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U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Wears BLM Jackets to International Game

The U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) wore Black Lives Matter Jackets to their international friendly match against the Netherlands on Friday,” according to Breitbart.

In a message posted before the game, USWNT star Alex Morgan said the team chose to wear the jackets as a way to “affirm human decency,” and as a stand against “racial injustice and police brutality.”…

“USWNT members took a knee before the start of the game, as they have at many international friendly’s and tournaments over the years.

“The team gained notoriety during the 2019 Women’s World Cup for frequent and profane statements against President Trump. Perhaps most outspoken of the USWNT stars was co-captain and leading scorer Megan Rapinoe, who said she was not going to the f*ck*ng White House” to visit President Trump if the USWNT won the tournament. She also once said that “We have a white nationalist – I think – in the White House.”

Here is a tweet from one of the players, Alex Morgan. Please share your thoughts about the U.S. Women’s National Team wearing Black Lives Matter Jackets to a match on foreign soil.


  1. Joyce Nunes says:

    I’m appalled that these women who represent The United States of America would be “allowed” to wear such jerseys. Who oversees how they choose to represent the US? They should never wear or carry anything other what country they are playing for. Sure the US has some serious problems, but US teams should not choose to promote a particular stance…this should be addressed immediately.

  2. Sic&Tired says:

    ALSO….. The Team’s Coach, All the Team’s Sponsors & Affiliates, the Team Players, who ALL go along with this BLM – Horse Crap…..Are a Total Disgrace to America….as one of the Commenter’s stated already. They are correct – That Women’s Team is a DISGRACE for everything our USA Country Stands for….. Leave them Over Seas…..Sure Don’t Want them back in this Country.!!!!!

    Lets just assume – I am a player on this ridiculous women’s soccer team and as a player – I just totally don’t go along with wearing a Stupid BLM Jacket….WELL, then…I should just get off the team and don’t be affiliated with it anymore. That would be SAD that a Player has to leave the team because of the BLM ….Horse Manure.!!!!

  3. Sic&Tired says:

    I Sure Hope the Day Comes…..(Way Sooner than Anyone Thinks)…..When these BLM Idiots and Morons of this Country……..Get their Lunch and “Go Down”. It is going to happen, due to True Americans – whether White, Black, Yellow, or Red… People are just getting So Sick and Tired of this BLM Crap / BS. BLM actually in my opinion stands for…. B.S..!!!!!

  4. This is a TOTAL BUNCH OF RACIST DONKEY SHIT &we all know what politicle party hides behind them !!! I gave all the time to USA Olympics ,UNLESS THE COMMITTEE condemns this I will never give again &will do my hardest pushing to get millions of others to STOP GIVING !!!

    • Ss says:

      I agree that funding should be cut off for this! BLM is just a cover for the lefts! Disgusting !

      • Gail says:

        represent the United States of America it’s terrible what day did they don’t need to be wearing it two

  5. Thomas Delaney says:

    Cut the tax payers funds to this team! Take there USA title away ! F they don’t want to represent USA without this crap ! Find Another team !

  6. John Mathews says:

    These so called women are a disgrace to our country and to the world .they do not represent the good in our country. BLM is a terrorist organization and should be treated like it and anyone who supports these thugs. You so called women should just stay in one of these places. We dont want you back

  7. Sunne says:


    I suggest any LGBTQ Soccer players relocate to Iran. A “ popular sport” in Teheran: Toss Gay People From the Roofs of Low Rise Buildings……………They may learn if the US is such a terrible country, why do Tens of Millions of People from around the World desire to come and live in the US ?

    • Tim says:

      The women’s soccer team is a disgrace. All blm is a disgrace. The entire soccer team should be terminated. All games forfeit.

    • Duane Collins says:

      I agree! And America would even be better without the antics and black lives matter thugs. Protest if you must but we cannot tolerate rioting and destructive behavior!

  8. Sam B. says:

    I’m sooo sick of this BS BLM narrative movement. Question to blm & the followers..: Do Black Lives Matter? Seriously…do Black Lives Really Matter? IF SO THEN SHOULDN’T *ALL* BLACK LIVES MATTER?!?! Not just black lives when dealing with law enforcement!!! Let’s b honest this whole BLM BS NARRATIVE is totally focused on blm when dealing wit law enforcement!! There r THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of our black brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends etc etc that r shot &/or killed every year & the BLM BS movement/followers/supporters don’t acknowledge or care about these black lives! These lives r ignored!!! Why?! Because these lives weren’t impacted by law enforcement!! Does law enforcement need to b reformed/retrained some while supporting them 100%? I think it would b a healthy thing..& remove any bad apples. Here’s another thing..: IF everyone would COMPLY when dealing with law enforcement then 99.999% of the time no one would b injured!!! JUST COMPLY!! What happened to George Floyd was pathetic. I think we all would agree to that. The officer that had his knee in the back of the neck to Mr Floyd deserves everything he has coming to him…but to vilify ALL law enforcement is ridiculous. 99.99% of our law enforcement officers r good just people!
    If BLM wants to b legit then they should stand for *ALL* BLM!! The enormous # of our black American citizens r shot &/or killed by other black folks. Its estimated that over 75% are!! Especially in Chicago! Where the hell is the outrage for all these people?!?! Just because NONE of these people..young children to older folks…weren’t shot/injured by law enforcement & ignored because of this is bathetic!! ATTENTION BLM..: the country is catching on to ur BS NARRATIVE! Here’s an example(1 of 1000s)..: Labor Day weekend in Chicago ANOTHER child was shot & killed but it barely made the news…almost think because it’s so common it’s acceptable. Blm didn’t even acknowledge it. WHY?? Because the little 8yr old girl was black..who was shot by another black person. SHE WAS 8 YEARS OLD!! Hey BLM & all ur supporters including the nba/others in sports & entertainment/Hollywood elites/spineless politicians etc etc…”what is her name?” Seriously “what is her name?!” Lemme guess ALL u BLM BS NARRATIVE brainwashed supporters & followers don’t know the little 8yr old girls name?! It’s “DAJORE WILSON!” Say her name! Put her name & the THOUSANDS of other black American citizens shot &/or killed by other black folks on the back of your jerzees!! Am I making my point?! BLM is nothing more than a Marxist hate group. To u, ur brainwashed supporters & all other hate groups..: either change your ways to SUPPORT THE COMMON GOOD to where we all would support u….of take ur Marxist hate ideals to another country & stay there. Maybe Venezuela?! Their socialist government has destroyed that country. Ur ideals will fit right in!
    #StandStrong&SupportiveAmerica!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Steven Van Ness says:

    What a croc. Hope they lose.

  10. Rebel says:

    I understand that black lives might matter, I just haven’t found anyone that it matters to.

  11. Sandi Miller says:

    What idiots these women are- who elected them to be spokes people for us?

  12. MICHAEL says:

    One of the biggest mistake this country ever made was back in 1865 when they didn’t ship ALL Blacks back to Africa. Each person should had gotten $500.00 and they should had been shipped back. Just imagine how nice our country would be today if they would had done that.

  13. Lesly says:

    The democraps treated MY president like garbage. They will never get my respect. Matter of fact BIDEN will get the same respect PRESIDENT TRUMP Received

  14. Pegs says:


  15. RSREEDY says:

    This is the kind of crap should not be tolerated by the USA. Any federal funding should be stripped from their program. They are there representing the USA! Not to express their personal political ideology. I personally watched sports to get away from all that kind of B.S. and have a little relaxation. I have never once tuned into a sporting event to hear a single players, coaches or broadcasters political opinion. Add now that’s why I no longer watch or support sporting events. Their paid enough to shut up and play. They have ample opportunity to express their political opinions elsewhere. So please join me and express your contempt for the owners and leagues allowing and tolerating these kinds of actions. And quit watching and supporting them! And on a footnote. MICHAEL if you knew a Woman that’s been raped you would never suggest that! No woman ever deserves that.

  16. Pegs says:

    PLEASE TAKE YOUR SORRY ASSES OUT OF THE U.S.A.!!! you NO GOOD BITCHES!!!!!!! SCUM!!!!!!! you small little minded people DO NOT BELONG HERE!!! NO MORE TAX $ FOR these BITCHES! Let’s HOPE they LOSE EVERY GAME AHEAD of them!!

  17. rick says:

    Dear “Ladies”- Please do me and millions of American taxpayers a favor. Next time you are on foreign soil, just stay there! Please don’t come back to a place that mistreats you so badly and does not respect your Communist views! Why subject yourselves to the unbearable torture of living in a country where you’re free to be as stupid, ungrateful, and blind as you want to be? I’m sure Communist China will be glad to pay for your ingratitude!

  18. MICHAEL says:

    I am sure that most of you have heard that saying, “ONCE YOU GO BLACK YOU DON’T GO BACK”? That is not the real saying. The real saying is, “ONCE YOU GO BLACK NOONE WANTS YOU BACK”

    • MICHAEL says:

      I remember many years ago I met this very pretty lady in her mid 20s and we kinda hit it off but when I saw she had a half Black child that was the last time I saw her.

  19. Darlene says:

    Invite them to stay in the same country where they showed their contempt for the USA, the country that afforded them the opportunities to travel abroad! Maybe they will fare much better under a Marxist regime, since they’re advertising for one.

  20. Reeper says:

    You all know who is pushing this crap it the damn mainstream media. You want to stop this trash then all of you need to call your local TV station’s and tell them no fucking more!!!!!!!!!

  21. Greg says:

    WHITE LIVES MATTER. (and WE don’t loot and pillage)

  22. Reeper says:

    And the worst thing is people watch that trash just like the rest of sports. Hell even NASCAR’s going to hell. These fagit’s make millions and who’s paying them you are. CALL YOUR LOCAL TV STATIONS AND TELL THEM HELL NO. TRUMPS OUR PRESIDENT AND FUCK BIDEN!!

  23. Ronald E Hyland says:

    These kids have all they every wanted! They don’t know what its like to be born back in the 30’s – 60’s when everyone worked very hard to get things and improve their lives. Now they all just want things free!

  24. Tmac says:

    How Un American can you get! But when you consider the lifestyles of some the team, it All makes sense. Un Godly and Completely distorted view of there roles as “Americans” ! Defund USA women’s soccer Immediately, what a Disgrace! Oh, and God is Watching 😇

  25. Steve says:

    What a bunch of trash. They support terrorism and should all be put in prison for treason.

  26. Bonnie says:

    Amen to Jetz! Take this team to Cuba and leave them there, never to be heard from again. I’m sure there are deserving patriotic women at home who could be recruited to play for and be proud of America. Do these women really think they are the “end all and be all” for American soccer? They’re trash and deserve nothing from this country.

  27. Peter0527 says:

    All those idiots on the soccer team are following that ho, Megan Rapinhole. They don’t think for themselves and because Megan R has sold out her country to the marxist/ communist blm, she’s just a big idiot as her teammates. I would deny them re entry to the US and land the plane in Cuba, Gitmo, or Venezuela.

  28. MICHAEL says:

    This is just one example why I don’t watch nor support any sports. They are nothing but children and pigs. I hope t hat these females get raped but if they did I am sure they would enjoy it.

    • Rob says:

      I wonder if they knew that what BLM gangs do. Kill people , try to kill police, burn down bussinesses. They have killed children! Founded by communists.

      • MICHAEL says:

        They know nothing except for what their Communist Professors say. They are brain dead and all they know how to do is get on their knees for a better grade

  29. Ilya says:

    What an Embarrasment to our Country !!All of them are not Only IGNORANTS BUT ENEMIES OF OUR LAND! DEFUND THEM AND LET BLM SUPPORT THEM !!

  30. Ilya says:

    What an Embarrasment to our Country !!All of the are not Only IGNORANTS BUT ENEMIES OF OUR LAND! DEFUND THEM AND LET BLM SUPPORT THEM !!

  31. Duane says:

    Who cares about women’s soccer. I wouldn’t waste my time. Why would any person with a brain support the BURN LOOT AND MURDER CLUB. Ignorant bitches,just keep on munching carpet.

  32. Terri says:

    Useless POS. We the People do not need your kind. DEFUND them.

  33. T Beach says:

    If they only knew that BLM was just so that the Democrats can funnel foriegn money through them to their campaigns. They dont care about black lives unless they are commiting a crime and get shot by the police. Where are they when all the babies and others are killing other blacks every single day. And you only hear anything about them in election years. Then the Dems need their foriegn donations.

  34. Robert says:

    The entire team should not be allowed entry back into the United States.
    They are all traitors and have earned nothing but my complete and total contempt.

  35. Marie says:

    I agree also. Poor example to give young girls who play soccer.

  36. Kathie says:

    How dare they say they are a US team, look for funding from USA and them embarrass us. You are NOT a USA team. Look to those you support for funds. Maybe Antifa

  37. MICHAEL says:

    Don’t let them come back home. These female pigs need a ” ONE WAY” ticket OUT of our country. I hated Obama but I still respected the Office and to do these things in another country they should have their Citizenship stripped and not allowed to ever step food in our country.

    • rob says:

      i agree with the majority here . Like the rest of professional sports ,these million dollar babies know squat about what is going on in the world or they are being paid huge sums by the likes of Soros and other no-count millionaires that reside among the NBA, ,NFL & MLB. Isn’t it amazing how brave they are cursing our President in public and belittling AMERICA in general, as hide behind the 1st Ament. Rights? Just when woman’s soccer was getting a foothold in our population, they decide to spread their spoiled wings go rogue .Just put woman’s soc back to-WHO CARES? I Know over 73million TRUMPSTERS that don’t.

  38. Gary Fernett says:

    What a embrassment to the USA .

  39. Orange peel says:

    Why?.because they are brainwashed fools going with flow so that BLM doesn’t bother them. Unamerican little socialist who are cowards and disgusting. They don’t deserve to be on a American team. Embarrassing to the country and the people.

    • Vinson Biddy Jr. says:

      You are correct, they are totally brainwashed. They should not have been allowed to compete.

  40. Robert says:

    De-fund the team–not the Police!