Tucker Carlson Takes a Stand on Trump Indictment

Tucker Carlson

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – Last week, Tucker Carlson started his new online show, Tucker on Twitter.

The first episode received an astounding 116 million views. Even after Fox News tried to stop him with a legal order, Carlson kept airing his show.

In the most recent episode, he discussed the legal charges against former President Donald Trump and what this might mean for the US.

Carlson began with, “The Biden administration arrested Donald Trump this afternoon. They had him arraigned and fingerprinted in the Miami courthouse, like the accused felon he now technically is…”

He described this as the first step in a process intended to put Trump in jail for the rest of his life. News networks covered every moment, presenting it as something never seen before. Carlson argued that it wasn’t a surprise, and anyone following the situation knew this was likely to happen.

Carlson argued that Trump’s arrest was bound to happen since Feb. 16, 2016. Why that specific date? Carlson explains it’s when Trump became the federal government’s target due to his opposition to their habit of engaging in wars. According to Carlson, wars are usually initially supported by both political parties, and only later do some politicians realize their mistake and possibly give a hollow apology. Trump’s position as an outsider meant he could easily break this unspoken rule. He voiced strong objections to the Iraq War during a Republican primary debate.

Trump stated during the debate, “We should have never been in Iraq. We have destabilized the Middle East. They lied, they said there were weapons of mass destruction, there were none — and they knew there were none.”

Carlson pointed out that by the time Trump said this, many Republican primary voters had reached the same conclusion. But Trump’s claim that everyone knew there weren’t weapons of mass destruction implicated too many people on both sides, sealing his fate. That’s why, Carlson suggests, even previous allies of Trump are turning against him concerning classified documents. He mentioned Trump’s former CIA director and secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, who expressed concern for the safety of our military due to Trump’s handling of classified documents.

Carlson argued, “Mike Pompeo knows that’s a lie. He spent his entire life in Washington…” where, according to him, even mundane documents are classified and locked away from public view, even though they pose no threat.

Carlson then criticized the government’s misuse of secrecy and its role in maintaining control, comparing it to enforcing COVID-19 restrictions. He further discussed how Trump’s prosecution is blatantly political, suggesting that Biden is attempting to lock up his main political rival.

He said, “Trump’s prosecution isn’t just political, it’s ideological. Nobody with Trump’s views is allowed to have power in this country. Criticize our wars and you’re disqualified. If you keep it up, we’ll send you to prison. That’s the message Washington is sending.”

Carlson continued to argue that Trump is one of the few potential presidential candidates who disagree with Washington’s habit of engaging in pointless wars, so they are trying to remove him before people can vote for him.

He concluded by expressing concern about the implications for democracy, calling it the “destruction of our democracy,” and stated it should worry everyone, regardless of their opinion of Trump.

In Carlson’s words, “Yes, Donald Trump was a flawed man, but his sins are minor compared to those of his persecutors. In this life, we don’t get to choose our martyrs. We can only choose our principles, and America’s are at stake.”

Here’s Tucker in his own words: