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Trump’s Urgent Call To His Supporters

Just hours ago, when many may not have been paying attention as they celebrated the New Year, President Donald Trump issued a call to his voters and supporters on Twitter and his other social media platforms. He asked all of those who want to see him remain as President of the United States to descend on Washington, DC for a protest rally on Wednesday, January 6th – the day when the Senate and House of Representatives will meet to decide whether or not to accept the Electoral College vote that has Joe Biden winning the 2020 Presidential Election by a tally of 306 – 232.

Please see President Trump’s tweet below and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Will you be going to Washington on the 6th? Do you think the protest rally will make any difference in the outcome of the election in Congress? Do you think the rally will remain peaceful? Who do you believe will be sworn in as President at 12 noon on January 20th?


  1. David Smith says:

    Holly once again you never fail to make me smile and laugh you are great but one thing I would rather have too much freedom and not know how to live with it than have no freedom and have to live with it. I know this is not the subject but did you all see what they put in the stimulus while this loving government was kind enough to give me 600 dollars they gave Burma 135 million; Cambodia 85.5 million;1.4 billion for Asia reassurance act what ever that is; Nepal 130 million; Sudan 700 million; quarter of a billion to Palestinians; and 25 million to Pakistan Trump was forced into signing this insane bill because the Democrats kept stalling and Trump knew the American people needed help fast. So you all keep believing in your government they help other countries but we can go to hell

    • Linda says:

      The money granted to the countries you stated was given from Trump’s government not President-elect Biden. You are calling foul on your choice of government. Shame on you.

      • Grunt0311USMC says:

        Dear; Linda
        You must have forgotten who strongly opposed the giving away of our tax money,Americans could have used instead. Let me refresh your memory.
        President Trump opposed the giving away of our money to foreign countries. He vetoed the bill and congress gave the money away. We all have been made aware of the kickbacks the demon-crats and many rino’s are able to swindle from so called foreign aid. We were made aware of it by what has come forward of the corruption of the biden family, we’ve all found out about.Maybe you haven’t been paying attention to that teal news either. So in short no President Trump didn’t send it,you’ve been asleep while the President has been fighting for us and America.

      • Wonda Davidson says:

        The only reason he signed it is because it was the only way to renew unemployment benefits, refund the PPP, keep Americans from being evicted and foreclosed on and to get some kind of stimulus to us. That was the only reason he signed. He also stipulated that no other monies would be leave the country until he had a chance to go thru the bill line by line and redline it (meaning to strike what he feels is unnecessary spending) You don’t think he realizes the bill was one big money laundering scheme?

  2. A true American says:

    I feel sorry for most of you people. Not the outright racist but the ones who seem to really love this Country but have been led astray by Trump and his cronies. Sites like this that spread lies and half truths don’t help anything. Trump LOST. Fair and square. He has PAID for recounts in at least one state that I know of and he still LOST. He wasted 3 MILLION just to recount that 1 state and ended up LOSING by even more votes. He’s a spoiled child throwing a tantrum over being told No and pulling all you poor people down with him. I pray daily that this nonsense will stop. I pray daily that this Country can come together and heal. Trump won’t be happy til there is bloodshed and that’s scary. Of course it won’t be his or his families blood but those of Americans misguided by his silver tongue. Please wake up. Please stop getting your information from Twitter, social media, emails like these, Fox news and other biased sources. Get your information from multiple reliable sources. Not just left or right, the truth is somewhere in the middle. America HAS spoken and we don’t want Trump. He lost the popular vote in 2016 and was only saved by the electoral college. So we came out loud this time and demanded our voices be heard but Trump can’t accept that and wants to make a mockery of our Constitution and voting power.

    • Eloise says:

      True American (LOL) — You must be getting your false information about Trump from the leftist CCP-controlled Marxist Fake News Media. Trump WON the election in a landslide, and the blatant voter fraud that stole the election for corrupt Joe Biden will be verified. President Trump will have four more years to further his MAGA agenda, and hopefully Biden and all his accomplices in crime will be tried for treason.

    • Concerned says:

      No need to feel sorry for us we all know there was fraud all over this election you better feel sorry for yourself for supporting such a corrupt party and you must really want to see what its like to be communist you democrat socialism supporting democrats need to wake up the election was stole i seen it with my own eyes here pa stop being so stupid Trump has done more for this country in 4 years then Biden has dine in 47 smh you brain washed idiot

    • W says:

      True American? Where were you when Trump LEGITIMATELY won in 2016? Where were you and your party lemmings for the last four years. Oh, I know, “peacefully” demonstrating, spewing lies, creating hate, sowing divisiveness and WASTING MILLIONS on phony, contrived investigations and impeachment proceedings.

      Where was your indignation during the Russia colusion investigation? That was started with the debunked Steele dossier and was bought and paid for by Hildebeast Clintstone and your party. That alone WASTED over 45 MILLION DOLLARS OF OUR MONEY and IT WAS A HUGE NOTHING!!

      Then there was the scam Impeachment proceedings which cost the taxpayers over 15 MILLION DOLLARS and was a complete travesty of justice. Your demoscum hacks “impeached” Trump based on hearsay evidence only, not ANYTHING based on factual evidence. In the process, your committee elites stomped all over the fourth, fifth and fourteenth amendment rights of Trump’s while totally ignoring due process. If this would have been tried in a true court of law, any reasonable judge would have thrown it out and chewed out the prosecutor for their incompetence. I just wonder if your elites are going to impeach Groper Joe Bribedem for ACTUAL quid pro quo activity when he was VP (see Ukraine video). My true belief is NOT A CHANCE!! Typical double standard.

      Where is your outrage for Paloozer booking an Air Force Boeing 757 every weekend since she became speaker to the tune of over 2 MILLION DOLLARS. She and everyone she invited, and their family freeloaders, partied at our expense while we footed th bill. “Free” food, “free” booze and “free” flights around the world all at taxpayer expense

      You now claim you want “unity” now that Groper Joe Bribedem and the Frisco Ho have been “elected”. What you really want is acquiescence and for the other side not to act like you clowns did for the last four years. Take your phony UNITY and shove it deep in Kammy Horrass slimy orifice. You know, the one that has been used by many.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      I agree and Trump will not be in the crowd of protesters so he has nothing to worry about as he will be hunkered down safe in the White House watching his puppets from a distance rift with jubilance for creating a big scene. This is his greatest joy. He’s pulling your strings.

      • Eloise says:

        Mr. Wilson, Jr. — I see that you are doggedly coming onto this pro-Trump site to spew your Trump Derangement Syndrome leftist propaganda lies, but you are wasting your time because we Trump supporters know the truth about President Trump and all the good things he has accomplished for the American people during his first four years as President despite the constant harassment he has endured from Democrats’ and RINOs’ like you. While the Democrat Communist Party works in league with the CCP to destroy America, President Trump has been working even harder to Make America Great Again. You must not have seen any of his many WELL-ATTENDED rallies over the years, or you would know that he is always in attendance throughout to address the cheering crowds. Trump is a wonderful, patriotic, smart, Constitution-respecting President, and he will NOT hunker down in the White House during the January 6th rally in Washington D.C. dedicated to the restoration of fairness and integrity in our nation’s elections, and the overturning of the fraudulent, cheating, lying, vote-changing 2020 elections that Democrats orchestrated to falsely achieve a win for corrupt Joe Biden. Trump won in a landslide. Biden will NEVER be president. Thank God.

      • Momo says:

        Go back to twatter with your hatred.

    • Annis Tran says:

      This comment is a reply to the “true American”…..I don’t know if you are just as corrupted as the Chinese DemoRats but your comment makes no sense???? If you don’t support Trump or trying to preserve our Democracy then go somewhere else for your comment and BTY go to China if you think it’s better than the US!

    • To identify “racists” all you have to do is ask liberal Democrats, Progressives, Socialists or Communists in American to inspect their family trees and learn about the real “racists” about what it was like before President Lincoln gave up his life to fight for an protect a large segment of our population now known as African Americans whom many of the liberal Americans proudly robbed them of their dignity, rights and labor as slaves. President Donald Trump is the only
      PATRIOTIC AMERICAN President in my lifetime to effectively speak up and take actions necessary to protect all of our people and their rights. He risked his life almost every day for nearly 5 years while leading changes by We The People to restore American to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. He has been by far the most results driven President in my 75 years. God Bless my President and the Patriotic American People as we work together to restore America as the Greatest Nation in the History of Man-kind. Proud & Patriotic U.S. Marine

    • Grunt0311USMC says:

      I feel sorry for true idiots that believe the b.s. of fake news and still think the President and his supporters are racist. By the way you stupid lefties have used many words like racist, bigot and so on so much, you’ve made their actual meaning now nothing.
      Like the little boy that cried wolf in the story so many times, no one believed him when one actually showed up.
      So you all should not have been so racist, bigoted,homopgobic,and the rest the whole world knows leftist project onto others what they actually are.

  3. Holly Rose says:

    It is a forgone conclusion that Biden will be sworn in. Why does trump bother to fight the inevitable? trump is inciting a potential riot. Shame on trump. We should do away with the 1st amendment then we will have peace. When President Biden gets installed, I hope he either reshapes and or restrains the 1st amendment or do away with it completely. We have too much freedom we don’t know how to live with it.

    • Eloise says:

      Holly Rose Troll — Are you trying to be humorous, or are you actually serious about removing the First Amendment from the Constitution? I believe you’re trying to be funny. You come across as being a silly little uninformed troll just spewing out your Biden-supporting nonsense for laughs and whatever money Soros or the CCP is willing to pay you.

    • Wendy says:

      Why does he bother? He is fighting the fight of this country’s freedom. After all, he does not NEED a job! He loves America & is fighting for the people. We all are feeling the anxiety brought on by this stolen election & this may be our last free election, but stolen. Keep the faith!

    • JW says:

      Well Holly, I guess that you do not think the inalienable rights given to us by our founders isn’t all that important to you.

      The demomaggots (your demigods) have been relentlessly trying to do so for years. They have attacked the first amendment, attempted to destroy the second amendment, and have recently started chopping at your fourth, fifth and fourteenth amendment rights. Where do you stop them? Do think we should just stand by and let them destroy our Constitutional rights while they do as they please? Is being a subservient subject to your elites açceptable to you?

      You really, really need to read up on people who did the same things to their subjects. Examples of these “fine” leaders are Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung to name a few. Pay particular attention to Adolph and see the significant similarities of what is happening right now with your party “elites”.

      Benjamin Franklin said it best – Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

      Stop lying down for those who only want complete control of your life and stand up for ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS.

    • Grunt0311USMC says:

      No Chinese bot. You do not know how an actual Democratic Republic works. You know nothing of our Constitution or our laws. You’ve proven that you by your stupid comment. So no you Communist Chinese Party bot, it’s not a for gone conclusion. More than likely your Communist Chinese Party Allie biden and many more both demon-crats and rino’s will be in Camp Justice before the end of 2021.

  4. Twitter will not allow me to tweet anything good about President Trump. Twitter & Facebook must be held accountable for censoring our FREE SPEECH OR CLOSE THEM DOWN! Bob Cross

    • Valerie Irvin says:

      Yes, it is we’ll known across America just the level big tech and MSM have gone to. They are indeed violating codes of ethics, apparently not as bright as they think they are.
      Trump won by a landslide, those who can’t accept this basic truth maybe need to seek professional help.

  5. Sir This the only time I’ve posted online. This is such a travesty that we are living through, I am sure the good LORD destined you to be our leader.

    My Humble prayers are for you to succeed in your quest for victory.
    May GOD Bless you in your Battle.


  6. Denver Bowles says:

    Yes, we need our President Trump four more years he is the best we have had in years, Go Trump Go 2020,Praying daily for you Sir

    • Dorothy says:

      I agree completely. Daily I pray to our Lord Jesus Christ for his hand in this matter as in 2016. Also praying for a peaceful day on Wednesday, January 6 in President Trump’s favor. America needs him for our President for the next four years.

  7. Lalita Smith says:

    President Trump, I have been praying faithfully for you for over 6 years. I say to you what the Lord Jesus Christ said to me this morning, “Stand down Soldier, Stand down!” You and First Lady Melania need a much needed rest and refreshing, for a short season. Jesus will vindicate you and restore you after HE, by and through His wisdom desecrate All our enemies! Trust in the Lord and do good; never repay evil with evil, but repay evil with good. Some trust in horses and chariots, but we will trust in the name of the Lord, our God! Handle the fraud in wisdom and Cyrus will be reinstated to complete His tasks in his appointed time. God will bless 🇺🇸 America! God Bless You!

  8. ROBERT POWELL says:

    If i was able to go to D.C. I would but my health will not let me. oxygen 24/7 keeps me very close to home.the blatant theft of ANY ELECTION is not the american way. the demon-rats and communist supporters have reduced the american free-press down to two tin cans and a string. we get very little truth in the news service. cnn and the rest of the communist bullshit artists have destroyed our public communication system from the inside.the ONLY WAY we are going to fix this problem is TOTAL REMOVAL OF THE PROFESSIONAL POLITICANS from our government,the total re-designing of the radio-television empire is MANDANTORY ..when people like soros,bloomberg,and the rest of the multi-billionaires are removed from the communication industry either by legislation or gunfire, will we have any chance of success in turning this major problem around. THE GOOD OLE-BOYS NETWORK, are the reason that this crooked scheme had any success at all. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A OUTSIDER, NOT PART OF THE SYSTEM. the same old stuff just a different face and name that has been set-up by the crooks that are IN OUR GOVERNMENT TODAY have made it so expensive that the REAL PATRIOTS CAN NOT FUND THE RUN TO PUBLIC OFFICE. only the corrupt-crooked slime-bags with their elitist clubs and organizations can spend the billions of advertising dollars it takes to gain public office. UNTIL WE THE VOTING PUBLIC REMOVE THESE PARACITES FROM GOVERNING THE NATION will we be a FREE NATION AGAIN..

  9. MyraP says:

    Why has America come to this? Morals have long gone. Why are citizens treated as nothing? Because the ungodly people in Congress and socialism wants to have rule over us !!
    During Israel’s time there were rulers that did not do good in the sight of God. And the nation was cursed.
    Trump is a ruler that has done nothing but GOOD in the sight of our God. And the evil rulers want to destroy him! We must strive to keep him over us. BLESSED IS THE NATION THAT GOD IS FOR AND THE PEOPLE HE HAS CHOSEN.
    Long live the king, our President Trump!
    If I could afford it, I would ABSOLUTELY be there in D. C. What a wonderful thing it is to support such a great leader that GOD has chosen.
    This is a battle of GODD verses EVIL. May God bless you Mr. TRUMP so you can continue over us for 4 more years!!!!
    I will be praying for our fearless leader, our President! I am with you 1000% Mr. Trump and your whole family and supporters!

  10. judith therrien says:

    I wish We could go, But my husband has to have treatment and I can’t travel had Hip surgery and still recovering. We are praying for you and all Of AMERICA. President Trump we are behind you 100%. The Democrats who are behind this should all be caught and but behind bars. Have their Citizenships taking away and sent to a communist country to live. This has been a free Country for decades and we want to keep it that way. Biden is not fit to run the Country.

  11. Linda Hott says:

    President Trump, we will be there. We see what is happening to this great country of ours and can not stand by and just let it go to the dogs or let you take all this on your own. They are trampling on our Constitution right and left. You have been such a wonderful president, the best we have seen in our lifetime. You are for “we the people.” I see the fight you have fought for the last 4 years. People are infiltrating everywhere as I can see some of the things taking place even in our schools with the young. Please be so careful, I am frightened for you and all, but will stand and die if it must be. Thank you for all you have done and are doing. May God bless and keep you and all safe during this difficult time.

  12. Virginia Worthington says:

    President Trump who won this election by a landslide then some 88 million + people voted for him you people need to understand Biden is friends with China we have lost so many people that has died from the virus they brough this into our country Biden and his son needs to be removed and put in jail. President Trump will always be our president no matter what.
    He has
    been by far the best president we have ever had he promised us everything he said he was going to do he stood up for this country and everybody knows it Biden will do nothing but live in his basement most of the time Obama will be ruling for him this country will fall we need to keep President Trump in the White House he’s the only one that we can trust because he love his country and we are so proud of him.God Bless us all. Our country votes for president Donald J Trump to stay in the White House he will do more for us then any other president will, remember we got this vaccine in nine months any other president would have taken 4 to 5 years do you know how many people President Trump has saved.

  13. JC says:

    I’ll be there. We have a bus load coming up to support the President. Thanks to the donor who made this possible. We’re coming from The Villages Florida because we are hard core Trump supporters. See you there President Trump.

  14. M. H. says:

    President Trump, I believe in you! Your 4 years in office have been the most productive and positive for our nation!
    The democrats have been blinded by social media and outright propaganda that they can not acknowledge the truth. Biden did not win. The democrats had to illegitimately steal the election because they knew it was the only way for them to get Biden into office. Biden will not last a year in office before his own party turns on him.
    Prayerfully I hope thousand upon thousands at in Washington, DC to stand with President Trump and that ALL Republican representatives, and even some brave Democrats, submit that there was election fraud and that Trump Won!!!

  15. Mary King says:

    I’m to old for the trip. I pray for you and your administration, we love you. There is a bus coming to DC. Let Mike know Indiana residents will be praying and watching him and will be there for him. Best of Luck.
    I keep saying cheaters never win. Let’s hope what we were taught in Indiana is true.

  16. Eloise says:

    Sadly, I can only attend the rally in spirit and prayer, but those fortunate Trump supporters who will be in Washington D.C. on January 6th will be massive in numbers and cheering with enthusiasm for our wonderful, patriotic, smart, God-fearing, God-loving, praying, Constitution-honoring, best president America has had since Lincoln—President Donald J. Trump. I hope the attendees will remember to honor the Living God with flags and banners at the rally, just as our forefathers did when they added IN GOD WE TRUST on all our nation’s currency. EVERYTHING is in the hands of our Creator, and He will not allow America to be sold out to the evil, oppressive, atheistic, bribe-paying Chinese Communist Party’s hateful regime.
    Send Biden and his vote-stealing controllers back into their basement of evil.
    Trump 2020-2024!

  17. Margaret Figert says:

    Sure wish I could come to D. C. to show my support for you, Pres. Trump. Have been praying for you for several years and will continue. Pray for wisdom, Mr. President. Thank you!

  18. RobbieAnn White says:

    Due to family health problems I will not be with you on Jan 6 but my prayers are with you. I am a Christian and know GOD has a plan and you are part of that plan. I am praying GOD will keep you in the WH. I believe you were there to wake the Christian so they would start to fight for our country. Never forget you are a blessing to this country. And GOD is not finished with you yet. Keep the faith. Satan hates GOD and has been building that swamp for a long time. PLEASE be ready for HIS call no matter what HE has for you. Our hearts is with you and so is GOD. Only those who know HIM can see it.

  19. Cheryl says:

    Yes, I support President Trump. Because of chronic illness, I cannot make it to Washington. My prayers for our President, our country, and all who attend the rally will be with each of you. May God save our country from those who wish to destroy it.

  20. Barbara Simmons says:

    With you all the way President Trump. Unable to go to D. C.
    May God be with you and our country.

  21. Robert Kral says:

    Thank you for all you’ve done. We hope and pray that you can continue as our president. The swamp is bigger than we all have realized. Americans need a true patriot . America needs you! God bless you 🙏.

  22. Ron Smith says:

    Dear Donald J. Trump:

    You have fought for us every single day since you were elected as the Peoples President. The Entire Deep State that exists within both parties, many in your “inner circle’ that “pretend” to support you and the Globalist’s that created/extended this Pandemic ??, MUST be “Called Out and Prosecuted”.

    Unfortunately, 80+ million “get” the corruption that has been going on for decades. However others are too slow to understand the deep state corruption and indoctrination and will continue to be “played”.

    We will be there to support you on the 6th, and will not allow our Liberty and Freedoms to be stripped from us.

    God Bless Donald Trump. You have been beholden to no one except for the American People. See you on the 6th.

  23. D.H says:

    Stay the course President Trump and God Bless America.

  24. Brandon Birdsall says:

    I applaud President Trump and all his followers. They are the True Patriots and Defenders of the Constitution who are going in defense and support of the Leader they elected. The morning to the polling station to vote, I witnessed something I have never seen my entire life for this any election. Thousands of True American’s there in support of Trump to personally place their vote for him. That vote was stolen from us, one of our most Sacred Rights. The Democrats, Communists, Media, Big Tech and many more were behind that theft because they knew, if Trump won and had another 4 years their plans and every traitorous individual in the attempted Coup and destruction of the great USA would be caught, stopped and facing a Military Tribunal with a charge of Treason against them. He did what he promised, he made America great again. He has devoted himself and everything he is and has to protecting the Constitution and our Rights; the Rights of us, the American People. During his tenure, he ran the country with record setting achievements, making us self-sufficient, protecting us against numerous foes, improving our lives and making us feel Proud again to be an American. His first tenure he was embattled with both parties because he’s not a politician, so he did not accept the bribes offered to him to deliver our Country and its people to the Deep State. He also exposed the intention of the Deep State and basically the entire Democratic party. Now the public knows of their true intentions and the planned destruction and radical change they want to force upon us. We are American’s born under the United States Flag and the Constitution that allows all Americans Rights which we will fight and die for. America’s is about Freedom and Freedom is not free. For years he saw the true threat and has been taking the fight to them by himself. Now all of us that can, should head to Washington DC and show he is not alone in his fight for our Freedom. We are 80 million American’s and Patriots that know the American way is being threatened by enemies both foreign and domestic and we will no longer let it happen. Rise-up Patriots of the United States of America. It’s time to reclaim our Rights, our Lives, Liberty and our Country, from the treasonous People intent on destroying our dreams and hopes. Arrest and charge that do not believe in the Constitution and the American Way! Charge them all with Treason because they have all broken Constitutional Law to some degree and. January 6th, 2021 will be a historical and great victory for our Great Country and the Constitution and what America is Truly About. It is time for the Civilians to use every Constitutional Right given to us and stop the corruption and traitorous Democratic/Socialist Party that was bought and paid for with Communist money. It is time to remind the politicians they were elected by the People to represent Us and our Best Interests. The American Citizen is what makes this Country Strong and Powerful. We the People! Stop the Steal, Stop the Corruption, Stop the Lies. Stand together as one, Stand Tall and Stand Proud because we are American’s, Patriots and Defenders of the Constitution: Never Fail, Never Stop, Never Quit. Our Rights, Freedom, Values, Beliefs and Lives are stake NOW and we must do whatever is necessary to protect our way of life. We shall Fight in defense of the Constitution, not just for us, but for the generations of Americans to come because that is what we do! If we stand as one, indivisible we the American way will always prevail and be just. On January 6th, 2021 go to Washington DC if you love America and what we truly stand for, Freedom and Justice. Show the World what happens when you attempt to take away our Rights and destroy the our Great Country and our American Values and Beliefs.

  25. Rebecca Winters says:

    Trump is number one Biden and the dum Dems will put our country in danger and make it a communist country God bless America and Trump

  26. Debbie says:

    All you people who are NOT supporting Trump, you must really love marxism, socialism and communism!I can’t believe you would believe the lies of the left over saving our country,no matter WHO is running against them!! We need to, if for no other reason, put Trump back for 4 more year, JUST SO THEY DON’T GET IN!!!!

  27. Laura Mason says:


    • Shirley K Cassell says:

      Pray that Jan 6th turn this towards Trump. We dont have any protection in our Senators as they do what they want and dont seem to follow the constitution. Everyone is making rules as they go that suits them.

  28. AJ says:

    Hope the protest is in the millions. It should be eye opening to these democrat communists. If this does not influence these politicians to do right then OUR President Trump’s next move is to declare martial law. Otherwise TOMORROW IS CIVIL WAR!

    Best to all.



  29. Jody says:

    I don’t have the money for the trip to Washington but will back you me trump 100 percent one comment said the blacks would burn and destroy everything if we the people fight back against them they won’t we need to stick together folks and stop this stupid nonsense while we still can

    • C says:

      Sick comments on the blacks! More whites tore up our country this year than people of color. BLM is a terrorist organization and give true black Americans a bad rep

      • MyraP says:

        I agree, put blame where it should fall, on Obama! This country was NOT so divided until HE got in office. He stirred up SO MUCH racial strife!
        Martin Luther did not do that! He was FOR our black peoples. And he united the country and also got them the rights they deserved.
        But to claim that we’re back in the 1900’s where there are no rights whatsoever for them and stir up trouble with the younger generation that does not know or believe that America has grown since Jim Crow, is to put down our people of color. I grew up in Louisiana where black folks were my friends.
        So put blame where it belongs. Obama had a goal, to divide and destroy America. And he continues to do that behind the LYING BIDEN agenda.

    • The REAL websters definition of RACIST. says:

      Nigs ALWAYS tear shit up. That’s why they don’t have anything except a George Nazi ass funded paycheck! Never said nigs before. Well what do you know. BLM made me a RACIST! Well hush my mouth and call me a mammyjacker

  30. Marcia Cox says:

    America seems to be full of daft people who will not accept the truth.
    TRUMP DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION. The Electoral Colledge tells the truth.
    I can only think that Trump is making all this fuss and putting his followers in danger because he has Dementia.

    • Sharon E Russo says:

      It’s Joe that remember what city he’s in not Trump
      You are dillusional

    • Laura Mason says:


    • C says:

      I’m sorry you feel like that. Stop watching the news, they have lied to The American people and intentionally protected Biden. Say a prayer and ask yourself if you really want to live like those poor people in China

    • A friend of AMERICA says:

      You are confused madam. It’s sleepy feely sniffing Joe who has dementia dumbass!

    • A true American says:

      Marcia it’s truly frightening how delusional his cult is. Trump lost, fair and square. He’s a spoiled rich child lying to and inciting these poor people. These horrible “informative emails” are making it worse with lies and half truths.Mail in voting has ALWAYS been allowed. I pray every day that Trump will stop the madness and that our country can heal from the great divide he’s caused.

    • marnie says:

      young and stupid or both??? Do some research and wise up.

  31. Josh says:

    Mr. Trump you are our voice, you are the very heart of the country, because youve won the heart of it, and youve already proven yourself! No matter what this country stands behind you, that is the majority, of its patriots, the ones that treasures freedom, treasures justice, and recognizes true merit, and recignizes honor and loyalty, and youve been all of that!

  32. Carol says:

    We Firmly know that you won this election and the will of the people should be upheld. By you, ..Mr. President, remaining as the President for (4) more years!
    Those are the facts.

    Regarding the rally/protest, it will show that we are willing to uphold the constitution of the United States. It will also demonstrate that the fraud and treason will be dealt with.

    Many people want to show support for our votes to count, fair election results, justice for fraud and treason.
    Violence could be an issue, and due to the severity of fraud, press,
    Judges, DOJ, Governors, and others; it’s going to take the military to keep the peace

  33. Clarence B Johnson says:

    I have experienced the Machines Corruption. In the late 1960s I was selected by the Democrat Party/Labor Union to run for election to the Michigan State House of Representatives and that I would be elected. As we prepared to leave one of their group told me I could not cross the aisle and vote with the Republicans. I told them they had the wrong candidate and walked out. Story is much longer but you get the picture.

  34. We need to fight and not lett those criminals or worse take are America and sale it to China and other to make them rich no meter watt happen to as the people’s. You all Democrats to to hell. Let’s dream this grouse shampoo. Fight Trump we are 100% with you.Trump 2021/ 2024. We need you to keep America #one.

  35. We never go away from what was set by are Forefathers that was set in place with the constitution and the Bill of Rights .This is one of the thins that makes USA Great.We need President Trump for President

  36. Reeni Martinson says:

    Mr. President, I’m doing all I can for you and the republic… please continue our fight, many who cannot get there are praying….the supreme Court needs to move on this and bring Truth to the people.

  37. Ronald Amato says:

    I have a medical appointment on January 6 th. If there is a protest keep it peaceful with some military in the background to be on the ready. I think your only chance is if congress overturns the election then you better have the military on standby. So stay healthy MR. President in case I have to see you in 2024. GOOD BLESS

  38. Jean M Maravich says:

    We’re with you Mr. President. We are unable to make the trip but we know that you are the legitimate President of the United Sates. Stay the course and may the Lord bless you and keep you during these turbulent times.

  39. Robert Stahley says:

    If Trump were granted winner, the blacks would burn down Washington DC and kill a lot cops.

    • Lalita Smith says:

      What a lie. Many blacks have faithfully served this nation and the success of America was borne on the backs of slaves. I and many other blacks have prayed and pray daily for this nation. Please be forgiving towards us – as I forgive you.

    • A true American says:

      Racist much Robert. There are many hardworking, peace loving, African American people. There are also many lazy, selfish, violent Caucasians. You can not tell anything about a person by the color of their skin. THIS is what Trump and his racist remarks have emboldened in America. I pray God can bring some sanity back to this Country and open the hearts of its people

  40. Richard S Fleming says:

    I have not money enough to make a trip like that, but I have every confidence that Donald Trump will still be our President Trump for the next four years.

  41. valeria says:

    Donald duck you are a fool and i are only starting something to get innocent people hurt just to save your rotten ass. You lost now move on. The country want to breath some fresh air that is not with the stench of us and your filthy lies and stupid behavior. Be gone and now.

    • Carl Karlburg says:

      Only the blind and stupid cannot see that the election was stolen. Just because there are corrupt judges and politicians who will lie cheat and steal to get rid of the best president ever, we shouldn’t believe them,

    • Eduktor says:

      No Valarie, the ‘fool’ would be you!

    • A true American says:

      Exactly. It’s disgusting seeing all the racist comments just in this comment section. Shame on Trump. He’s a spoiled child having a fit over being told No. Hopefully peace will come over the land once again

  42. Pat Hinckley says:

    Playing with fire? What does Sasse think the Democrat Socialists have been doing for five years? These people were burning businesses, looting, intimidating citizens, undermining an election,ignoring our laws, masking corruption, undermining our justice system and lying through the news outlets? What would Sasse have this President do? Say,”Oh, excuse me. So sorry to interrupt your plans to create a socialist nation?”

  43. We know Donald Trump WON the Election, Was Stolen from him, and all Biden Family
    involved in this China Deal Is Very Bad For Our Country. PEOPLE HAVE TOO STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTEING FRAUD HAS TOO STOP, CORRUPTION HAS TOO STOP We The People Have Too Stand Up For Whats Right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Stand Up For Our President Donald Trump !!!!!!!!!!!!! If We Don”t God Help Us 2021 !

    • A true American says:

      Hopefully God will help us and remove Trump from the White House so this Country can start to heal

  44. Carlton Lockwood says:

    Would love to go but I live in fl . I am 100 percent with you mr president

  45. Donna Hansen says:

    Going for cancer treatments…so sorry can,t come…we love you, and thank you…praying God will intervene….and stop the steal. Donna and Don Hansen

  46. Jason Oliver says:

    There must be a real plan to make America Great again! In the best interest of all people and following the Constitution like our four fathers wanted especially Thomas Jefferson!

  47. susannah fedders says:

    Were in President Trump ALL THE WAY GOT YOUR 6