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Trump’s Boycott Statement

Over the weekend, a clearly angry Donald Trump issued a statement calling on his followers to join him in a huge boycott.

So it’s not filtered and diluted by the mainstream media, we are providing Trump’s full call to action below.

Will you join him in the boycott? Or, do you oppose Trump’s call for a boycott?

Here’s the statement.


  1. I support My President Trump

  2. Lena Marino says:

    I love President Trump, he will always be my President, he has done more for United States of America and it’s people than any other president. I say boycott all companies that do not stand for the good of
    America and it’s people. Traitors.

  3. Melly. says:

    I have a voter ID card here in AZ. I still show it but it seems it’s not necessary either because my name/address/et al is on their registration sheets and is checked-off when I check in and/or because they recognize me as being me because I’ve voted for the past 40-ish years in the same place.

  4. Mary says:

    God Bless Donald J. Trump. He is still my president, an I will be glad to boycott any an all things that OUR PRESIDENT wants. Don’t drink coke (hate the taste),don’t fly, n will not take the shots. They will not giving me the mark of the Beast. Hate all sports. God Bless America, we can do this if we stick together as our President said. I’m all in.

  5. Becky says:

    Yes , I’m boycotting all of those crooks for someone who care about his country and the America people,,,President Donald JTrump .God Bless America! Maybe DJT can help the Christian Church I was reading about how the communist treats there people by tying them up and and leaving them for days to weeks without food and water… all of this communist has to stop before it starts … God help us all

  6. Donna Hansen says:

    I am complying .. boycott: Major League Baseball, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, JP Morgan Chase, Viacom CBS. City Group, Cisco, U.P.S., Merck. Let’s get it done.

  7. Gwyllim says:

    The only one on the list that I patronize is UPS, and that has just been remedied…that was easy!

  8. Linda Berner says:

    Yes, I am willing to join the boycott in support of former President Trump!!

  9. Jill says:

    You got it President Trump. Total Boycott of all those companies and any others who try to overthrow our elections and our freedoms.

  10. Veronica McCaarthy says:

    im in. already boycotting all sports where there is kneeling or leftist bull. already boycotting coke. Will add the rest to my list. As for baseball Americas favorite pastime We will boycott all baseball until the coward known as commissioner of baseball is ousted from that position.

  11. Geneva says:

    I don’t fly, never have. I have never used social media, I don’t watch sports either.! Chase just charges outrageous interest on card, so I am trying to pay them off and get rid of them. As for ups you never know who is delivering when you order something until the order is done, other wise I do not use them, I use USPS. So I already boycott ,oh I don’t drink any soda.

  12. David says:

    LMAO This is great just read a story of a woman who got mad in Tenn. that she had to wait so long for her fast food drive thru She went and got a gun out of her handbag and leaned in thru the drive thru and shot at the workers LMAO How stupid can you get even with the gun she still did not get her food LMAO People have gone crazy

  13. David says:

    Hi Borecrazy I only read that one news site didn’t know it was in other states Thanks for the information So let me get this straight I should get the vaccine I am worried soon to be forced and hope I am not one it kills or messes up and not one of the hundreds that it doesn’t work And still wear mask social distance and keep perfect Hygiene LMAO Sorry but a stupid thought crossed my mind Fake President fake government fake virus fake vaccine LMAO Why should I get the virus if I still have to follow all the guidelines anyway besides I hate needles LOL

    • Geneva says:

      I will not get vaccine, my body can’t except things like that. The flu vaccine made me very ill, so I will not chance it. I had all the normal childhood diseases when I was a child and didn’t get vaccines but smallpox for school. So no vaccine for me and I am 69, but I am not worried, I know how to protect myself.

    • Melly. says:


    • Kim Weyl says:

      Vaccines are poison and some contain fetal parts. Will Boycott what Trump recommends. We need to stand for our Morals. And for the people who fight to keep our country free. Shut down these terrorists in the USA.

  14. Donald Cook says:

    He has my support, I never did like Coke, anyways. I will tell everybody I know to quit buying. Also I will boycott all restaurants that serve Coke Product. I will save a lot of money now.

  15. Gloria says:

    Yes I will definitely boycott those far left companies, and I’ve stopped watching the “news” a long time ago. Nothing but lies. I can actually feel an increase in positive energy in the air. I feel that our fight will soon be over. Always with President Trump! And of course God.

  16. David says:

    LMAO Thanks Bell glad you enjoy my warped sense of humor but I did read something that has me worried it said 100 people who had been vaccinated caught the virus anyway and two died I hope it was fake news. Take care

    • borecrazy says:

      Actually the article I saw was that over 100 in Washington State had been fully inoculated (both shots) but tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. Then it went on to mention other States who have had the same occurrences! The sad thing is it is being suggested that those people wear masks and practice social distancing and hygiene practices because while they may display weak or no symptoms, they may infect others!

  17. Robin says:

    I will definitely boycott these cowards!

    • Kate says:

      You must be one of those crazies that still think they won the election!!! 😂😂😂😂

      • DeeJay says:

        You know we did* It’s a FACT. Don’t like the Facts? I’m not surprised, none of you guys like the real facts. Just the Fake News!

      • Melly. says:

        usually moves on. Of course, if its illegal, that’s a different story. What really gets me is why are you and your buds so upset about a recount? I mean, if we’re wrong you can REALLY laugh at us. Beyond that, it appears that part of the battle for the ds has been won in that you simply “pick a number” and then follow it blindly. Is it REALLY ok that a little 5-year-old girl illegal crossing our border was taken to the hospital, catatonic, from being gang raped? Throw out the “number” you chose and look at the country you now live in and best of luck. We should ALL be working TOGETHER against our common enemy but it’s almost too late because of the ridiculous division that you stoke.

  18. Barbara says:

    Yes I will definitely support our President Trump! Keep up the good fight. God will bless our nation again! He is exposing all this evil and the evil ones!! God bless America!!!

  19. ee says:

    I am more than happy to support President Trump. I will boycott any & all that we need to. Would like to find out what else can we do to help our country until we have President Trump back…………

  20. Shirley Leisure says:

    Yes I stand with President Trump,I have stop watching all news since the election. I have stop shopping at Kohl’s Bed Bath Beyond.

  21. Mary A. Bell says:

    Yes, I’ll boycott these companies. I’m sick of the propaganda and the violence of the left. I’m a Trump supporter, and I hope that this boycott pressure is effective and succeeds. Those “woke” companies should feel the pressure on their bottom line.

  22. Adria Mejeras says:

    YES! I Stand with President Trump ALL the WAY on taking the Fight to the Cancel Culture Even if it means Boycotting…Especially Corporations and Big Tech!

  23. Dan says:

    I too stand with President Trump and will boycott each of the organizations/companies. Each is run by radical leftists and they know the election laws passed by the State of Georgia was the fair and right thing to do. There was nothing wrong with it. They just don’t like the idea of not being able to fraudulently steal elections. I will make the sacrifice to help save our country from socialism.

  24. Debra K Bell says:

    I totally agree with OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J.TRUMP! I have already stopped watching any NFL and any other sports! As of today I have purchased my last coke product! I gladly join the boycott!!!

  25. David says:

    Let’s instead of boycotting these companies just tell BLM and ANTIFA The belong to the white privilege racist and they will destroy the building and do all the dirty work for us and walk away

  26. Richard Falcone says:

    I already stopped watching NBA, NFL, PGA, MLB
    Someone should start new leagues that Americans patriots can watch and not be offended!

  27. AJ says:

    More of these companies that support china should be publicly disclosed. Hollywood elite show off their multi million dollar mansions so the average citizen can “feel good.”. They and others rich don’t care about the average working citizens but only to use them as slaves. If you believe that there will be fraud free elections in OUR future then you believe Walking Dead Biden was legally elected and doing a great job. All I can say, “Welcome to communist slavery.”

  28. Kristin says:

    You bet I’ll boycott those companies, they should be ashamed for anti American behavior. Trump is right!

  29. David James says:

    Buy local, and keep our small stores in business. Boycotting all corps that ride with the left, is the right thing to do! Right is right!!

  30. Calvin meeks says:

    I agree completely,I still think nancy should be impeached and escorted out of congress

  31. Paul Moore says:

    We are in! Boycotting starting now!!

  32. Renee Moore says:

    I have already started by No Products from Corporations that SELL OUR COUNTRY to ANYONE! I would NOW we actually know who stands behind the Communist Regime. It is NO SECRET that the Democreetons want us gone. Too bad Trump didn’t use these underhanded techniques but maybe we should START doing what they do and that is cheat, what’s good for the goose!

  33. john joseph beardsley says:

    I agree totally and will also stop buying any and all coke products .WE need to stand together and stop these socially unfits from taking over altogether.

  34. Rhoda says:

    I stand with President Trump! We know he’s our President!

    • Harolyn says:

      Yes I will stand with mr. Trumo. He is the legal president and we are not leaving his side

  35. Robin Lewis says:

    I support the boycott!

  36. Hal Lemoyne says:

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrumpOwens and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

    • Debra K Bell says:

      I totally agree snd as of today, I have bought my last Coke product!!! I still back OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!!! He is the only legal President!!! I already stop watching any sports! Bring on the boycott!!!!

  37. garyj says:

    Let’s get it done. Many of you have asked the question “What can I do?” Now you know!! Do not hesitate or give up. Boy Cot them……….


  38. KEISHA KING says:


  39. Mary says:

    I will definitely boycott Delta Coke and any other company that Trump wants to have boycotted. Don’t watch baseball anymore don’t watch basketball anymore because of the disgusting athletes who kneel for the flag. what a bunch of hypocrites they are. They’ve got millions why don’t they help their own they’re all talk and no action

    • Carol Lowe says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth! I am so fed up with the wealthy people and companies dictating how we,the people, should live, think, eat, pray and behave in general! We should have the right to live our own livesleagally and morally!

      • Debbie Hacker says:

        Friends, I am in full agreement. I am boycotting the above companies and have included Amazon for their censorship. I would encourage everyone who can afford to support GOYA And My Pillow products as much as possible. I regularly send small donations to the TrumpSave America PAC when one of my local leftist politician says something unlawful and then write the politician letting them know they are contributing to Trump because of their statement. We can do thiis! God Bless All of you!

    • Carrol S Keller says:

      You are right on friend. Besides, watching pee wee baseball is much more entertaining than watching those big guys. Only in America, can grown men and women get paid such an enormous amounts of money, just to play a game. Ridiculous.

  40. Mary says:

    I will definitely boycott Delta Coke and any other company that Trump wants to have boycotted. Don’t watch baseball anymore don’t watch basketball anymore because of the disgusting athletes who kneel for the flag. what a bunch of hypocrites they are. They’ve got millions why don’t they help their own they’re all talk and no action

  41. I Would follow anything and Everything that Our
    President. Donald J Trump *. , is wanting us to do because We Love him and Our Country .. he Stands up for Us and Our Freedom , Our Country Was Great again finally ; Because of his love for our Country and People ., that’s why All of the 75 Million Plus. People that wants him back in Our White House where he Does the. best .. He iS A Wonderful President !!!!!!!!!
    let’s Help get him Back to The Oval Room where he Belongs. So Our Country will be Proud again.!!!!!!!!!

  42. David says:

    I read they are thinking of making passport vaccination ID’s like China has started without them you will not be able to get groceries and a lot of other things But I am sure that is fake news. Bidumb and the Democrats would never give people the mark of the beast. So much for your freedom of choice I should get my stimulus check on the 7th then get my plane ticket get my paperwork and get a negative test and be on my way to Colombia America has become a Hitler Germany All of you that believe in Bidumb and Pelosi and AOC and Harris just finish the job and sell you souls to the devil

  43. TroopAbn says:

    All members of U.S. Military need to stop purchase and consumption of Coke products and flying Delta. If all members of our military can have military I.D. cards, why can’t every voter in the USA have a voter registration card? Only absentee ballots should be military. And from the results brought to attention of National Guard troops at the Capitol by Steve Cohen (D) Tennessee. 80% of military voted for Trump. I almost bet that those absentee ballots were tossed!

  44. Lois woods says:

    I will proudly support President Trump in boycotting these ungrateful, backstabbing companies. Let them wither away like they would like our country to do. Cannot believe they would do this. I can believe we can And will!

  45. Honest says:

    I Agree Wholeheartedly~ President Trump is Right Again ~

  46. rick says:

    Right freakin’ on, President Trump!! I, for one, will never have anything to do with these moron companies, & I quit watching MLB at this time last year! They can all go to hell if they’re not already there, as far as I’m concerned! Idiots!

    • Olive says:

      I agree with President Trump ——- there are more of us Republicans and Conservatives and we should use the power that we have to fight back. Cancel culture works both ways!!! I take it a step even further, when I see a TV commercial that appears to favor a certain lifestyle or race, I remember it, and I avoid using that product whenever I can. I’m getting disgusted with having leftist ideology shoved down my throat every time a turn around, even in TV commercials!!

  47. Paul says:

    Big corporations are the deep state i Ellicott these American traiters

  48. Toni Conn says:

    I agree with President Trump. I quit buying coke. I don’t use the others

  49. Michael O'Connor says:

    I support Donald Trump 100% and have already sent statements to Delta and coke and UPS. I am a dual citizen and living in Canada and we must have ID to cast our vote here and in some instances you must provide proof of residency. It is time for all people to realize that if the Dems continue you will either be a slave or dead. By the way, Delta requires ID to get on their plane.

  50. Susan says:

    Yes I stand with President Trump!! We’ll boycott each and every one of these companies!! Worthless Traitors!!