Ukraine War: Air Battle Now Raging


( – HAPPENING NOW: The battle to control the airspace over Ukraine, as the Russian military continues its murderous assault on a sovereign nation, has expanded in an unforeseen way, according to military experts.

While the airspace battle directly over Ukraine is a traditional warfare battle, with both countries fighting to keep the other’s aircraft from controlling the skies, the new battle is shaping up over many other countries and even, as of today, over Russia itself.

As you can see from the two tweets further down this post that simplify what is happening, numerous countries – most recently Switzerland – have closed their airspace to any Russian aircraft.

Now, just minutes ago, Russia has retaliated by closing its airspace to 36 countries.

While to some this may seem like a minor step by all of the countries involved, there comes a significant risk of a country forcing down – or even shooting down – the airline of another country and, by so doing, sparking a much larger war.

This is a breaking news report.

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