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Trump’s Message To His Supporters

Former President Donald Trump has issued the following statement to his supporters and to all Americans. After reading the statement, please share your thoughts in the comment section. Are you pleased or displeased that Trump was acquitted by the Senate?


I want to first thank my team of dedicated lawyers and others for their tireless work upholding justice and defending truth.

My deepest thanks as well to all of the United States Senators and Members of Congress who stood proudly for the Constitution we all revere and for the sacred legal principles at the heart of our country.

Our cherished Constitutional Republic was founded on the impartial rule of law, the indispensable safeguard for our liberties, our rights and our freedoms.

It is a sad commentary on our times that one political party in America is given a free pass to denigrate the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer mobs, excuse rioters, and transform justice into a tool of political vengeance, and persecute, blacklist, cancel and suppress all people and viewpoints with whom or which they disagree. I always have, and always will, be a champion for the unwavering rule of law, the heroes of law enforcement, and the right of Americans to peacefully and honorably debate the issues of the day without malice and without hate.

This has been yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our Country. No president has ever gone through anything like it, and it continues because our opponents cannot forget the almost 75 million people, the highest number ever for a sitting president, who voted for us just a few short months ago.

I also want to convey my gratitude to the millions of decent, hardworking, law-abiding, God-and-Country loving citizens who have bravely supported these important principles in these very difficult and challenging times.

Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun. In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people. There has never been anything like it!

We have so much work ahead of us, and soon we will emerge with a vision for a bright, radiant, and limitless American future.

Together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

We remain one People, one family, and one glorious nation under God, and it’s our responsibility to preserve this magnificent inheritance for our children and for generations of Americans to come.

–Donald J. Trump


Please share your thoughts about former President Trump’s statement in the comment section.


  1. Ben W. says:

    Pelosi and her band of demented degenerates have tried to set up President Trump since the very minute he announced his WH bid. It has failed. It will continue to fail and the American people who see through their systemic BS have been galvanized now, more than ever. However, there is a great reckoning coming. I never in my wildest nightmare, expected to be living the book of Revelation, but I am glad to see the the exposure of the lies, and corruption. God will not allow this to continue. The cup of inequity has been filled.

  2. Regina Fitzgerald says:

    My husband and I would like to start off by saying Thank you from the bottom of my heart President Trump!! You are truly the number one President this country has ever had and will ever have!! Your faith, love, loyalty, courage, and compassion for the American people is absolutely the most beautiful gift we all could ever receive….. your unconditional love and support for the American people does not go unnoticed!! Your a man of your word and most importantly a man of God who stands up for what is right. This country needs that! And thank you for opening up so many eyes!! These are Revolutionary Times and you have guided us towards the light. And continue to succeed in this! We pray that you will continue to fight for all of us. And may God bless you and your family and God bless America!! Thank you President Trump!! WWG1WGA ❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸

  3. Daniel Stewart says:

    Congratulations President Trump on your victory over the Democrats’ unjustified and evil second impeachment. I think it’s time for the Democratic Party to go the way of the DoDo bird. My two brothers and I voted for you in 2016 and we are ready to do it again in 2024. Thank you for your service and dedication to our great country.

  4. Sandra Callaway says:


  5. Matthew Welk says:

    As far as im concerned.
    Republican Donald Trump
    Is our only hope.
    No other republicans got the balls

  6. Herbert Duffee says:

    I am in complete agreement with the Donald J. Trump article.
    We badly need him back as our president to fix all the problems that Biden has caused.

  7. Donna Wickings says:

    Thank you for everything you have done for us but I hope all social media and fake news fall flat on there faces I will never go back to eny of it I don’t need them to see what is going on in the world

  8. Jerry Fuchs says:

    Thank You for the sacrifice you & your family have made. Please wear the two badges of HONOR that that the Democrats have pinned on you with pride. Considering the source of the impeachments they bring honor to you & your Family that will be significant in the history of the USA. Their GOAL is CONTROL We look forward to helping You stop their achievement of that goal.

  9. JM says:

    The “Big Lie” is Russia, Russia, Russia! And the Truth is Biden did NOT win legitimately. Democrats cheated but say they “Fortified” 2020 election. And the truth is Pelosi wanted chaos to occur at the Capital that day, Pelosi knew and did not allow added security. Democrats have tried to set up our President from day one!

  10. Kimberley Seth says:

    I am truly glad you Donald Trump reached out to us We The People. We The Patriots Of our Country. We all have supported you and stood by you and your leadership from day 1 we have never gave up and never will give up. For the sake of our Country the USA 🇺🇸. One Nation Under God,In God We Trust, Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave. We are standing strong to keep our Freedom, Safety, Security, Our Constitution and Amendments in tact. We were blessed for 4 years when you was chosen to be our Commander and Chief a job very well performed. God Bless You President Donald Trump.

  11. We will stand strong again with you President Donald Trump.
    We are the people of this nation of the USA, the middle class working people.
    We stand for Liberty and Justice for all.
    God bless you and God bless American.
    God is watching and he will provide the strength/fortitude to fight the enemy, Satan, the Liberals.
    So we pray for God’s guidance not Joe Biden.
    There is only glory for truth and justice. Disheartened but not defeated in Christ.
    Pat from Pittsburgh PA

  12. Franco Guastaferro says:

    I believe that as far as policies there never was a better President, it was a breath of fresh air to see how the political decisions matched the promises made before the election. I do wish that at times instead of punching back Trump would have explained, with humor, the fallacy of the other side, as Reagan would have done.
    I’m not sure what kind of info. they had regarding the election fraud, but the fact that they got rejected by the various courts should have been taken more seriously and accept that whatever his staff may have said the result might not be in Trump favor. He could have accepted the inevitable result with class even if disagreeing with how the election was run. This would have increased his popularity and his chances for another run.

    I hope Trump runs again, I will definitely vote for him, I also hope that somehow he would recognize his less than smooth exit and make amends for it, it would speak volumes for his integrity and the voters would find it much easier to just concentrate to his achievements during his presidency rather than the controversy of his exit.

    Whatever you do Mr. Trump, I thank you for how you went about fighting for the USA and how you cared for the forgotten Americans, for many years I wondered why the politician did not do the same and had almost come to accept as something that could not be otherwise, letting other countries walk all over the USA. You, Mr. Trump, showed me that it didn’t have to be like that except for the stupidity of our politicians.

    This is not my birth country, but it is the only country that makes me proud of. Too bad that so many feel that it needs to be changed.

    President Trump, when corrupt Hillary said to you that the beauty contestant from South America you had fired was now US citizen and would vote, not for you, why didn’t you tell her that the four mothers whose son she neglected to protect in Benghazy also would vote ?

  13. Bob Pittman says:

    GODS will be done. We thank you for all you have done. We know that GOD will have the last word. Stay strong and true. You did a great job.

  14. John C Wright says:

    We the people have read a tremendous letter from our President of the United States of America. We are so thankful, that you have a Love for our Creator, the God of the Bible and this Great Country, that no man can take down or destroy; unless it would be God Himself.

    Since the beginning of this Nation, great hero’s have suffered much, whither it be blood spilled on the battle field, riches, or life as precious as we know it too be, to uphold the the Inalienable Rights our fore fathers penned for the people of the this nation to receive and revere. To behold the truths written in the Constitution, that gives the people of this Nation only, through this document, the tranquility that our Religious Rights would be protected, Freedom of Speech, the means to legally vote for our representatives, high and lower positions to govern this Nation etc., etc..

    I know that there must be many incidents where mankind has abused their positions only for the purpose of power and money; the root of all evil. But one event recorded in the Bible, 2 Samuel 15,starting with Verse 13 tells the reader of David’s son Absalom, in his quest to usurp David’s Throne.

    The God of the Bible, who set’s up kings and brings kings down, allowed Absalom to turn against his father; but God in His complete Sovereignty, and for His purpose would let this folly turn into the destruction of those who are not ordain by God. Thus God would move the supporters of the King to bring David back to the Thorne of Israel.

    Our day is different, what God has tolerated by the evilness of man through tyranny, we will never be able to see what that future holds, until it falls upon us; yet whatever God has in His plan we surely know that His Sovereign Will, will be done.

    My wife and myself thank you for your service in making America Great Again; and for verifying the wickedness and treason most of our elected officials
    have engaged themselves into, with a myriad of lies to deceive the people, while they enrich themselves in unmerited glory.

    Our prayers are always for you and your family, aswell as for your supporters

    D. J. Wright

  15. Angel M Perez says:

    Mr. President Trump, you are my President, still.
    As a Christian and a Hispanic man, I owe you an enormous amount of gratitude. You took the incoming fire in order to protect us. You exposed your family to insults, abuse, and even danger; and you did it for us. You kept your promises, and you did not do even more because of the obstruction of Pelossi and Schumer.
    You have nothing to be ashamed of, all the shame belongs to the democrats and the republican traitors. Those impeachments, coming from them, you should wear them as Badges Of Honor. That’s how I see them. They speak volumes of your stature, character, honesty, and integrity. That’s something that the democrats have no clue of. Those democrats and their minions are the ones that have to deal with their conscience, if they have one in operation.
    Mr. President Trump, I can honestly say that I love you, my family loves you (even the young ones). And it is a common sentiment and virtue among all your supporters that I speak to, like never before we all felt your love for us. In return, we all love you. Thank you Mr. President Trump, God bless you and your family.

  16. Tina Aliff says:

    God Bless the REAL President Donald J Trump! May God continue to Bless you and keep you safe! Run again!!! YOU and Mike Lindell need to pair up!!! Keep draining the EVIL swamp. THANK YOU a zillion times!!!

  17. Robert Davison says:

    The swamp is wide and deep. It will take a lot of work to drain it. Corruption in politics has been ingrained as business as usual for many politicians. Please, Mr Trump, please continue to help us flush out the wrong. I think limiting terms would be a good start. Also! Please watch your back! You have made powerful enemies!

  18. Supporter in VA says:

    Thank you for all you have done for our country. You will always be my favorite President who helped to make America Great Again. No other president in my lifetime (I’m 74) has done so much for WE THE PEOPLE. This President now in office is truly not a Moderate Democrate and is supporting all the Radicals and quite evident he is only a Puppet taking orders from the Radicals. Absoultely disgusting. Taking away our Freedom of Speech and Gun Rights. He is destroying America. Please continue to fight for us. Special thanks to your family for their support.

  19. Susan Ioanou-Silver says:


  20. Robert Deiss says:

    Dear Mr. Trump,
    Thank you for your perseverance, you are simply amazing, you keep fighting even when they have you backed against the wall. I will always support you, you are just what this country needs, now more than ever……2024!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!! My wife is from Canada, she speaks to friends and family all the time, they only wish they could have a President Trump over there, they admire us and you 100%!!! Keep up the fight, hold the democrats accountable for all there wrong doing. Our faith and prayers are with you always!!

  21. JOHN ALLISON says:

    As president he spoke in July about the fraudulent election, 100 days before the vote.. He was the commander in chief with all the resources of the US government available to him. What did he do about the supposed fraud then? Nothing. Instead he simply began claiming the big lie. He wasn’t interested in a fair election. He was only interested in winning, by whatever means necessary. He started the big lie because he was behind in the polls and knew he probably wouldn’t be reelected.
    He tried everything to affect the outcome in his favor, escalating his efforts his attempts failed. He ignored the rule of law and the constitution. He badgered election officials to change the vote counts, incited his base to attack officials, attempted to disqualify millions of citizens votes, lost 95 % of the myriad of law suits he brought, and never accepted the election results. On
    January 6th, he culminated his efforts by inciting the mob he had called to Washington that day, to storm the capitol and then failed to defend it, violating his oath of office. He claims to be the victim of the deep state, yet he has been the deep state for the last four years, putting judges and officials in every conceivable position he could. Yet he’s crying fraud and conspiracy against him when the truth is he is the fraud and his conspiracy to be president is still ongoing. Even the republican leader of the senate called him out for being a disgrace to his office and the american people. Look at all his lies and machinations. His taxes have been under audit for four years? LIE. Mexico will pay for the wall. LIE Massive election fraud stole his landslide victory.. LIE Even his hand picked US attorney general stated there was no significant fraud in the election. The man keeps telling untruths because he believes if you say them long enough, people will believe them. Don’t be fooled by this master manipulator. Donald Trump is the hoax and fake news master.

    • Donna says:

      Trump is my President and did more for us then any other president. He has a great personality that others don’t have. He doesn’t need us but we need him. This world is a mess since Biden weaseled his way n illegally. Noone was at his Rallies so no way he could win. He’s told so many lies that he can’t tell the truth. I wish Amy C0oney Barret would be strong enough to look into the interference and fraud with the 2020 election because we all know who really won!

    • eli says:

      I guess you watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, and read Washington Post, NY Times and expend a lot of time in Twitter, and Facebook. That is the only reason your eyes a closed. Wait for the Explosive Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A Guedes says:

      Finally someone who speaks the truth. 1/2 this country actually believes all his LIES and doesn’t see him for what he truly is. That’s just so sad. They believe he is for ALL AMERICANS when the other 1/2 of the country see’s him for who and what he truly is. I just pray that the truth comes out b4 it’s too late. Then what? I have no clue!

    • Mickie says:

      Mr. President, thank you for all you were able to accomplish in 4 years. THAT was truly Amazing! The list is long. You did more in your 4 years than most did in 8. You are the best President in My Lifetime. We can just imagine what you could have done with another 4. You also showed the Republican Party how to stand up and fight for conservative policies, values and the American Dream instead of cowering and kowtowing to the vicious Left. AMERICA FIRST NOT LAST!!! That did Not mean America Alone. You squeezed our Allies to pay their fare share. To NOT leave the bill on the American tax payers. You squeezed hostile foreign powers to deal more fairly with America. We The People appreciated that immensely. They also learned under your leadership that America would Not be threatened or bullied by Bad Actors across the globe or there would be consequences. The Fake News Lamestream Media while attacking you mercilessly nonstop daily was shown to be the Corrupt Frauds that they are and colluding with the Democrats as the Propaganda minions they are. You ripped the Mask right off their lying faces, often with humor which they failed to recognize. We loved when you trolled them. We hope you will run again and Pray the the Voter Fraud through various means will be cleaned up by then but it WON’T unless Republicans DEMAND it. Meanwhile I hope you can find ways to help people to get back to work and get an education or learn a trade in the inner cities especially where minorities are severely challenged thanks to disgusting Democrat policies in Education and everything else for that matter. Doing so you will broaden your base with even more people. You Can Win again to Make America Great Again by coalescing the base to find ways to help and support one another. God Bless You and your family. God Bless America to keep her strong and Free.

  22. Thomas says:

    The news media & The democratic party with the help of China, Russia, Iran and
    others finally got rid of Donald Trump and gave us joe and kamala. It won’t take
    long until all Americans realize what a disaster that is!! As joe continues his
    attack on destroying our economy it will become clear to any one with a brain &
    some common sense what a mistake we let happen. The real winners here will be
    our biggest enemies China, Russia, Iran. The losers are WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

  23. Don says:

    You have our absolute confidence and if still around we’ll be supporting you as always.

  24. Jodi says:

    You are my president! I am so sorry for what the left has put you through! I am thankful that you believe in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ! I pray for your continued safety, courage and perseverance. Thank-you for loving our country and making it great. God Bless you and your family! 💯💪🏻🇺🇸


    • I couldn’t agree more.

      • Lonita says:

        I am praying for you, Mr. President. We are not saved by works lest any man should boast. I am praying the grace of God will appear to us in a glorious way, that a double portion of the Comforter will abide with Christ’s people and within this great nation, that judgement will begin in the house of the Lord, for we are not appointed to wrath, but to obtain salvation in the days ahead. We will cry out together now. We will press into that which is behind the veil now. We will walk in love and truth now. Let us begin to make America greater again!

  26. Diane Burton says:

    You are my president. I look forward to all you are continuing to do for our country and to keep it free. God bless you always.


  27. Suzanna J Wilcoxon says:

    Thank you, President Trump, for the things that you accomplished during your first term. I am aghast that so many people have defamed you and are now trying to tear down everything you accomplished. I have voted for you twice and I would vote for you again.

  28. Donna Bucciarelli says:

    We the people of the United States of America need you ex- President Trump.I always hated that word ex and even more now. God bless you patriot.

  29. Kathleen says:

    Forever President Trump supporter! Will always stand by you as you have always stood by America and the American people.

  30. victor says:

    The Democrats are the Sewage of America. Hopefully, you will come back in 2024 and Clear all those Snakes out of the Swamp.

  31. Mike K says:

    America First Always! President Trump still has my support and best wishes.

  32. Sam B. says:

    Let’s b honest…the day Mr. Trump announced he was running for president the naysayers started crow’n. The naysayers & the media(at the time) ramped up their nonstop rhetoric against him because he spoke his mind..not the typical pc pansyass person running for the highest office in the land..who has a SPINE & had a very strong pro America first agenda. This strong attitude was a shock to them the establishment…which also stirred up & brought out all the hidden biased negative narrative corruption of the media…that gave birth to “Fake News.” All of these folks were butt-hurt because the audacity of Mr. Trump calling it as he sees it…just being honest..& that honestly totally freaked out what is now known as “the mob & the media.” That honesty & pro America/America first agenda is what got him elected because We The People FINALLY had someone that has a SPINE & stands up for we the people/the country…& wasn’t told to b nice! He was expected to get results…& results for the country is damn sure what he got! Let us also not forget…ALL the awesome positive results that were achieved in the face of nonstop obstruction/obstacles from the left Democrat party & their megaphone..the fake news media. These asshats have now evolved in to the radical left socialist party which is causing an implosion with the democrat party. I’ll bet by the 2022 & most definitely by 2024 elections millions of moderate dems will bail out of that party because of its radical socialist views & ideals…aka the titanic. Their destruction has already started & they’ve only been in control approx a month.
    To the naysayers out there I say: “don’t let ur personal pride cloud the true reality & positive progress the country has made.” Enough with the negativity & hate. We can agree to disagree at times…but lose the hate! Also ditch the cancel culture CRAP. We want people to talk…just without hate venom etc which does absolutely nothing productive/positive for the country.
    President Trump is a strong president that holds people accountable..doesn’t take no/we can’t for an answer..& got positive results for the country…who most likely will need to run again in 2024 to straighten out the problems/executive order mess that has already started.
    Thank u President Trump for your efforts & proud passion u have for our great country. Nuff said.

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Damn Sam..well said! 100% agree. There’s no question these people didn’t know what to do or what to think about the stern stance & pro America vision president Trump has. He’s like a bull in a china shop! Either get on board or get the hell outta the way cause the Trump train is come’n thru!! And yes with a spine! He couldn’t b controlled like a puppet which drove these radicals in the mob & the anti journalism fake news clowns crazy.

    • Betty Wetzel says:

      I fully Agree with you. We need Patriots from all walks of life to step up and run for office. None of us are perfect but we have a voice that needs to be heard.

    • Wanda MacDonald says:

      I too totally agree we need a strong leader, one who stands against all this hypocrisy. That’s what the left is afraid of for the truth to be known of their dirty dealings. My hats off to the man who stands up to these bullies the ones who want to ruin everything we stand for. You have my loyalty,thank you President Trump.

  33. Maureen Mcdonough says:


  34. Noni says:

    Yeah. He didn’t write this. And he will Never be my president. Immoral sociopathic narcissist. May the civil courts take him to task.

    • Ron Trejo says:

      Don’t worry we don’t want people like you.You are not welcome.Stay with you’re corrupt evil party. Trump MAGA!

    • Linda L Wiley says:


      • Carol Lewis says:

        I’m so happy that Trump was acquitted. I knew he would be.

      • DeeJay says:

        I don’t even know how Biden was able to run for President, he couldn’t be more unqualified! And Harris, talk about inciting riots! Then there is Pelosi who hates you so much, it is all consuming. We need you President Trump, please don’t leave us know. they are trying to destroy everything American and they need to be Stopped Right away before they destroy too much!

    • kim mussetter says:

      Jesus healed the blind. Maybe we can hope for as much for you. You definitely need healing.

    • Donna says:

      Really how do you know he didn’t write this . You live with him or work for him. Most comments on here are for Trump so go find the fake news ones and comment we don’t need your hate and negitivety.

  35. Patriot says:

    It’s time we the true American Patriots push back as they are pushing us against our will. Will someone please create an organization to push back!! blm, antigua were created by the radical left,so why not the right create an organization to push back without the violence, looting and burning. I hope that former president Donald J. Trump has a great plan for our great Country for 2024. I believe that he was just getting going with turning out country around for the better until the radical left and their lovers in china threw in a wrench with the virus they selfishly spread to play out their evil agenda. This is just insane, stupid and down right EVIL. Having said that, I’m glad that I serve a God that is in control of all things. Praise Him.

  36. Patriot says:

    It’s time we the true American Patriots push back as they are pushing us against our will. Will someone please create an organization to push back!! blm, antigua were created by the radical left,so why not the right create an organization to push back without the violence, looting and burning. I hope that former president Donald J. Trump has a great plan for our great Country for 2024. I believe that he was just getting going with turning out country around for the better until the radical left and their lovers in china threw in a wrench with the virus they selfishly spread to play out their evil agenda. This is just insane, stupid and down right EVIL. Having said that, I’m glad that I serve a God that is in control of all things. Praise Him.

  37. No president has ever gone through anything like this, and it continues because our opponents cannot forgive that almost 75 million people believed Trump, gave him their votes and went with him. No president has ever received such an honor and such love! – or Alzheimer’s – Biden?

  38. Mr. President (still my President) I’m Reverend Paul Jones, now Reverend Congressional Candidate Paul Jones, I filed 2/13/21 my FEC# 1499866 candidate id C00769356 as a Republican in California 38th district, I was stripped from ballot 2020 but as you sir have shown you never gave up on us nor will I ever give up on our country either, under this white ministry collar lies a 2 tour Vietnam combat Marine never allow anyone to believe that you cannot be a christen and a Marine at the same time, I am sir here to serve we the people
    May God hold your family always in his arms and protect you and family from all evils
    Reverend Congressional Candidate Paul Irving Jones (website under construction) but info is below

  39. Dan Fuller says:

    My president Donald j trump. I think that says it all and I will take it a little further. In my life time I have only seen one other that comes remotely close to you that being of which was president John Fitzgerald Kennedy who was killed before his time. Mr president you have gone far beyond what we ever could have imagined you would do. I want to thank you and stand behind you in all your efforts and dreams make America great again where we go one we go all. I don’t know of any president that hasn’t taken a paycheck for his service again thank y’all for your help and praying for you and the country!!!!!

  40. Patsy says:

    I hope our republicans will continue to stand with the President- Mitch McConnell. People like Katie Couric and Jimmy Kimmel should be ashamed. They want to deprogram President Trump supporters. Why can’t we disagree without the hate. Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer want to tear our country apart. Nancy Pelosi should have been thrown out as House Speaker when she tore up President Trump speech. I hope Biden people are ready for him to ruin our great country. I have nothing against Immigrants as long as they come into our country legally, pay taxes and abide by our laws.

    • Sam B. says:

      Amen Patsy…very well said.
      I see tonight 10pm eastern on Fox News they r gunna address this cancel culture garbage. Patsy I totally agree…we can agree to disagree without the adolescent hate. Some of the warped-minded politicians & their megaphone..the TOTALLY pathetically biased negative narrative non journalistic fake un-news divisive media r the enormous reason why we have the issues in our country today. They r the true “inciters.”

  41. Wanda says:

    Mr. President, we are with you. It is so sad that the east and west coasts are nullifying the huge middle of our great country. They have been ramming their liberal values down our conservative throats for many years and it is time for us to stop them.

  42. Mary Bell says:

    I’m thankful to God and much encouraged that Trump was acquitted. He loves this country and has been the target of such vicious hate. The Democrat party has given itself over to depravity. They hate this country, and they hate Trump. I’m so disgusted by the riots and the hateful rhetoric, unworthy of the nation established in 1776.

  43. David B Neitzke says:

    Thank You Sir for your accomplishments, and, secure thoughts for our future.. 1 think the fracus at the capitol showed US these crooked bums on the other side are also cicken-sh!t.. They want us to pay for National Guard protection, now and thru the summer.. ABSOLUTELY laughable.. What would they have to fear if they were honest.. Look how they mistreat honest property owners in the cities, doing all but open encouragement of rioting, burning and theft of goods. They hide and shake in fear in their over protected offices, and grub for money for the next election, and to load their pockets full of ill-gotten gain.. Biden needs to be investigated. Backing YOU in 2024..

    • Marcia Padilla says:

      I am with the president. So ashamed of what the Democrats have become. The hate and disregard for our country and our great president. Someone please put a stop to all this hate and greed. I’m with you 100%. God bless you and God bless america.

  44. Radford E Pyle says:

    Mr. President, You are undoubtedly the best President this country has ever had.
    Not a politician but a businessman who knows how to run a business, and this is what the United States needed. Politicians will only get us into trouble and it takes someone with knowledge of business to make everything work. Congratulations on an expert job and I sincerely hope you are considering running for this office again! My vote is waiting for you!

  45. Art Diaz says:

    Art Diaz

  46. William C Johnson says:

    Thank you PRESIDENT Trump. Thank you for everything. “We the people” love you and pray for you and your whole family.
    My prayer is that lying dem-wit Joe and his cohorts are dragged out of office ( in hand cuffs preferably) before they can do too much damage. I long to see you back in office before 2024. May the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob bless America and the Trump family.

  47. TED DRUM says:

    Thank you President Trump for your service, may God be with you and your family !!

  48. K Red says:

    Dreams are for those who sleep, wake up America!!! Trump conned you and continues to do so. He lost by 7 million votes and got away with high crimes and misdemeanors twice because of chicken hearted Republicans who would rather keep their jobs than protect America.
    All of you who want a dictatorship should go to Russia or Saudi Arabia or Syria where you can be beheaded or poisoned for having a dissenting opinion. Our constitution states all men are created equal not just those who look like you. The sad part is you cannot see that Trump and the people he is envious of don’t give a hoot about you or what you think. You are merely pawns for his money grab of our American resources.
    Thank god for true Patriots and not flag waving demagogue following right wing authoritarians.

    • Rob says:

      You are a sad and lost person. Hopefully you can wake up soon from your dementia or be lost forever. Your choice.

      • Don Butler says:

        The sad thing is about the 5 people who lost there lives in the Capitol insurrection you nut jobs started on the 6th. In which you attempted to unlawfully circumvent the lawful transfer of power in our Federal Republic. If you think this is over you have a another thing coming. There will be criminal charges filled. The previous guy knew what he was saying, they are called facts.

        • E W Liggett says:

          Indeed,you are correct you are in for a big Trump was right on everything and your brainless Biden is on the very fast track to total destruction of America. I six months we’ll be in 35 trillion dollars in debt, and growing fast. better stock up on survival food. You will be out of work in a year and waiting in a bread line for scraps. what do you think they have extended the take down of the razor wire fence for. its up until October now and so are the national guard troops. Why because people like you are not getting it.

        • ck says:

          They are not interested in facts. Only in time will they see they’ve been totally conned. trump is a one time, twice impeached president who lost his seat, the senate AND was unable to take the house. They don’t see this, they are totally blinded.

    • The Dictator is in the White House now, the party of hate & violence reigns.

    • Willi see says:

      Tell me, can you ( in your little mind) think of one example of what you’re talking about? Or are you even aware of anything that President Trump did during his term as POTUS? You are just another blind idiot unaware of what is happening around you. Please (for the sake of the rest of us who are conscious) pull your head out of your butt, and try to have an original thought. Please don’t just swallow whatever the swamp feeds you.

    • And which planet did you wake up on St.Joe ? Trump did more for this country than any president before him and will again God willing.

    • sad says:

      Your not to bright. Go back to sleep. Idiot!

    • Marcia Padilla says:

      You are the one dreaming or should I call it a nightmare. You deserve everything that you get and so much more. The vaseline is in big demand, I can only hope that they run out before you get yours. You should be ashamed of yourself Knowing the magnitude of your unaccomplished mind.Get a grip and a life. Being supportive of all the jobs that have been taken by sleepy joe and all the other bull that he has done says nothing more than LOOSER

  49. Lonen George says:

    God bless you dear President Trump.We always pray for you. You are the chosen servant of God . God is going to use you again to make this country great. God bless you and your family.

  50. jean says:

    President Trump, I hope that you will run in 2024. I am very proud that you were acquitted, but I knew you would be. I do have somethings you may want to think about: 1.) the ballots, why don’t we use our SS# to admit our votes. Everyone that has one can vote, and their legal age will be known. Plus no illegals will be able to vote and no dead people will be able to vote. 2.) Maybe change the state offices time in the seats to a lesser time,like 2 or 4 years instead of six years. Then increase the terms that a president can run for office for 3 instead of 2 terms. This would allow the president to get more done in office and the other offices to be changed more often to suit the public audience.3.) Removing the RINO’s by impeachment, due that they are not with their party but against them. 4.) And last but not least, impeach Obama, Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, and add Nancy Pelosi for good. measures.

  51. bruce says:

    We have a long way to go to expose the corruption of the elections, remove these criminals who took over. Get rid of the deep state actors who have lost their honesty. Those that have let hate rule them. To correct these terrible EOs and bills the leftist congress are planning to enact. They must be challenged everywhere and anywhere.

  52. Junius Graham says:

    I am thankful that I lived to see a President that only wanted the Best for The People and America. We need him again to lead us to the original values of America as it was invisioned by the Founding Fathers! We must continue to pray and support his,Family and staff!

  53. james newman says:

    I am gratefull we have someone who will stand up for law and order and the American People.

  54. Missy Bishop Simon says:

    Dear President Trump,
    God Bless you and your family . I am praying for you and am so excited for your return. There is a rainbow of hope and love . Remember “we can do all things thru Jesus who gives us strength! “
    God & Trump = Perfect Storm.
    Praying for you. Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏 for all you have done for the USA and all you will be doing in the future.

    • Ron says:

      Non President Biden took bribes committed several misdemeanors and high crimes. He should be impeached and jailed immediately. We need our real present and back now. We need our first lady back. Please God

  55. Ilija Zagorac says:


  56. Sandra Zwierlein says:

    So Donald Trump! Trump 2024!

  57. Liana Whitcraft says:

    Thank you so much for everything you’ve accomplished for us Patriots 🇺🇸 ❤ 🇺🇸 We love you. Best President EVER. Hoping to have you back in 2024 with no voter fraud involved. Our country needs you desperately, as does our kids and grandchildren. God bless you and your family 🙏🙏🙏

  58. Sue Katherine Rigler says:

    Extremely happy that President Trump was acquitted! Justice prevailed and once again the deceitful democrats were made to eat Crow. We will not let the democrats destroy this country that you so greatly built up. wih you President Trump, we stand united and will not allow Socialism to fester. God bless America!!!

  59. Lawrence Harrison says:

    Schumer,Pelosi, Waters, Sanders and many others uttered inciting words much worse. These led to an attempt to murder a representative at a baseball park, many people being attacked at restaurants and other place yet nothing is said about this in any news broadcast. If Presidents Trump is charged with a crime all of these otherss should also be charged. It is also strange that so many people become rich after they are elected to federal office from bribes and other incentives received from lobbiests. There should be term limits, but it will never pass because those elected would not become so rich.

  60. tess says:

    Thank you President Donald J. Trump for protecting this great nation, America, The Eagle as God refers to. God has blessed you to guide this nation, God’s inheritance, through this rough times. As Kim Clement told us God selected you “A man close to His hart – His David” to bring the eagle out of Egypt in this case CCP and the globolist. My gratitude for the great love you have for our God, nation, people and Constitution (the 1776 constitution.

  61. Robert says:

    Thank you mr. President for your vigilance and steadfast in American beliefs we all love you and I’m there for you as much as you are for us we will prevail we will overcome we are Americans true in through…🏅🏅🏅🏅

  62. Gregger says:

    President Trump, Thank you for the last four years and Thank you for your next four years. MAGA LIVES! 2024!

  63. Mary Frick says:

    Thank you very much Mr President for loving this country the way that you do. I have not and will not accept the democrats as my president, Never. That man and his side kicks are nothing but haters. They will bankrupt this country before the end of the year. They care nothing for America and Americans. All they want to do is spend all of America’s money on other countries and then let Americans pick up their tab not right.

  64. rick says:

    The people who are responsible for this lawless travesty of justice are the same garden-variety slugs who represent themselves, not the will of CITIZENS with American ideals! President Trump is the only President in my lifetime who stood up, day after day, hour after hour, for what I learned in school & believe with all may heart. We are one people as a nation, but individual as human beings! Commiecrats don’t believe that. They believe we are like bees in a hive, doing blindly whatever the Queen,(listening Nanny?) tells us to do! Not on my dime! God bless you & America, President Trump!

  65. Susan Marcos-Chavela says:

    I am very grateful that a false accusation was not the rule of the day..The author of the previous thought is a skilled interpretive anaylsist/writer of my thinking and previous writings…but Donald Trump is not one leader or The leader to lead the Republican Party or our agenda to the next steps of facilitation of purpose of a nation in NEED and in DEMAND of such NEED…. He is not a Republican.. he is not a leader of politico but a NEW Yorker that didn’t want Hillary Rotten’s will to destroy be the ruling ream of order. To that Republicans Independents and all of Americans are grateful but his skill level has run its course and it is time to wish him well for his travel plans with all wive’s homelands..NOW is the time for all dutiful citizens those who have credidated records of service education and committment to community to push forth the principles of moral decency neccessary to alleviate Liberty from zion.. alleviate liberty from anarcary of deceitful lies of false pretense masked as Democrats and the social order of confused conflict contrived democracy when all the while they plan to mandate high tech military regime and heirarchy of false wealth and ideals to personify their futuristic goals.

    • Margaret Brown says:

      Donald Trump is the best President this Nation has had and we Americans know it. He was and still remains the better part of America!! We Still stand by him, like it or no! He was right from the beginning, there is a huge swamp in Washington we Americans really never thought existed. Americans need to start voting for better representation in the House of Representatives in my own opinion!!!###

    • Margaret Brown says:

      Donald Trump is the best President this Nation has had and we Americans know it. He was and still remains the better part of America!! We Still stand by him, like it or not! He was right from the beginning, there is a huge swamp in Washington we Americans really never thought existed. Americans need to start voting for better representation in the House of Representatives in my own opinion!!!###

  66. Thank God that our President Donald J Trump was acquitted. He had done nothing to incite anyone. The President Trump has the art of Governing our Country and making America First. Look at what is happening to our Country. Illegal immigrants are pouring in to take up American jobs when they are needed most. I am praying to God for our present officials to do the right thing for America.
    God Bless President Donald J Trump and United States of America.

  67. Marcus says:

    The reason so many Americans voted for Mr Trump is because they are feed-up with the way the Democratic Party is trying to own you and MAKE you their little puppets and they don’t care where their puppets come from cause they are just another vote!! They are buying most people to vote for them with the tax payers dollar Democrats use to be for the working person but that went down the river many years ago!! They ack like they are idiots

  68. Joey Farley says:

    Donald Trump is my president and with God on our side we will win together and if I have to pull my guns out and fight for my kids like my grandfather did so be it I am ready to fight u can call on me any time President Trump 2020 u r my President. God bless and thank you for everything you do. Love what you are doing.

  69. Daryl D. Huwa says:


  70. brian says:

    what a bunch of scammers the dems seem to be, doctoring emails and other evidence in their desperation to convict DJT! well, they lost again and are very upset that they may have to face the rightful POTUS again! that fear of Trump drives them to do some crazy stuff.
    as part of the Trump renaissance, need to establish a powerful team to organize conservatives to boycott those who attack us all. need to support those who support the group and boycott those who attack and leave middle lane alone. b

  71. Maria Eugenia Martinez says:

    Dear Mr. President. I have been praying for you since you started running against Hillary Clinton and continue praying today. You are all we have to keep us from Communism. My parents brought me from Cuba 59 years ago and I am terrified of what has been happening in this country. You must stay healthy and strong. We need you!!!
    PS. You should create your own news channel. We need to hear from you.

  72. Marcus says:

    I can’t believe that so many people voted for a president that tells you right up front that he is going to raise taxes on about everything!! And the Dem-os want to put the people that voted for Mr Trump in jail what kind of people would even think of such crap ! They are childish monsters! I hope we can put just a much pressure on Biden as those idiots did to President Donald Trump through his whole 4 years in office ! I will vote for Mr Trump I don’t care if he goes Independent!!!!!! Go get em !!

  73. Scott Wroblewski says:

    God bless president Trump and his entire family. The past almost 5 years, the left and never Trumpers have lied and cheated to destroy his agenda and Presidency. If anyone is respo ible for the riots in DC, which was a planned attack, it’s the Communist left now in Dc. Their hate of President Trump and the American citizens is extreme. Since we can’t trust the Republican Party, the FBI/CIA/DOJ, as they have all lied about what is going on. No investigations into the fraudulent 2020 election, but years of a fraudulent investigation into the 2016 election. No prosecutions of any of those traitors so justice is dead. I’m not sure we the people can fix this. I feel a military intervention, investigation, and tribunal to prosecute the traitors of our government is the only solution. Voting will never be trusted until justice is served.

    • Susan Marcos-Chavela says:

      the person most responsible for the riots is the fair skin man of spoiled upbringing & affirmitive action guilt complex.. OBAMA aka John Randall the so called ” black man can heal” .. one of his other favorite expressions of glammed hype..right up there with I am Barack Obama and I approve of this message..he studied speech communication and theater in prison.. Illinois State not University but in house lock up.. he knew my uncle Pope John Paul II he thought highly of his potential but knowing well of his bitterness of mother and his creation

    • We MUST FIGHT! says:

      AMEN! This voter fraud / STEAL of OUR VOTES & WISHES *HAS* to be investigated! & the WRONGS made RIGHT!! It can*not be left “as is” while the crooks get AWAY WITH A STOLEN ELECTION (among SO many OTHER CRIMES!) RIGHT BEFORE OUR VERY EYES!! NOT just the eyes of America, but the eyes OF THE WORLD! THEY HONESTLY BELIEVE if they can “SHUT US UP” that they can pull OFF this ASTONISHING LIE!! We can-NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. We have to FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! (to use the dems OWN words!!!) for our VOTES, OUR RIGHTS, OUR FREEDOMS, OUR PRESIDENT, OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURES & FOR OUR COUNTRY!

  74. Kurt S. says:

    If it be God’s will,I look forward to Your attending to unfinished business.I see the results of this past election as merely a pause in Your Great Quest.
    Not as a defeat, but rather an opportunity to open the eyes of the many subjects blinded by propaganda.
    The actions by Your successor,even in the first week in office should do the trick let alone the actions of those in Congress who truly fear You and what You stand for.God Bless You Mr.45!

  75. Jeffrey says:

    Thank you mr president for your hard work over the last 4 years and all the BS you had to deal with and with that being said you have gotten more done than any other president in the past. God bless you and your family for a job well done hope to see you back in the saddle sooner than later. 3/4/21 ?

  76. Rella Norman says:

    Thank the dear Lord that President Trump is still here and well and still ready to fight. Trump followers will never stop supporting president Trump the evil that the demonic rats bring is beyond anything we could have comprehended these people need to be taken down and locked up. Thank you Mr President for all that you’ve done for all this little people out here we would never have survived without you.

  77. Bruce says:

    Thank you Mr President, you are a true leader for the people of this country ! 75,000,000 voters are not wrong ! We the people of this country in order to form a more perfect justice and to ensure domestic tranquility stand with you Mr President Donald J. Trump. We know that you look out for our best interests and support the American middle class ! We stand ready to support you and to expose the workings of the corrupt. Thank you !

  78. Mike Odell says:

    Thank you mr president for all you’ve done.

  79. Chuck Chandler says:

    I am 68 years old and am totally dumbfounded over this whole thing. I walk around all day thinking what Nazi communistic people the democrats are. Get them out off our schools , out of our lives . How long will it before your kids or grandkids get upset with something they think you have done and they turn you in. If left unchallenged and un change it will be there.
    I dont know how but we must take our gouvernment and schools back.

  80. James Truett says:

    Im 72 now just a old Viet Nam vet most of my friends I was over there with are all gone.I lost alot of friends over there fighting communist,Iknew people who lost children in the last few wars that have gone on since the Viet Nam war.The polictions we have now are the most,a decrace to our great country.They care nothing about the american people are freedom are the values of american life.

  81. Robert T Bell says:

    As far as I am concerned Donald J. Trump is the rightful POTUS. We fought hard but they fought dirty. The swamp is so well entrenched within our government that they were able to pull off the heist of the century in our last election. They were not alone though, they were aided by the bought and paid for media, state and local government and legislative bodies in at least seven or eight states that we know of. I truly believe that Civil War is the only way to rid our nation of this cancer. Now there is a way around civil war, but a few key changes need to be made. First; Federal Elections have to be standardized in all fifty states. There must be federal guidelines concerning Picture Identification (mandatory), (No ID, No vote). Second; Steep penalties for non-citizens caught voting along with penalties for the person or persons who allowed them to vote. Automatic 10 years in federal prison deportation not an option. Three; Voting machines must be standardized with like CIA type anti-hacking measures built in. Forth; No state will be allowed to count or tally votes without at least one Federal Official, and representatives from both parties and state law enforcement present. Fifth; we have to do something about the obscene amounts of money poring into campaigns from special interests and billionaire donors. There also has to be penalties for failure to maintain “Chain of Custody” for voting ballets, and put an end to mail in ballets such as it was in this last election.

    • We MUST FIGHT says:

      Robert T Bell,
      Yes, This is exactly what must be done! & only Pres Trump, (or someone *like him), could get it done. The dems are *desperately hoping he never has that chance.. but these corrupt, maniacal, socialist, crooks HAVE to be taken out of our gov. As long as they are left in power our country will have *NO chance of survival!

  82. Kathleen Migliaccio says:

    Please, please start a new party. Maybe called the patriot party. 75 million followers want to change there party. The Republican party is dead and is not listening to the people. I pray for President Trump and his family every day

    • ChoctawCharli says:

      Anything called “Patriot” in today’s society is a “trigger word” and will likely result in harsh penalties. The Left is already planning dangerous things for Patriots. Might I suggest the Constitutional Party. Although the Left is trying to destroy the Constitution, to rage and develop those same “harsh penalties” against a Constitutional Party would definitely not do them any favors and would weigh HEAVILY against them!

    • Jeffrey says:

      The republican Party is trash right now but I don’t think a new party is the answer because not all will follow and then the Democrats will always win. If we don’t fix the way we vote the Democrats will always win!

  83. Paul E Leconte says:

    Thank you Mr.President. Stay the course. We are counting on you to persist until justice is restored in this country. “We the People” are amazed with the endurance you have displayed. God Bless you and your family.

  84. Eddie Boettcher says:

    Thank you for the last four years

  85. Rhina says:

    God Bless President Trump and his family. Nothing worth having is easy, the challenge is already working. God Bless America.

  86. Nancy Mowery says:

    Thank you Mr.President for your encouraging words.
    I am so very sorry for all you & your family have endured by the hatred, division, violence & racism from the democrats, far left, terrorist groups, the fake news media, big tech & even your own party. The backstabbing & personal attacks, one after the other only shows you & your family’s strength, determination, love, faith & truth among you. Thank you so much for bringing God, the military, safety, patriotism, the constitution, our jobs, money & respect, back to our country.
    You are still my president Mr. Trump & I look forward to many more years of the Trump family!
    May God continue to bless you & yours.

  87. Carol A Burns says:

    I loved message and cried when it said he was acquitted As I said to people ;I just started to feel safer and saw jobs in manufacturing pickup and then not in office.They picked everyday since started office about dumb things as your tie ,socks and not having a dog.This is the small mentality running our countryThe people will see in time their damage to us as a country.Stay cool and let things fall as they will ;they will get theirs .

  88. Sandy Martin says:

    I am so relieved and happy for the acquittal. You are the best president ever. We still need you more than ever to finish the job you started. Drain the swamp. Can anything be done to remove dems NOW before they do any more damage?

  89. Leatrice says:

    Mr. President Trump You are a real Jewell and for what you have gone through no man has ever been treated with so much hate and cruelty. What soever a man soweth so shall he reap. God is your strength and your rewarder him alone has gone before you and he will protect you. We the people love you because God first loved us ! God will take care of your enemies we just pray for them and believe what God says in his word Amen! We know satan is evil and he uses people to get his job done but greater is God within us than he that is in the world. Just remember those that do the evil deeds of satan got to hell but those of us that are saved go to heaven and spend eternity with the Lord Amen!

  90. Paula Dunbar says:

    That was great you did you did good we knew he wasn’t guilty and hopefully the best is yet to come

  91. I appreciate President Trump’s courage, tenacity, his love for America, the constitution and we, the American people. Thank you, President for that great message. I continue to pray that the truth will come out.

  92. Michael H. Hood says:

    Beautiful statement from President Trump ! That really says it all . I hope he and the First Lady can take some time to relax , recoup , enjoy life , and figure out where they want to spend the rest of their lives .
    The chaos of the ” Reign of Terror ” of Joe Biden has already begun , & I have a feeling many people will look back on the Trump Presidency with wild regret .

  93. Thanks for a good 4 years . I pray for you and am thankful for all you did to help our country. I am worried about what is going on now.

    • John 3:16 says:

      Don’t worry as We The People have GOD ALMIGHTY on our side. Keep faith in GOD AND HIS SON CHRIST JESUS AS they will never forsake us. And our loving President Donald J. Trump did so much for our country that no other President has ever done before. Just remember this is our country given to us by GOD. NOW IT IS TIME FOR PEOPLE TO GET RIGHT WITH GOD AND HE WILL HEAL OUR LAND. So have faith the TRUTH is coming out it will be seen in all the world.

  94. James Clark says:

    Much thanks to the rightful President of the United States Donald Trump

  95. Maria Melendez says:

    First I want to thank God for putting President Trump in our path. President Trump thank you for loving our Country so much and we the people. You are truly correct, we have a lot of work ahead. First stop is 2022 the takeover of the House and Senate. This way some cleanup work can begin! Then we move the movement to give it all we got for 2024 when we’ll vote you into the White House with a landslide as it should have been this year! You have opened our eyes and our hearts and we are now true Patriots til the end! Thank you Mr. President and my God bless you and your family. May God bless the USA!

    • Amen Sister!!!
      This was thee most heartfelt speech to his people I have ever heard/ read in all my 58 years from a President!! Now I truly see why Trump is God’s Chosen President for the United States of America!!
      We love you Mr. President n look SO forward to seeing you again from the Oval Office!!
      P.S. The hypocrosies from Dem party are so very transparent to all the world n your Patriots, please know this!!
      You are n your family n team of Attorneys are always in our prayers. Xoxo

    • Debbie says:

      We the people applaud your love for this country Mr.President.
      I don’t have much but, I have faith in our God .
      You have my support!! I voted in both Elections.

  96. Audrey says:

    I think it’s bullshit that the senators Republican party is more dam worried about taking control in 2 years then doing the right thing by impeaching trump. Our country has never and I mean never been subject to Abuse by one so called president. I hope the Republicans reep what they sowed. They just unleashed a bigger ssswhole then he was before. I hope the states that elected these senators the Republicans show in ,2 years that their actions yesterday was uncalled for. They took a oath to uphold dignity and respect for our country and the Constitution and they showed nothing they were so concerned about themselves and about the Republican party that they threw everything else out the window I just hope and pray in two years that the people of the United States show the Republican party exactly what’s coming to him that they’re not going to be in control of the senate house

    • Terri says:

      You will reap what you sow, nothing gets done by demorats without quid pro quo, if they do not make money or get some kind of power they do not worry about what is great for America! I am appalled by the media who edit President Trump’s comments, I am appalled by the way this media has handled the treasonous behavior of Biden, he is in bed with China as well as his brother and son, his son led a child trafficking ring in China there were pictures and legal documents signed by witnesses and yet you think this man is out for the good of the country? While he sits back and watches the havoc the coronavirus is spreading he is more worried about impeaching a private citizen, I am convinced he was part of how this virus got here, I think it is very suspect how him, Pelosi, Kerry, who have sons that work for China and Ukraine knew when to hide in their basements and not get this! You will reap what you sow when Americans no longer have choices, are not protected against the foreign countries looking to destroy us, and within our own country allowing people to loot, steal and murder and not get punished! Good luck! I hope you do not need a cop!

      • We MUST FIGHT says:

        A 5 ***** comment!
        These commie lefties are either
        ● PAID VERY well,
        ● INSANE,
        ● BRAINWASHED or
        ● brain-DEAD!!
        There are *no other options!
        Trying to ‘reason’ with ANY of the types listed above is completely USELESS.

    • Listen to yourself!! Don’t you even for 1 minute know this was ALL for control from the Dem party!!! The Virus was ALL a HOAX to throw Trump camp off the Election n was proven=FACTS that it’s 90% False-Positives from the tests!! They are merely trying to kick in New World Order!! Control of the world began when Fake Virus began n you can thank your President for that but my President has ALWAYS been on the Up n Up with the world n his Patriots!!! Cryptocurrency is next n your Presidents people are putting that out there!! Look it up!! It’s the sign of the Beast thru a chip!!!

  97. Mary says:

    I’m 76 years old and have never seen anything like the last few years. Thank you President Trump for all you have done for our country . The people leading our country are putting America in grave danger. Stay strong.
    . I am heartbroken over all the people that have lost their jobs.
    I’m praying for you and our country.
    God is still in control.

  98. Terri Valko says:

    I am one DEPLORABLE that from now on will do everything in my power to unseat every crooked democrap or Republican that went along with this farse, as far out of office as I can get them.

  99. Leith Masters says:

    Well said President Trump! your 75 million support you now, as we’ve done in the past. Thank you for your deep love our democracy, of our principles, constitution and freedom. Thank you for your unrelenting stamina during these horrific witch trials! May God bless you & keep you & your family safe. We are with you all the way! Thank you for being our fearless leader & for everything you’ve done to “Make America Great Again”! We love you!

  100. Marie A. says:

    All my comments are being blocked.
    So happy & thanks God that President Trump got acquitted, he worked so hard for our country to suffer from the hands of democrats. Enough is enough…

  101. I thank God that we the people were able to experience true freedom and unity during your first 4 years. I miss you and Melania at the helm, guiding us into our newfound freedom with energy independence in a way I had never experienced before.
    Looking forward to your second term. No doubt about it, you’re not finished yet.
    I’m excited bc I still haven’t made it to a rally yet!!! I’m 66, getting my Moderna shot on Sat. TY for making that happen for me! I love the Trump family!!!

    • Terri Valko says:

      I’m 62 a former democrap. Never again. I am just a God fearing America loving DEPLORABLE. Oh well. My mug says I’m a straight up biotch so deplorable is ok with me. God bless us old farts that will have to teach the younguns how to REALLY SURVIVE. GOD BLESS

  102. James Fraley says:

    Trump Train 2024

  103. Joh dorr says:

    Before president Trump came along I had given up on our country. As the left took over the Democrat party and people didn’t seem to mind socialists, communists, marxists and atheists. Then came President Trump, the last great hope. I think he’s the best president we’ve had in many years. He had too many powerful people against him. I would vote for him tomorrow.. God Bless You President Trump ( the once and future President ?)

  104. Rose Bonk says:

    God Bless Our President Trump! We stand by u no matter who they call president. I agree that Dominion machines need to be gotten rid of. What happened to Trump, happened in Georgia! I have faith in America that we will beat Socialism. Stay safe President Trump.

  105. TC says:

    President Trump, thank you for everything you have done for our Country. You have awoken many people to greatest office that can be held, The Presidency, and what that job is really all about – taking care of the United States. I’m sorry your four years was Hell, but despite that you fought and never gave into the craziness.
    God bless you and your family

  106. Jennifer Boydston says:

    Congrats and Thank you to the best and most honored President this country has seen since Regan. President Trump you are an amazing inspiration to every American and I pray we see you again in 2024 and Also bring a big ass broom with you!!! 🇺🇸💪

  107. Carolyn Allen says:

    Thank you President Trump for your commitment to continue to fight for our country! May God lead you in the correct direction to STOP the crazy policies that our new regime ( Biden & Company) is starting to implement.
    Getting our ELECTION procedures straightened out in multi states will be a huge first step!!

    Love your policies and support what you do!

  108. Mike Boykin says:

    So glad it finally has past, at least this part . Please stay safe and on Guard and hopefully those around you are the best at what they do to protect you from those who want you to stay out of this movement for our Republic and the People who are with you. I pray for strength and continued successes as you bring us all forward to get out Country back.
    Thank you Mr. President!

  109. Susan Shelton says:

    We have to hold on to the fact that Pres.Trump will get back the chance to strengthen America ! He & his Values are what we need to get back to what we use to have & what we want !! God Bless & keep all the Trump Family.

    • Ellsa says:

      We must first get biden-bammy and Camelface out by RECALLING them. Yeah for California for getting rid of Piglosi’s nephew. They did it, we can, too.
      China is paying them to destroy our country!! Let someone stand and take the lead!! Once we are rid of them the sooner we can get President Trump back, then we can start on Congress.

  110. Charles says:

    I’m 77 and you are the greatest President of my life time and I still believe you won, will continue praying 🙏 for you, your family and America, thanks for tolerating all the Hate you endundered for us American’s.

  111. Norma Moore says:

    We all stand with you President Trump and I agree with all you said. There are rules for everyone but for some reason only the Democrats can break them. I look forward to see what you shall do in the future. But I know unless the Dominion machines and things tighten up our voting will never legit again. Thank you and your family for putting up with all you have been through God Bless looking into the future.

  112. Allen R Sullender says:

    I am patiently waiting for #19 POTUS TRUMP! All of them since #18 have been fake and will remain fake! You can take the corrupt out of the swamp; but you can’t take the swamp out of the corrupt!! Dear President Trump and our most Beautiful First Lady Melanie Trump; I want to thank you for everything that you have done and you will do in the future for We The People and Our Beautiful Republic! The two of you have inspired me to be a better man than I ever thought I could be! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!! I will always have your back!! TRUMP ON AMERICAN PATRIOTS!!

  113. I was so happy that you were Acquitted. I pray that you will soon be in the White House where you belong as our President. Biden isn’t working out, he is undoing all your hard work. No matter what happens or what the DemoRats throw at you, we the people will always stand behind you, we have your back always. You are still my President not Biden.

  114. Teresa M Harvey says:

    Thank you president Trump the person that is in office right now is not my president right now the United States has no president in my eyes. We will be waiting for you in 2024 sooner if we can get there. You are truly an unbelievable person thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you will do for this country God bless you and your family stay safe you’re 74 million Americans will always be here for you always we will fight for you thank you so much for all your hard work and the fact you gave your pay away to charity just makes it even better we need to get rid of the politicians and start putting real people like you we need more of you in office today. Thank you again for your service hope to hear from you soon and see you back in that oval office ASAP thank you again Teresa Harvey one of your constituents.

  115. Walter says:

    I am happy that enough Republicans stayed with Trump. What came out in the impeachment is my belief is.

    “For Democrats lying is their truth” and “when the Mainstreet media all say the same thing you are being lied to”. Keeping this in mind you will have to learn how to sift the sugar from the S….

  116. JUDY PRITCHARD says:

    I believe Donald Trump was the best President ever.
    He cared for the American people and put America first.
    We had a democracy unlike this administration taking us towards Socialism.

  117. John Stout says:

    We love and miss you can’t wait for you to get back you are my president 💯

  118. Anne Latellla says:

    President Trump was the most intellectual, honest. and the only one who loved his country & its people totally. He left his own life of luxury to attempt to save it physically, financially 7 best of all morally. Cannot do any bet ter than that!

  119. Virginia Brant says:

    No one has the guts to do what President Trump did for our country, now we need to get him or anyone he backs into the White House to undo the damage the democratic side is doing. God bless you. We are with you Mr President D. J. Trump.

    • robert tisei says:


    • robert tisei says:

      Trump.did whst no one else could do they only dislike him because hes not part of the good old boys club he not a politician hes a business man and thats what this country needs the government is a business not pelosi and the dems money tree

  120. Kent Anderson says:

    I am pleased with the acquittal of Pres. Trump. And dismayed that the charges were ever made. The 75 million of us who voted to keep America Great are frustrated with the condition of the current administration. I sit here wondering what to do to bring justice and fair play and the greatness of this country back into being. Our children need to learn the truth about conservative politics vs liberal politics. The United of America has been the beacon on the hill. We need leadership and a plan to follow to get it back and keep it there.

    • Linda arnold says:

      We the PRESIDENT TRUMP SUPPORTERS are not going anywhere. We wait for instruction from our President Donald Trump! In GODSname, amen.

      • Karen Lively says:


    • Jesse says:

      Where are from? Russia

  121. Donna says:

    Dear President Trump. Thank you so much for your inspiring words. I know that God has been watching out for you. No one should have been subjected to the criticism, hate and evil that you have endured. Despite it all you will go down in history as one of the greatest patriots ever and the President who accomplished the most good. Thank you for all you have done for the United States and its citizens. Keep fighting

  122. Karen says:

    Please listen up!! It doesn’t accomplish anything if the Dominion machines are not out lawed and poll workers should be screened for their integrity. I sincerely hope that our President Trump will run again, but it will be futile if laws are not put in place and enforced!

  123. Patricia Burton says:

    President Trump has endured horrible treatment by the Democrat party. They are evil and disgusting and I hope they go down soon. Our country deservers better than them.

  124. Cherie Nunes says:

    We the people appreciate you .. thank you for opening are eyes.. we are 100% behind you . Can’t wait to have you back !! God bless you and your family… please becarful of the evil..

  125. Bj says:

    He responds as the President of the United States. I am proud to support him. I love that he has shown us without any doubt how corrupt and evil our deep state is! It is remarkable the truth that he tells us as his opponents are so offended that their lies are being disputed. The media got schooled on this fake impeachment. Evidently they believe it is okay yo tamper a little with evidence?? They are in fact what is driving the hate between friends and family. This is old school nazi, socialist, communist behavior to control. The people! Wake up! If you live your family? Pay attention to what this plan is??? It will fail as in everyplace it has ever been tried! This is pure evil. All about control over the people. Please pray to stop this! Donald J Trump is telling you the truth! He can prove it! And he will! You need to turn your TV OFF!!

  126. Linda says:

    So true an the impeachment of our true n best President Trump shouldve never been started. Pelosi is so hard up n obsessed to destroy President Trump bc shes scared of her own real crimes being exposed . She planned that whole thing at the Capital with her friends Anitfa. She needs to be impeached removed arrested for her inciting n supporting violence n over the summer with others. President Trump is the best in many many years an ONLY one that trully cares bout helping our country an all American citizens.

  127. Mary Hoke says:

    This message confirms my thoughts about this country and the battle within. I fear for the future days, but know that God is in control. May He act on our prayers.

  128. justina cook says:

    Thank you president Trump for all you did and still do to this day for our country. Can’t wait until 2024…loved the message from you. God bless you and your family and our country.

  129. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    He’s unbelievable, his strength,his courage, an most of all, he cares about all of us. I hope to see hm in 2024, or be an independent. Great news. Go Trump!

  130. Joan4 Busche says:

    We love and support you President Trump and we look forward having you back in office!! You are best President we have ever had.You have put us Americans first and did make our country great again .God bless you and your family!!!

  131. Bearpaw says:

    Thank you sir for all the positive things that you have done for our nation. Just think of what more could have been accomplished if the Dumocrats had been willing to work with you instead of against you. May God bless you and pray that He will once again bless us with your leadership!

  132. Jeannie Boiwyer says:

    Thank God we had Donald Trump for the four years of his presidency, which showed the American people what a real President is like. He did his job for the country, the people and for God. Thank you Mr. President. We all love you. Our prayers are with you and your family daily. We will keep watching for future words from you.

  133. Tommy Matt says:

    Ivanka first Woman President

  134. Jim Westfall says:

    Right on Donald J. Best president this country has seen since Reagan.
    A true patriot

  135. Jeanette P says:

    God bless the best President ever! President Trump shows his Patriotism and love for America and its people. I pray America gets him back where he belongs, in the White House!

    • Olive says:

      I agree completely ——– We need President Trump back in the White House so he can straighten out the total mess that Biden has done in his very short time in office. It is obvious to me, that President Trump loves our country and its people, while Biden has a fear and a hate for our people and is on a path to destroy our wonderful country.

  136. clos cerise says:

    load of bollocks now he wants you to believe he was the victim of abuse of power when he was the only one claiming ballot rigging, got you stirred up, now he is doing it again FFS wake up the man wants to be Hitler with his redneck followers and cause a war.

  137. Mary Ann Johnson says:

    He will always be PRESIDENT Trump to me. The “other” person is a liar and cheat and will NEVER be my president. NEVER!!!!!

  138. Danny Gunter says:

    I pray for our country hell I fought for my country and our freedoms. By the Grace of GOD I thank him.MR.TRUMP thank you for the good fight.

  139. Florence says:

    It was a wonderful message from a wonderful man.
    He was truly a great president. His love for our
    country and the American people is what we need
    in a president!

  140. Linda Slabaugh says:

    Absolutely agree with Trump ~ the swamp drain is clogged and there’s still work to be done!

  141. P. Parks says:

    Thank you Mr. President. Your words are spot on. Please remember who you belong to, the God of creation 🙏
    Blessings and prayers for you and your family are being raised daily.

  142. Beverlyk says:

    I truly love this man and what he stands for.

  143. Beverly says:

    I truly love this man and what he stands for.

  144. William L Coney says:

    I(n believe that President Trump was spot on with his message and I look forward to seeing him run in 2024 and I will vote for him again, he was and will be again the greatest president since Ronald Ragan.

    • Rick HInes says:

      I will vote for TRUMP again in 2024!! Hopefully the will NOT allow Dominions voting machines and mail in voting this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have to have a fair election. CAN NOT BELIEVE they got away with the amount of FRAUD in the 2020 FRAUDULENT ELECTION!!!!! Makes me SICK!!!!!!!!

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