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Trump: ‘We Want No Violence’

Just moments ago, while leaving the White House to travel to the Mexican border, President Donald Trump took reporters questions for the first time since the riot at the United States Capitol six days ago.

The President stressed, “We want no violence, never violence. We want absolutely no violence.” He also addressed his impending impeachment by the House of Representatives that could occur as early as tomorrow.

Watch the President’s remarks in the video below and share your thoughts on this page’s comment section. Do you believe the president when he says he wants no violence? Do you believe he should be impeached? Why or why not?

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as warranted.


  1. dr says:

    dr 070121Jan …—… SOS …—…SOS…—… !!!!!!!!!
    Democrats used fear and intimidation past four years of Trump’s presidency and made his life a living hell with all the criminal-shenanigans and false accusations and threats displayed by dems. they were abusive towards Trump from the on start : Polosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, Blumenthal, Biden, Durban, Coons, Harris, Klobuchar, Clinton, Swalwell, Schultz, Leahy, Johnson, Hoye, Raskin, Tlaib, Booker, Omar, Jeffries, Lieu, Warren, Kaine, Nadler, Cicilline, Clyburn, Warner, Cohen, Green, Jackson-lee, Castro, Jayapal, etc to name a few, there are some repub, also hand-in-glove with dems. others indulged in riots disturbance, called upon dems to attack repub, where ever you see them, Russian farce, Ukrainian set up, and dems constant attacks towards PTrump supporters, four years dems terrorized Trumpians, and many other occurrences by the corrupt MSM the villains in toe with Hollywood Bad assess and the rich and the Powerul like SORROS throws money everywhere to create anarchy. Chief justice Roberts turns his head in support of Dems, so what did the other three judges do, that were nominated by PTrump???? That’s right, this is the phobia spread by the dems in every department and some courts activists and lawmaker pay2play in the House. There will be no peace nor quiet, the same will happen to the dems. we know where you live and your seeds whom you shall grieve for, for your sins. There are republicans who backstabbed and will fall in this category we are coming for you no matter where you move too you will be watched 24/7 liers and cheaters STOLE THE NOV20 ELECTIONS AND THE RESULTS OF THE WINNINGS meant for TRUMP AND MORE. WHAT DID BIDEN OR HARRIS DO TO WIN STATES ELECTIONS, NOTHING, ZILCH. READ BELOW, WRITTEN IN A SHORT FORM TO BETTER UNDERSTAND WHAT CRIMINAL DEMOCRATS DID, STOLE THE ELECTIONS. STOLE STOLE STOLE STOLE. Rise up and fight this evil that has come to steal from the people. Biden has been the founder/creator of the swamp incl. judges, politicians, law agents and many more in the govt. created by Biden’s 47years in congress, he has them all IN-HIS-POCKET.

    (It’s pretty obvious that our national legislators are all in the corporate bigwigs’ pocket)

    • Richard says:

      I wonder how long the dimwits that planned the red herring at the Capitol (antifa & BLM dressed like Trump supporters)could fool 74 million People who truly voted for President Trump. Blink your eyes that’s. So, demwit congressmen, your covers have been blown. The reason I know this, had I been there I wouldn’t have. RJF USNRET

    • You’re absolutely right, The American people watched in disbelief as we saw the election stolen right before our eyes, I fear for our great country and what will happen to it at the hands of these Socialist Fascists over the next four years! The American Citizens need to remove any and all traitors from our government Democrats AND Republicans alike!

  2. Susan says:

    It’s great to see that there are still true Americans with a brain! Yes, the election was openly rigged and stolen and corrupt judges would not even look at mountains of evidence, and then the breach of the capital was planned by the leftist devils to discredit President Trump, stop the legal objections to the election results, and then impeach our President to prevent him from running in 2024. They are scared to death of President Trump and his supporters because they don’t want all of their crimes investigated. I saw the video of the 3 white van escorted to the capital before President Trump had even spoken to his supporters! This was clearly a set up! We must prevent censorship, corrupt bias media, and report the truth and then investigate and prosecute these evil corrupt criminals and prevent them from destroying our nation. True American patriots must unite and fight for freedom!

    • I agree, this election was a disaster and should be investigated thoroughly, but with Pelosi and shumer at the post, for forever it appears, it won’t be and they are the ones causing the violence. I do believe they are trying to start a war. Well there are a lot of people, conservatives that are ready, so they might think about it first. But thinking doesn’t appear what they do they have been totally taken over by greed and evil.

  3. Our election system obviously was not processed by State Laws in several states & by our Federal Laws could not be verified & confirmed but was sadly processed by our State Legistrators with the exception of 138 Republicans. May God Bless us all, Deocrats, Republicans. & Independents. Our Government & Big Tech. Corp.s are using full throttle control to deny full honest news & continue repetitive negative sound bytes to accomplish their control. Reminds me of China, Russia, Venezuela. So sad. I Pray God Bless U.S.A.& the whole world.

  4. Sam B. says:

    As a registered Democrat(barely left leaning) who knows dozens of others…I/We r patriots of our awesome nation first..& r not in denial. Having said that..With ALL the hard work, constant issues, hurdles & roadblocks President Trump & his administration has had to put up with his entire term as president from the far-far left unhinged socialist quacks…there is no way in hell he would purposely incite/cause/stir up any violence! That would totally b counterproductive to all the progress the country has made..not to mention the safety & security of our country etc etc.
    As for the impeachment by the unhinged radical socialist far-far left party (that is taking over the democrat party)..& a few rino sellouts….this is yet again another vindictive ploy out of these pathetic massively partisan hacks to stick it to President Trump because they couldn’t control him like a puppet & r envious of ALL the success his administration aka the country STILL had in the face of non-stop obstructions from the radical socialist quacks. One last thing..: not only could they not control him & his success for the country…but President Trump also didn’t take the fake news criticism etc etc against him, his family & his administration laying down! He reacted to the fake news false criticism x 2!! Nice! Finally a President that has a SPINE..& stands up for america(America first) against the naysayers/haters foreign or domestic…who’s also not a pansyass politically correct stiff politician. So hell no President shouldn’t b impeached. True patriots know President Trump had no interest/intention/hope of any violence. Period.

    • Sharon CogarDonald says:

      Donald Trump did not incite the violence at the capital. He told them to make their voices heard.He wanted support for the senators inside as they were speaking out about the electoral votes that were questionable. This was done by a group of non supporters. We are not a violent people. It was done to smear all of us.

    • Don Dahl says:

      You are right on!

    • Pauline says:

      Well said!!! In complete and absolute agreement. May God have mercy on us all!!!

  5. Candy Clanton says:

    Trump Supporters have never caused violence – that was a fix! Antifa had been told to dress as Trump Supporters by wearing MAGA hats & waving Trump flags – now who to suppose told them to do that? Antifa has been online several times admitting it was them. Trump doesn’t like violence – no wars – he brought peace to the Middle East. Who can’t figure out what’s happening? No common sense? Trump loves America & he’s doing everything he can to make up Great again without any violence!

  6. James says:

    Trump Train 2024

  7. Trump: We don’t want violence!
    And who really wants violence, you should ask those who committed this violence throughout 2020, those who robbed, burned, destroyed businesses; those who destroyed monuments, destroyed the culture of America and, most importantly, killed hundreds and hundreds of innocent American citizens. And everyone knows the answer – these are the terrorists ANTIFA and BLM, led by Obama, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and other monsters of the demonocratic party.

    • William Decker says:

      Yes, no violence. First lets look at what the democrats did.
      number 1. The Arizona senators re-counted their votes and claimed Trump the winner. Arizona submitted their findings to congress of a botched Fraudulent election. Number 2. the communist congress over reached the U.S constitutional electoral law, by not allowing Arizona to submit the winner, Trump. Our electoral process is clearly defined in our U.S. Constitution, every state legislature has the right to conduct its own electoral voting process. NO congressional Government interference is NOT allowed. What Pelosi, Pence and the 4 squad did was outlaw and destroy our electoral voting process. It takes 2/3 thirds of congress to change our constitution or bill of rights. These Democrat/communist have just destroyed our electoral voting system, be voting to over turn Arizona’s lawful findings and evidence of corruption and fraud. From now on there will never be an honest and forth right federal election. ONLY communist will get elected from here on out, unless the voting machines and software are removed from every state in the union and destroyed.

    • Arthur C Nicholas says:

      Perfect. Thank you.

  8. DOROTHY BAX says:


  9. MAMABEAR says:


  10. Rick M says:

    The DEMS have really outdone themselves. They are of the firm belief that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. The sad thing is how many Americans are stupid enough to believe it all without researching what is said to find out if it is actually true. On another note, the SOCIAL MEDIA is doing all in its power to become players (control freaks) over freedom of speech. If DEMS think their sensorship is going to protect them, they have another thing coming. We need to get the social media and big tech people under control before they are like PRAVDA and the CHINESE sensors. The fastest way for us to lose our freedoms is a little bit at a time…which is what is currently happening.

  11. Everyone knows that God is love and the killing of baby’s is by god one of the worse crimes ever. The Democrats are helping this to go on . I ask do you want To be with God. My wife of 22yrs died today at 6:30 am and I know she is with God. So think about who in this world is for you, I will tell all of you my choice is Donald Trump he has done more for American people than any other president in history to protect America. Wake up and get you heads out of your you no and use your brain for thinking not a hat rack.

  12. Don says:

    President Trump did a great job …so lets get real and not splinter apart Republicans … with no real support to overturn the election From Rinos … Dumbocrats …. the compromised courts and state legislatures …… about we consider the bigger picture and leave him room to fight another day … can you imagine Private Citizen Trump handing these Yahoos their ass fore the next four years and running again in 2024…. lets help him Primary the Rinos and defeat the Dems in 2022……. maybe he will buy up CNN and fire the lot and turn it into” Conservative News Network”… or maybe he will form “Trumpeter”, …. Twiters replacement …. we are American Patriots smarter than the Dumbocrats lets help our President beat them at their own game … Comon’ everyone lets fight for our rights not by throwing punches but rising up in unity to save the USA using our wits and money and will to Win ….. President Trump gave us 4 years of winning now lets do the same for him… The march on the capitol was never intended to overrun the building but protest…. we all agree it went to far but some Supporters got over zealous …. when cities burned all summer Dumbocrats said nothing a lot more Damage was done then …lets not let these Dumbocrat hippocrits mislead us into believing our cause is wrong because it went to far on the 6th….if that were the case all these Dem mayors and governors would all be impeached or locked up by now …Let Joe Obiden take office ….and in 6 months we will all be sorry…. maybe then the country will wake up ……JMHO

    • you are so right, President Trump Made America Great Again, we will not let him down. He has much to finish in the next 4 years and we will be behind him all the way.

    • Carlos says:

      I totally agree with you my friend violence is not the answer you put it in the best possible terms are pocket books speak louder than any words or protests we may have they say 74 million Trump supporters that are out there I believe there are much more than that. 72 million voted. but I believe that double that is the real number of people who support not just President Trump because it isn’t just Donald Trump this has escalated to a different level this is now about all conservatives conservative beliefs and our desire to Be Free People so yes I agree some people do not see the light until they themselves find themselves under the thumb of the authoritarian government that they so desperately desire the Sheep’s are allowing the wolf to lead them to the slaughterhouse for those who understand that to be true we will never be able to convince them otherwise. there is a saying that goes like this it is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they’ve been fooled some of life’s hardest lessons are best learned the hard way all that we can do is as you said we must stick together maintain faith strength and belief in each other as Americans I am a American male who happens to be Latin we must first put American before any other label if we truly believe in Freedom liberty and justice for all as cliche as it may sound then looking at each other as Americans is truly the first step to Healing moving forward is showing people what true Americans are about when you deal with organizations that use pronouns nouns and word trickery to make you feel as though they are on your side that should automatically be a red flag no more black brown white or any other life in between matters instead All American lives matter that should be all Americans motto God bless you and God bless everyone and God bless America let’s continue the strong fight organize Stay Together stick together and help those who are under-informed I do not like the rhetoric of calling all democratic Americans dumb or stupid for not seeing the light these are also our American brothers and sisters who unfortunately are under informed let’s encourage them not force them to educate themselves further to research and think for themselves hopefully it will be enough to stop what these crazy left politicians not Americans are trying to do

    • DESIREE says:

      If you seriously think they are going to let Potus , get on with his life and his family the same! the answer is a resounding HELL NO. They will do everything to eliminate him and his family. These people are not human., the Anti Christ minions. They are coming for us. you are literally dealing with demon possessed creatures. Others already have stated they would put a bullet in him. This man gave up a lifestyle and a time in his life just to fight for America. He was attacked before the election, and every single day. It is a miracle he got done what he did. This new administration does not care about any of us deplorable except to be put into a slave servant status. Don’t forget their buddy Gates. You need to search up his articles and video. Ask him about his idea of FUND Vax. His agenda has been to depopulate until they get a controllable number of slaves to line their pockets as they have always done. Even the wolves in sheeps clothing of the Real Rhinos. All Judases. They , not in govt even took down Potus official account. They are removing all platforms and people who won’t abide by their mindset or agenda. The antifacists are the Fascists. They project on us what they are and have done. MSM will not let you hear or see the real facts, real truth of the real rioters that the DC police let walk into the congressional building. Only alternative news media are showing the pics and videos that caught them summoning them in. 3-4 busses of the real perpetrators were caught on videos/pics. Trump supporters pulling the “antifa” dressed as trump supporter down to stop him from trying to smash the window. Why do you think MSM and Pelosi, Schummer and their Luciferian minions are projecting what they are guilty of. Where were they all summer when the ANTIFAS AND BLM PAID THUGS were burning properties down, destroying properties, assaulting and murdering people., Children too!!! Crickets in the Socialist party. You don’t lie in bed with snakes. Satan has no conscience, neither do the left and their radical roots. They love killing babies, even if they are born alive. The regular liberal asleep supporters have been manipulated and lied to. They have no blooming clue, after they destroy the citizens that love this country, freedoms and rights, they are going to be next once they realize what is going to be mandated of them. I have my Forefathers blood in me and am an Israelite thru one of the tribes of Israel. JESUS CONFRONTED THOSE WHO TRIED TO CLAIM THEIR BIRTHRITE FALSELY. HE SAID YE ARE OF THE FATHER, THE DEVIL, THE LIAR AND MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING. HE WAS REFERING TO SATAN, THEN THOSE DESCENDANTS FROM THE CAINNITE SEED RACE. WAKE UP AND RESEARCH!!!!!

  13. Becky says:

    President Trump is the greatest thing to ever happen for the American people.He stood by us and started to give back what was rightfully ours security and what we earned stayed with us brought back jobs that had been given to other countries leaving us with nothing American people was his top priority above anything else and that is priceless. Only the jealous would not want this for our country .By the hands of the Dems they are already stealing and cheating and lieing to take it all away where freedom of your voice and mind will overcome all that make us who we are and stand for .Only the strong will not cave to the likes of this Dem run control . President Trump has and always will have my support I will give all to stand by him just as he did for the American people

  14. Vera S JOHNSON says:

    Thank you Mr. POTUS. You have done a wonderful job. Those that are on the witch hunt are doing so because they know the truth will come out and they will lose. You have never been about violence and destruction, Pelosi is a wicked evil person who needs to be removed.

  15. paul says:


  16. Trump is absolutely right, we really don’t want violence. Violence, robberies, arson, the demolition of monuments and, most importantly, numerous murders, which lasted almost the entire 2020 and continues now in Portland, Chicago, etc. democratic states, need and pass exclusively under the leadership of freaks – monsters – Pelosi, Schumer and, of course, the provocateur Harris.

  17. Annie says:


    • Pierre says:

      Thank you.

    • Candy says:

      Trump did not incite violence. He has never been for violence!! Nancy Pelosi is the one who is deranged unhinged and DANGEROUS to America. She wants another baseless impeachment. A total waste of time and money. She is the reason for the Russian collusion Hoax, election fraud,The riots and tearing downAmerica. She is a master manipulator and yet she is still in office Shameful and Dangerous to this Country. I Stand with Trump

      He has accomplished more in one term than Obama and Bidnen accomplished in eight years to Make America Great Again!!! He is Americas President!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Mari Jo Oneill says:

      I believe the DEMORATS are the real enemy if this Country. The hated TRUMP from the minute he said he would run. They persecuted him every chance they got with lies and distortions every single day from the inauguration to the day of the Capitol debacle. We the people will not stop fighting.

    • Ron says:

      If you had paid attention in Civics class, you would know that members of congress cannot be impeached. Unfortunately, YOU probably know more about government that tRump, the pRedident!

  18. Linda says:

    Pelosi the one needs to be impeached n removed, shes the unfit dangerous loonytoon . She could care less bout our country n American cirizens. Shes scared of being exposed for all her crimes she been getting away with n her goons. Shes been against our true n best president from day one n been harrassing him since then.

  19. Mark A Burford says:

    I think that the attempt to impeach the President is wrong. He has done nothing more than try and fix our country.
    He has done everything he said that he would do with absolutely no help from the Democratic parties. Except grief.
    They burn and loot our cities, tare down our statutes and deface our monuments.
    And we sit quietly by. They fruad our elections and lie straight faced to everyone. They call for their party to commit violence against punch people in the face. Well .I like alot of other people are fed up. Were is the proof of Voting fraud all of it. We want to see it. Were are the affidavits and sworn testimonies? We want the matter open for us to see. This is our country
    We are letting them take. Our grandparents and parents and our brothers and sisters are children all have gone to other shores to help you this very type of Tierney. Now it’s our own country we must Fighting for wake up .people it’s our country our way of life
    Our Freedoms. Stand Up tell them No more.

    • mjk says:

      You are so correct. President Trump has always opposed violence. He has taken us out of endless wars, supported policemen all summer long. For the first time in a long time someone delivered on their promises to the American people and put up with endless harrassment for four years. Where is any understanding for principles not personalities. The entire impeachment process is another sick move.

    • Gramma says:

      All of you are so right. I cannot wrap my brain around this vitriolic and manic hatred of all things conservative. We are losing our rights, our freedom and our country to marxist/communist hate and we’d best start standing up for ourselves because it looks like most of our elected snakes won’t do it. Few exceptions: Nunes, Gaetz, Jordan, and a very few others. The rest of them can go back to hell.

    • Norma J Paris says:

      I think the impeachment is WRONG and there is no question that the election was stolen. The Democrats have tried every thing they know to get rid of Trump, and he has done more for the people than any President we have ever had. Why don’t you talk about Biden and Hunter for a change and their ties with China. Biden won’t be President long because he is not physically or mentally capable of being President. Kamala Harris will soon be prsident and Pelosi,Schumer and Obama will tell her what to do. Trump does not want violence. The Democrats paid these people to do that. All the Democrats do is something that will line their pockets.

    • Pierre says:

      Thank you.

    • Mari Jo Oneill says:

      I agree with you absolutely and we must not stop fighting.

  20. Joyce Detert says:

    What the democrats are doing is absolutely vile. It is totally unnecessary, and is just revenge. It is creating more anger and certainly not at all leading to unity. They have no clue as to how devastating their fraud on multiple fronts is to Trump’s supporters. They have stolen the election. They have silenced Trump and now they want to silence us too. There’s no way we can ever trust or respect them!

    • Pierre says:

      Stuck by them for 25yrs.
      No more. They are it seems, out of touch with reality do to their hatred of one man. So sad. They will end up regretting their actions
      in the long run.

  21. Julia M says:

    Ever since Ms Nancy took control of the House, and before, there was a war against President Trump. What I don’t understand was watching a video from 1/6, there was a police officer ushering people, mostly in black, thru the opening and allowing those people into the capitol building. Law enforcement knew there would ve a large crowd that day. It was all over the internet. Why did they not prepare better and then cry bloody murder when things went wrong?

    • Linda Wilson says:

      President Trump hasn’t done anything wrong! Nancy Pelosi has committed TREASON! This is being orchestrated by PELOSI & I pray it backfires in her devil face! 80 yr old mentally deranged schizophrenic! TO HELL WITH PELOSI & THE DEMOCRABS!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • C Marcus John says:


      • Old Man says:

        After REPEATEDLY being offered extra help, pelosi made them say no. A setup by dems and their blm/antifa terrorists

      • Ron says:

        If you believe this bull shit and are ready to live under a socialist country you need your head examined hope you have a blessed day

      • Beverly says:

        Oh my. Do you really believe that? President Trump is not a dumb man. Everyone knows that a violent act backfired on people who do that while a peaceful demonstration does wonders but I keep forgetting we blame trump for everything. Lol. Media has a way of giving their opinions not news. You have the right to your opinion and so be it but people tend to ignore all the good he has accomplished. No one in the media even mentions his mass accomplishments. He wasn’t a racist. His barriers protected us. We don’t have jobs how will we support thousands n maybe millions wanting to enter this country? Where will they live. Many citizens have no homes and are living on the streets. People who are starving loot to eat. That’s why we have immigration laws. He lowered our taxes. He allowed medicine that was banned to be used if you were terminally ill instead of people going to other countries to get those meds. Etc etc etc. why in the world would he preach violence??? It doesn’t serve a purpose??? Think! Just Think!!

        • Mari Jo Oneill says:

          Everything you said was accurate. The DEMORATS are the ones that should be called out for their evil deeds. If anyone is deranged and delusional it is Pelosi. She is a liar and a disgrace.

      • Lynn says:

        Everything that you accuse him of has been done to him by the democrat party and establishment politicians. You are sadly mislead and manipulated by evil. Someday you will know the truth I hope it isn’t to late for you.

      • Fedup says:

        If you’re going to make such blatantly stupid comments, you need do some research before opening your big mouth! You’ve been brainwashed by the dirty democrats to believe every lie they tell you. You sir, ate an idiot and a FOOL.

      • Desiree says:

        NO, his ancestry is of Scotland, and traced back further, He is of the lineage of Judah. There is huge amounts of proof of fraud in the elections, particularly the swing states. Italy just arrested (a couple of days ago< an ex Cia creep under Obamas admin, who confessed during the early morning hours uploaded votes to a certain Military Satallite to more than cover the huge amounts Biden was behind and to exceed Trumps landslide, then download them into the voting machines. There were many dead people that voted in those states. there were more votes tallied in some of those states than there registered voters. Dem workers putting same pile of ballots thru 2-5 times. Caught on video and cameras. Bins of ballots being pulled out from under a long table covered with black tablecloth AFTER those in charge told reporters and people to go home, because they were done counting for the night. an excuse of a water main break. That was investigated and found to be false. When a few (22 machines) were court ordered to be tested, the forensic audit caught the machines flipping votes from an even pile each ,fed thru the machine. Videos showing, the lawful poll watchers were made to stand anywhere from6-200 ft away so they could not verify the signatures. I could go on. When the affidavits sworn under penalty of perjury were allowed at the states that did allow a special hearing, a lot of this EVIDENCE was shown and people testified. That is why Arizona changed their Electorate votes to Trump. The corrupt judges even refused to LOOK at any of the evidence and just summarily denied the filing. When a case got to the SCOTUS, an office worker outside of a chamber where JOHN ROBERTS was discussing about taking this case, he was heard yelling about the mobs and such if this case was allowed . When you research deep into JOHN ROBERTS you will find some really corrupt stuff. Its been coming out. He even has been in there with Epstein, 911, and was compromised by Obama. You can't win something if you are not allowed to show the evidence or argue it or even put on witnesses. NOW CAN YOU. Some people came to the polls and told they already voted when they had not. Project Veritas has just releasesda video of a set uo by this woman and her workers ballot Harvesting , Gifts to people to vote democrat. YOU would have to see the video. It made me angry enough to punch that whatever in the face. I voted legally. fraud votes disenfranchise a legal ballot. Some states by passed the legislature to make up new laws and rules, when only the legislatures have that legal and lawful duty to. Let me ask you this, IF the Democrats say there is no voter fraud, then wouldn't they want to approve of all this be adjudicated openly for the nation to see, with their blessing? What would they have to lose? Now if I knew it was rigged and there was voter fraud, I'd be the first to discredit such innuendos, get people to shred things, hide ballots, keep people away that could legitimately claim a fraudulent signature or even no signature. Id even have MSM discredit it, make fun of such a ridiculous claims , get people to say no there was no fraud. Get out from under MSM false narratives and go do some independent researching to alt media that do real journalism, fact finding. There will not be another secure and fair election again if this is not allowed to be openly revealed. Next time it could be your candidate that gets his stolen.

      • Susan says:

        C Marcus John is one of the brainless traitors! President Trump didn’t need the presidency to be successful, unlike biden who has been sponging off our government and grabbing everything he can on the side for years. President Trump is a true patriot who has sacrificed a lot to serve our nation to do a lot for our country. He’s been our GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER and has done more in 4 years than anyone. He is NOT A LIER like biden, who hasn’t said anything that is not a lie in years! Biden has sold out to Communist China and will now sell out our country to them. You’ll be sorry for not supporting President Trump!!

    • Sharon says:

      I believe it was a set up to blame Trump supporters. The Billy clubs And battery ram that broke the door down is the emo of Black Lives matter and Antifa. I saw a Twitter post to infiltrate the Trump protest and wear mega gear. There needs to be a through investigation, but of course they will continue to blame Trump and his supporters.

      • You are so very right. I watched the Senate House Committee hearing on HR 21. That is the bill to allow them to boot the best president ever!

        Here is my take on things:

        It is a fact that The Constitution says that only the state legislatures are permitted to change any laws in regard to how we are permitted to vote in our elections. Yet in three states that law was not followed. That makes all of the votes that were not made by absentee ballots or in-person voting in those states, illegal.

        Now, even though people have come forward under the threat of perjury telling of the egregious voter fraud that they witnessed, people are pulling in their horns, and not contesting the election. Why is that you may ask? It has been said, that they stopped contesting the election, because some people got violent after Trump spoke at the Stop the Steal Rally in DC on January 6th of 2021.

        They tell us that it was Trump supporters who created the violence, but does anyone know for sure? It has been pointed out that the guy sporting the bull-horns on his head and the guy with the big black Santa Clause beard have been at every riot that has occurred. I was told, too that there was video of three buses full of BLM and ANTIFA that were getting a police escort into DC.I also saw video of four capitol police men leading people into the building.

        I have heard many say that they have listened to President Trump’s speech very carefully and never heard the man incite any riot. Those people include Mark Levin of Fox News and Michael Matt of the Remnant Newspaper. I would like to challenge anyone to point out exactly where Trump called for violence in his speech.

        Then we should take into consideration that there were violent riots in many Democrat-run cities over the summer. Millions upon millions of damage, looting, burning, people’s livelihoods taken from them irrevocably, people injured, people killed and people who intentionally attempted to blind police with their laser-pointers.

        Not one Democrat would condemn those riots. In fact, Joe Biden staffers and other leftists bailed out the miscreants. I saw a video of Kamala Harris saying that they shouldn’t stop the riots until Donald J. Trump is out of the White House. If that isn’t inciting a riot, I don’t know what

  22. Thelma Sutter says:

    Best president! He truly loves this country. It’s a shame what’s happening. 💔

  23. Jerry W Hollobaugh says:

    No matter who leads the nation I firmly and unapologetically believed that no matter who is the leader of representatives in Congress there is and always will be a higher authority to answer to and one day all will be answering to that authority and stand in judgement of their actions.

  24. Steve McIver says:

    President Trump was a marked man from the beginning of his term because he “” would not play nice in the Washington Swamp””
    We are not a socialist country , and must continue on our path and follow the constitution.

    • Sandra L Sprague says:


    • Michael says:

      Facebook,Twitter,Amazon and the Democrats the new nazi party .

    • paul moran says:

      u r right, dem party always down on TRUMP, and the news, 70,000000 people cant be wrong on this matter about the election.The last 4 years the country has done well, could u imagine if our borders where open and what would corvid 19 be like today in our country, but the dem wants to open them why? for votes? You know threw all this mess with our politics looks like a bunch of grade school kids trying to handle a problem. Pelosi is a big part of this problem , she is 80 years old ,way past her time and bad calls for our country, time for some new blood in the house, the old blood is not working anymore.The dem party has gone to far and it is time to clean them up. Im sorry to say the dem party think they can do anything the want, that party made me feel that way and Im sure others feel that way too.Sad time for our people, GOD BLESS AMERICA//// LORD WE ARE TRYING

  25. Lisa says:

    President Trump has had a fight with evil ever since he stepped into the WH… He has been making things right ! The corruption and deceit are layers upon layers deep , with self centered politicians and secret service being bought out on every level … We are a praying for you President Trump ! Keep up the fight for America ! May God continue to pour His Wisdom and Grace upon you ! 🇺🇸

  26. Mary L Janes says:

    Its very sad the DEMOCRATS are allowed to destroy our once great country with lies and prosecutor tactics just plain disgusting

  27. Robert Schultz says:

    I believe that President Trump wants no violence… from either side.
    We have been under the thumb of the left for entirely too long.
    It is time that we stand up and let them know that we are tired of the bullshit.
    As for the impeachment, they can stick that where they stuck the last one, Right up nasty piglosers ass.
    This entire last four years have been an assault on the constitution, and the People of this country.
    We need to see the insurrection act invoked, de-classified documents released, military tribunals, convictions, and gitmo overflowing with treasonous rat bastards.
    Without that, I see much violence to come. There will be no place for them to hide. We will come for them.

    • Jim says:


      • Sandra says:

        The democrats and News media, fir the most part, are responsible for out situation, NOT Donald Trump!! Our country is beck
        I v mode snd more socialists! I remember my grandfather making statements about Communism and Socialism would attack throug news media! At that time, there were not nearly as many social avenues as are present today! I fo not know who or what to believe! It depends on which need outlet you follow! Confusing snd sad! I do not listen to news stations anymore! SAD!!

  28. Judy says:

    President Trump is the best President this country has ever had!🇺🇸 The first President that truly loves our country and the American people!! It is the most shameful thing ever to try to Impeach him just days away from the end of his term!! Really?? Just shows how scared the Demoncrats are of him! God is in control!!!! Not the DEMONcrats!! And now the Demoncrats are going after Trump supporters!! What has happened to the America we have been so proud of?? Where is unity! Going after Trump supporters is the Demoncrats way of uniting our Country?? What a disgrace!!This is not over!!

  29. Kenneth says:

    I truly believe that the democrats want a civil war because they think that will give them more power over the people.what they are forgetting tho is we have already seen what they think of us as Americans by watching BLM ANTIFA riots this past year.they are playing a deadly game with all the people black white Latino whatever.If democrats don,t quit their shot then its not trump that started a war but the democrats,I personally wish that botch pelosi would hurry up and die,it would save a lot of innocent lives

    • Patricia says:

      I so agree. Demon rats are the most vile and evil. There is not going to be any unity, the Democrats have destroyed that. Trump was the best and greatest president ever in my lifetime. He truly loves America and did whatever he could for the American patriots, not without a continuous battle with all the corrupt Demonrats, Pelosi, Schiff Clinton Schumer Obama and many others. God bless America, we will need it once the Demonrats take office. 🙏🇺🇸

  30. Beverlyk says:

    He is so. Right on. I love that man’s principles and strengths. Hate to see him leave the presidency. I still think instead of him taking it to the courts we the people should have filed suit Pelosi and her supporters who apparently are afraid of her are causing so much conflict. It’s not President Trump. He has done so much good for us. I am coming to believe though that Nancy Pelosi has the hots for President Trump because she is acting like a woman scorned. She wants to hurt him sooo badly that she is using the American people to do it. Nothing else makes sense. Now she is using the white card. Why make racist remarks to unite people? Really Nancy. Get over trying to hurt him. Please center on retiring instead. Heaven knows you are old enough

  31. Beverly says:

    He is so. Right on. I love that man’s principles and strengths. Hate to see him leave the presidency. I still think instead of him taking it to the courts we the people should have filed suit Pelosi and her supporters who apparently are afraid of her are causing so much conflict. It’s not President Trump. He has done so much good for us. I am coming to believe though that Nancy Pelosi has the hots for President Trump because she is acting like a woman scorned. She wants to hurt him sooo badly that she is using the American people to do it. Nothing else makes sense. Now she is using the white card. Why make racist remarks to unite people? Really Nancy. Get over trying to hurt him. Please center on retiring instead. Heaven knows you are old enough

    • Carole says:

      I agree with Beverly. HE never asked for violence . He said’ march on the capitol PEACEFULLY AND LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD”
      he is my President & I will support him always .Biden WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT!!!. I will not listen to him, watch him or comply with his demands. What can he do to me? I am 82! Now their going to take down 82 year old Women?? We still live in a FREE Country. I WILL DEFEND MYSELF when necessary.

      • Jean G Rabe says:

        Carole: I agree with you (and I am 87) and wish there were another way to speak up and support OUR President.

        • kh says:

          Jean bless you! The demo have always thrown the American people under the bus. They cheat,steal,an lie. Screw them and the horse they rode in on. They need to remember what goes around comes around.

        • Beverly says:

          Jean it may be too late to just have them count our votes but we can ban those companies that opposed him and there are elections to oust the ones who didn’t support him in the offices that they hold. Elections are next year. Voting system needs to be revamped just gotta write a lot to people who have the power to change it. I just wished we the people took the matter to the Supreme Court n not President Trump. It looked like sour grapes when he did it. We do have the power to change and it doesn’t mean violence it means money. Hit them where it hurts and to most in power it means money stocks ratings. Quit tuning in on the program the view We can make a difference n for Pelosi not all republicans are white. Lol she such an idiot it’s pathetic. If she does try to impeach President Trump then she and her followers will bite off more than they can chew

  32. HB says:

    I believe President Trump has never asked for violence; therefore, there is no offense to warrant impeachment. This is just as baseless as the 3 year “Russian Collusion” hoax.
    Look at it for what it is; a partisan attempt to discredit one of the most effective Presidents in history!
    We can see the hypocritical approach Democrats have to public protests.

    • Jerra Alexander says:

      Totally agree. The rioters were a set up by the Dems to distract from the electoral vote challenge. And it worked in their favor! This election was an absolute fraud and should NEVER be accepted!

  33. Time to fight back put some legs on our prayers time to take our Country back According to my Bible God is a Man of War and he has won ever War that his people have fought Stand behind our prayers and let God lead us WE THE PEOPLE will win back our Country

  34. JLB says:

    so unfortunate, the whole thing, why can’t the people just do the simple thing of an audit of the election results. I feel the people just wanted to be sure things were on the up and up. It appears there are many variables that show they are very questionable. In Utah they were very careful how the election took place. They had good honest people checking each ballot to see that there were no problems. Utah had their act together. Other states allowed many things to happen that are very questionable. It appears that just counting the same ballot that has been tampered with will show the same results.

  35. Jeff Brumley says:

    I am 100% for america and our president. He is the only one that truly cares about the people & america! The violence started 9 m0nths ago by democratic supported BLM and Antifa. Why didnt they care about arresting them ? All The problems (media & social platforms are misinforming & suppressing info to mislead americans to think there was no election fraud. its so Obvious an 8 year old could see it. They are shoving joe down our throats! This is NOT AMERICA!

    • Kaye says:

      I truly respect our President and know in my heart that he is a true American! Certainly not like what we have on the other side! Yes! I believe him and just wish Pelosi and her goons would let the man leave the office with dignity! Something they know nothing about! This will never be the America I was raised in again! When President Trump leaves office all our rights are walking away with him! But, remember this , there is a judge that is not afraid to stand up and do His duty!! He died for all of us and He is soon returning! Lord, thank you for letting me live in the true America! Thank you Jesus that you love us and are soon coming to take us out of this Communist world! Give Jesus the praise!!

    • Beth says:

      Several people that I’ve talked to believe that Nancy Pelosi was behind the violence at the Capitol!!! Who else would stand to gain from the violence and Chaos!!! Trump has done a lot for this country and would not put American lives in danger!!! They have a video from one of the protesters that said they were paid to make it look like Trump protesters were the ones rioting!!! Think about it!!!

      • Beth says:

        Nancy Pelosi has done everything to get rid of Trump since before he was even sworn in four years ago!!! It was proved to be a sham impeachment but crazy and delusional Nancy will not give up!!! She would do anything including staging a riot that would kill people and try to blame it on Trump!!!

        • Diane says:

          God is watching her and all the others. The evil that she spreads will be destroyed. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  36. President Trump. God be with you . Use the insurrection act and declassify all documents. Show what they really are. Let the truth be told. You are so loved.

  37. Clyde Ritchie says:

    Trump is the best thing that has happened in the United States in years he stands for the working people not for politicians who just want to take everything away that we have fought for in the past

    • Captain O says:

      Yes, SIR! I agree. I’m an old Navy veteran (during the final days of the Vietnam Conflict). I was sworn in 7/19/73 and had pre-enlisted shortly after my 18th birthday 12/01/72.

      Donald Trump is the best president we’ve had in recent history.

      • Jarhead says:

        Hey now! Hello from an old Marine there buddy.68’69’. I agree PRESIDENT TRUMP did an A+ JOB if an old Marine had a reason to cry well this would be it!

        • Pappy says:

          I agree with both of you, I also enlisted in 6/25/73 during the last part of the Vietnam war and served on active duty for six years!

          I was fortunately able to get a dream job in the service, I was a flight simulator specialist and learned to fly and help teach F-4 pilots their job. Although I was never stationed outside the U.S. I knew many pilots that served in Vietnam on the front lines.

          Since getting out of active Air Force duty, I have served the DOD in EVERY conflict the U.S. has been involved in since Vietnam, as a contractor employee, up until my retirement in 2015. I held a Top Secret clearance for over 32 continuous years during that time and a Secrete clearance from 1973 until 1984.

          My involvement with the DOD allowed me to see many things that the general public was not privy to and also some of the disgraceful and dishonest things that some of our elected officials have pulled on the American public.

          President Trump is, Truly the best President this country has EVER had and 2nd to him was President Reagan. My hope is that President Trump WILL sign the INSURRECTION ACT and mobilize the military to arrest these traitors who now think they will be taking over our government on the 20th!

          I am afraid that IF this does NOT happen, there will be Civil war 11 and or we will NEVER again have any sort of a free election. The democrats and many republicans have proven their disloyalty and utter contempt for the AMERICAN people’s choice for our President!

          This past election is easy for anyone who is even slightly educated and can use ANY common sense to see that it was STOLEN and that the news media and the internet giants were and are in bed together to thwart the system of our elections!

          IF the democrats and the Rhinos have nothing to hide, then WHY did their minions in the courts of this country NOT allow the evidence to be heard? Why is the evidence from Hunter Biden’s lap top being suppressed by the media? Why isn’t Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer NOT demanding to see and hold hearings on that information? Why haven’t we heard any information about EPSTEIN’s Love Island where Bill Clinton visited more than 25 times as well as many other Politicians? These are just a few of the questions that should be investigated instead of them continually going after President Trump!

          A Vietnam era veteran

  38. James Reel says:

    The best president in my life time. True American. One of the very few truly trying to defend the Constitution. I was born in 1956 by the way.

  39. Donald Hoover says:

    As the President has said, this impeachment is the Greatest witch hunt that Pelosi has been apart of and Pelosi is the one that is dividing this nation.
    For someone to claim to be a Christian, she has a lot of hatred in her heart for our President.

    On the election, the Democratic Party has aligned them selfs with individuals such as Soro’s and the deep state. These are the people that blended in with Trumps followers and they are the ones who inflicted violence on our Capitol.

    Think about all of the peaceful rallies that President Trump and his followers has held over the last year. There were no act of violence during that time, tell me what changed on 1/6/2021?

    • James says:

      The Democrat’s Brown Shirts equivalent to (Hitler’s Brown Shirts) showed up to infiltrate Trump Supporters Rally to cause trouble so Trump Supporters will be blamed.

  40. Joan says:

    We all know because we “see” what the left is doing to our President Trump. The left fears him like a plague because he cares for the American people and they don’t. They want to tear our country apart so they rule our lives and take away our freedoms, which they’re doing right now. This has been the greatest President our country has seen for years. It’s very scary how the left is exposing themselves in corruption, hatred, violation of the Constitution and our first and second amendments. We need to be very afraid. If they can persecute the President of the United States they can do that to us!

  41. Cindy says:

    Congress should be focused on censorship by Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon. Freedom and Free Speech.
    Take Section 230 away. Big Tech should be held accountable.

    Quit wasting time on ANOTHER impeachment.

    Do your job.

  42. Judy Turnbaugh says:

    Pelosi has more than proven that she is mentally deranged and should be removed from office. She is like a mad dog that won’t let go of a bone. This country can not move forward with Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell in office.

  43. Mary L Medeiros says:

    Trump is the best president we have ever had since I have been voting and I am 80 years old.

  44. Kim Davis says:

    There wasn’t a problem with Trump supporters. It was the slimy antifa and blm people who love to stir up trouble. Trump is and always will be the president of and for the people. Pelosi and gang need to get off their high horses and work for the people instead of against them.

    • Marilyn Lindsay says:

      The Dems have been talking violence over this past year. Suggesting Trump should be murdered, People will be people, and so on. What about the violence at voting precinct where Republican pole watchers were physically thrown out. That is ok? I think that is much more violent than what congress witnessed at the capital. Those Democratic thugs tampered with our vote and this was against ordinary citizens who were acting peacefully. Where did that get them.

    • Craig Brooks says:

      Polosies and company needs to go,all of them.
      American people need people in gov. That’s for the American people, not making fortune dealing with our enmies.

  45. Debbie says:

    Mr President,

    You are our hero!

    Expose the lying liberal left! Release the documents! Protect the Constitution and our Bill of Rights! Find courage in these last days to do what you know is right!


  46. carolyn hilt says:

    The time has come for Americans to get down and pray. It is amazing to hear reports of those praying inside the Capitol as the mob approached. Where were their prayers months ago. Why didn’t they band together. It is too late to pray after the horse has left the barn. So now they are reaping what they sowed. They put Ms. Pelosi back in power and they are getting the same thing they have gotten the past 4 years. The definition of a fool is someone doing the same thing expecting a different result. Think about it Dems.

  47. Larry Yockey says:

    I don’t believe the President wants riots or any kind of violence. The President has always tried to work with everyone. He is not in any way the kind of person people are accusing Him of being.

  48. Pamela Chubb says:

    I believe the President when he says that we want no violence!!!! The people who acted on the 6th did so on their own accord….i listened to the President i didn’t hear or get the feeling that he wanted us to creat havoc ,just be present and show our numbers….Its like our Representatives forget the people they represent….Its not about Nancy and the crowd that are life long members….REPRESENT THE PEOPLE WHO ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT…..NOT THE MONEY FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES…

  49. Monica says:

    The best President ever. People’s President. He did not incite any violence and has done a lot of good things for this country. He is right about Polosi and Schumer. They achieved what they wanted so just get going on the business of the country. They are vindictive and wrong and people will remember that not just about them but their whole party. There was enough violence on the left the whole summer and dems were supporting it. People are angry and they are inciting them to violence.

    • Kevin True says:

      The Demonicrap Potty are also a voter Fraud cheatering lying thieving Human Trafficking Drugs and weapons smuggling cartel masquerading as pitiful slimy politicians.

  50. I stand by our president, I’ve seen and I’ve been watching whats real verses fake. POTUS wants us America First and cares about Making America Great.. we are not ever going to be like China.

  51. Lola Staples says:

    President Trump is a wonderful President. He speaks the truth! He is a wonderful leader…very pro-life.

  52. Charles Hicks says:

    I believe President Trump when he says we want no violence. He wanted a peaceful protest to show the democrats that there were a lot of unhappy people after the election. That people were suffering because of the pandemic and the failing economy. Instead, there were instigators for violence inserted within the peaceful protesters that had nothing to do with President Trump. These instigators whipped the crowd todo things they didn’t want and became a “mob” intent on invading the Capitol and displaying to the PRIVELEGED Congress that the people were hurting and needed help immediately. Congress doesn’t get it because they live a life of privilege while the average American is scraping out a living at best. What happened was the average American saying “enough is enough”. It’s time for Congress to think about their constituents, instead of their own pleasure and privilege.

  53. Cindy says:

    President Trump should NOT be impeached !!
    Pelosi and Shumer and the Democrats are being petty and childish,
    This impeachment is causing division in our country. What happened to the Biden unity speech. Just words with no meaning.
    All the President Trump supporters feel this election was unfair.
    Which is more than half the country.
    Instead of wasting time on impeachment…why don’t they do something about censorship by Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and Google. That is the real threat to our country…FREE SPEECH!
    Get rid of Section 230. But I guess that doesn’t fit there agenda.
    But… no surprise Congress never does their job for the people only what benefits them !!!

  54. chuck says:

    everyone knows that altifa was there and started the problems there all the Trump people just walked through the building The poor vet was shot because she was standing near one of the people causing the problems.

  55. Sharon Sturgeon says:

    I believe what President Trump said about wanting no violence. It has now been proven that none of the Rally participants were at the Capital, it was Antifa, they were seen getting off busses, passing out sticks and other items and the left more than likely paid for that crap to happen to cause more problems with the division of America. About Impeachment, there is no reason for it, like he said it’s just a continuation of the witch hunt. We should do the same about biden and his ties to China and who’s pockets is he in. We don’t need a semi president who gets in with real fraud and is illegitimate.

  56. Herman Petersdorf says:

    I am with president Trump all the way

    • Linda Wilson says:

      Who gives a damn about Bill Belecheck He’s just a cheating old coach that Americans can’t stand!