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Vaccines for 9/11 Terrorists Stopped

Because American Patriots made it clear that providing the coronavirus vaccine to the 9/11 terrorists before Americans is wrong, the Biden administration has been forced to stop its plan to do so.


The Pentagon announced Saturday they would pause their plan to offer coronavirus vaccinations to detainees at Guantánamo Bay, reversing course just days after they said that the vaccine would be administered to those that wanted it,” according to NBC News.

“‘No Guantanamo detainees have been vaccinated. We’re pausing the plan to move forward, as we review force protection protocols. We remain committed to our obligations to keep our troops safe,’ said John Kirby, a spokesperson for the Pentagon, in a tweet.

“Kirby’s statement came just over an hour after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., tweeted that President Joe Biden ‘told us he would have a plan to defeat the virus on day 1. He just never told us that it would be to give the vaccine to terrorists before most Americans.'”

For more on this developing story, go to NBC News.

We support free speech. Please share your opinion in the comment section. Was the Biden administration right or wrong to offer the coronavirus vaccine to the 9/11 terrorists before Americans?


  1. lila millhuff says:

    It all comes down to one thing – what can be done to stop this criminal move against our constitution, against our country, against the direction the new president is stuffing down our throats? We all know Trump won this election, they all know Trump won. They just cheated, bought people off so the dems would win. Even the Supreme Court refused to help. The chief justice even told the 3 justices Trump selected during his last 4 years to keep their mouths shut. Only the 2 justices that had been there for many years had the grit to speak up!! THAT is intimidation & is criminal!! We’re between a rock and a hard place. And the dems are keeping the troops around to protect them!! As stated before, the swing states were bought off, having prepared in advance for this very reason. Those folks need to be investigated for not doing their job. The Secretary of State in Georgia made changes that only the state congressional group should make. That is illegal. And the Governor would not use his authority to make the Sec. of State call in the state congress into session to change that. It was all illegal & should have been changed quickly. Trump won by a landslide. It was the machines that made changes in favor of Biden and the mail in ballots, plus the fact that there were so many ballots – more than the people who lived there. Even ballots came in from ‘dead people’! There was plenty of evidence and people witnessed some of these incidents, actually signing on the dotted line that their testimony was true, willing to go to jail, if they were proven wrong. No one would listen to them. Now we are struck with the radical set of people & they will never listen, they must be stopped by congress!! It would have been a perfect time for our Supreme Court to follow our constitution and have an honest election!! It was all planned out & our congressional leadership must put a stop to this!! These are folks who do not have our people’s needs in their plans. They just want illegals here to vote for them forever. And we, who’ve worked hard all our lives, living, working – thankful for the freedom of our country & our lives, will be overrun if we don’t have those who support the rules our country was established on many years ago. They were voted in for our benefit, our safety. The Constitution is NOT being followed, they are following their own rules!! Power is what they are after, not our God given rights as US Citizens from our birth!! Worse things are coming!! The illegals will be hear soon, many are hardened criminals, bring in drugs, diseases, expecting a welcome, funds to live on, rights to our social security, jobs. They are welcome if they wait to come through the front door, not this way!! We’re coming slowly out of this Covid pandemic, many businesses have closed forever, no jobs, & the illegals will take the jobs from our own people, that lost out due to the pandemic. This is the WORST time to change the rules & have an open border again!! Signing off 40 Executive Orders, means it does not go through congress, but pushes it through. This is not the time for pushing things through when we are in the middle of this crisis!! But they are taken advantage by doing this at this time of upheaval!! Lord Help Us All — PRAY for our nation, for our people!! Justice has not been served!!

  2. AJ says:

    Reality: the vaccine is a fraud. It is going to disable and kill millions. Already Reports of deaths from the vaccine and many side effects. Use common sense!!!

  3. AJ says:

    Realty: the vaccine is a fraud. It is going to disable and kill millions. Already Reports of deaths from the vaccine and many side effects. Use common sense!!!

  4. Sam B. says:

    Offering terrorists Covid vaccines before our own citizens?!…um HELL NO! And YES that’s wrong! So is pursuing a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented illegal aliens..& more head’n this way! So is shutting down the keystone pipeline (& other energy losses/jobs to come) costing numerous jobs & much higher energy/gasoline prices to come.
    Sadly Quid Pro Quo Joe Beijing Biden..his administration..& the rest of the radical socialist wok-mob cancel culture gentle snowflakes left (formerly know as the democrat party) put America 2nd to appeasing everyone else first! You’d think as patriotic as Biden/Harris made themselves sound during the elections they would b much more America First than this path of destruction that’s just getting started. Then again Biden/Harris called our law enforcement “the evil of society” well as Vp Harris called for patriots to donate to a fund she was promoting that would bail out rioters from jail!!!!!!!!!!!
    How Un-American is ALL this?!?! And again..they’re just getting started.
    Mr Biden it’s time u sign some more destructive executive orders…totally bypassing Congress. Mr Biden..didn’t u call actions like this in a abc news town hall..”actions of a dictatorship that won’t happen here?!” You’ve signed more executive orders than President Bush Obama & Trump combined!
    Just goes to show & prove the un-american actions on full display for the world to see of how radical progressive socialist dictatorship the quack left (& their corrupt megaphone fake news media outlets) have become.

  5. Sunshine says:

    Biden will go down as the worst Prez in history. Worse than Obama! It is just unfathomable the Exec Orders he has signed that will doom this country to destruction! Yep, just give every motherfucker money from the government to rely on them and for their vote! James Southern said it all! There is NO question that this election WAS rigged. They accused Trump of rigging. What’s the line!? He who accuses is guilty of the crime! It is of no surprise that Ol Joe wants to put foreigners and terrorists ahead of Americans! Do you really find this surprising? Remember the Obama years!? I do hope those of you that voted this clown into office pay the ultimate price! OMG those of you that claimed Orange Man bad, yeah well, you will find out SOON old man with dementia is REALLY bad! Trump at least made it good for ALL Americans no matter color, sex or religion! Biden will only make it good for the elites and his family! God, I hope you realize the errors you made with your votes to Biden before it’s too late. I’m afraid it is, but know THAT THE WEIGHT OF YOUR VOTE DESTROYED THIS ONCE GREAT COUNTRY! YOU HAVE THAT WEIGHT ON YOUR HEAD AND SHOULDERS!

  6. donald stevens says:

    Biden is mentally insane taking orders from the left.He doesn’t belong in office, he will destroy America taking orders from communist China he has no concern for the working man.He also supports BLM and terrost and his loveing buddys Harris Pelosi.Will try to destroy Congress supporting cremmnials alianas thay make me sick, Biden also controls the news media thay also are getting paid off by the communist party.Thay are trying to destroy are freedoms.Trump is right all the news is fake thay have supported Biden right or wrong.Yes we have republicans that support Biden also thay are cowards and traitors to the party.romney mc.connell Barr and many other republicans thay also supports baby killing.Romney is also supposed to be a Christian , he is a hipacrete hes a black eye to the Mormon church, he should be removed from office.

  7. Joe Oswald CW4 USAR Ret says:

    Biden should not be president that’s a given.. we dont support him and his agenda rammed down our throat, something going to give way soon. Trump’s impeachment trail is nonsense and the dem’s know it, but want to keep on the front burner with the liberal press, it will fail badly.
    Here is something congress should take up: Those of us over 70 working and paying SS get no benefit entitlement after ago 70, that means if your not at your max amount and want to work to make it up you loose, so where does this money go to, illegal immigrants? I wrote on this to my elected officials a few time with never a response one Dem and other is Rep. go figure they rather work on impeachment.

  8. Dave says:

    Something is seriously amiss when your leaders have to be told every step of the way what is right and what is wrong.

  9. James Southern says:

    There is no moral compass on the left. I am always amazed at how ignorant the people who support the left are when it comes to morality or ethics and especially from those who claim to be christians on the left. Being a Christian if you understand what it actually means then there is no maral or ethical way to accept or agree with anything the left or ultra left does. The Bible is supposed to be the ultimate answer to all ethical and moral issues and truthfully is but to many think they can seperate their political views from their moral which scri[turally is not possible. Scripture plainly states that in ALL things we are to look first to Christ. That includes our political views. Nothing the left has ever done is or has been moral or ethical for over a century. If you want to use social services as a placard to say here is one then you have to back off becasue the democrat that signed off on and approved the idea plainly stated after directly lying to the nation and the press that the money was never intended to go to the programs he was implementing it would go into the general fund and be spent how ever congress desired. He had just told the press and the nation on TV and radio that the new taxes were specifically to pay for these programs and stepped off stage then told a senator who asked him is that what you intend to do no. the money goes into the general fund.
    There is nothing ,oral about abortion, nothing moral about destroying the economy and making people rely on government assistance that is not even poverty level let alone very helpful. There is nothing moral about destroying the medical insurance or mewdical treatment systems or allowing the fruad happening through this farce of a pandemic. There is nothing moral or ethical about taking away our freedom of speech, freedom to assaemble unless it is for the immoral and unethical causes of the left, nothing moral or ethical about not protecting our borders and now attempting to give SSI, and other benefits supposed to be set aside by actual citizens who paid into our system to have that sorry little benefit when we retire to illegal aliens who ARE NOT CITIZENS, there is nothing moral or ethical about granting citizenship to anyone who steps across our borders and decides they want to live here without checking them out and having them learn our system or our language. There is nothing moral or ethical about forcing penalties on thoise who can not afford health insurance and are not willing to use the overpriced government programs that actually caused the cost of insurance to sky rocket and gave substandard care with fewer medical benefits to those paying for it. There is nothing moral or ethical about forcing those who are responsible and take care of their own finances or medical to pay for everyone elses bad judgement or bad decisions. There is notheng moral or ethical about forcing those who know that abortion is murder to pay for other peoples bad decisions and indiscressions because of vanity or malice. There is nothing moral or ethical about making tax payers pay to have elective sex change procedures that are absolutely NOT NECESSARRY. There is nothing moral or ethical about allowing a child to have an abortion without their Parents consent. There is nothing moral or ethical about allowing domestic terrorists like BLM, ANTIFA, BAMN, THE KLAN, SKIN HEADS ETC to riot and destroy homes, businesses, personl, public, and governmetn property, monuments, create anarchyt, committ arson, rape, assault, murder, kidnapping, burn down whole towns, committ robbery, vandalism, attempted murder on the police and destroy city after city just to allow the political left to use it to lie about who was causing the problem when they were already caught in Portland and Salem funnelling federal funds to ANTIFA and protecting them via not prosecuting the criminals who had no right to destroy and create chaos for actual false reasons and to spread their lies about why they are doing it so that they can help cover up the actual reasons for the attacks whic are to overthrow the U.S. government and replace it with Marxist governance. A system that enslaves everyone but a few who are in the ruling class. Then the fraud in the election that was evident since the day Trump was inagurated was going to happen. I am not a Trump fan but even he was a better candidate than any of the psychotic individuals on the left. The fix was in 4 years ago and the election officials made it clear before the election in Pennsylvania and a few other states that it was. It seems quite obvious when the person in charge of the state elections office stands up on national TV and declares that we are not going to stop counting until Biden wins. There were so many lies and proofs on video that it was obvious but those who wanted anyone but Trump accepted it happily even though it set the precident that even when you win by a landslide it doen’t matter if the fix is in. The foolish and immoral got what they wanted but now all of us have to live with the most immorale, unethical, and most Marxist cabinet ever in AMerican history and only those who are ignorant and do not get the fact nor the implications are hailing it as a victory, unless you are a emented psycho that truly believes the lies about Marxism being the most fair system. Then you are either stupoid, brain dead, or ignorant. It is slavery for all. Not fairness. No one has rights to vioce their opinion if it is against the government or leadership. No one has the right to challenge anyone in office without risk of death. No one has the right to decide what they want to aspire to ythat is the governments job you only have one right do as they say or risk death. his is the stup[idity of Marxist/ communism.

  10. frank says:

    All my fields have been published requirements.

  11. frank says:

    What’s wrong with our new President and his cabinet. His interest to align with our country views and interests.

  12. rick says:

    What kind of sick, immoral mind even thinks of stuff like this? This “administration” cannot have one iota of moral fiber among the whole lot of them, so be prepared for more decisions like this, straight from Bizarro World!

  13. MIKE LAGREE says:

    Give them the shot first & see how many check out. Being guinea pigs is the only possible reason for their continued existence.

    • Susan Ifland says:

      While I agree Americans should come first I have thought the same thing. Give them the vaccine and hope they die from it!

  14. Mary says:

    Agree Biden is making wrong moves for sure he has the final say
    So far his decision making has not been favourable at all and some bad moves

  15. pmausser says:

    Biden is asking for more problems. We are Americans and we should come first before terrorist with vaccinations. He just wants their votes. Keep your promises to the American people.

    • MIKE LAGREE says:

      We don’t want this America hating traitorous imbecile to keep his promises to us, are you nuts? Shut down the keystone pipeline, stop fracking, rejoin the climate accords, help Iran build a nuclear bomb?

  16. Barabara Shegitz says:

    I’d rather they give then the shot. I think they are killing devices anyway.

  17. SPEED BUMP says:

    Don’t Blame Biden, he follows cue cards from the time they let him out of the Basement till he gets back into his Dr. Dentons again.

  18. Sic&Tired says:


    • Rodney Guilliams says:

      Biden doesn’t know where he’s at.

    • Faroutfreak says:

      You really think this will stop Biden and bleeding heart liberal? They will just go ahead and do it anyways, just keep the MSM and the citizens from knowing they did it this time.

  19. Is it right that the American patriots demanded from Biden that the vaccine be administered first to the Americans, and not to the captured terrorists? According to Biden, terrorists captured by the Americans should be the healthiest terrorists in the world.

  20. Give it to the detainees first!! Let it change their DNA. Let it give them paralysis,
    And palsy’s, whatever else it does once it changes your DNA!
    They can have mine, I’m not taking that garbage!!

  21. Daniel Ehredt says:

    Good! He needed to be stopped. Its like he is signing the EO’s without even knowing what he is signing. He isn’t considering the impact of what he is doing. He’s just blindly signing whatever his handlers are putting in front of him.

  22. Russell Shaw says:

    Criminal Joe and the swamp creatures need to go. America first.
    No terrorists should be ahead of the american people ever.

  23. Barbara says:

    What is wrong with that man no the people out side of America should not and I ran not get the vaccines before us the American people thank God someone put a stop to that!!!!!!!

  24. UsGrant says:


    • Patricia Foster Stagg says:

      The Government Still works for us!!!!!
      They Need to be reminded!!! We had all become so complacent! Right now , flood this Monstrosity with , once, REQUESTS, second, DEMANDS, thirdly Threats,!!!! FEEL FREE TO FOLLOW THROUGH!!!!!!
      Do not ever allow anyone, Gov. or not, to TREAD ON YOU!!!!!

  25. GTB says:

    C’mon man! What happened to “We must follow the science and the CDC”? The only thing you’re following is your communist America hating handlers. Can someone please throw a net over this left wing nut lunatic?

  26. Put pressure for Biden to put XL Keystone project back to work. Activate it and yes, keep all the oil for all Americans first. AMERICANS FIRST! AMERICANS FIRST! AMERICANS FIRST. Put all those 70,000 workers back to work. Do let Biden get by with this abominable action. Our workers have families to support. OUR WORKERS FIRST, OUR WORKERS FIRST!

  27. vinnie says:

    America Last ? Need more Proof that this guy is Footloose and Fancy Free?
    Just Who is he looking to Unify with ?

  28. Ron says:

    This is 4 Patriots biden is alsoplanning on giving American stimulas money to foreign governments before Americans hes a wothless Democrats communist criminals assholes and needs to be committed insane asylum immediately

  29. SP says:

    Biden has no plan for anything.

  30. The actions of Mr. Biden are the actions of a senile person who are unable to see the reality of his actions. He is unable to use logic before he acts and he can not see the results that his actions will bring. The actions he takes, are not the actions of a sane and responsible person. this is the sad reality that the the most advance and powerful nation in the world is facing now. Now this nation is weak and an easy prey for China, Iran and Russia to take advantage ans swallow us. The USA is on the edge of the most horrendous disaster the world has ever seen.

    • Joan York says:

      You hit the nail right on the head. Truer words were never spoken. I just
      hope that as American’s that love our Country we can some how do something
      about cancelling those Executive Orders that Biden signed when he didn’t even
      know what he was signing. I sincerely believe that he is in the latter stages
      of Dementia and doesn’t really have a clue about what he is signing. Susan Rice is the one that is behind all this. She will ruin America if this keeps up. I can’t figure out what is in this for all the swamp people. Most of them were born and raised in America. They all have enjoyed the wonderful freedoms that being in America offers. If all this is for the almighty buck then they are in for a very bad awakening when all this backfires on them. “The Bible says that “the love of money is the root of all evil”. I can’t believe that these sin sick, money grubbing Democrats are willing to sell their souls to the Devil because that is exactly what they are doing.

  31. Rich says:

    Now Biden needs to rescind the EO on the XL Keystone project and get American Pipefitters back to work and keep oil & gas prices down for all Americans!

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