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Two-Thirds of GOP Voters Want This from Trump

Check this news item from The Hill out, see if you agree with the Republican, Independent, or Democrat voters, and then share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you have a message for President Trump when it comes to 2024? Would you like him to run again?


Sixty-six percent of Republican voters support President Trump running for president again in 2024, according to a new survey.

“The poll from Seven Letter Insight asked what voters would support or oppose Trump doing after the 2020 election wraps up. While two-thirds of Republican respondents said they would support another presidential bid in 2024, 41 percent of independent voters and 26 percent of Democrats said the same…

“Sixty-seven percent of Republicans also said they would support Trump peacefully transitioning power to the Biden administration. Eighty percent of independents shared that sentiment, as did 85 percent of Democrats.

“Among other questions in the survey, 52 percent of Republicans said they would support Trump endorsing one of his children for a presidential bid in 2024, 86 percent said they would support Trump calling for national unity, 38 percent said they would support Trump refusing to give up power and remaining in the White House, and 46 percent said they would support Trump starting his own TV network.”


Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you have a message for President Trump when it comes to 2024? Would you like him to run again if the Electoral College throws the presidency to Joe Biden this year?


  1. Jim says:

    Don’t you know that a person can only serve 2 terms as president, all congress should have the same rule, so T rump cannot run in 24 because he would have already served 8 years.

  2. Catherine Snyder says:

    Our family supports Trump and will vote again for him. We do not acknowledge Biden as president and feel he cheated and lied to get into the office of the president. We feel that Biden will have a hard time once in office because most people don’t feel he is qualified to be a president or knowledgeable enought to handle to strain of the position. He must go and so he will be out in no time. Then it will be time again for Trump!!

    • Mary says:

      What do you mean most people don’t believe Biden Is qualify ? 80 million people voted for Joe Biden to be president ! That is a record !

  3. FrankAboutIt says:

    The Elitist Politicians consider you expendable idiots they will gladly replace with unskilled, poorly educated foreigners, with their open borders program. Foreigners who will happily submit to their Draconian, Dictatorial Edicts. Your Submission to the Democratic Communists’ Power Grab, will only confirm their belief.

  4. FrankAboutIt says:

    Anyone who truly believes there is going to be an HONEST Election in 2024 if the Democratic Communist Party takes power now is a full-blown moron. How in God’s name do you think we’ve come to the situation we’re in now ? Thanks to the Democratic Domestic Terrorist Organizations, BLM and ANTIFA, millions of innocent Americans have lost their businesses, their jobs, and their livelihoods. Hundreds more were murdered in and around the rioting. The COVID home arrest program is making the problems worse while the Politicians do as they please outside their own restrictions. THIS IS THE FACE OF COMMUNISM !
    For those who say, “Concede” and let the Corruption and Crimes of the Left prevail; I say: You Will Be Willing to Board the Freight Trains and Ride Them to the Concentration Camps. Or, you will let the freight trains take you to the cargo ships that will transport you to the Concentration Camps in Communist Red China.

    • James Reel says:

      I believe you are right. The election is a lie, how could it be any different in 2024. Most likely it will be worse by then.

  5. Dottie Norton says:

    Donald J. Trump better known as President Trump. Do not concede. Take it all the way. If they cheat you out of this election please run again in 2024. If I’m still above ground on that day I WILL VOTE FOR YOU AGAIN. You made me proud to be an American again. You will always have my support and my families support. I am devastated at what has been allowed to happen to you. You put God back into our Country. You and Vice President Mike Pence are a fantastic team. You will always be My President.



  7. Nancy Bucca says:

    Don’t concede the election. It isn’t over until it’s over. I want to count for something. Living in Maryland, my vote didn’t count for much, but I voted anyway. And I continue to believe against all odds that you will win this. I believe with all my heart that it is God’s will for you to be president for four more years. Mister Trump – hopefully starting this January. In the unlikely event of a horrible Biden takeover. I would like to see you run again in 2024. But I am routing for you to succeed and transition into another term.

  8. Rick says:

    If the Courts refuse to listen and act fairly in your court cases then I would support your running for the presidency in 2024 if Biden / Harris has not ruined America by then and rigged the system to prevent any Conservative from winning.

  9. Hal Lemoyne says:

    It’s being said/determined that President TRUMP 66% support all Us US public

    to vote for him in any US Election

    Well let me tell any/every liberal medias that their arrogant pompous

    ass deceptive stupidity knowledge is greatly deceptive

    about Us US public US Presidential Political voting aspirations

    are definitely 100%

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides

    without question
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  10. Ken Scuorzo says:

    Do not concede. Don’t give up. You are the best and most successful President in American history. America’s on it’s way to becoming a third world country if the Democrats succeed in the steal.

  11. Honest says:

    Never Fear,,,,, Hillary Bengazi will makeJoe touch her

  12. JERRY W BUCK says:

    We must fix our election system before we can ever trust in this process period..if it’s broken it must be not concede unless its fact with out a doubt..#Trump2020

  13. Kathleen Wise says:

    The election was stolen from you and every American who voted for you. There will be no unity as far as I am concerned. Biden will never be my President! You will go down as the greatest, or one of the greatest presidents in the history of our country. Thanks for keeping you promises and making America great again. You did so much for us these past four years. If they dO succeed in stealing this election, please run again in 2024. I would love to see one of your family members run at some point too. This country could be kept great for years and years to come! We love you, President Trump!💕

  14. Kathleen W says:

    The election was stolen from you and every American who voted for you. There will be no unity as far as I am concerned. Biden will never be my President! You will go down as the greatest, or one of the greatest presidents in the history of our country. Thanks for keeping you promises and making America great again. You did so much for us these past four years. If they dO succeed in stealing this election, please run again in 2024. I would love to see one of your family members run at some point too. This country could be kept great for years and years to come! We love you, President Trump!💕

  15. Robert says:

    Please President Trump don’t give up don’t let the fight go we love our country as much as you do show these socialists pieces of s*** what this country’s really made of

  16. Roy Cox says:

    There will not be a 2024 election. It will be a hoax like the Venezuela elections. Whatever socialist/communist maggot that’s in charge at the time will be put in charge. This is the end of the USA as we know it if Biden and the putrefaction get into the White House. Your questions are stupid and lack realistic measure. You act like Biden is a real human and the degradation he brings with him is sane.

    • John Watson says:

      I agree. The days of a free and fair election in America are over. The Communist Chinese will see to that. Every election for the presidency will be rigged to favor the Democrats and their ally, the Communist Chinese. Eventually and most likely in the future ALL offices will be rigged to favor far left commun ist leaning candidates. We have lost America. On November 3, 2020 freedom and the Constitution was murdered by the left wing radicals of the Democrat party.

    • Trump or War says:

      Most of America agrees with you 100%. This bogus “poll” is UTTER B.S. & WE THE PEOPLE REFUSE TO BELIEVE SUCH INSANITY.

  17. Rose Everett-Martin says:

    If Biden gets in there will no longer be a valid republican party. The end USA

    • James Reel says:

      Yep my concern is that we will never be able to get the nation back.
      Someone said you can vote your way into socialism but you have to fight your way out of it.

  18. Bill Norton says:

    President Trump is our last hope for freedom. Comments in the fake news about the anti-Trump opinions of various ideological categories are nothing more that more fake news lies. If President Trump throws in the towel it will enable the communist government to use that weakness against the white masses. Don’t fool your families future. If Trump is eliminated there will never again be a fair election and freedom will be strangled by communist scum who control everything within 4 years. Many of you are cowards, don’t believe in God/freedom, and will never do anything but talk. I fervently pray everyday that I might find sufficient like-minded patriots to organize a durable and clandestine resistance. I am willing to use all that I have learned in the past decades to win our freedom and then divide this country into OUR nation and a nation of our enemies. It is insane to live with our enemies as they reduce use to their slaves! They use our productivity and taxes to fuel the building of their communist police state which targets the white middle and working classes for eventual genocide !

  19. Edward Guffey says:

    Yes Donald was selected as president . God put him in because he was the man
    that knew how to straighten out our problems. Our country was built with God’s
    blessing the men that built it was God fearing men.
    George Washington was president when we needed him to defend our country
    Abraham Lincoln was president when the country needed a leader to keep the
    country together.
    Franklin Roosevelt was president when we were attacked and had to win a war
    John Kennedy was president when the world was facing nuclear war
    Trump was president when we needed a man to bring us out of the mire that
    our so called leaders got us into. We have to have Donald Trump,

  20. Sam B. says:

    For starters…I hope Mr Trump doesn’t concede this election just yet. Soooo many ill-regularities/obvious voter fraud. We have the technology & discipline to put man in space/on the moon & we can’t get this voting crap right! Waaay to much shady corrupt BS going on with the dominion ballot counting machines & software from Venezuela that all can easily b manipulated/deceased people voting(that’s a hell of a trick)/tens of thousands of illegal & late ballots being counted etc etc…so hell no don’t concede yet. I’m a moderate Democrat who knows of dozens of others that r all a part of the almost 74 MILLION AMERICANS that gladly voted for u so please don’t make any decisions until all the legit ballots r counted & legally certified…not by our BS BIASED MEDIA.
    IF 2020 is a loss…the “America first” agenda will b lost. We will end up back to “kissing the ring” & allowing all the other world leaders to take advantage of us because the office & administration of the president will b spineless/intimidated & bullied once again. Lets b honest…quid pro quo JOE will b president ONLY IN NAME. I pray I/WE r all wrong. However All things considered…it damn sure doesn’t look good. Sigh.
    Mr Trump..if the 2020 elections are taken/stolen from us PLEASE consider running again in 2024! Respectfully I pray I’m totally wrong..but I’m sure the country will need stern strong leadership to bail us out AGAIN. Yeah I said it! Bookmark it for 2024.
    Stand firm..strong..b respectful to others America!! It’s who we r!
    Stay safe & healthy all! 🇺🇸

  21. Stevo says:

    If Trump isn’t president the next 4 years , he never will again , because communist biden will have infiltrated so many communists in our federal & state governments that it will be impossible to have real Americans governing us again . Biden is America’s enemy , communist china’s flunky to deliberately destroy us ! That is the reality RIGHT NOW from what obama , DNC , soros , et al. did to us the last 12 years . The deep state massive election fraud has proved that now .

  22. Sherry Chase says:

    We want him to stay where he is Now and the corrupt one’s held accountable for their corrupt actions.

  23. Donna says:

    Watch & see what God’s gonna do. President Trump was chosen by Him to turn the country back to Him. No, Trump wasn’t my choice. He has lots of faults & probably hasn’t been “good” most of his life. Nobody is! But God has always used the “least of these” to carry out His plans. God is bigger than any political party, individual politician or any “private citizen”and His plan WILL BE FULFILLED!!! Watch & see!!

  24. Holly Rose says:

    The most sane and logical thing to do is for trump to concede but he is so conceited he will never do that. He is selfish and thinks only of himself. He is a true dictator. Whether he truly wins or not after Jan 20, 2021 he MUST BE CARRIED OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE BODILY!!! trump is the most well hated president in US history outside of Nixon. Read your news. Don’t forget trump’s wife, son in law and daughter all want him to concede. It is for the good of all if he did but trump never thinks of that.

    • Glenna Marie Mueller says:

      Really tired of the slamming of President Trump. Me and my family will continue to support President Trump.

      • Catherine Snyder says:

        Our family will still continue to support Trump. He has his faults but all of us do. Biden is an old sick man and should seriouslyconsider retirement. I don’t think much of his wife for backing him to run for pesident when she knows he is not capable of doing the job. He is senile and should let Trump do his job which Biden is not capable of doing. The democrats are using Biden to get what they want but Trump will control them even out of office.

    • Daniel says:

      Your hate will kill you…Take care of your

    • Sam B. says:

      Lol wow holy…do u or anyone else think Trump is selfish & ONLY thinks of himself?! R u not aware of the life he had before running for president?! He damn sure didn’t need any of this…he wanted to do it to reconstruct a depleted nation from a totally different prospective..a strong business mind. Oh yeah..he wasn’t required to b nice! FINALLY a president with a spine! FINALLY a president that stands up for America! FINALLY a president with an “America FIRST” agenda!! FINALLY a president that’s not afraid to react & comment to false garbage the unhinged radical socialist quack leftist haters “&” the biased narrative fake news assclowns spew out!! Oh btw..I’m a registered Democrat…I’m just NOT IN DENIAL OF THE OBVIOUS FACTS! I’m a patriot of this great nation FIRST way before being a democrat or republican. Jus-stay’n.

    • Shay says:

      Obviously another misinformed MSM believer
      He is a businessman with a degree in Economics. An outsider was needed to fix the problems we had. His rallies show his popularity. The election is a fraud and thats why Biden never had to come out of the basement. It was rigged
      Open your eyes. Watch OAN or Newsmax for the truth…not socialist run MSM

    • B Lassiter says:

      Why should Trump concede to thieves. It’s obvious that the voting system was manipulated. God hates thievery and I do too. Any honest person should. Oh right, Socialist don’t worship God. Government is their God.

  25. Karl Kloppmann says:

    I want

  26. Lee Allen says:

    If the cheaters win this election, we wil be lost. Never recover. They will change America .

  27. Paul Pinajian says:

    I want the REAL results of the election and I want to see the evidence” if The President has what his attorneys say they have- Then NO WAY LEAVE THE OFFICE. If a Constitutional Court Judge or the Supreme Court says he hasn’t proven the case then he should step down and run again in 2024

  28. George says:

    From this election forward there we’ll never again be an honest election. The Democrats will make sure their voting machines are set to cast ballots for their candidates even if no one goes to the polling places. Therefore, we need to make sure that doesn’t happen ever again. I would hope that there would be a movement to the subject of separation that’s right beak up the nation, Biden can be the President of original 13 colonies/States. We who own firearms can life in a free country somewhere West of Kentucky.

    • George, I would say the same thing, because you can’t even talk to these democommies let alone reason with a beast. So unless we find a medicine that calms the storm inside them on hope. Say we do set a wall between us and them. They are so stupid they will quickly trash everything on their side of the wall, and begin to breach the wall to take what we have done on our side. They talk big but can’t accomplish anything. You realize that leaves only one solution we must move them somewhere and refuse to have them come back.

  29. Bill Peacock says:

    Run again in 2024 if this election doesn’t get
    straightened out.

  30. joseph says:

    Trump must never give up to these criminals so that they can undo what he has archive and change the many things like the federal bank from the devil(the POPE)
    Biden is their poster Boy to redo all that have been achieved.
    I say no to any 2024 which will never happen as the UN, WHO and the rest of the CABAL want us in SLAVERY with a COVID19,COVID20 COVID21.


    • Sheila says:

      Amen, this is the truth as you have written. 2021 will see our President

      donald Trump still in the white house,

      democrats be damned

    • If the young foolish people who voted for Biden knew his true life. He is as white as you can get. He doesn’t like blacks at all his phony acting got them all excited. How do you think he will pay for everything without raising the middle class taxes? I see Biden and the Clintons as the most evil sinister people. You cross them and people start disappearing. You will mark my words when Biden starts up in 2021. He will try to use social security monies to back his ideas and cut off the elderly monthly payments they so count on. Then the real problems begin. Biden should just go on SSI and retire.

      • Shay says:

        Joe doesn’t deserve social security. He made plenty of money from China. If you make 400,00 a year, you dont need it. But all the corruption will be buried as has been done already. People who voted for this self serving, power hungry idiot will be very sorry. The rest of us have to suffer for your stupidity. I guess Biden followers really liked 2008 depression and job losses.

  32. Frank Liso says:

    Who wrote this garbage 2/3’s of voters want TRUMP to concede? You are either a “Never Trumper” or A democrat.

  33. Lisa says:

    Let’s deal with the unfair, fraudulent voting fiasco. We all know Trump won because who would vote for socialiam and gun confiscation. The attempted gun confiscation will lead to confiscation of other “things”. Free medicare for all, free schooling and forgiving all school debts will financially destroy this country They will have to raise taxes for all people.The democrats are trying to destroy this country. So why are you wanting to ask Trump what you want from him??? How about asking the other side when they will make America a better place instead of ruining it. Remember gun confiscation in Australia didn’t work. It lead to more crimes. Possibly because the “good” people didn’t have a way of defending themselves but the “bad” people did.

  34. Jan says:

    Do not concede. This election was stolen and we need to prove it our the Socialists will take over America.

  35. Alton Kenne Jr. says:

    Obama and Biden divided the country if Biden wins we become a comunist nation and ALL of our freedoms and rights are nill ! How can anyone be stupid enough to vote for terrorists ?

  36. Donald says:

    Our President must fulfill his Constitutional obligation as the Chief Executive of this free Country to see to it that Biden, Harris, Soros and all that participated in the election fraud be brought to justice and jailed. It his duty to see this done! Barry and the DOJ need to get their act together and also fulfill their sworn oath of office and see this done. As for Wray and his traitorous associates in the FBI, they need to be brought to justice too. With this accomplished the citizens of thjs free country can breathe clean air again free from communist/socialist oppression! Then there will be no need for Trump to run again in 2o24 as he will be winding down his second term and hopefully Pence, Ivanka, or Don Jr. Will be ready to run.

  37. Shirley A. says:

    If by chance the democrats are in office it will destroy what we now know of America and it’s people. We need you now and in 2024.

  38. Joe says:

    Dementia,slo,joe is so out of touch, that it is insanity to think this idiot,can run the country, he is a national security risk to our country, and people. This corrupt,nincomepoop, doesn’t have the mental capacity to even know where he is half the time. he is a cartoon character, that is far from funny, and smart. this guy will destroy America, like his bff obuthead, total incompetence.

  39. F F Tramutola Jr. says:


  40. gary Fernett says:

    Hate to think this country is stuck with sleepy Joe for 4 years…he did not even win the election!!! Most of the voters who were allowed to vote voted for Trump but the ballet harvesting and voting machine glitches duh right…cost Americans the right to election President back in office to finish the job of ending this leftist take over…If I live another 20 years I will never vote again because my vote did not count in this election as did many other Americans….I’m not going to back a criminal…Joe will never be my President.

  41. He needs to fight this election fraud to the end and I personally believe Washington should grant him a third term since they wasted his first term with bogus investigations so yeah 2024 would be a great third term.

  42. Lee says:

    Donald, if you aren’t successful in getting this election farce overturned we will be screwed for four years. A Biden presidency
    will prove to be a disaster for this country. 2024 is a long way away and you will be 78, even in your good health it will be very hard on you. You might consider getting your son Donald Jr. primed for that job.

  43. MELVIN HARGIS says:


  44. William Sewell says:

    President Trump did a lot for this Country to correct situations were we were being taken advantage of. Hilary and her followers never really accepted that she lost and tried to undermine and criticized Trump continuously. The news media seldom if ever reported any thing good he did for the Country. Trump does have some personality quirks and I have talked to people who stated they would not vote for him because of his personality, I tried to convince them to vote for him because of the good he has done for the Country. Once the air is clear and if Biden is in fact our new President I would vote for Trump in 2024.

  45. Jane Nicholas says:

    I believe that President Donald J. Trump must fight for the integrity of our country and that he should continue to expose the corruption that has blinded the American people for decades. My heart goes out to him and his family for all that they have endured and I will continue to pray for them.

  46. Mariano Garcia says:

    I want our President to not concede and have the election overturned so that he can finish the job he started to do. I don’t want the swamp to cancel the initiatives he has started.

    • Wynn Edward Sands says:

      Thanks, Mariano, I couldn’t have said it any better. And, of course there are two beings I’d never bet against: God and Donald John Trump.

  47. Thomas says:

    Looks like the communists stole the election.

  48. Patricia Mclaughlin says:

    Everybody talks about sleepy joe but what about trump he cant even complete a sentence he repeats himself tryon to get his words out and as for 2024 he might ve in jail by then

    • Clifford Lang says:

      When you get older lets see if you can think and get your words out too. As for this election you can kiss all your freedoms gone. Some of you people are so stupid that you can’t think for yourselves and let the media tell you what you’re supposed to do. Un

      • Jax R. says:

        Couldn’t have said it any better myself Clifford. If Biden gets in, that’s the end of us. Communism will be the way of the land, it’s already taking a stronghold. I’d like to know how this fraud happened. Since when can someone with OBVIOUS dementia be allowed to run for office? Oh that’s right, he’s a democrat…they do what they want, they’ve above everyone else. Bet this comment won’t even get posted or will be taken down if it is.

        • Catherine Romain says:

          Not taken down….I read it!! You are correct!! I just hope they uncover the corruption so many more people (sheep) will wake up!

    • Lisa says:

      Patricia really???????????????
      Have you NOT been watching Biden talk. I would like to know what is happening to him physically and I don’t mean that meanly. When he starts speaking and all of a sudden you cannot understand him because it appears hs mouth cannot physically form the words

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL…Patricia your entire statement points to “quid pro quo JOE!” I’m a moderate Democrat that’s NOT IN DENIAL nor afraid to say this. Quid pro quo JOE is the 1 that thinks he’s running against George Bush for the U.S. SENATE!! Quid pro quo JOE has a “truth over fact” agenda. LOL!
      Can’t make this stuff up!

  49. Dear Pr. Trump
    Yes, I would like you to run again in 2024, that is if it is decided that you did not win in 2020. I cannot believe that Biden will win in 2020. It is a total disgrace that Biden should win considering he is a crook, plagerizer, liar and a disgrace to Catholics. The whole family are a bunch of Irish gypsies and are out to cheat the American public. I know that you want the best for the American public. The lies that you encountered over the past 4 years shows how many bad people are out there,,I mean REALLY BAD PEOPLE. The devil is amongst us.
    VTY Virginia

  50. Mike says:

    sleezy joe doesn’t even know where he is at 90% of the time. He won’t last 3 months before they declare him incompetent!!! He & his coke head son are criminals. There is going to be a lot of ‘Buyers Remorse’ this MORON!!!

    • Steve Abram says:

      So many people sit on their thumbs waiting for someone else to hold their
      hands, feed them, keep them safe , make their decisions, work to keep them, wipe their buts without any appreciation or even acknowledging
      They even exist. They are letting communist factions take over our country
      Without a fight. These same lazy people will cry boho. Blame everyone else
      As they loose everything, starve and watch their children and grandchildren
      Starve as well with no rights or recourse for change. I will defend my family
      With all my heart and soul by any means possible. I will defend my family and way of life from all of you idiots .as you watch friends and family suffer
      Remember the saying ( orange man bad . I would wish you good luck in your lives , but you are not worth the time and have not earned even that