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Trump Will Not Be Convicted

Given the preliminary vote on Sen. Rand Paul’s constitutional challenge to the impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate yesterday, there is no chance that former President Donald Trump will be convicted on the U.S. House of Representative’s impeachment charging him with Incitement of Insurrection. Significantly, that means Trump will be free to run for president again in 2024.


Senators were sworn in Tuesday as jurors in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump and then immediately took a test vote that signaled an acquittal,” according to The Washington Times.

Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, raised a constitutional challenge to the trial. He argued that the founding document does not envision a trial for a president who is no longer in office.

“He lost a test vote, 55-45, but those 45 pro-Trump votes would be more than enough to acquit the former president. A conviction would require votes from 67 senators. [emphasis added]

“’It’s one of the few times in Washington where a loss is actually a victory,’ Mr. Paul said. ‘Forty-five votes means the impeachment trial is dead on arrival.’ [emphasis added]

“Some Republicans left open the possibility of convicting Mr. Trump. Mr. Paul said Tuesday’s vote was about hearing arguments, not about the outcome of the trial, but the overwhelming sense within the Republican Party is that the trial will fail.” [emphasis added]

For more on this important story, please go to The Washington Times.

We value free speech and commentary. Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you believe the U.S. Senate should refuse to convict former President Donald Trump of Incitement of Insurrection? Why or why not?


  1. John D McClain says:

    Trump FOR President 4 more years 2024 to 2028 Do what you must with the Democrats if the Democrats like China let them move to China Go Trump

  2. Roger says:

    What the democratic party and Biden have done over the past four years is give all citizens the purest evidence that they are not true Americans. Their treasonous acts towards this country have proven to everyone that they do not have the American citizen’s wants and needs as first priority. They all need to be charged with Treason, convicted, and then dealt with in the proper manner. Trump is not guilty of the crap they are trying to convict him of, what he is guilty of is being the best President this country has ever had and that simply burns a hole in the Democrats evil panties.

    • Jan Jackson says:

      Your comments make me feel very happy, I agree he was the best president we’ve ever had. Truthfully that’s not saying a whole lot but I totally approve of what he has done. And now Biden is tearing down everything Which is really no surprise. So sorry our good president didn’t make it in 2020 vote.

  3. Bobby says:

    Please add a few more names to the impeachment list. Maxine Watters(King Kong’s sister) Lori Lightfoot ( living proof that there IS life on Mars) and the homely broad that said when you see a Trump supporter to get in their face when they are at a gas station or grocery store. Her face scared me so bad that I forgot her name.

  4. Becky says:

    If our REAL PRESIDENT TRUMP can’t be acquitted then why does he still have to go for a trial? I guess I sound stupid, but could someone explain that to me in laymens terms?

    • The HOUSE VOTED TO IMPEACH & SENT ARTICLES OF SUCH TO SENATE TheY have to have an inquiry & questioning then vote according to CONSTITUTION That’s why it’s important to always have politicle split between HOUSE & SENATE !!! BUTT since DEMO–C–RATS have ABUSED OUR GOVT. OFFICES for so many years AMERICANS NEED to get our COUNTRY IN ORDER which GOP MUST WIN CONGRESS totally!!!

  5. Cg says:

    Glad to see that majority of Republicans can save the best President we ever had.And we look forward to correct the madness the left have created!

  6. J.S. says:

    I look forward to the trail. If those idiots say just one word of Trump spreading fake news about the election, then he will have free rain to show that the election WAS stolen, right there on the senate floor for all to see. Then we may need TWO trails in the senate.

  7. Stacey says:

    I dont believe the criminals in office will allow the facts to come forward just like trump was not given due process in the House. No the GOP should not convict because the President did not do anything wrong. Otherwise its going to be a 1 sided peaceful protestors deal with the democraps continuing violence. And this time targeting American citizens who dont agree with them. Its been time to fight fire with fire. You stopped Trump from saving this country and are accountable. If you dont do all you can do to make sure Trump is not convicted then you are sorry human beings and I never knew you.

    • Ralph says:

      That son of bitch used his money to buy his freedom. when he die he is going to
      bbust HELL wide open.That where he belongs with his twist brother Satan.

      • Terry says:

        Ralph you got my voice on that comment ,Trump is Satan in person I and a lot more would like to turn the heat all the way Up,Up,Up.Trump you know Hell is your home with your family and father.

      • Sam B. says:

        Ralph & Terry…r u two ok? Need a hug? Good lord the HATE u have is exactly whats wrong with so many in our awesome nation. So many slam others with such hatful rhetoric against another RATHER than being critical about the views & actions of another. Damn all the name calling. If u have issues with the policies etc etc then go after that. To wish President Trump death…go to hell with his family & his father is flat out pathetic. Just because President Trump has a SPINE & stood up against the obviously biased Narrative News Networks purposely spreading divisive fake news..& the obstructionist radical socialist party that started their adolescent BS with Trump on day 1…u & others r butt-hurt because Trump stood his ground against this nonsense & fired back at these unhinged haters x 2!! This is why u woke/cancel culture folks loose sleep over this. Trump isn’t the typical pc pansyass corrupt politician/president. He says what he means..& means what he says…& wasn’t told to b nice. This has to b the reason why u gentle snowflakes r so full of venom. It damn sure isn’t because of ALL THE RESULTS the Trump administration achieved for the country…those r endless. Certainly u haters aren’t in that much denial to acknowledge this! If so then ur own venomous pride is clouding the reality. Un-American.
        Thank u America First! 🇺🇸

        • Gene Kelly says:

          Beautifully said.

        • BB says:

          if a week is any proof of the future, we are in deep shit! many may have regrets in the near future. The Elites could care less about you. Trump did. Most are use to not knowing what the elected presidents are even talking about. most have speeches wrote for them and don’t have a clue what they are saying themself! I understood President Donald J Trump and he got done what he said he would, put that in the memory bank and keep score in the next four years. He also done it while the other side flanked him continuously.

    • Dave Griffin says:

      I agree that he can’t be convicted because he is a free man, not president at this time. But also he is innocent! He never said riot or break in. That was done by antifa and started before Trump’s speech ended. It was well planned days ahead to know how and where to break into that very secure building. Yes, there real Trumpers who also went in and they should be convicted.
      I would like to see an investigation to find out which democrats prompted antifa to do the riot!! “Do something real big so we can blame it on Trump!”

  8. Jaybo says:

    Thank YOU editor! What a great thing to see you say about supporting free speech!You got my vote!

  9. Brenda says:

    He should not be impeached. Though he has an emmese following, they had a right to gather. I listened to his speech and prior speeches and he never supported any illegal measures. He cried for peace, freedom of speech and transparency. Personally, I think that a small number of the crowd was swept in with others from unethical and organized groups that pre-planned some nepharius plan. Very, very suspicious that the building was not heavily protected in lieu of the predicted crowd.

  10. Trump cannot be impeached because he is a Free Man!
    Should the “slaves” of their own hatred for Trump, for the Americans, for Freedom be impeached: – Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the AOCs? my answer is – Yes, we must!

  11. True. Patriot. Always says:

    Impeach Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schummer Maxine what’s her name they should be tried for Treason for impersonating a Humanbeing

  12. Darcy says:

    Question for us all: What could stop Trump from changing over to the independent party and running again in 2024?? I’m sure we could get enough voters to leave the Republican rino party as they really didn’t stand with him. Seems all the companies liked the money they made when he was in office. Who knows maybe some of the dumb democrats that voted for Biden would cross over. What do you think??? Is it possible??? What’s your views on this?

  13. Holly Rose says:

    It is unfortunate that trump got away Scott free thanks to the stupid idiot Rand Paul. Why doesn’t he keep his mouth shut and let justice prevail? One good thing about this is this whole riot scandal of trump it it will besmirch his reputation permanently and will go down in history as American’s worst president we ever had. Thank goodness for the Obamas and Bidens of this world. Biden will truly restore America to where she belongs in history

    • Don Sr. says:

      holly needs a nap. too much time spent on hate and not enough on time outs. All who voted for biden boy will scream for our help in time my dear. keep eyes and ears alert.

    • Susan M DeMars says:

      Holly Rose is one of those brain-washed CNN watchers and cannot have an independent thought! These minions just repeat what they’re told! The perfect citizens of a socialist society.

      Thank you Rand Paul for being a true American patriot and defending our constitution!

      • Anthony says:

        Well said. Hopefully, pedo Joe will not completely sell us out in 4 years, and hopefully trumps people can fix our election system, so he can be restored into presidency. He won this time! Hopefully, after these dumb sheep get a taste of Biden and Kamalas true agendas, they will vote right next time.

        • Carol says:

          Hopefully Biden will be impeached before he can do any permanete damage. Why isn’t there any update from his faithful news media followers on the status of Biden impeachment?

    • Richard Blodgett says:

      I think Holly, YOU need to shut your mouth! The dummies you support have no interest in you or anyone else who voted for them. All they want is power to twist and destroy this country. I con’t see how anyone can draw the conclusion that President Trump was inciting a riot. Pelosi, Warren, Harris, Schumer and others said much more flammable things and tried to excuse the BLM, Antifa, etc., riots as peaceful protests. I don’t believe how dumb they think people are! Get your head out of the sand. The Biden regime is death for America. It’s full of dummies.

    • Jaybo says:

      No rose …..just thorns!

    • rochelle ferguson says:

      Buyers remorse dopy!

  14. Ruth & Frank Ducotey says:

    There are so many great comments. I have been miserable for weeks knowing that Biden and the rest of his crew will take over our wonderful country. I am so happy that Trump hopefully will return for the 2024 election as our President. He has done so much for us and Biden, that I call the liar, and thief with his son and family will be impeached for money laundering. With all the billions of dollars he received from China and Russia he could support some of our citizens. Everything is sept under the rug with the Dems. The FBI doesn’t seem any better.

  15. Trump. Supporter says:

    Democrats are Atheist and should be purged from the land if you do not like America pack up and go to He’ll where you belong

  16. Very good News ! Now to investigate the Election Fraud ! And the China Virus !

  17. maxibaby says:

    I agree, it’s okay to lose a “battle” along the way to winning the “war”!
    Thank you Senator Rand, for doing this test of what will be the outcome of this costly, irresponsible, spiteful Democrat impeachment trial! It is nothing except a moronic exercise in futility because, the Dems are scared to death DJT will run again in 2024, beat their asses and MAGA! The Dems (and most Republicans) don’t have a clue about how to MAGA….they are too busy lining their own pockets to learn how to make America thrive but….did any politician learn a thing from DJT on how to MAGA? It’s doubtful!

  18. Roberta Sanders says:

    Donald Trump is no longer our president,u can not impeach a former president. our country has been in this situation during Vietnam we forget this easy. riots, unrest,police shooting protesters.wake up people we need to quit repeating our grave mistakes.people protest because we need our government to be there for we the American people.we need jobs,security,an a fair life for our people.obamba let 1 million people into our country already,iam a immigrant but my family are legal citizens, who went through legalization as soon as English was grandmother was a rose riveted in a factory an proud of it. the dreamers need to go home.theyve known they were not legal.the caravans need to stop.joe Biden is taking jobs from his own people .that is not love for ur country men. Pelosi puts our military in garage of capital like dogs. these are our most prized men who honor us with protecting their country.u can say what u want about Donald trump but at least he tried to protect our country an get this immigrant situation back to where it should be. we need to pull together an only take care of our own for once.

    • Lynn O'Loughlin says:


    • Sam says:

      You are correct! We are proud to have legal immigrants like you who respect our laws and come here to be productive members of a free country. We do not need hoards of illegals who come here expecting America to fund their lives, education, and medical care, as promised by the corrupt socialist demoRats and dimwit biden! And talk about a super-spreader event when thousands of them arrive at our border and biden expects our border states to just let them in! Welcome to biden’s America Last Plan! He doesn’t care, China takes care of him!

  19. Jackie says:

    These demoncrats, demon maggots, luceferian worshippers will be summoned by the evil that they worship. Watch out, they can get scary to look at – with horns, fangs, 1,000 watt red eyes in the dark etc….

  20. Sharon says:

    I sure hope this is true and that the impeachment of Biden will go through then they should continue with Pelosi, makes you wonder what her and others were really hiding with her rush job of impeachment and lies, ? Maybe so people wouldn’t see through her own lies!!

    • Rc says:

      Biden will be found mentally un fit and Harris will take over. Impeach Harris and Pelosi takes over. Impeach Pelosi and Schumer will take over, etc. down the line. Rc

      • Sam says:

        They all need to go! That’s why the illegal election needs to be thoroughly investigated! There is definitely evidence! They had 1000 affidavits ready to defend the objections to the election before the demoRat orchestrated capital breach with antifa’s help. Maybe President Trump’s defense team will be able to reveal this corruption during this scam of an impeachment trial!

    • Robin Kerby says:

      MAGA ALL THE WAY, and yes they are hiding a bunch of dirty lies, years worth and they will come back to haunt them, truth always prevails in the long run, suck on that Democrats ☺

  21. Becky says:

    We do still have a few that is willing to risk it all for justice and what is right after all President Trump did nothing wrong in either of the impeachments only the quilty have something to hide and protect President Trump has spent a lot of time in court by the hands of Dems looks like they would come up with something !!! All fingers point back to the quilty ones that only want to cause a smoke screen to cover up their own doings!!! President Trump is the greatest thing that ever happened for the American people in a long time and jealousy kicked in and decided to take it all away! We are fighting the beasts of all beasts and that is feed by jealousy

  22. Tim says:

    It infuriates me and all true Americans of this country at what this crook is doing to this country. He even admitted on the air that they stole this election. Now we know why they brought the National Guard to D.C.! No only for the inauguration, but to protect them while he signs his ludicrous executive actions against “we the people”. Bring Trump back with the election fraud proof! Plenty of it to show! Put these despots in Leavenworth!

    • Rc says:

      Just think of all the Swamp-Creatures being added to the swamp. I think a good portion of the Biden voters are sorry now, and it is just getting started. Biden is KILLING JOBS, not creating jobs. Rc

  23. Kathie Davis says:

    Great news!!! Trump is still my President!! He should have remained our President due to PROVEN voter fraud. The dumb-as-craps are cheating liars.TRUMP 2024!!!!!!!!!

  24. Judy Skeens says:

    I am so glad that President Trump is free. He won that election. hands down I am sorry that you dont see it that way.
    Biden will get us in trouble with China as he is up to his eyesballs with them. And give away all our resoureses , and not take care of his people, he is out for himselve and lining all the demorcrates pockets.
    He bettler leave that wall alone as I have $220,00 in it.

    • Sam says:

      Thank you Judy! The wall construction not only is a great protection of the citizens of America against the invading mobs that biden invited, but a source of jobs for Americans. The thousands headed toward our border right now are a larger threat of disease and crime. They need to be held south of our border!
      Thank God for the good Texas judge that overruled biden’s stupid executive order of stopping deportations!

  25. Stephen Davidson says:

    I’m with many if not all the other responders, President Trump did nothing to incite violence, just encourage them to voice their rights to be heard. The only ones that have encouraged violence has been the Democrats,especially Harris and Pelosi. Impeach them for their words and actions when President Trump was elected!

  26. Rosanne Betz says:

    This reminds me of an old fashioned witch hunt. The lying Dems would want to burn Trump at the stakes if it was permissible. He is innocent of every wrong doing they are accusing him of. Move on Dems and focus on what the country needs right now! And what’s with Biden opening our borders??? Let’s use that money to feed the homeless and hungry children here.

  27. Jo says:

    It really angers me that democrats are wasting our money yet again on a fake impeachment. Our great president has nothing but good for America while he has been attacked by them for the last five years. They have truly shown the evil that is embedded in their party and these evil people have no shame. They should have to pay for doing this to our great president besides in the hereafter. I pray they pay in the ballot box next election.

  28. Linda Marshall says:

    Not that it will make any difference to the Dems. They will still want to waste more of “our” money and hear themselves talk, to show haw “wonderful” they are. I think Nancy should pay the American people for all the money she has wasted on trying to impeach Trump for the last four years.

  29. Dan says:

    The Left knows that President Trump did not incite the breech of the Capital building and yet they try to crucify him. They are arresting everyone involved and cancel-culturing Trump supporters. In contrast, the Portland and Seattle rioters those who burned and looted and physically harmed the local citizens were arrested but we’re then set free. They didn’t even have to post bail. Someone please tell me the difference between breeching a federal court building in Portland and the Capital building in Washington DC.

    • Jo says:

      Actually Dan It looks apparent that the capitol was an inside job. I have seen too many videos that prove that to me. They need to be impeached and then shot for treason. Harris and Joe need to be impeached for setting up a fund last year to pay the bail for those incarcerated for riots, looting, arson and yes murder. They have no problem with murder if they think it will benefit them any. Democrats are pure unadulteated evil.

  30. Harlan Gahner says:

    Senator Rand Paul has always been a trump lover against his fathers belief. His father is a true Patriot. It seams that most Republicans are still afraid to go against Trump. There seems that Republicans are not patriotic.

  31. Chuck says:

    Thank God someone stood ip for former President Donald J Trump. He is innocent of impeachment. If anybody is guilty of inciting a gang it is Maxime Waters she is the one who needs to go to jail her Pelosi, Schummer, Shifft and all the rest of the corrupt politicians need to be arrested for treason. I pray it happen and President Trump is back for our President.

    • Jo says:

      Chuck I wholeheartedly agree with you and I pray they spend the rest of their natural lives in jail. It is astounding to hear their lies. They actually think we are so stupid that we can not remember their lies. Their sheep who have been brainwashed and indoctrinated are that gullible but we are not. Jail is where they all belong.

      • Stephen McGinniss says:

        Yes !! All the Democrat’s ( renamed CHINACRATS) should be removed from office and taken to GITMO!!!

  32. Kathleen says:


  33. Barbara says:

    The left is a bunch of crooked people they are the ones that should be on trial President Donald J Trump was one of the best .They are to crooked to do good just tie a knot and hang on Trump2024 keep the faith!

  34. DeeJay says:

    Wonderful news, He did not incite the riots on Jan 6th, it was infiltrators of Antifa and that was proven almost as soon as it happened. This entire impeachment idea, was just another stab at destroying President Donald Trump!
    The Democrats need to take a deep breath, and start worrying about saving our Country and the American People in it. They are just focused on destroying everything good that Donald Trump Did! The American People Need Help, not the Illegals from other countries, the Americans First! That should be first and formost on your agendas!

    • Jo says:

      DeeJay Please wake up. They have no intentions of doing anything but destroying America. That is their sole intentions. They are of the One World Order and they fighting tooth and nail towards that goal. Our great president stood in their way. They did not hate him, they hate you and me.

  35. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    This is fantastic news. He is one hell of a fighter, never gives up. He’s his own man, and he doesn’t take shit from NOBODY. I’ll be keeping track of him, and hope he’s does run in 2024. He’ll spend half his time trying to clean up the herendose mess. It’s a shame he doesn’t have an e-mailed, so his supporters can tell him we care about you. Go Trump, MAGA.

  36. J says:

    Let’s just hope this is true. You still have the likes of Mcconnell, Romney, Murkowski and a few others that may roll over while kissing the BACKSIDES of the demomaggots.

  37. Jeanette says:

    I think the House needs to be put in a permanent time out! They are way above there pay grade,on so many levels! We The People (are there bosses)!And they have forgotten that!I want them to STOP LIEING and deceiving!Pass the baton!Most of you are so old you should be in a nursing home! Your evil ways need to STOP. most of you need to spend the remainder of your life in Prison! MOVE ON! it’s obvious you do not have AMERICA’ best interest at heart. Yall know we can see you right!? Get out of Our Government! Better yet! LEAVE! if you have such a problem with Our Constitution, you have NO business being in Government or This United States Of America!#

  38. bruce says:

    You ask the question Should the US senate refuse to convict a man who is not president….The answer is simply yes. ALL of them, even the democrats should end this hate filled farce immediately and move on. This is a waste of effort time and money, all in the name of hate. They know the president did not incite a riot. The people were already in the capitol, many congress people and police knew about it days before. Trump hadn’t even finished his speech and there was nothing in the speech to incite anything but patriotism and love for our country. All these haters can go straight to hell and I will do everything I can to see them exposed and brought before the American people and shunned for their illegal and hateful acts.

  39. Honest says:


  40. Doc says:

    It’s about time Republicans did the right thing. President Trump is innocent!!! Trump 2024!!!

  41. Dorothy OCallaghan says:

    It’s about time Republicans did the right thing. President Trump is innocent!!! Trump 2024!!!

  42. Fran Venditti says:

    We the people are sick n tired of the swamp trying to impeach Trump, with no real grounds. If anything or anyone should be impeached it should be Pelosi, she has done more harm to our country then anyone politician. We are also angry that the left are taken away our FREEDOM OF SPEACH, is what our country is founded on, and is not for them. Where in our constitution has it that the Democrats rule and can change the rules any time they want?

  43. John Odell Pennell says:

    Impeach the capital democrats.

  44. Barney Urgelowich says:

    These Democrats need to be Arrested for Treason Corruption embezzlement and Murder of Antifa killing innocent people and then not to send in the National guard and Harris taking Donations to Free the rioters to get them out of Jail. We the Purple power Demand the FBI do there Job if not we will post how Corrupt you and the Democrats are we will Expose you all

    • Robert says:

      Demonrats don’t care—-Sad but true!!

      • melinda middleton says:

        Pres trump should not b impeached he did nothing wrong democrats jus don’t want him to expose all their dirty deeds and deals everybody sees that sone jus don’t have the guts to say it cuz they like to sit in the corner like morons that not american at all u speak for the truth

  45. Mariano says:

    A vote by the GOP to convict would place the party in serious jeapordy. Excuse my spelling. Besides, after getting all of the facts I know the party would be totally in favor to acquit. Except maybe the only idiot, Romney. Mr. Trump is totally innocent of these bogus charges by the liberals. They are hypocrites because they are the reason the country is divided for the way they treated a President that for a change tried to do good for the country and really went to work as a President.

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