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Valerie Jarrett: Trump ‘Puts Our Country at Peril’

She was a key advisor to former President Barack Obama and now she’s taking shots at President Donald Trump, according to CNBC.


Valerie Jarrett, an ex-senior advisor to former President Barack Obama, told CNBC that President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the election is making the country suffer.

“Jarrett, who is now co-chair of the gender equity organization The United State of Women and a senior advisor at the Obama Foundation, said that ‘every day that goes by that there is this lack of cooperation, this unwillingness to face the reality of the outcome of the election, puts our country at peril.’ [emphasis added]

“Jarrett referred to Biden’s warning earlier this week that “more people may die” from the coronavirus if Trump did not begin coordinating with the president-elect’s team on vaccination planning.

“Confirmed deaths from Covid-19 in the U.S. surpassed 250,000 on Wednesday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, while infections are now over 11.5 million. 

“Jarrett was a co-chair for the Obama-Biden transition team in 2008 and said that administration was able to “hit the ground running” amid the global financial crisis, in large part due to President George W. Bush’s “cooperation and support.”

“Jarrett also said it was “outrageous” that an economic stimulus package had not yet been agreed, despite the bill for it having been passed by the House of Representatives in May.”


Please share your thoughts in the comment section about Valerie Jarrett saying that President Trump’s refusal to concede the election “puts our country at peril.”


  1. FRANK J. MURPHY says:

    You ass holes !! Trump was ELECTED with the help Of Putin and the Russians.
    Don’t know Valerie Jarrett ? you are just plain ignorant, but that’s redundant since you voted for Trump. Republicans = voter suppression. Just go away.
    We need to fumigate the White House.

  2. jeff s says:

    my reply, its now at the peril of our country that comes from dumbacrats that Trump doesnt concede the election? how soon do their memories fade. every presidential election that resulted in a republican win from Bush2 they have contested with demands for recounts and legal suits til now. and now they make a claim? and now, with documented cases of people showing up to vote and being denied their right to do so because they have supposedly already voted, either by doing so in person or by mail. when a city or county has a voter participation of amounts over 100%, something is not right, funny, strange. whatever the number of registered voters is the top number is 100%. if its over that then there is voter fraud. when people who are deceased and they voted, something is not right. as a conservative, it doesnt mean i agree with with everything that comes down the pipe from the republican party. having said that tho, in the history of my 64 years, and studied our country’s history, no president has had to go thru so much, criticism. legal actions, proven false claims, investigations as our current one.

  3. Wil says:

    Let me get this straight. . . We are taking the word of an Iran Intel SPY and mole planted in America by the ONLY FOREIGN DICTATOR ensconced on the White House by Communist/Demoncrat Traitors? Absolutely, without a doubt, brought to us by the Communist Party propanda machine. Not worth the electrons polluting the ethernet.

  4. BJ Goddard says:

    Who cares about what Valerie Jarrett thinks?

  5. Bob Barnard says:

    The words of President George Washington …”Put only Americans on guard!”… still ring true today!!!

  6. Don says:

    Jarrett is just another gum flapper who’s worthless to humanity that I ignore.

  7. Madison says:

    Valerie Jarrets advice was exactly the opposite of what wisdom and truth would consider best for our country! She is deceived by the same seducing spirit that has deceived the democrat party! The advice she gave Obama made him the worst president ever. He doesn’t even know which bathroom he should go in.

  8. jason m joncich says:


  9. Avis Wyckoff says:

    Valerie, you and that asshole who started all this shit in our country when he took office need to go to jail. Obama will be found out and I can’t wait to see him in handcuffs and an orange jump suit ! The man had no business being President of a country, in a country where he was not born. He’s a horrible, evil, greedy, arrogant SOB !

  10. Holly Rose says:

    The Obama administration was one of the best the US ever had because of his staff like Jarett, Holder, Lynch. How dare you to denigrate Valerie Jarett. Shame on those of you unfairly disparage her.

    • BootsOnGround says:

      The Obama administration was all BS, insanity and politics. In fact, Obama loaded C-130 military cargo planes with 1.5 Billion dollars and literally gave the money to Iran. Old man Joe was the VP at the time. Those were our U.S. taxpayer dollars by the way. Only a psychiatrist would be able to diagnose such an insanity done by that administration to our nation.

    • Robert Highland says:


    • i don’t know what you’re smoking . he was the 2nd worse president next to bush that this country has ever had . he bilked our country out of millions .

    • Larry says:

      If you mean the best at racially dividing a nation, kissing the ass of every leader who’s nation hates America, and abandoning people under attack from those radical nations then you are correct.I can see where you views and allegiance are totally.

    • Grace says:

      You are willfully blind and equally complicit if you voted for these traitors. Obama sold America down the river and gave Iran a boatload of cash to do it.I still wonder how much of that cash got on the plane to Iran. Obama and Biden got awfully rich so sudden. Does anyone think two seconds Skanks who would sell their country down the river wouldn’t steal from it.

    • T Beach says:

      You must be that girl in Hunters video smoking crack among smoking other things as well. That crack will make you stupid and looks like its working good for you.

    • Mike says:

      I knew this woman from back in Chicago when she worked for The Habitat Co. She wasn’t very bright & wasn’t very honest. She lived off the taxpayers when she lived at the White House with odumbo (The Worst President Ever). He did nothing for IL. or the black people there either. 2 POS individuals. Look at IL. now. It is broke & more people are leaving IL. then any other state. Another demoncrap run state.

  11. M says:

    In think you missed a word of two from your scripted narrative from your playbook.

  12. M says:

    This is what’s been in the works since Obama’s first term in 2008. OFA members really think that he cares for them. Really sad! It’s pretty sad that Trump squashed your little 16 year plan back in the 2016 election and he’ll squash this time too.

  13. Betty Acosta says:

    Sorry soooloo long been waiting forever to say all that lol

  14. Betty Acosta says:

    First of all Obummer and his has been need to shut their big daamn mouths and stay out of this election he cant stand the thought of someone wanting Trump Pres.instead of hiden lyin Biden cuz he assumes a vote for lyin Biden means they still love him even though he tried and almost succeeded in destroying our country and would have had it not been for Pres.Trump saving us and putting a stop to nukes and billions going to Iran that shouts death to America on a daily basis.also the reason they cheated and the reason they are pushing so hard for trump to concede is because they know this election was rigged and illegal and before Trump can prove all the illegal bull shit they did they want to push hiden Biden into the White House before all there cheating is exposed and he proves that biden did not win.they will stop at nothing to get there powere back cuz it’s the only way they can keep ripping us off and selling our country to china etc to line their own pockets.they are mo money hungry power hungry greedy bastards and dont give a damn about America or Americans.all they card about is money and power and they will cheat and do whatever they have to to get both and that’s a fact.thats why they are pushing sooo hard to get him to concede.also biden has been screaming a t.v the top of his lungs for it to the gas cuz they wont release the 9.9 million that he gets for the transition which I think is rediculous.why would he need even a million of tax payer dollars much less 9.9 mill just to move into the White House when everything is done for him.its not like hes gotta pay his cousins millions of dollars to move him into the White House what a scam no wonder hes been yelling at them to release its found out that there was cheating he dont get that money so he is fighting the gas to release it as soon as possible cuz I think he knows hes not gonna get it cuz they cheated lol cuz that’s what they do best cuz they for sure as hell dont do anything else.they dont help us and they damn sure dont help America or do their jobs

    • Corri says:

      Wait a minute. Trump got millions of dollars to fund his transition into the White House, too. It’s part of the political process to give the next president the funding to achieve proper information that will be needed starting the first day a president takes office. If you don’t think Biden deserves the money, then Trump will have to pay back the millions he received for this same purpose back in 2016.

  15. Karlene L Sandstrom says:

    Jarret is as CORRUPT as Obama! And that says VOLUM!

    Biden is not worthy to be a dog catcher… No Offense to any dog catchers!

    The Democrats way of winning has always been to CHEAT! Praise


  16. Mr Mudd says:

    Jarrett is a traitor, Iranian. Just like the American hating Kenyan. Illegal president..

  17. Jim says:

    Valerie, where have you been these last 4 years, hiding in Joe Biden’s basement? No courage to speak out till now. Where were you when your President Trump was wrongly accused of the Russia hoax, the Mueller hoax, the impeachment hoax, the Chinese virus hoax and now the electoral scandal. You knew all these things to be untrue about President Trump because you were involved with Obama, Biden, Schumer, Piglosi, Schiff, et al. Shame on you. How do you look in the mirror? You are worried about our country now? Where you before when it could have really mattered. Then you didn’t give a shit about the USA.

    • Robin Gerace says:

      None of these people (the Democrats),care about the citizens of this country. They only care about power and ruining this great country. Not one of them could measure up to President Donald J. Trump. God help us if Trump doesn’t stay as President for the next four years. This is Good vs. Evil, and they are evil.

  18. Lorraine Albert says:

    another one of Obama’s Cronan he can’t compare this election to any other election the level of corruption is unprecedented I don’t pay much attention to any of what they say Facebook won’t allow me to post this message reason being they say I’ve already said that and I want to say it again

  19. Lorraine Albert says:

    another one of Obama’s Cronan he can’t compare this election to any other election the level of corruption is unprecedented I don’t pay much attention to any of what they say

  20. Josh says:

    The hell with jarret, barrack obamas ex top advisor, perhaps one of the worse weve ever you want to know the real reason, fir this Pandemic is because Obama, had that crap made for President Trump to clean up! None of this so-called pandemic is The Presidents fault. The people of these damn states knows it to. Its cooked up by the Obamas and the Clintons, when they couldent impeach Trumo, si they coojed up this viruse, to hammer down Trump! now you damn lubs, far kefts clean up the damn mess, and stip putting it on the shoulders of the people. Your lab rats, in China and washington, and China made the shit. So clean it it up. Idiots.

  21. Kenneth Burkhalter says:

    Pres. Donald J. Trump… The best President of my 71 years. Joe and Kamala will never be my Pres. and vice pres. We needed Pres. Trump 4 years ago and need him more for the next 4. All he has done for Americans will be demolished if Biden has control. Yes the election was rigged by the mail in votes that Dems started begging for long before election. I’m praying that recounts are by non partisan honest people and Biden Biden returns to his basement. But Joe, please take all your corrupt Dems. friends with you and let Pres. Trump continue making America great again!

  22. Gary Simmons says:

    Let me remind you asses, this virus was started by the China bunch and unlike old Joe, Trump is totally against it, and had nothing to do with it.
    China is at war with us and this virus was made on purpus to destroy this country, and with socialism, Joe and polosi it just might work. ABC ,NBC CBS are all against the truth and justice.

  23. paul says:

    Oh you people of no value keep spilling out your ill repute about our President . He has every right to challenge this fraudulent election and we the people are still behind him all the way.You all will be judged and judged harshly if not now then judgement day will come.

  24. America wake up this is the time to stand up and fight for what is right people are dying every day every night every minute of every day and you are now worried about an election that is a foregone conclusion Trump lost bidden won End of story

    • Kenneth Burkhalter says:

      And you are as crazy as all the other Democrats. Put a sock in your mouth, we don’t want to hear your opinion!

    • Karlene L Sandstrom says:


    • Anne M Rosplock says:


    • Mr Mudd says:

      You are 1 ignorant person. Voter fraud is the only way dementia Joe, the pedo, the crook with a lifelong history of being a liar won. All he has done in 47yrs is pass the crime bill, imprisoning more black people.And enriching his crooked family. I say to Trump do not concede to these bunch of demons. There are more with us than are against us…

  25. Keith Willamson says:

    dumassocrats are the scum of our planet….. and as their green new deal points out, THE SCUM NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED!!!!!!! i mean buried underground!?!!!

  26. Ron Nuce says:

    The script for the day, obviously memorized by the lefties, focuses on the word
    “peril”. The insane left have NO idea of the peril they are about to be facing
    if “bonkers biden ” takes over the White House! They choose to forget that there is STILL a GOD in heaven they will HAVE to deal with sooner or later. They are so ignorant, they really believe they can do whatever they please to destroy any
    one they choose at any time they choose. “Woe unto you” is the last warning you may ever hear! Go ahead and laugh, fools. Hope you find HELL to your liking…..

    • Heidi blanton says:

      Amen they need to sit their old asses down and shut the hell up cause karma is a bitch and she is coming after all those murdering greedy power hungry idiots

  27. JANE says:

    Anyone linked to Obama/Biden is a TRAITOR and should not be heard or seen. They are taking payoffs from CHINA and RUSSIA – the evidence is REAL and overwhelming. THEY conspired with HILLARY in 2015 to steal the election – and LOST due to low intelligence (IQ in double digits 60-75) just mildly above idiot. AND this time we set a trap and caught them – tampering with elections will get them all executed! GITMO has rooms for them with a permanent resident status.

    WE WIN all around. Donald John Trump is smarter than all of you and he does not cower or quit. WE WILL prove it all. AND none of you will have the courage to walk among us… WE WILL KNOW IT ALL! Obummer needs to go home to Micheal Robinson (MICHELLE WANNA-be) who is a disgusting vile creature too!

  28. Keith Willamson says:

    jarretis just an old used up camels meunstrual cloth!!! an old dying seahag with NOTHING of importance to offer anyone…. cept maybe the corrupt, lying dumassocrats!!!! all these people are losers!!! the ONLY thing they’ll ever get from me is hatetred and contempt!!!!!

  29. royal says:

    most presidents retire and stay out of the new president’s agenda for four years that never happened with Obama. what about the biden corruption in the Ukraine. Why is that kept quiet by the news. Nothing but it should be investigated.

  30. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    Fire a shoot right between her felon eyes.

  31. Thomas Morgan says:

    Who cares what that communist lying biotch says. She and Obama set this county back 50 years. Time for her to disappear.

  32. Jean says:

    Valerie, you & Obuma are responsible for all the cheating, the lying, the trashing our country. You should go back to Iran & leave our Country. You two are not leDes, you tried to destroy our country & President Trump had to clean up your & Obuma’s messes.He needs to return t Kenya.Jean

    • Lady you and Obama are the ones screwing us, again, he is no longer pres even if he thinks otherwise. You must’ve gone brain dead, it’s pelosi and Schumer who won’t deal. She is a spoiled bitch that doesn’t care about her people, just her drinks,ice cream, and chocolate. Common drunk most times.

  33. Ram3500 says:

    HAHAHAHA SLOTH FACE 《OBUTT BRAIN BITCH》 is saying Trump is a threat. Yeah SORRY NOT

  34. Patricia Mclaughlin says:

    She is right the us is in danger .Biden won and he did not cheat trump lost its time to do the right thing

  35. Mike says:

    This whole pandemic was created by odumbo, fagotci & the $3.7 mil. that was sent to Luhan lab (that’s what sleezy joe called it) & the Chinese!!! It shows that odumbo doesn’t care how many people die!!! This is going to cause the American People to rise up.

  36. Blame Nancy about stimulus people are starving and all the ice queen can is no she lies about ever thing just go away and let Americans have a decent holiday let’s all go to your house you have a big freezer so sad that your so mean and you call yourself a good catholic I I have to words,for and it’s not happy brithday

  37. Sheila wolfe says:

    President Trump is our President not Biden !!He is doing his job and has every right to dispute this election!!

    • John says:

      Not only did he do a good job but also had to deal with these corrupt Democrats like Obama’s, Clinton’s, Biden’s and Democrat leadership for the past four years. Just to remind eveyone, the Trump/Pence Virus Team has delivered more than one vaccine and treatments for China Corona Virus and they are 95% effective before end of year and under Trumps administration. If Joe and Democrats would have been in control we would have a lot more deaths maybe in the millions. Also fake media is only talking about the infected rates and not telling telling us the death rate has dropped considerable and recovery is over 95%. This is Trump’s administration accomplishment and not by Joe Biden or any Democrat. They want Trump to concede because they know that Trump’s team has gained control of the virus.

  38. Jane says:

    She is such a nonentity. Why would anyone care what she says or does. All thes people do is continue to whine.

  39. David Ogle says:

    Why would President Trump concede, to an election that he hasn’t lost yet? Also, I don’t believe for one minute that at least half of the American people that voted for President Trump are suffering right now. But, in my opinion, we will be suffering if Biden cheats his way into the presidency…

  40. Butch says:

    Valerie, the house bill was not voted on in the Senate because only 1/3 of the bill cost was for COVID relief. The rest was house Democrat pork. Come on man – Vacination planning is all set up with warp speed. Haven’t you been paying attention?

  41. Donna says:

    Obama is the one who’s made the country suffer the whole time he was in office (which he should’nt have been in the first place) and by conspiring to destroy this country during Trump’s Administration! Obama needs to put a LID on it, you ARE NO LONGER IN CHARGE! Take the damn money you stole from the citizens of the United States and go back to your own damn country (Kenya)!!

  42. No stimulus package blame Democrats. Blame the cheating Democrats for all of this mess we are in right now. I wouldn’t doubt it if they aren’t the ones responsible for the pandemic to begin with.

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