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Trump’s Latest Message To His Supporters

Just moments ago, President Donald Trump released the video below.

After watching the video, please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.


  1. Hhomas S. says:

    The Jews in Germany trusted in God. Me, I trust in my president,Donald J. Trump, my 700 BDL,my 1911, my Consitution, and my aim. I also remember the vow that I took when I joined the U.S. military to protect & defend my country and her Constitution.

  2. mary seevers says:

    Biden is threatening to take my savings.

    I feel so unsafe with the dem’s in power

  3. Beverly L Tujague says:

    I agree with you totally. Socialist supporters will be surprised.

  4. Janet Filia says:

    President Trump – I don’t know how we can make it without you. Thank Goodness I have lived to see the greatest President ever. It was an experience I’ll treasure. What you have done for this country is astronomical. I want them all listed and to think someone will turn them around is beyond horrendous. And these idiots will do that. But at least we got to see that someone knew what to do to solve all our problems. It blows my mind that everyone didn’t see this (!?????) Thank you for your courage – I GET you and you GET me!!

    • President Trump I have appreciated your commitment to make America Great Again and what you accomplished is amazing under all the conflicts you had to endure and your family. What the socialists did is unforgivable, we all know you should be President for 2021. God help this country it will take years to return her to the glory she deserves. Please come back in 2024, the Republican Party let us down instead of respecting, We The People”, they worried about themselves and how they would look in Washington, I see them as spineless human beings. Come back with your plan and we will be ready.
      I am so sorry you were treated with so much disrespect totally uncalled for.
      God bless you and your family and please stay safe.
      Oh! One thought you know the socialists states would screw up the vaccines. Should have been sent to CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid, they have people to vaccinate, proper drug storage and knowledge and can handle the job. If that can be done I truly believe it will speed up the process and the correct person will be able to get the vaccine.

  5. Thank President Trump. Bless you your family. I pray you fine the pease love and quiet you so richly deserve. I wish you continued good health.

  6. Chris says:

    I just want everything to calm down and get rid of the virus.

  7. Katie says:

    God Bless America and protect her from the evil that is trying to destroy our great country. God Bless President Trump, First Lady Melania and the entire Trump family. I pray that the truth will come out and you will be cleared of these horrible accusations. Any one with some intelligence will note that when you have tens of thousands of supporters at a gathering some outsiders can infiltrate and try to destroy the intent of this demonstration.

    • Edith says:

      I agree with you all the way. God still has his arms around our president trump and he will see back in the White House 0n the 21st of Jan.wait and see. Praise God. Amen

  8. Jan says:

    President Trump – I don’t know how we can make it without you. Thank Goodness I have lived to see the greatest President ever. It was an experience I’ll treasure. What you have done for this country is astronomical. I want them all listed and to think someone will turn them around is beyond horrendous. And these idiots will do that. But at least we got to see that someone knew what to do to solve all our problems. It blows my mind that everyone didn’t see this (!?????) Thank you for your courage – I GET you and you GET me!!

    • Judges 10:6-8 says:

      The swamp leader Pelosi and her allies should be remove!

      Amen!! Hallelujah Abba Father( Gal.4:6) Oh Lord Jesus Christ( John 14:6, John 3:16; Acts 2:21),You are our strength, strengthen us (Philippians 4:13). Standing in the gap this battle unceasingly ( 1Thessalonians 5:17). You are new every morning, same before, today and tomorrow.Thank You A-men!!

      Bros.& Sis. Ephesians 6:10-18). This nation is under God we trust, we put our armor tightly as Christ( John 12:26) is our head of captain band. This spiritual warfare! Just like the Gideon’s army. This strong Spiritual civil war. Keep pressing on (acts 2:35) until make his enemy w/c is our enemy become a footstool.

      Again think about this they’re disrespect the constitution w/c is God’s law of the Land. Sure taking Christian Citizens remove. De-funding law enforcement, Oh Lord Jesus help us ( Romance 10:13).
      Honorable President Donald J trump is the voice of the constitution “We the people”.

  9. SANDRA POPSON says:

    you have been a great president so sad to see you leave. i have always believed in you as you are such an honest speaking person . hope you have a great life you and your family. always stay honest . it has been a great honor you as the president of united states of america. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

  10. Kathleen says:

    Tea Party reports a former FBI agent says a “Busload “ of Antifa was at Capitol day of storming of Capitol! I think it shout be shouted out Loud and clear of who was responsible for starting the storming of the Capitol !!

    • Erika Carrado says:

      For 4 years we watched democrat demonstraters and Antifa burn peoples stores and restaurant to the ground. 4 LONG YEARS. NOT ONE DEMOCRAT CONGRESS PERSON CAME ON CAMERA TO DENOUNCE IT. THEY PAID TO GET THEM OUT OF JAIL. KAMALA HARRIS WENT ON CAMERA ASKING FOR DONATIONS TO FREE THE RIOTERS.Watched these democrat brats screaming in the faces of people who are trying to have a quiet dinner. Watched them throw urine at cops, spit in their faces etc etc. This went on for 4 yrs. Well now it is our turn! I am to old, but I hope republicans do something!

  11. sylvia says:

    Thank you President Trump, Biden will never be my president he is not the true man that won the election. You did everything you could to make america great again,but the filthy democrats destroyed that because their jealousy and vile hate for you, their day will come, have a good life President Tramp, god bless you and your family.

  12. William says:

    My only regret is that he must have decided not to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807, take possession of the voting machines, have a forensic audit performed and prove the crime that was in fact committed.
    Had this been done, the Supreme Court would have had to consider the evidence that so many said didn’t exist.
    Would he have had to order the National Guard or other military personnel to assist, yes but as it now stands the proof of crime stands in the shadows, wickedness is still standing straight and tall, and in the future nothing will keep the Democrats from continuing down the path of Socialism.

    • YES PELOSI & DEMO–C–RATS are CONTINUING their HATE REDERICK &CALLING for EMPEACHMENT THROWING CONGRESS PEOPLE only ! , from the REPUBLICAN PARTY !!! Do the DEMO–C–RATS think everyone is so HIGH on marijuana & DRUNK that they will listen to all their LIES ,& HATE !!! Are the REPUBLICANS supposed to not remember what MAD MAXINE WATERS, PEEEEEEELOSI ,NADLER,SHIFF, SCHUMER, MILLIONS OF OTHER DEMO–C–RATS , HOLLYWOOD,FAKE NEWS, BILLIONARES,DID to SHOVE HATE, & VIOLENCE into the lives of AMERICANS ??? !!! as long as you COMPLY with what they FORCE YOU to do then we are supposed to LAY DOWN & take in up the ARSE !!! DON’T ever forget CONGRESS WAS ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE they are getting WAY to POWERFUL that’s why they want to get rid of OUR U.S.A. CONSTITUTION weather you UNDERSTAND IT or not that’s what is HAPPENING right before YOUR VERY EYES !!!

  13. Gail says:

    I really hate to see you go. You have done so much for this country in the past 4 years. I believe that you truly love this country and can’t wait for you to return in 2024. We will miss you greatly. You did all you could possibly do. Biden will NEVER be my president. He is a joke! God bless you Donald Trump.

  14. Mary Janes says:

    For every Biden voter thank you for destroying our country and ending FREEDOM as we as American citizens deserve your all rotten and you will suffer for your actions GOD is watching

    • Walter Robertson says:

      They can’t suffer anymore because they are all dead and buried in cemataries all around America.

  15. Mark says:

    The capital should have been burned down with the politicians inside 90 percent of them are POS

    • Carrie says:

      Violence against violence is no hope at all. Let’s just all stand together and pray for whoever is in the White House. Remember God is still on the throne. President Trump did not incite the rioters. Antifa did. Remember everyone wants to blame everything on the President. Schumer, Pelosi and McConnell will get theirs. Believe me, what you reap, will be sown right back to you. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump and His family. Praying for all of you.

      • Helen M. Ruszkay says:

        Right on! Praying peace, good health and a healthy sense of all the good that was accomplished in the last four years. God is in control, we don’t understand His ways always, but He has a plan, and we know the end of The Book.

  16. Tom Byers says:

    Thank you President Trump, Firstl Lady Melanie, & Trump family, for your unending sacrifice for me, my family, & friends.

    I will always support you to the end of my life.
    Best Regards, Tom

  17. PETER HUDEC says:

    To all those who are trying to save the country from a total national disaster caused by the nation divided by the distrust of the election results generally perceived as fraudulent.

    PLEASE, declare national emergency right after the holidays, (just do not call it a MARTIAL LAW, it may scare some people) – in order to save the nation from a national disaster, and declare a new election (in person and I.D.) to renew the trust in the legally elected government, no matter what the result may be.

    Take your time to inform the general public in detail, and the reasons why and what you are going to do, and its general purpose of re-newing the nation’s trust in their legally elected government, whatever the results may be – thus saving the nation from a national disaster with incalculable consequences caused by the nation’s division and the general mistrust in the election results, generally perceived as fraudulent.

    DEMAND NEW ELECTION – personal presence and I.D………

    Please note that I have already contributed close to $500,- – all I could afford on my $868,- S.S. – but I have been trying to spread the supporting facts about your presidency – something very hard to do here in Hawaii, the “Obama” country. I wrote to you many times as a member of the “advisory board”, but never received any confirmation of reception (a bit dicouraging – do you ever read it, or your staff, beside just taking the money ???……….

    Please, spread this message as fast, and as wide, as possible to keep the public well informed, preventing the fake news to take over – TO SAVE THE COUNTRY !!!

    • Hello Peter A new election will not be needed. WE THE PEOPLE have already some and 80-million Americans have selected the 46th President. There is so much happening that it is hard to keep pace. So many Trump supporters are disappointed because it appears that Trump is not doing enough and fast enough to change anything, You have to understand that with all the legal loopholes that the bad guys can use to keep from getting prosecuted, that Trumps has been laying traps long before this election started and these bad guys have been falling into every trap that has been set. President Trump has thousands & Thousands of Indictments with all the Swamp Creatures’ names already listed on them. I have many videos if you want to see some of them they are very current and very informative. Here is a new video these three guys are right in the middle of all that is happening and know what is coming and going if you want any other videos just contact me at the e-mail address below Thank you and stay safe

  18. The revolution has a beginning, but the revolution has no end until we win! Together with Trump!

  19. Fonnie Preston says:

    President trump many of the gutless
    Worthless new rinos have left you
    And I know you surely have felt sad
    And alone lately but us American
    Common working poor people love
    You and will not desert you . What
    Pence did to you very deeply enrages
    Me god bless you and come back soon

    • A M E N to that !!!we will never REST till all the HATEFUL WORTHLESS MONEY HUNGRY CONGRESS PEOPLE GET OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT !!! Here is where your HATE STARTS cause the have the POWER OF the MEDIA to FORCE us AMERICANS to adhere to what the SAY OR ELSE you will go DIRECTLY TO PRISON !!! They never will PAY for their ILLEGALITIES as they have WRITTEN THE LAWS which keeps them OUT of prison when they COMMIT the same CRIMES as we would !!!

  20. Alva harris says:

    Thank you president Trump for all you did for our country you were cheated out of your presidency ,you were the best president we ever had You will always be my president not Biden ever

    • William Wlison says:

      He is the leader of this insurrection and must be removed from office immediately. The insurrection is not over yet as the people involved may Yet return to the crime scene. Some of the insurrectionist were wearing shirts that implied that the number of Jews killed in the halocaust was not enough and many more should be killed. Also there was Capital Police officers were involved iv abetting the insurrectionist access the federal offices where two pipi bombs were found. This is nothing less than act of treason that must be addressed immediately.

      • Always 5150 says:

        The shirts they where wearing have ABSSOFUCKINGLOUTELY nothing to do with the Holocaust DO YOUR RESEARCH IDIOT!!!!

      • Always 5150 says:

        The shirts they where wearing have ABSSOFUCKINGLOUTELY nothing to do with the Holocaust DO YOUR RESEARCH IDIOT!

      • You &your DEMO–C–RATS are the reason for all this HATE & VIOLENCE as ALL that you did to the GOP THESE LAST 5YEARS !!! Hope your VERY PROUD of yourself for all the MAYHEM, &Cities you & DEMO–C–RATS BURNED ,RIOTED,DESTROYED, & even MURDERED poor soles to GET what you wanted !!! THANKS FOR RUNNING OUR AMERICA “”MORON”” !!!

      • You DEMO–C–RATS HATED TRUMP so much it ROTTED your (well can’t say brain cause you can’t think for yourself) Soul, will have to do, but I know you DEMO–C–RATS CANT have a SOUL to MUCH HATE THERE !!! What’s left? Let’s DESTROY AMERICA &then we can BLAME it on TRUMP cause he isn’t are POLITICION we can CONTROL !!! SOUND FAMILIAR ? as the last 5years has proved it !!! Ya! Let’s go on with life,as you say long as WE THE PEOPLE do what you & DEMO–C–RATS FORCE us to do YOUR WAY !!!

      • Carolyn Sue Stubbs says:

        Are you talking about biden I agree

      • Carolyn Sue Stubbs says:

        Are you talking about biden I agree the Dems paid antifa to infiltrate the Patriots

  21. Lynne Tilidetzke says:

    Thank you Mr President for the 4 years you have been our president. You are a Get man. I’m and prayer that you will remain in the White House for e more years We need you very badly. God Bless You.

  22. Lori Balbach says:

    Will miss you, Mr. President. You truly spoke for all the people. God bless you and your family.

  23. This whole thing makes me ill.To think one more time they are lying to cover their corruption. It was Antifa and those low life Democrats,as well as Soros. Trump said it is not over. He does not say anything he does not mean. I take him at his word. He has something else he can do.So we will just have to put our faith in the Lord and let God. He will not turn His BACK ON HIS PEOPLE. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP. GOD PUT HIM IN THAT OFFICE AND HE WILL KEEP HIM THERE AS LONG AS HE NEEDS HIM THERE. PEOPLE WAKE UP. PRAY UP. GOD IS ON OUR SIDE.

    • i says:

      Amen….and having done all…STAND
      Speak the word of GOD… the scriptures of the Bible ….Psalms….David praises GOD to stir up his spirit for encouragement and to praise GOD for what HE is doing for us. Be JOYFUL in the LORD!!!

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        Open your eyes people he is a traitor and has instigated insurrection against our government.

        • Anthony Bellardino says:

          You are a blind piece of shit. You must love hand outs and where were you when they were burning down my business and looting and protesting? Exactly! The American people deserve answers and protested to get those answers. Who knows the whole story, but if our national security is that bad to get into the capitol that easily, then we are hurting in the job we do to protect. This seems like a staged act and you and half of America are blind to facts. Our president has endured 4 years of bullshit and still did his duty. Yet, Pelosi and her cronies barely worked to help the American people, yet she still keeps her job. Total lunacy and dumbness across the board. He put in more policies in his 4 years than the last 5 president’s and the man loves his country. Can you say that?

        • Walter Robertson says:

          You sir and I use that word with caution. You are a complete idiot. Tell me why would the police open the gate and let them in? Answer is because they were Antifa.It was all a set up the make Trump look bad again.

        • TRUMP was not a POLITICIAN he was for the CONSTITUTION &AMERICA !!! Are you still with O’SLIMA & DEMO–C–RATS when O’SLIMA SAID”” I want to TRANSFORM AMERICA””just after he was voted in !!! Funny ,he didn’t say that during his run for Presidency !!! Just LISTEN to what SHITLESS SCHUMER said in GEORGIA JUST a week ago, “”WE’LL TAKE GEORGIA, then THE WORLD, &THEN AMERICA”” that is DEFINITELY DICTATORSHIP,FASCISM !!! Then the FAKE news cut out the part “”then the WORLD”” to SPREAD their LIES !!! WOW !!! & You MORONS all FELL FOR IT !!!

        • Jan says:

          Wait until you find out who REALLY institgated the riot. This was a set up. But, of course, that will be hidden from the public. You could recognize the “bad actors” – this had NOTHING to do with Trump. They’ve even arrested at least one who was a major Anitifa player with pipe bombs. But with the corruption, we’ll never get justice.

  24. Alan says:

    Trump lied again, he said he’d never give up, he’d never concede, and he never did lock Hillary up, nor did he use the military Tribunals for all these traitors in DC and their cohorts. Also, all three of Trump’s supreme court picks stabbed him and the 80 million Trump voters in the back when they refused to hear the voter fraud election results, so I’m beginning to think the American people were set up or fooled by supporting Trump and believing that he’d keep his promises by taking down the deep state and traitors. The American people that loves their republic of the USA, that loves their freedoms, and loves their savior Jesus and their religious rights to worship God had better keep their powder dry, stock up on more ammo, food, water, and medical supplies, because we’ll never have another honest election where our votes will really be counted for the person we voted for, nor will our constitutional rights be safe guarded, nor will our borders and shorelines be safe guarded, and these communist treasonous democrats that stole the November 2020 elections have already openly said they’d ban our
    guns and second amendment rights, therefore, until we the American law abiding American citizens unite and take our country back from these democrat and rino traitors ourselves, because we damn sure don’t have any representatives whatsoever in DC or in our state governments that’ll uphold and defend our constitution and country, they proved that on January 6th 2021. We the law abiding American people had better pray and hope that president Trump has something up his sleeve that’ll save our Republic of the USA and take down everyone of these treasonous backstabbing politicians, bureaucrats, deep state operatives, fake news media networks and their treasonous employees,
    corrupt corporate CEO’s, illegal aliens, and silicon valley social media traitors.

    • i says:

      Don’t despair…GOD’s PLAN is working…HAVE FAITH….the enemy has to show himself before all to see (like the egyptions walking out in the middle of the RED SEA)…and then HIS WRATH rushes over them!!!

      • Maria Aranad says:

        They were exposed by Trump & the whole world knows it. God Knows, life is not just here on earth, everyone dies… they know what they did. It’s not all money & power.God is the ultimate power, Pence , RINOs, Dems will be be judge , not here on earth. They can’t take their power & money when they are 6 ft down the ground🙏🙏🙏

      • Maria Aranas says:

        They were exposed by Trump & the whole world knows it. God Knows, life is not just here on earth, everyone dies… they know what they did. It’s not all money & power.God is the ultimate power, Pence , RINOs, Dems will be be judge , not here on earth. They can’t take their power & money when they are 6 ft down the ground.

      • Maria Aranas says:

        They were exposed by Trump & the whole world knows it. God Knows, life is not just here on earth, everyone dies… they know what they did. It’s not all money & power.God is the ultimate power, Pence , RINOs, Dems will be be judge , not here on earth. They can’t take their power & money when they are 6 ft down the ground.this is not a duplicate.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      No those judges did nothin wrong they owe DJT nothing as a mater of fact what they owe him now is to immediately remove him from office for his insurrection against the government of the U.S..

    • All TRUTH you SPEAK!!! Hope people will find their SOULS SOON &CORRECT OUR AMERICAN DEMO–C–RAT PROBLEM ??? !!! EVEN DEMO–C–RAT VOTERS better search their SOULS for the TRUTH !!!

  25. Sam B. says:

    I totally agree with President Trump & the 100s of millions of patriots that demand that the asshats that we’re involved in the rioting at the capital yesterday “must face the music”. Same as the assclowns with antifa blm & any/all other Marxist hate groups that destroyed our great American cities, businesses, property, homes & livelihoods of MILLIONS OF AMERICANS for the past 8 months…they too must “face the music!” Instead our new radical progressive socialist Vice President Harris tweeted out on June 1st asking people to donate to a fund that will bail the asshat rioters that were arrested out of jail!!! Pathetic. Then after all this BS the spineless mayors/politicians paint BLM on their streets while their cities r still smoldering with smoke in the air from ALL the destruction from these lost folks?!?! PATHETIC! Here a nugget from our justice department: in 2 weeks…”2 WEEKS” there were MORE black lives lost during the blm protest & riots over the summer than there was with ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES IN OUR COUNTRY IN ALL OF 2019!! Unbelievable! Guess blm, radical socialist spineless politicians & of course the narrative fake news networks ignore all these deaths/killings along with the THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of other black lives lost in our country that have absolutely nothing to do with law enforcement. Unfortunately over 75% of our black brothers, sisters, neighbors, AMERICANS r shot &/or killed by other black folks! ATTN BLM: what about ALL THESE LIVES?! DON’T THEY MATTER?!?! The country is catching on to ur BS anti law enforcement & law & order narrative! Jus-stay’n!
    The idiots that breached & vandalized our capital building must b held accountable! Don’t care who these people were…it’s unacceptable. ALL this anarchy in our great nation these last 8-9 months is unacceptable. This nonsense isn’t who we r & must end!!
    To President Trump: “Thank u for fighting for all Americas..even the naysayers who’s pride clouds the truth & reality of their progress/better judgment…& having a spine to stand up for the greater good of our great nation…better known as America first”. TRUMP2024!

    • Marget says:

      You said it! I’m still in awe how you spelt it out so perfectly. Keep on keeping on!! And may God Bless you!

    • Billie Goodno says:

      I agree, but I think that for every one at the capital who get charged and punished that we need to make sure that one of the rioters who were arrested and then let go get brought back in get charged and punished. Both sides need to knowvthat this behavior will not be tolerated!

      • I ALSO AGREE, BUTT let’s go back &put back in prison all those who were let out during the RIOTING,LOOTING,BURNING of AMERICAN Cities the last 4years,then &only then would that be JUSTICE for ALL !!!

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Preach Sam!! Wow! Boom!!! So well said. I also mite add that as we all know..90% of the media is the lamestream bs biased fake news media: MSNBC CNN ABC CBS NBC NY-TIMES & sooo many others r trying their best to DIVIDE THE COUNTRY!! I totally give a big part of the blame of the issues we face is because of their radical narrative. Amazing how repulsive the media mob really is. These hacks can air the same story/video that other media outlets put out but totally twist & turn the SAME STORY to meet their looser biased narrative. Folks boycott these un-American fake news media mob networks & media outlets.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      DJT is the biggest contributor to this situation that occurred in the capital over the weekend and the lessening of our democracy in the eyes of the world.

  26. Andrew says:

    Yes, the election was rigged, and coup evidence will follow soon. Truth will prevail

  27. kenny wagnon says:

    greatness breeds jelosie.and trump is that great. amen.

    • William Wilson says:

      you think the events of the wknd ehibit greatness. There is something wrong with you.

  28. Holly Rose says:

    Hurrah trump finally conceded. So trump doesn’t agree with the election outcome, isn’t it too bad. He better learn to take reality that the majority of the American populace don’t like him and the results of the election was proof enough. So Biden is Chinafide which is way better than the bombastic, arrogant, brash and brazen son of a female dog trump is.

    Dan Scavino
    Flag of United States
    Statement by President Donald J. Trump on the Electoral Certification:

    “Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. I have always said we would continue our…

    • MARY VAIL says:

      We thank you for all you did for the American people. I was very proud of you sir. God bless you and your family and God bless the USA.

    • Kathy walker says:

      No he did not conced, and Trump will always be my President ,the best one we have had in over 50 yrs. Thank you for all you have done for us. Its sad to know that the demacrats will destroy all your hard work to ruin this country. May God bless you and your family and keep you safe and healthy.

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        I can see that you as well as many others are overlooking the insurrection of DJT in the events that occurred over the wknd and he has been rightfully called the worst president in history.

        • WAY TO LATE ,as always,sorry WRONG AGAIN as usual,. O’SLIMA was OVERWELLMINGLY the CHOSEN ONE as the WORST (DICTATOR) not president, EVER will ever be as WORTHLESS as he & his husband (wife) !!! OOPS !!! Could be a possible TIE with. O’BIDEN however ,sure of that !!!

        • Debbie says:

          I’m truly glad that we still have TRUMP Believes. We must stick Behind TRUMP 🇺🇸 An be there for him as he has ALWAYS been there fort the American People.You an Me 🇺🇸. YOU BiDeN Democratic well I don’t know what to tell you other then WERE SCEWED blued an Tattooed an You Democratic have your EYES Closed Yes CLOSED I DONT Want BIDEN Around my Family’s kids SOO SAD piss poor excuse for So called President. Don’t you THINK 👎 this is valid email

    • Margret says:

      You are so right, or wrong. Welcome to Socialists societies which not one has worked. But I guess we can try to figure it out after China takes over! Venezuela has no animals left to eat. Reminds me of an old Charter Heston film. People there eating people. So we are now headed towards the worst than the great depression. Get an animal!

      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        You are being overly antagonistic toward a new administration that has to clean up a large assault on the American government over the wknd perpetrated by this president.

        • One word, T R O L L !!!

        • kirk falacio says:

          Put yourself in President Trump’s place and tell us what you would do after the four years of empty accusations and the slanderous vile statements in wasting tax payer’s money and time, judicial wasted time and all other sundry items that comprised an end result of NOTHING! And yet, not a one of the EVIL LEFT have or will serve any jail time. Not sure how long until the actions of the demented left appear, but I predict that you, as one of their KOOLAID DRINKING SHEEP realize just what their intent really is…… TOTAL CONTROL…. GAME OVER, un-united socialist states of america! and the real Americans will have to pay for your sins that could have been avoided!

      • byron says:


    • Margret says:

      You call yourself rose. Seriously, of death maybe. I don’t know,all I know is you and your comments don’t know history. Or even recent events. Or even prophecy which Trump fulfilled. Swallow yourself

    • Sandi says:

      You may eat those words

  29. Cindy Smith says:

    Thank you, President Trump, for all you have done for the American People. I, and many of your followers, will be forever grateful to you for fighting for us and the many businesses that you helped to make their lives better. You have been a great President and I pray for you and your family. God Bless You and keep you safe. I know as you sai,d “It’s just the beginning”.

    • LindaHott says:

      Great President, may God bless him and his family.

    • William Wilson says:

      I’m sorry but I hope it’s the end asap.

      • For you ,TROLL !!! You weren’t even dumb enough to start life go back under the ROCK you SLIMED our from under with the rest of your FASCIST DEMO–C–RATS !!! You’ll feel safe there, will kind of like a basement just like O’BIDEN’S !!!

  30. jkryanspark says:

    The stupidity that flows so easily from the pro-Trump idiots on this website is genuinely disturbing. I tell myself the delusion these people continue to be afflicted by is masking a deep and abiding pain down below in the nether regions of their psyches; that abuse and failure has rendered them indifferent to the suffering of others, the hallmark lack of empathy that distinguishes Trump supporters from all other vermin. I tell myself that, and perhaps it is true, but after yesterday’s debacle in the “People’s House,” the Capitol, and the absolute unrepentant musings upon the pages of this website, it no longer matters. In a sane world, we put such degenerates away so that they never get to inflict their hatred upon the rest of us; we dismiss them as unfit; we treat them with contempt. The people of this website are irredeemable.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      I agree whole heartedly and am praying for an immediate removal of DJT and all he represents.

    • byron says:

      your a loser go back under the rug.

    • Putting the ORIGINAL TRUE creators of ruining OUR AMERICA in a place where they can do no MORE HARM is a GREAT IDEA!!! BUTT would you be as WILLING to do it to the CORRECT persons as you said you feel like we should ??? !!! If you ACTUALLY BELIEVE yourself then let’s do it !!! Problem is you are not going to like WHO & HOW MANY DEMO–C–RAT POLITICIANS are HIDING behind your belief in their LIES about TRUMP &GOP. FAKE NEWS HELPS provide a PERFECT COVER STORY for these TREASONOUS non AMERICANS !!! HOW THICK IS YOUR SOUL ???!!!

    • Your REMARKS put you in the very same category you speak of !!!

  31. Melanie says:

    Your fortitude and strength and faith in God and true Americans for a better life and world was so amazing, unfortunately Satan’s minions multiplied against you, as you were God’s chosen Trump for such a time as this. A prophet I heard before your first run for the Presidency stated you would run and win, and appoint a certain number of judges to the Supreme Court, and change the outcome of the murderous Roe vs Wade. There are still a few judges waiting for you to appoint, as are the innocent lives of preborn and just aborted babies left to die, that are needing to have life. Life (God) and death (satan). The end of days is a spiritual battle and God does not choose sides, His will and love and mercy is known and our choice is to follow God and life! He remains the same, yesterday, today, and for all eternity. The only other side is death and destruction, and unfortunately Satan is a liar and deceiver, and has brought many to himself. You have been a God fearing President, you will always be my President and thank you for things seen that you have accomplished, and things yet unseen, that are still waiting for the right time for you to accomplish them. God will bless you, and your family. You blessed Israel and His chosen people. I believe God is still in control! American believers in the Lord need to pray, to come together, to listen to the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit, to pray God does not abandon us just yet, for the darkness is coming, and we as the light must shine brightly with the Lords power and wisdom and love. God is still using you. Keep His strength and spirit in you, and God Bless you and thank you. The swamp really is bottomless, but you have brought it into the light. Thank you!! Melanie

  32. Connie Lindmier says:

    President Trump, we continue to support what you stand for.
    None if us are perfect.
    But 74 million of us do NOT agree with what has happened to our country.
    We continue to stand for what is right.
    I am disgusted and frusrated beyond measure with our supposed leaders.
    I include our Wyoming legislators and governor.
    I am a proud American, Christian, deplorable, knucklehead, scum… and will gladly fight for our freedom… and not stand by as they take them away.

    • jkryanspark says:

      And thankfully, 81 million are aware enough to see what a lowlife you have chosen to follow. Wtf is wrong with you people?

      • susie says:

        youre whats wrong youre just a frigging big stupid idiot

      • As I saw during voting 10 million voted from 6ft. under 5million ballots were signed by a handful of mindless idiots, I’m sure they had no idea what they were COERSED in doing, 100’s of thousands were trucked in to the necessary precincts for DEMO–C–RATS win !!! The rest were MINDLESSLY driven by MEDIA LIES & HATE for a vote that will DISENGAGE our COUNTRY FOR EVER !!! THANKFULLY THE LORD IS COMING !!!

  33. Gael Czartowski says:

    What I don’t understand is if the Demonrats were so sure it was an honest election, why didn’t they want an audit done. That would be the “icing on the cake” to be able to show that Trump really did lose to “senile, crooked” Joe !!
    The answer is thy knew it was a “rigged” election !!!! Biden actually said on
    camera and I quote: “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and
    inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    You couldn’t see who he was saying it to because their backs were to the camera;
    however, it had to be “tech” people because he said “well you know, you guys
    did it for us in the Obama administration’. Now, try to tell me there was NO
    voter fraud !!!!! He said this in 2018, I think.

  34. Mark says:

    There will probably not be another President like Mr Trump. No other man had to endure the ridicule, lies, accusations, and other words i can’t think of now. 5 years of corrosive negativeties from dem ass cracks and main stream media.

    They never let up on him, but they studied him and wrote his epilogue. They played him like he played them in the early years of his presidency. This “drama “ played out like it was written by the best Emmy/Oscar writers producers and directors could have ever come out of Hollywood. Perfectly orchestrated and executed series of events just came together, what art, magnificent. Which goes to prove if they want you out there going to put you out!!

    Now it’s time for the quo de griot to ruin him and the legacy of accomplishments during his presidency.
    We as his supporters need to keep the legacy alive. Those ass crats and main stream media and other leftists will never give President Donald J Trump the acknowledgement for a job well done in the interests of the people and nation of the United States of America 🇺🇸

    God BlessYou President Trump, God Bless You and your Family!

  35. Kris says:

    Thank you President Trump for not only all that you accomplished in your four years all while having to weather the democratic storm. Voter reform should be first on the agenda for the replacement crew that is coming but they won’t change that – what we have worked just fine for the liars and cheats that they are. Thanks again for fighting and standing up for true Americans
    God Bless you and your family. Let’s call it the 2024 RETURN not revenge

  36. Charles Moeller says:

    President Trump, You have done wonderful things for USA. Thank you for your honorable service. I wish this election had been as honorable.
    I am a patriot for the founding principles, too, and stand with you.
    Let me know if I can assist you.

  37. Joe says:

    I just hope and pray that Civil War does not break out in America.
    This country has never been as divided as it during my lifetime.
    There is absolutely clear evidence that the democrats stole the election. My biggest regret is we will no longer have you leading our country. And there are so many, including Republicans, that did not stand with you. It will be very interesting to see if America can make a come back from damages these eccentric left wing democrats can cause. I think the first thing old Joe will do is apologize to countries just like Hussein Obama did in his first days in office. Biden nor Harris have any leadership skills at all. Biden has never had a job in his entire long life. And we know Harris has flip flopped 180 degrees
    from how she was on the west coast.
    Thank you President Trump for your loyalty and accomplishments in your 4 years. Just imagine if you had any real help from democrats or a goodly number of fellow Republicans. I am not talking about a dirtbag such as Romney. I am talking Republicans who really did you no real favors. Unfortunately that actually included Pence at the finish line. I am not sure true Americans will ever trust the American
    system again. Again Mr President, thank you for fighting so very hard for red blooded Americans. May God bless you and your family

    • byron busby says:

      your right AMMO UP get out of the cities.

    • Hello Joe I can see that you are a true Patriot Pro-Trump Supporter You sound a little perplexed when I hear Trump Supporters say things like you just said “sorry we will not have you leading us any longer. I am here to tell you that President Trump is in the Chess Game of his life and he is a Master at 4-D Chess. So many have been upset with our President because he has not been doing anything, on the contrary, he has been setting trap after trap and the other side has been falling into one trap after the other. We all have learned that our Legal System the FBI, DOJ, CIA, HLS, THE U.S. MARSHALLS Offices are all corrupt so Trump has to find his way around all of them. We are at a point where all hell is about to break open Trump has a Truck Load of indictments that he has been collecting with all the Swamp Creatures Names already listed and in the coming day’s trumps team will be out there serving these thousands of indictments and as I an=m sure you already know that most of them are posted as charged with Treason which you know Trump has brought back the Death Penalty which has an automatic Death Penalty. Now that Pence has become a Traitor our President will be installing Pence’s replacement drummer has it that it will be General Flinn. So now that I hope I have calmed you down a little, I have several recent videos produced by knowledgeable people that are right on top of what President Trump is planning to do, I will start with President Trump’s latest address to his supporters ao pay attention to the end of the video and you will understand, he says “to all of my wonderful supporters I know you are disappointed but I also want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning.” IF YOU WANT MORE VIDEO’S PLEASE CONTACT ME THROUGH MY EMAIL LISTED BELOW. I HAVE VIDEO’S FROM L LIN WOOD WHO HAS PRICESLESS VIDEO’S Thank you TRUMP 2020 2028

  38. Robert Juhler says:

    for 4 years the demorats have done everything to destroy Trumps President term because they did not get Clinton in office. Now the shoe is on the other foot and they are intent on doing it again. The problem now is the Republicans are deserting the best President we have had for many years because of their false voting Biden will not be president for long, as they will declare unfit to serve,putting Harrish in as President.Now we can say goodbye USA as we have had snce 1776 God bless you Presdent Trump and family. You will always be my President.You can bet it was not republicans that did the damage at the Capital

    • Carolyn Sue Stubbs says:

      They have proof antifa was acting like trump supporters why didn’t the cop shoot the man he didn’t say he was a trump supporter but they shot the unarmed woman And the cops let them go into the building watch the video

    • Carolyn Sue Stubbs says:

      They have proof antifa was acting like trump supporters why didn’t the cop shoot the man he didn’t say he was a trump supporter but they shot the unarmed woman

      • That’s called AMBUSH !!! all authorities new this was going to happen, they were warned to prepare,&made it look like a surprise then acted accordingly !!!

  39. Beverly L Tujague says:

    This country will suffer under socialist rule. It’s already begun with you being denied the use of social media because you were judged without trial to be what caused a microscopic number of individuals to choose to be violent. The rest of us may feel the same we did not become violent from listening to your passionate speeches. Those who expect entitlements will soon find they are lovers in this turn of events. I only hope the military remembers they are here to defend our constitution even when it is the president who violates it. Dems want to prosecute you and impeach you but you didn’t do these things to Hillary despite the blatant and proven violations she made. They complained about correspondence between you and putin but had no trouble with the Clinton’s paling around with our enemies and taking money from them. I never felt more safe than with you as President. I believe this country has been infiltrated and is being divided to conquer. I see this happening with Biden. I hope you run next time and the people have seen their error. That’s if this is still a democratic nation and that presidential elections are still every four years. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Clinton’s and Obama should be put on a ship and sent to Cuba. Be safe and God protected.

    • Beverly L Tujague says:

      That was suppose to be lovers not lovers

      • Beverly L Tujague says:

        Why can’t I get that to say losers instead of lovers without typing lose space backspace s. Weird

      • Beverly L Tujague says:

        Why can’t I get that to say losers instead of lovers without typing loser space backspace s. Weird

    • Connie Krontz says:

      I personally am very afraid of how much democracy is left over after Biden and Harris. What rights will be left.

      I believe the riots at the capital and him being accused of inciting them is the reason he is giving in. I love our president. The things he promised he did!! They did cheat on this election and how do you trust them after that?

      An ex FBI agent at the scene of the Castalia riots said he saw at least one busload of antifa there joining in with the protestors. Could someone please verify this so we have at least 2 who saw antifa there. I thought it had to be them when I saw how violent they were. That is not us.

      I think Pence and also the senators fell for the ruse that it was Trump supporters rioting.

      And the left even mentioning impeachment again. Sickening.

      God bless you President Trump and also the families of those that lost their lives. God Bless our country . We will need this!!

      • That’s the DEMO–C–RATS HOPE for the FAKE NEWS to spread this FAST that’s the DEMO–C–RATS only HOPE to RULE AMERICA,as O’SLIMA said “I’m going to TRANSFORM AMERICA” then SLIMY SCHUMER “WE WIN GEORGIA, then the WORLD, THEN AMERICA”!!! The FAKE NEWS tried to hide when he said. “Then the WORLD” BUTT they always get caught in their LIES to US REAL AMERICANS !!! A L W A Y S !!!

    • Connie Krontz says:

      I personally am very afraid of how much democracy is left over after Biden and Harris. What rights will be left.

      I believe the riots at the capital and him being accused of inciting them is the reason he is giving in. I love our president. The things he promised he did!! They did cheat on this election and how do you trust them after that?

      An ex FBI agent at the scene of the Castal riots said he saw at least one busload of antifa there joining in with the protestors. Could someone please verify this so we have at least 2 who saw antifa there. I thought it had to be them when I saw how violent they were. That is not us.

      I think Pence and also the senators fell for the ruse that it was Trump supporters rioting.

      And the left even mentioning impeachment again. Sickening.

      God bless you President Trump and also the families of those that lost their lives. God Bless our country . We will need this!!

      • Connie Krontz says:

        The word is Capital not Castrol. My phone likes to decide for me.

      • Carolyn Sue Stubbs says:

        Well now people are not going to willfully give up their rights I’ve been hearing for awhile that the militias said they are not Trump’s army they were the army of the constitution and that if he didn’t get back in they were ready to defend our country

  40. Bob says:

    Our government no longer deserves our trust or cooperation!!!

    • They SET THIS in MOTION years ago when GREED & POWER FELT GOOD to any of them who were willing to sell out THE CONSTITUTION !!! This the SWAMP GREW !!! FOREIGN POWERS SAW this & capitalized on it MONETARILY !!! THUS TRAITORS we have easily !!!

  41. Robert Brayton says:

    Dont give up and don’t conceive GOD said you will serve two terms and you will your the best PRESIDENT we ever had and GOD has more for you to do. Keep your faith in Him we are all praying for you. AMEN

  42. james e knypstra says:

    the death was cause by the dem and obama the person that made anifa.this bus load of murders was paid for dem party.

    • Connie Krontz says:


    • YES the primary DONATOR is GEORGE “SORRASS” SORROS !!! This man funds BLM,ANTIFA,NAACP,&many other UN AMERICAN ACTIVIST ORGANIZATIONS !!! You must check out his NAZI HISTORY IN HUNGARY during WW 2 it will bring understanding to his wealth!!!

  43. Margaret Domine says:

    President Trump won that election. It was the worst election I have ever seen.
    Biden did not even campaign. He stayed in his basement. The voting machines
    were corrupt, the mail in ballots were corrupt. President Trump was under
    siege from the time he won the 2016 election. For four years the Democrats tried
    to get rid of him. They finally succeeded with a rigged election. I believe
    the Democrats sent in Antifa yesterday and caused all the chaos. It was all
    arranged because the Capitol police let them in. But the Democrats blame Trump.
    President Trump was the first President we have had for the average American.

    • Shirley says:

      President Trump is the best President in my life time. I’m 84 years old. Thank you, Mr President.

    • Bob says:

      And now they want to impeach him! I will never support the new el presidante’or any democrap!!!

    • Cathy Floyd says:

      Biden knew that he did not need to campaign, because the democratic party was going to cheat and defraud the American voters in every way possible in order to steal the election and the peoples rightful votes. This was the dirtiest and worst election ever, and the people are right to be upset about it. Everyone pray for our nation and hope that it can withstand the communist party which stole their way in.

    • Jane says:

      I agree. Trump has been for the American people. Not for the political parties. I’d be a shamed Nancy and Chuck. You two have done nothing but caused problems for President Trump. All we want is truth and honesty for this country. That’s what the President wanted. If anyone needs out of the office is You Nancy and Chuck Shumar. We need better people in your places. God is watching how crooked you two have been. You all are supposed to be working together not against.

  44. Petr Vacek says:

    Finaly sensible comments.
    Even from a loosing president.
    But, a day late. Looks like the speech writers were not fast as needed.

  45. David Smith says:

    I swore I would not write again but I had to ask for prayers for the veteran and now the officer and the other people that died I was scared when Obama was in charge of the weapons we have now I am having a bad acid trip thinking Biden and Harris will have control of our Nuclear weapons our biological weapons and chemical weapons But please pray for the deceased. Promise last letter

  46. You were God sent and a great president. Continue on the path for justice. Faith will win. All patriots, common sense Americans are for saving our country Stay in the fight, along with God fearing Amerucans, we will win. Blessings to you and family and all believers.

  47. Jo says:

    Democrates are to weak to take blame for anything they are just bullies. They brake rules they make for everyone else because they think they are better than everyone. I hope they take each other apart. I’m so thankful my God’s not dead and didn’t leave them in charge. It is so SAD to brag about winning when all they did was buy voted, lie and cheat.

  48. Mary says:

    As usual he lied with the first statement he didn’t call for the national guard. Pence did. He has ruined the United States for the past 4 years he has brought about total mayhem with racism, continued lies, pardons of people that should still be in prison, his self righteous behavior, golfing instead of caring about the Covid-19 disaster that he continues to call the China virus. His morals are that of one of the most narcissistic idiots that has ever been. Thank God he is done and hopefully will be charged with every crime he has committed.

    • Susan says:

      You are a complete idiot that apparently knows nothing but Communist CNN and their proxies. You are a disgrace to American citizens and patriots.

    • Jackie says:

      Mary you are totally WRONG!!! He has been the best President we’ve ever had because he is not a POLITICIAN!!

    • Ralph says:

      It’s still not over! It’s time for Civil war!

    • I’LL Pray that God will give you a clean heart and a better understanding of what our country is all about. I’m 84 yr old and never seen such a bitter and false bunch of statments trying to hurt another person much less the President of this USA after he’s done so much to restore our economy and build up our military which this Vet loves.

    • Richard F Foster says:


      I believe your love of this country is true. I also believe some of what you say has been part of a story the press has been feeding us for some time now.
      There is a woman named Sharyl Attkisson that has a book I think you will enjoy.
      The name of that book is SLANTED. Enjoy
      Your Friend
      Richard Foster

    • Deborah Wesselman says:

      Prove pence called the national guard.. the guard was already on site before anyone stormed the Capital. Check the videos. I’ll ignore your other statements, they don’t deserve the time needed to address them. But if you are able to prove them, plz do. Oh opinion, and statements from the talking heads on mainstream media don’t count….

    • JGW says:

      I’m sorry. I have to wonder if you forgot that it was the Obama administration that caused the racism in our country. As I recall, there was not an issue with any of that until he held office for two terms. He was the worst President ever. (Well umm besides Clinton!) His agenda was to destroy America as we know it. He is very evil. He took the citizens money and loaded up a plane with cash in the middle of the night and had it flown to a terrorist country! That was not his money to take liberty with! It was our money! He left our tanks and guns and ammunition over there and ISIS used it against us! If you people who are badmouthing Trump would stop running your mouths and actually study everything that has happened since Obama took office up til now you just may realize that the Democratic Party is far from what it was back in the day. The Democratic Party only looks out for their own pocket! Now take a good look at the Clintons! What did they have before he became President? Not only did he bring shame and disgrace to the Whitehouse trying to be a playboy but I’m certain that the Clintons, Obama’s and the Biden’s all got rich due to all their illegal dealings with those other countries! I’m sure a lot of that money made a full circle right back to their pockets!! Think about that awhile!
      The real kicker here though is that it seems none of them have realized that the leaders of those countries would just as soon behead them as they would any of us regular citizens!!
      We must pray hard for this country and the evil that our government allowed before Trump tried to expose and stop it!! They ALL had waaaay to much to lose if Trump were to serve another term! They gave him pure hell every step of the way! He is still standing! I don’t blame him for having attitude! Put yourselves in his shoes and let’s see you take it with a smile!! With Trump- You get what you see! He makes no bones about what he stands for and he says what he needs to say regardless of the harm he puts himself into!
      Remember satan comes to kill, steal and destroy! Make sure you all note that life as we have known it here in our wonderful country is about to change and it will be very hard to ever get it back!
      Once they take our means of defending ourselves away we are all in deep water! And that goes for each of you who continue to trash Trumps name! He accomplished more than any other President ever did in regard to the American citizens and their finances and our protection from the terrorist countries!
      AMERICA NEEDS TO WAKE UP and GET READY for what they will do to us!!!

      • Susann Petty says:

        I agree with you 110 percent. With Biden and Harris in office, life as we’ve known it, will never be the same. I just hope that all of the idiots that “legally voted” for them, will realize that they helped destroy our country and great nation!! Your constitutional rights and freedom will be sacrificed because you helped put these two Democraps (yes, I said democraps) in office., along with all of the illegal votes, rigged voting machines and cheating that took place. The sad thing is that millions of Americans will suffer the consequences of being under communistic rule. So much for living in the “United “ states of America and land of the free….because we are a nation divided and we certainly won’t be free when they take office!!! I hope and pray that President Trump will seek a second term in 2024, and make America great again!! Thank you President Trump for a job well done!

    • Jaybo says:

      Are you and Holly rose sisters? I feel sorry for your family to have such traitors and scum as members!

  49. Sonia Wolfrom says:

    I support President Trump. He is a great man and has done many, many, many great things for our country. I hope we have a smooth transition but I also hope he never concedes b/c time will proved everything he was telling the American people is true.

  50. Sonia Wolfrom says:

    7:36 CST, US Capitol police say the DC police offer has not died.

  51. Beth Esslinger says:

    The very best president in my 84 years. I will miss him and his beautiful family. Thank you Melania, You have been a graceful and wonderful first lady!

    • Dixie B Hamar says:

      I agree totally with James. My heart is broken for you, your family and our country. I will never stop praying for we worship a mighty God. We just need to discover His plan and join in.

  52. jon trovati says:

    I’m so sorry we didn’t get the victory but even more sorry about how it ended. No one may ever know who was behind all this madness but we do know who gets the blame. Thank you so much for trying to make America great again. It has been so long since any official even mentioned it let alone tried. My favorite thing about you will always be that-your a fighter even unto the end. All the others are weak. What if you would have had strong leaders backing you? Like Ted and others who weren’t afraid to stand up for us? God bless you and your lovely wife and kids, jon

  53. Susan McMath says:

    This speech should have been given yesterday! I feel that the President invited the revolution . The participants were regular americans. He did a disservice to all of us who had hoped that he would run in 2024 and finish what he started. But he is unfortunately a sore loser. We win we lose but had he been more cooperative with the transition he would have gained more future fans. Bad Behavior is always a losing strategy.
    It’s a shame that he leaves under a cloud. He has so much to be proud of. Never underestimate the voters. They have a way of humbling you and guiding you in the direction you need to go!

    • Robin Makepeace says:

      I am not sure I trust in the American vote anymore. And can understand the frustration. But Trump isn’t responsible for what happened at the White house yesterday, as adults we or responsible for our own actions.

    • Kevin Sabin says:

      Sore loser? A sore loser is someone who gets beaten fair & complains. The Democrats plotted & schemed for 4 years how to ensure that they were never ‘surprised’ or defeated in another Presidential election. Anyone who has been paying attention knows how fraudulent the past election was.
      President Trump is a big enough man to acknowledge defeat had it been fair. But there is no way a candidate who doesn’t campaign gets the most votes in American history in a fair election. NO WAY.
      So President Trump isn’t a sore loser. He’s a valiant contestant who sought to expose the fraud that existed in the past presidential election. All he did is try his best to have the cheating exposed. What right-minded person can blame him?

    • Tom Tackett says:

      Anyone who thinks THE PRESIDENT

      • Susan says:

        Tom, they do not nor ever did want to work us or with our President. Do you really think something is going to change now? And remember they HATE US and used Trump to make America a communist and illegal haven neglecting our rights!

    • Clarence says:

      the ones involved in the violence came in on antifa buses. it was put up and probably be the same ones who caused invalid voting. careful who you blame. you have seen 4 of the greatest years ever in America. watch out for what you will have for the future.

    • Deborah Wesselman says:

      Where in this video did say he wouldn’t run again? He did say “This is not over”.

  54. Linda says:

    Linda: Amazing four years from President Trump. He has worked tirelessly for America and all people. Thank you!
    We all better be thankful to God and President Trump and stop blaming him for the attack on the capital. If he had known Antifa was going to do the things they did, people this would not have happened. You hypocrites who have so quickly judged the President better ask yourselves, why were there not proper security in place for such a time as this? This could have just as easily been a foreign power and another tragic 911. Isn’t this what some of you elites want? A take over? NOW, I guess you’ll get your heads out of your rearins and wake up!

    • Robin Makepeace says:

      I agree with you, people let’s stop the hate and be more adult in our actions. I still love president Trump and all he stands for.

    • Patricia Ellis says:

      Thank u. It was Anifta started this .. Trump supporters tried to stop them from entering the Capital..

    • Vickie Hague says:

      Best American President many accomplishments…for the people…
      Always working.

  55. Ron Nuce says:

    I have to wonder who the libtards will choose as their “whipping-boy”, now that Trump is not available? Maybe, if we’re lucky, they will go completely insane and start devouring each other??? You can’t carry that much hate as they do for the conservatives without it eventually destroying you-mind, body and soul!

    • william robert davis says:

      for what ever it is worth, this is my thoughts on the dem. party. biden will step down in the near future and harris will be president . she will appoint a woman vice president. then the u.s. will have 3 women in controll of the country. harris , vice president, speaker of the house. we are in for it. that is what the dem. party has planed for the u.s. in my thoughts. if this is right then the president and vice president will hold the offices with out anyone voteing them to those offices. hope i am wrong .

    • Deborah Wesselman says:

      It would be interesting to watch the left devour itself. Who will be the new whipping boy? Why the same one they have had for the last five years.. remember Obama blaming Bush for everything that went wrong on his watch?

    • Wilma C Ellis says:

      Their minds, body, and souls are already destroyed. The Democrats have been running on hatred for Trump for quite a while, at our expense, both monetary and mentally. Pelosi’ hate for President Trump is unmatchable. The Democrats in the House have allowed her to pursue her hatred instead of doing the work that they were elected to do. Shame. It is time for her removal from Congress so that the real work cann be done.

  56. Dominick Ammirato says:

    Mr president you made me proud to be an American you did so much good for are great country never got the respect you deserved but you now your well respected by your follower’s be proud of what you done we all know you love our great country hold your head hi greatest president of my lifetime hope to keep hearing your voice for America Trump 2024 god bless you thank you

  57. Ann says:

    You are and always will be the real true President. Thank you for doing so much in a small window of time. You truly put the people first and I can not understand how blind so many people are to that. Socialism is not a way of life, it is being told what to do, how to do it and when to do it. The people who voted for Biden will one day see and regret it. Biden is not going to be the new President anyway, he is simply a means to an end. Even he tell us it is Kamala who will be in charge. Heaven help all the innocent children who will be destroyed at their hands. God Bless You, President Trump!!!

  58. David gibson says:

    The Democrats have no interest in having a free democracy all they care about is power. Joe Biden cheated to get this position, I can’t say he won because he did not. Republicans have all the evidence needed courts would not hear any of the law suits. Not to mention what the states did to the constitution, just as well throw it in the garbage can. What happened yesterday at the capital is no ones fault but the Democrats,they also have no interest in finding out about the election fraud that went on.
    Sad day in America

  59. Pam says:

    PRESIDENT TRUMP YOU ARE STILL MY PRESIDENT! The best we’ve ever had, I still hope for someone to come through and will listen to the evidence we know exists. I’m praying every day for your great family. Thank you!

  60. Adriana Alonso says:

    Truly believe the election was stolen.
    You did a great job Mr President. Many have turned their back on you.
    Democrats have played dirty in politics. There is a God watching everything. Nothing worse then like living with a guilty conscious mind. Those who prefer Democrats will soon regret it.
    Best for you and family.

    • joan Bardeen says:

      I am at a loss for words over what has happened in America. I am happy our parents never had to live through this and I pray somehow our children can endure.
      God Bless America.

  61. Santiago Hinistroza says:

    President Trump your the best president I ever severed under you always spoke the truth and brought corruption from both party’s to the top May the Lord bless you and all your beautiful family FOREVER

  62. Julie says:

    Mr. President! I do NOT believe it was all your supporters in that mob!!! You were set up! Those Antifa bastards and BLM dressed up carrying Trump flags and tried to dress like a Trump supporter acting like your supporter and then went on a rampage!!! There might have been a handful of our supporters caught up in the moment but I believe it was all the other side. They ( Democraps)needed to punish you for dare contesting the election!!! You had every right to contest it because all of us knew you had won!! We love you and Biden will NEVER be my president! I hope to get the chance to vote for you in 2024! God Bless you and your family!

  63. I believe you will have another 4 years and we wii have an amazing 4 more years together.
    Godbless you,

  64. Richard Bengston says:

    Trump will always be my president. what happened in the electio is against the constitution and my Patriotism.

  65. Shelly says:

    President Trump is a great President. As usual, Antifa started rioting like they always do and forced their way into the Capitol. But of course, blame Trump supporters for it what else is new. God save our country and President Trump. How come there wasn’t any outrage by Biden when they were destroying small businesses and taking over cities. Double standards is the new normal.

  66. Rick says:

    This was such a lame protest when compared to the BLM and Antifa protest in Minnesota, Seattle, and Portland. Why didn’t those events , which were so much more destructive, get the same condemnation from government officials.

  67. Carol says:

    He is giving up, wow after all the support from the people, he is leaving us in the hands of devils. There is no trust left for any election ever again, it will be who they want, I am disappointed, I have been praying for his victory, now he is walking away. There will never be another man worth his salt to run for the office of President or any office in the Government, looks like the patriots will have to fight the battle. Americans will never be safe again, Antifa and BLM will be raping women killing children for their own pleasure, No one will be safe again from these thugs

    • Leilani Peterson says:

      I only hope that President Trump will continue to work at exposing the scum that is running our country, Republicans as well as Democrats. As he found during his time in office, there are traitors on both sides of the aisle and in many highup positions.God bless him. He was the best president this country has had in my 70+years.

    • Carol A. Daly says:

      Dear President Trump, I apologize for ever doubting you and what needs to happen to safe our country, I AM with you 100%

  68. Dennis says:

    President Trump is the GREATEST President that ever lived. The Rioters were paid just like BLM and the Democrat Rioters. The same ones that destroyed Portland, Seattle,etc. They were dressed like Trump Supporters.

  69. Carole Todd says:

    God bless you Mr. President! You’ve done your job, God had used you to do many necessary things that no one else had the courage to do!! You have not lost. I’m so sorry for what you had to put up with and what your family endured.

  70. THOMAS E THOMAS says:

    God is the only One we can trust!

  71. We the people love you , you gave your all and the only way they could defeat us was to steal the election ! We all know that the Demonictoids cheated in every way possible ! We will not be controlled just as you stood for us we will be here for you ! 2024 !

  72. F F Tramutola Jr. says:


    • I pray for you and your family and stand with you 100%

    • Juan Diego says:

      unbelievable! he just said time for a peaceful transition you moron. what do you want? that is why it wont end here you guys will never accept his PAST four years and I am sure you will blame him for the next four like obabma did with bush…

    • Helen Clayton says:

      What about Sidney Powell and all her evidence? Was it ever presented? With all the communist ties, will Biden qualify for a security clearance? How can he even be president? Or Kamala either?

      • Ron Ator says:

        The two of them are the scum of the earth and we could add Pelosi in that group. we the people are not going to like the road ahead. We the people and supporters of our great President need to be ready to fight socialism.
        We the people need to stop there corruption when it happens. We need to keep America Great and free of corrupt Government.

  73. Diane says:

    Will continue praying for you and your family.

  74. Sandra Bush says:

    Let the games begin including the insurrection act

  75. Rita says:

    Biden and his crime family will never be my President. As for the Malorto vice president she will never be nothing but a demo crate puppet until they can get rid of Biden. I will be voting for President in 2024 we will decently need him back after the democrats’ finish screwing the country and kissing every forniers ass.

  76. Letise says:

    I hate what happened I heard your speech and in no way do I feel you did anything to cause what went on. I hope when this is all over they find the ones that did this. Why worry is the civil war that is going to happen because these people are not in anyway for America. I hope you keep working to save America.

  77. Karen Graff says:

    My heart breaks…not only for the loss of this magnificent president, but for the election fraud that has not been successfully adjudicated. This is a dark day, and I fear it is the first of many.

  78. Patricia Shaefer says:

    In God we trust! Thank you President Trump for your 4 years of fabulous leadership. You will be remembered as the best President in our lifetime!!

  79. Joshua R Walters says:

    Wow…. i wow…. aint gonna lie kinda toke me back its a fomplete 180 he seems scared now… shame on you mr trump.. we had your back and now you want to turn on us as well..i guess their really isnt not a single honest person left in politics today..

  80. Sandra Bush says:

    Trump can now invoke the insurrection act arrest a lot of people and give us four more years he’s right now in a safe place in Texas with a military go Trump

    • kim M collins says:

      I will never except Biden as my president trump did get job prayers for you and your family

  81. Roy Westberg says:

    You were a great president . You will be greatly missed . Run again in 4 years and if this country is still in one piece after ol joe and kamela have there way. Your base will still be here for you.

  82. Thomas says:

    Well I guess it is over ? I really believed some thing good was going to happen. But, I guess not !! Wow, he will always my pres. Biden or bird shit won’t.

  83. Cecelia Lester says:

    Thank you Mr. President, you have done a great job for the last 4 years, even though you had to put up with the democrats trying to destroy you and our country. God Bless you and your family!

    • MARY ZAMORANO says:


  84. mark haney says:

    he said it is just beginning, he must have more to come, he only has days to implement the insurrection act and start arresting those trying to destroy our country. Declassify everything so the people will know how evil the left is, keep our country safe from the left or we will surely be pushed into a civil war.

  85. Dale forbus says:

    You have been the best president in my lifetime it’s a sad sad day and out all the things that you’ve been through I don’t know how you did what you did but you did more than you said you would do and no one else has ever done that I think the Democrats will hound you till hell freezes over I hope not they haven’t done anything in the last four years except try to tear you down and everything that you’ve done you’re the only voice that we have had even the Republicans have turned tail and ran and not had your back it’s a shame

  86. Mike says:

    You say In God We Trust!!! It seems like God has abandon us. There is going to be a lot of ‘Buyers Remorse’ with sleezy joe & heels-up!!!

    • TOM HARLANDER says:

      God has not abandoned us, it is we who have turned out God, from 1962 with the Supreme Court ruling against allowing prayers in public schools, to the current rage against Him in virtually every aspect of our lives, even to the point of forcing churches and synagogues to close while allowing strip clubs and liquor stores to be open. We are they who do not want to retain God in our knowledge who God is turning over to reprobate minds.

  87. Ronnie C. Morgan says:

    Mr. President my family and I have supported you from the beginning and we will continue to support you! We appreciate you and your service to our beloved country! You may well be the GREATEST PRESIDENT ever! You accomplished sooo much during the past 4 years, having to fight every day for the American People and our GREAT NATION! I’m saddened by all the corruption, lies, and deceit that is rampant in Washington D.C. and in Congress! Imagine what you could have accomplished if both sides of the isle had worked with you! It would have been phenomenal! Take care and God Bless you and your family and God Bless America!

  88. Judy says:

    That is why President Trump is still our President . He is able to talk about a stressful situation is a strong, confident and yes Presidential voice. No need for the drama, hysterical and phony outrage we have seen from the Democrats because he loves his Country and it’s people more than himself and the power of his office.

  89. Sharee says:

    Please keep fighting for our freedoms. We LOVE 💗 YOU!! Executive order should be in place. Fraudulent ballots Biden and the deep stay PURE Treason EMBEZZLING. KILLING. THREATENING OUR CONSTITUTION. LIVES OF ALL WHI SUPPORT YOU !!! It must be stopped. We the people are pleading Yet we feel we can do nothing!!! It’s communism take over !!!! I’m so sick of liars cheats thieves murderers trying to take over our country. Please DONALD TRUMP. YOUR A GREAT MAN. DO NOT CONCEDE TO WICKEDNESS !!! I’ll come fight for you !!

  90. Donna Smith says:

    The Whole thing that happened was staged by the Dumborats to make the Republicans look bad and blame it all on Trump. They desperately wanted to take over and they brainwashed everyone to turn their backs on Trump. Shame not one care about the Americans.

  91. Earlene Tenison says:

    I think you have done a great job in the 4 yrs. you were president. You believe in God. That is the main person for Christians. With God our nation will be blessed. Praying for you and your family. I am afraid now our country will go along with Socialism and Communism. My God is still in control. He says not to fear. I will have faith in his promises.
    Thank you for doing all you could to keep our country safe from the evil people. Prayers for our America!

  92. mamabear says:

    This is the most outrageous election that we have ever had in this country. I will never acknowledge this idiot as my President. God
    help us live through this communistic, solialistic reign with a man who
    accepted a RIGGED election, what pride he must have in himself.
    Congratulations to a corrupt, dishonest, person sitting in President
    Trumps chair in the oval office. God help us.

  93. James says:

    Today America is on the precipice of total oblivion, is there any chance of a comeback? IN just a few short weeks we will; unless The Almighty One of Israel steps in, sink to level of all other banana republics. Democracy has ruined America; the Republic our forefather fought and died for is being destroyed from within; just as Pres. Lincoln once warned.

  94. I love my President! My prayers go out to him and his family . As well as our Nation ! Sorry ! To hell with the rest !

    • Joseph Danza says:


  95. Tom. E Pezzano says:

    I don’t believe there will ever again be a fair election in this country. One of the greatest countries on earth was sold out for greed

    • Joe Robo says:

      There won’t be. The democrats got away with ith stealing the election and will do the same from now on until we the people stop them.

    • MARY ZAMORANO says:


  96. Melinda Popplewell says:

    Still a professional in spite of everything. God bless him and his family.

  97. Larry Jarrett says:

    Keep the law suits going, Biden will never be my president

    • James says:

      I agree with Tom E. Pezzano above; America will never see a real election ever again. I really doubt if there will even be one in 2022, why should there be, they now will have the power to make all the rules; and as they have already proved “to hell with America”.

  98. Donna mcneill says:

    You people who think preside Harris yes I said harris not biden is going to make american better watch and see. They want to defund the police see what happens. Democrats have a lot to hide. Biden harris will never be my president

  99. Marguerite HESS says:

    Trump legally won…everybody knows…that means the cheaters too

  100. Steven Evans says:

    DemocRats stoled our Election

  101. Noelle Baranowski says:

    We have had the greatest President in our time.

    • Kevin says:

      Well, Reagan was pretty great, too. So 2 great Presidents in our lifetime!
      It is amazing what President Trump accomplished in under 4 years! Doubly amazing when you realize that the swamp and the media fought him ferociously the whole time!!


  102. Michael Malizia says:


    • Apljaq says:

      People died during the protest why? The Democrats would no allow a simple audit to certify the election and they stood fast and said no! Voting machines were said to be independent yet hackers could go to any machine in a matter of seconds. Just a simple audit.

  103. Kenny Moss says:

    Fuck Biden

    • MARY ZAMORANO says:


  104. Jason Oliver says:

    We need to remain peaceful in America in God we trust