Trump’s Conviction ‘Not a Factor’

Donald Trump

( – Donald Trump’s conviction, which has resulted from the leftist judicial onslaught against him, is “not a factor” in deciding whether to back him in the November election, according to most voters, as per the findings of a new public opinion poll.

President Biden and former President Trump are in a virtual deadlock both nationally and in crucial swing states, as indicated by new polling data from CBS News.

The CBS News/YouGov poll demonstrates that nationally, Trump garners 50 percent of support among likely voters, with Biden slightly behind at 49 percent.

In key battleground states, Biden edges out Trump, attracting 50 percent of likely voters compared to Trump’s 49 percent, The Hill reports.

Despite Trump’s recent conviction in the New York hush money case, it appears to have minimal impact on voter preferences.

Over half of the respondents reported that the guilty verdict was “not a factor” in their voting decision, 28 percent considered it a “major factor,” and 17 percent regarded it as a “minor factor.”

Rather than focusing on the court case, the majority of voters emphasize the economy, inflation, and the state of democracy as the primary influences on their voting decisions.

Further findings suggest that Biden holds an advantage among pivotal voting demographics. Eighty-one percent of black likely voters expressed support for Biden, whereas 18 percent favored Trump.

Biden also leads among women, with 54 percent supporting him over Trump, who has the backing of 45 percent of female voters. Among independents, the division is more pronounced, with 50 percent supporting Biden and 48 percent favoring Trump.

As the November elections approach, signaling a potential repeat of the 2020 presidential race, both Biden and Trump appear closely matched.

This is corroborated by national polling averages from The Hill/Decision Desk HQ, which show Trump with 45.5 percent support and Biden closely trailing at 44.7 percent.

This CBS poll was conducted from June 5 to 7, surveying 2,063 U.S. adult residents. It includes an additional focus on states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The margin of error for the poll stands at 3.2 percentage points among all adults and 3.8 points among registered voters.

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