • AJ says:

      we the people/patriots that support president trump must request/demand of him today to declare marshall law to save our country and constitution. no other path will save our country and constitution and investigate and prosecute all those democrat communists complicit in the voter election fraud coup. otherwise, tomorrow is civil war!

      god bless america & patriots!!

      live free or die fighting!!!

    • J Patko says:

      so your concieding a vast majority think trump was great

    • ron knox says:

      they said you were the worst human ever

    • Dannie Armstrong says:

      25% say he is the best President ever in the history of our country. No other President has ever come close to that. If you are going to tell percentages, tell all of them.

    • Rando says:

      Right Moron What was he worst at The best unemployment numbers in history or the Middle East Peace or the greatesst trade deals in history or the stongest recordv setting Stock Market in history or the best Economy in histoiry or one of the masssive records all over the world Ya he was the worst for any lieing ass rat liberal supporter who is hidind under Bidens Rock Pile You are a Joke

  7. Corri says:

    What Trump failed to say is that the same vote “dumps” occurred for him in 2016. If he is calling out the states for vote dumps, then his 2016 election will have to be negated as well. What is he thinking? Give it up already. None of the arguments can stand up in court because they are just the way election votes have always been tallied. Anyone who has seriously worked at a managerial position for an election in the past 100 years will be able to vouch for this – in both democrat and republican wins during all that time. Trump needs to study history and the facts about elections through all wins/losses. Time for him to grow up and be a man about this. I have nothing against either party wanting to win – that’s why we have an electoral process in our country. And the losing party has always looked forward to the next election to have their chance again with ALL the people of our country casting their vote and having each one counted and validated. And that’s what has been proven already for this election. Trump at this point just doesn’t wants another 4 years so he doesn’t face a prison term for other illegal activities. And he is willing to do anything – even undermine our country’s laws in order to save himself. He has now shown me and many other Republicans that what he really is doing is beyond political at this point – it is totally personal to save his own skin – without any allegiance to anyone else but himself. He would just as easily crush anyone who is commenting on this site in his defense if it was to his personal benefit. Beware is all I have to say at this point.

    • Michael Mier says:


    • AJ says:

      Lengthy BS. You totally ignore the overwhelming abundance of eye witnesses affidavits of fraud, whistle blowers, audit results, expert testimony/ reports, etc which presents physical evidence of voter election fraud. And each day more evidence of voter election fraud is found and exposed. President Trump will declare Marshall Law to expose the election fraud coup, to investigate and prosecute all those complicit, and to save OUR COUNTRY and CONSTITUTION from this tyrannical treason.
      Otherwise, TOMORROW IS CIVIL WAR!



    • ck says:

      You sound under the influence to me. Have another one of……..whatever.

      • Jaybo says:

        Ck has show constantly by “it’s” comments that a “ck” is the perfect example of how stupid,lame,ignorant fucks tell us about their inbred democrat distorted policies!

      • ck says:

        Hey hey, sicko is back!!

  8. Sam B. says:

    I’m a registered Democrat(barely left leaning) who knows dozens of others…NOT 1 OF US VOTED FOR QUID PRO QUO JOE for several obvious reasons. Yes we all voted for Trump & others on the right because the unhinged corrupt radical progressive SOCIALIST left…formerly known as the democrat party…will wreck/undue all the progress that’s been made the past 4 years. This is ALL IRREFUTABLE!
    Something else that’s IRREFUTABLE is ALL THE OBVIOUS VOTER FRAUD this election. Unless u r in total denial of the OBVIOUS..&/or against true honest well as Trump at any & all costs of progress for the country….these delusional folks will completely deny that there were any issues with this election. This is better known as “Pride over/before progress”….the loser-LEFT politicians r use to this. Sad. Pathetic.
    *** People in Ga..get out & vote LOEFFLER & PERDUE!!!!

  9. David Smith says:

    I must be getting old and senile there are about three hundred million Americans and if you give them each two thousand dollars for the stimulus I just can’t get that to come out to 900 billion My math is off or something is seriously wrong with our politicians I believe it is time to eliminate all of them.

  10. Marjorie Kelly says:

    Go online & ck ea state’s election statutes regarding what is lawful and what isn’t; the states’ legislatures are the only people who can to change those laws & then the people of the state MUST vote for the change/changes; .. not the Secretary of State, the election commissions or judges can make those chanages to election statutes. There are very few states that have pre-existing statutes that allow mail-in ballots. The following are states that had passed mail-in ballot laws prior to 2020: Oregon in 2000, Washington in 2006, Utah in 2012, Colorado in 2014, California in 2018, & Hawaii passed in 2019 to be first implemented in 2020. There have been absentee ballots in all other states the require applications, IDs, & signataure verifications in most instances at least one month prior to election day. Some confuse mail-in ballots for absentee ballots; usually absentee ballots are a special needs ballot such as military personnel stationed away from their home precincts; also shut-ins & voters who’s schedules show verifiable reasons why they will be away from their voting precincts such as business or vacations reasons. All other mail-in ballots are not legal & should not be counted.

    • Lady Constance Lee Eby says:

      I concur and anyone who seems to think that there is validity in this years Presidential election is uneducated in the facts that you lay forward in your statement. To me this represents the most grievous disregard for the law and the US Constitution.

  11. Holly Rose says:

    trump just can’t get over his loss. How utterly stupid, selfish and arrogant of trump He is such a poor loser. It was obvious that the popular vote as well as the electoral votes were all in Biden’s favor. Biden had big rallies as well as Biden was conscious of CV19 that he had everybody mask up. trump never ever took that kind of consideration and care of the populace besides trump has low turnouts over the thousands that attended Biden’s rallies. Doesn’t that tell you something. Who wants to listen to trump when what he says doesn’t make any sense? He talks like a 5th grader in comparison to Biden’s erudite manner of speech.

    • Hugs and kisses. says:

      I can tell that way down deep inside, with all of the derogatory comments that you posted about PRESIDENT TRUMP,that secretly you LOVE that man so much that you don’t want anybody to know your true feelings about the man.its okay. He loves you too sweetheart!

    • Lady Constance Lee Eby says:

      Not certain where you saw “big rallies” for Biden. They were actually sparsely attended and limited in number.
      How states that had illegally changed their voting laws just before the election could certify their votes is questionable and is probably as illegal as the voting laws that were changed.
      The electoral college may have voted but there again, there were instances where Republicans were not allowed to cast their votes. I suppose you see nothing wrong with that? The win or loss is yet to be determined. There is January 6th that could make a determination on the final outcome.

    • Lynnett says:

      Holly Rose, when and where did you see big rallies?? And your comparing Biden who can’t put 2 sentences together and looks like he doesn’t know where he’s at, to President Trump? You really need help!!

    • Roger Ramsey says:

      Speaking of utterly stupid, look in the mirror.

    • Sam B. says:

      C’mon Holly LMAO.. I’m totally certain u say the DELUSIONAL things u do just to get a rise out of people…ruffle some feathers.
      Lol…so sad.

    • Ron Smith says:

      Talk about unedumacated. Ha must b from calyfortnight. Please get a life an really edumact u self. Love u always.

  12. I am not a member of any party, but I am on Trump’s side. I think that all sane people cannot help but see how the rotten, decayed and stinking cadaverous smell of the Democratic Party and its dead from the graves who voted for Biden – wants to drag our country with them to the grave. We will all side with Trump to protect our homeland, our Freedom.

    • Dominga says:

      I agree 100%!!! I, a lifelong Dem switched, & voted 4 our President Trump both times!! Will support him as long as he’s fighting 4 the presidency!!! Might become non-party. However, I am a Christian & will follow the party who is conservative!!!

    • Lady Constance Lee Eby says:

      I am an Independent when it comes to voting and I am appalled at the dishonesty, the conniving, the manipulation, the complete disregard for the law, the lying, the cheating, and the list goes on, that I have witnessed this election cycle. Pelosi, Schumer, and all their cronies controlled the narrative and coddled Joe Biden bolstering his image and hid truths that were germane to decision making for the general public. It’s a shame that the Democrats feel the need to behave so abhorrently in order to gain votes to secure their future and narrative. Despicable!

    • Kenneth Shockley says:

      I will go to the grave over this 2020 election, I’m backing Donald Trump

  13. Phil Davis says:

    Trump should be our president All the false accusation with no proof… Defamation of character should be filed especially for the CNN channel

  14. Bernice Spaeth says:

    If President Trump doesn’t win the court system is as bad as the DEMOCRATS for fraud with so much proof of fraud that they have.

    • Allie Bryan says:

      The stealing of the election was planned on par with a foreign entity-with full cooperation from domestic entities of the target country, and is equated with an armed invasion from an outside entity with cooperation from elements inside the target country.

    • Lady Constance Lee Eby says:

      I completely agree. In listening to Jay Sekulow and his team, I became hopeful that truth, honesty and justice would prevail but disappointingly the US Supreme Court bowed out. I am still hopeful that come January 6th we may see a turn for justice. Praying very hard!

  15. Rhoda says:

    Trump won! No question about it. The Democrats are trying to steal this election. What else have they stolen and lied about? God bless our great President and give him 4 more years!

  16. Don Butler says:

    Mail in voting is legal you Retards should try it even though it still won’t help. The Dumocrats outnumber you it is as simple as that. 81 million beats 71 million that is simple 3rd grade arithmetic. If you need to go back to school to learn 3rd grade math do so. Otherwise stop whining, the real citizens and contributors in this country have a lot of work to do cleaning up the mess the Con Man from Queens has left.

    • bruce says:

      Well, Sleepy Joe did not get 81 million votes…that’s the point. Mass mail in voting was done legally…Absentee voting is legal and requires you make a request for a ballot. The other type just showed up at your house without asking….Its illegal….Only the state legislatures can make that happen…They didn’t.

      • Carol says:

        There is no doubt at all that Trump won the presidency. The crooked dems with their illegal money paid off people and even organizations to do their dirty work. They even had their precious China to manipulate the voting machines and our country’s despicable media to pitch in in downgrading our President and uplifting crooked Biden. If Biden really gets in the ruination of our country will begin and many people and unborn Human beings will be killed. Many americans, including myself will never bother to vote again as we will be run by a dictatorship and our vote won’t count anyway. We will be told who will live and who will die, who can reap millions while others starve to death including little children. I pray God will be with us that cherish our freedom and forever praise those that have died to preserve it. May God bless the U.S. Of America!

    • Bev says:

      I am NOT a retard, and it is disgraceful that you use the label. But for the grace of God, it could be applied to you.
      Many people with learning disabilities are able to live happy, productive lives.

    • Myrna says:

      I have friends that moved from GA to AL in 2020 and changed their address. She received two absentee ballots, not requested by her and he received one absentee ballot that he did not ask for. WHY? Why did it go across state lines, unrequested?

    • margaret says:

      lol and a 1st grader can see the huge fraud that took place, unless of course you listen to main stream media who is just filling you with propaganda, twisting things and outright lying and not telling you the whole truth. wake up people. And believe me they do not care about you , me or America. And if you don’t like it leave.

    • Pierre Plauzoles says:

      So, the fraudulent votes vount? No thank you. Go find yourselves a hood solid morals class — if you can even find one. Until you pass that class with a “B” or better, don’t bother coming back.

      • Don Butler says:

        Its ethics not morals that might go right over your head. This country will never go marxist or communist the top 10% who own the country will never allow it. Also you should look up what those words you are throwing around actually mean. Capitalism is not the sweet deal that everyone thinks it is that is when the majority of the wealth is in the hands of a few. Today we are a modern day oligarchy in which the rich make the decisions.

    • mtman2 says:

      You pathetic Marxist slut there aren’t enuff of you wingnuts to win considering Trump took almost half the minority vote along with at 3AM 11/4 the 5swing States illegally simultaineously shut down with Trump landsliding to restart up with China O’Biden ahead = massive Election Fraud and it will be dealt with by the REAL American people that not only won but outnumber you parasites two to one in the real world.
      Your self avowed Marxist BLM/ANTIFA thugs compared to the 10’s of millions that showed up at Trump rally’s is pathetic and they are all armed citizens.
      You plastic banana dorks will find out who “real Americans” are shortly…lol.

    • Lynnett says:

      Don is so sad and completely misinformed!!

    • Roger Ramsey says:

      Sooo, Socialism/Communism is OK by you. The dems didn’t outnumber anybody. To get what they claim they got was through fraud, dead people voting (by mail), many many duplicate mailins, voting machines that can and did flip votes. All this is called cheating. Ignore it if you wish and say goodbye to the life and America that you remember. I think you deserve that

  17. Norman Powell says:

    It’s over.

    Yes, they (probably) stole it. Problem is the entire system (legal, governmental, media) is behind the change, so he can fight all he wants but it will yield no positive results. Even the SC justices he appointed are refusing to give any of his complaints a hearing. This, along with only tepid support from his own party seals the deal.

    Sad, but it is done.

    • Bruce says:

      not so fast, cowboy. There is such a thing as the law. And it was violated. The SCOTUS haven’t heard a case yet. They just said Texas doesn’t have standing for things that happened in PA. The Trump team filed an appeal with the courts and they need to taek it …They ruled in Bush v gore and that was about 500 votes in FLA. This is much bigger and We will not stop until it gets hearing. So much for your tepid support narrative.

      • Tammy Gilbert says:

        I agree with you. More states are held by Republicans than there are Democrat states. To believe there wasn’t election fraud is plain ignorance. SCOTUS needs to see the evidence we have all seen. If they don’t have the courage to do their job & uphold The Constitution (Law of the Land) I totally support President Trump invoking the Insurrection Act.

  18. Brian says:

    We started losing this country when “liberals” started changing punishments for crimes. When you can kill multiple people and get a room and meals for the rest of your life with no need to work or earn an income or pay taxes, that sends a terrible message. With some exceptions, if you kill someone, you’re executed. Otherwise you work for your keep. Raising food, making products to sell, busting rocks, anything to keep them from laying around. Make people regret going to jail or prison. That’s just the start.

  19. William says:

    President Trump

    Invoke the Insurrection Act, what you are fighting is Socialism…call it fraud but behind it is a sinister attack by politicians on both sides of the aisle who have become communist sympathizers. In recognition of this you have every right to Invoke the above mentioned because that is exactly why it was enacted in the 1800’s. Seize the machines, the Ballots, let the military count and display the result. Then and only then will the truth be confirmed

    • Lynnett says:

      Very well stated! I could not agree with you more. We are losing are country. I am so disappointed in the Republicans that should be standing behind President Trump. He is running out of options and he needs to do whatever is necessary to save our country and I feel he is the man to do it! The Patriots will be behind him 100%.

  20. Elaine Pressing says:

    The President should declare Marshall Law and demand that the Military be
    instructed to have a recount of Valid Ballots. That means checking the
    Citizenship of the Voter, Address and Signatures. We do not want a President who is a Fraud. I fully support President Trump.

    I am sure that Biden did not win fairly, plus now we all find out that the
    Biden family is a bunch of crooks. They (Biden) should leave this country
    and go live in the country that they seem to favor over the Great U.S.A. What comes across is that the Democrats want power and MONEY so that they
    can retire is style. Look at Joe Biden he is still attempting to bankrupt
    this country.

    • Lynnett says:

      Where are the REPUBLICANS?? I have lost faith in my party! As we watch what is taking place, the Democrats are not the only ones to blame! I hope President Trump takes control and takes action or the United States as we know it is done!

  21. Sandy Thomas says:

    President Trump won this election anybody with two eyes can see the fraud that was committed. President Trump took an oath to protect our nation from people who want to overthrow us…so many in government have committed treason and sedition and crimes against humanity…he must bring this out..even the Supreme Court is corrupt! Our nation is not for sale by China…we the people stand beside our President Trump. Trump will remain our President now and in the future to 2024 and if you don’t like it go back to our communistic countries and those who side with the DEMONcrats if you don’t like it…please pack your bags and move to a socialistic, communistic country…im just like Patrick Henry when he said give me liberty or give me death!!! I will fight along side my nation’s Patriots for our freedoms that we have enjoyed for over 200yrs!!!

  22. AJ says:

    President Trump has to declare Marshall Law now for him to have the military investigate and prosecute those complicit in the voter election fraud coup. Otherwise, there is going to be a CIVIL WAR.



  23. Thomas Tilden says:

    I trust Trump as my president. I do not trust Biden the crook. The Ukraine robbery by slippery fingers! Saw the video of Biden telling the Ukraine pres. What to say to Trump or when Biden is pres. He will let Russia take the Ukraine over ! A piece of crap Biden is . The way he touches women and little girl. . Any one else would be in jail for life. Pervett sicko ! Harris the whore of Washington d.c. admits to what she did to get where she is . Another waste of good clean air !!

  24. Pam Adams says:

    We’re 100% behind President Trump and Vice President Pence!!! If the Republicans in Congress (plus some Democrats that can look themselves in the mirror each day) DON’T STAND behind this crucial fight, they can count themselves out if we ever have a legitimate election again!!!!

  25. G says:

    This is the tip of the iceberg of the corruption and fraud that is rampant throughout our system. Trump got a plan and sit back and watch the show, it will be a blockbuster and will eventually be made into a movie.

  26. Susan D Palmer says:

    We need President Trump 4 more years ! He won by a landslide, All involved in this steal must do prison time. We must have secure Elections.

  27. ck says:

    Can’t wait til 1-20-21!!! All you idiots need to move to an autocratic country, I hear them calling your names! Better yet, all that money you’re sending to Trump can buy an island where you can all go to worship the lying POS Pumpkin!!

    • BARBARA HILL says:

      Your right what happened
      4 year agovwhrn all you Democrats said if trump wins ,you where leaving the United states. I cant wait either when Biden gets In an your taxes go up, your gas prices go up and all the jobs trump got back head to china again. Boy just cant wait for all this an all the illegals to become citizens

      • ck says:

        I can afford to have my taxes raised and higher gas prices. I live within my means. As far as jobs going to China, that would be corporate America who sent all those jobs to China. You know the shareholders who got massive tax cuts under the con man. Take a class in economics, because you are very ignorant on this subject.

        • Lynnett says:

          Your showing your ignorance so blatantly and bragging about it!!

          • ck says:

            Bragging because I live within my means? When did that become a thing to brag about you idiot. Try it sometime, you’ll be much happier.

        • mtman2 says:

          Hardly so douchebag Marxist for its you that better wake up for the crocodile pines for you too and you will not escape whats coming either way toad…lol.

    • Kathleen says:

      We only worship God. As for you tards on the left you worship yourselves and that is why you all are so emotionally triggered by anything good. You all like depravity, 100 or more genders, making little kids change their sex, killing babies up until birth and even after, worshipping false gods, Pedophilia.You are Unamerican, and sick with no morals, and that island you talk about is resevered just for scumbag traitors like youself.

      • ck says:

        Correction……you worship God and the pumpkin man! Who in their right mind would stand behind a man trying to steal an American election, does nothing as Russia hacks into our government institutions and corporations, downplays a pandemic killing hundreds of thousand of people and acts like a petulant child calling people names and throwing a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. He’s so afraid to go to jail, and he should be!!!

        • Jaybo says:

          You brainwashed lame fuck!your poor little brain couldn’t hold anymore lies from mainstream media so you have to store the rest of it in your asshole where your mouth is attached!

        • Lynnett says:

          We know where your getting your information! I guess you want socialism. So move to a socialist country and see how you like it!

          • mtman2 says:

            Yes because it won’t be tolerated here tho thr Far-Left parasites missed the memo thinking if they try to steal OUR election WE are gonna allow it = NOT – for its an attempted coup which is treason worthy of the death penalty…!

    • Jeanette Yaklin says:

      You are a stupid moron

      • ck says:

        And you are a brainless puppet who is being used as a pawn. History will condemn all you idiots who tried to destroy our country. Your children and grandchildren will say, “Mom (or grandma) why were you so stupid to stand behind such a sick, lying corrupt person. They may forgive you if you tell them, it was a cult! Send that POS some more money. He’s gonna need it to try to stay out of jail!!!

    • Sharon Trampe says:

      You are so funny. I think you need to aim your hatred towards Queen Pelosi. She is a huge reason why this country is so divided. She is suppose to be a leader and has led her followers down the road to destruction. Our country is in big trouble because of all the corruption within the democratic party. Started with Clinton and then Obama did a wonderful job of dragging us down even further. They are the reason President Trump decided to run for President…Drain the swamp (except it is more like a cesspool). Keep your blinders on, you will need them for the next 4 years with Kamala behind the wheel.

      • ck says:

        Whining, crying, baby ass losers!!!!

        • Sharon Trampe says:

 must be remembering what happened when President Trump won 4 years ago. we have listened to the Democrats crying and whining for the last four years. Doing everything they could to change the election results…again keep the blinders on.

          • ck says:

            Hey Sharon, don your purple robe, black and white Nikes. Have a nice long drink of kool-aid and go join Jim Jones and Heavens Gate, cause you are in a cult!!

        • ck says:

          LOL!!! This is so much fun!!! You little puppets do provide some entertainment, I’ll say that for you.

        • Lynnett says:

          ck…You really are an absolute idiot!!

    • Cathy moore says:

      You are not only blind but clueless and ignorant …you belong in the swamp with the rest DemocRATS!

      • ck says:

        And you are in a cult. Only a brainwashed person would want a president who lets Russia do whatever they want to do to this country. Don’t you wonder why? PEE PEE TAPE!!!

  28. Mariano Garcia says:

    President Trump knows that he has the voters behind him who stand with him and back him up 100%. He needs to get down to the truth of the matter. There is no way the U.S. of A. would want wimpy Biden to be president.

  29. Michael G Warren says:

    TRUMP PENCE…four more GREAT years in the WH. Pelosi, Democrats, Rhinos, fake news CNN, ALL to the swamp!! KAG!

  30. Len Lindenmeyer says:

    I have studied the election results in over half of PA’s 67 counties. I have compared the results to PA’s population growth from 2016 to 2020 from Penn State’s estimates that are done every two years. I have also compared 2020 election results for Biden as compared to Clinton’s totals in 2016. The results as compiled for 2020 make absolutely no sense whether you look all across the state or specifically in the western counties where fracking jobs are so important. Something is amiss and not just in a minor way.

    Biden claimed openly that he had a major fraud operation in place. From looking at this data I have to take his word for the claim to be true. It is particularly curious that Biden under performed Clinton in all states except the battlegrounds.

  31. SDOfAZ says:

    There are past times in recent US history where the dim wits tried to rig the elections although not so many at one time and against a senator still alive to tell the tale. And there are remedies to stop them. Use em all Gop who are NOT rinos.

  32. Anthony D says:

    marshall law now!!!!!

    • Yeah Trineeva says:

      100% agree

      • Ann says:

        Trump promised he would drain the swamp when he was campaigning but he never realized how big it was. There are so many traitors in the swamp that are selling out our Country. China is threat to our way life. This election is so important in so many ways, Trump has to stay in office and God help us all. Biden is a Criminal with his whole family they have been protected so long by high up money. It’s time to pay the piper now with so many others with him. He is not fit to run our Country.

        • Lynnett says:

          I don’t think anyone realized how big or deep the swamp was! It is for sure coming to light now! I so wish there was more I could do as an American citizen that loves my country to help our President! May God hear my prayers!!

  33. Sue says:

    Yes. Agree with President Trump that the Election is a fraud and he is not to concede but dig out truth.

    • Sandy Thomas says:

      Amen…so be it…if it takes Martial Law to do it get it done!!! I do not want my children or grandchildren growing up or taken advantaged of by a bunch of pedophiles that are in the government Bring them down, expose them and throw them in Gitmo where they belong. They ALL need military tribunals…they know they are all in trouble big time and they are literally fighting for their lives. Shame on ALL of them from politicians, movie stars, singers and judges, govenors, mayors the whole system is nothing but traitors and pedophiles. Do away with the evil.

    • Cathy Moore says:

      People do not even consider that our Father God will have vengeance on all those who are corrupt and there will be consequences to those who oppose his called and anointed choice for President. Our President was used to fulfill bible prophesy when he moved our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem…..He has a King Cyrus anointing and God keeps an account of all who have anti Christ spirits….. Hell is reserved for all who deny the Lord and his
      Pointed servants.

  34. Charlie Kilo says:

    Trump knows what he needs to do if these stats are true! The majority of Americans would be behind him! Does he have the tenacity, the guts to do what needs to be done? I doubt it! Time will tell!!!

    • Jaybo says:

      You know there was a LOT of guys from New York who were at parris Island boot camp with me and every one of those good old boys were tough! PRESIDENT TRUMP is tough enough!

    • Jay says:

      So CK is now Charlie Kilo. Sounds like an old jarhead, (Marine), to me as these are USMC designations. I used to be one n used these identifiers many times. Too bad CK has his head up his ass. Trump is the best president this country has ever had.