VIDEO: 39 Migrants Dead Near Texas Border

( – At least 39 migrants seeking to enter the United States perished after a massive fire engulfed an immigrant detention center in Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez, south of the Texas border.

You can see a video of what took place at the bottom of this post.

The deadly fire started after migrants in the men’s section of the facility set mattresses ablaze in protest as they feared they might get deported, The New York Post reported.

The male unit of the detention center housed a total of 68 people from countries in Central and South America, according to the National Institute of Migration (INM), a Mexican federal agency, cited by The National Review.

The Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, with a population of 1.5 million, is across the border from the twice smaller El Paso, Texas. The El Paso Sector of the US-Mexican border is a major entry point for America’s invasion by illegal immigrants on President Joe Biden’s watch.

In remarks on Tuesday, Mexico’s populist President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, confirmed that the lethal blaze at the detention facility began after migrants ignited stacked matters at the facility’s entrance.

“This had to do with a protest that they started,” López Obrador said, adding the migrants had heard they could be sent back to their countries of origin.

“We assume that they found out that they were going to be deported, mobilized and as a protest at the door of the shelter they put up mattresses and set them on fire and they did not imagine that this was going to cause this terrible disgrace,” the Mexican leader added.

Besides the 39 men who are reported dead, another 29 have been injured and are in a condition described as “delicate-serious.”

The Mexican Attorney General’s Office revealed that most of the casualties were citizens of Guatemala, while the rest came from Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador.

The Post quotes a report by the Mexican daily El Diario de Juarez, which says that authorities in Ciudad Juarez have become more and more “hostile” towards wannabe illegal immigrants to the United States.

The migrants have overwhelmed local shelters and have been described by locals as a nuisance lingering in the streets.

The fatal fire at the migrant detention center in Ciudad Juarez comes after earlier this month, hundreds of potential illegal immigrants, mainly from Venezuela, tried to force their way into the United States through the Paso Del Norte international bridge between the Mexican city and El Paso.

“We want to get through! Open up for us!” the Venezuelans shouted.

Agents of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) managed to prevent the storming of the US border crossing by putting up physical barriers, a CBP spokesperson has confirmed.

Here is the video: