VIDEO ALERT: See Why Texas Is Deploying Black Hawk Helicopters

( – BREAKING NOW: According to multiple sources, the Texas National Guard and the Texas Tactical Border Force are being deployed in anticipation of the largest illegal alien invasion in recent memory.

As one account on Twitter notes, along with a video you can see at the bottom of this post:

BREAKING: Texas has deployed their own Texas Tactical Border Force as migrants wait to storm the border once Title 42 ends.

The Texas National Guard is readying Black Hawk helicopters and C-130s as they brace for an invasion along the southern border.

– El Paso says 15,000 are waiting to enter once Title 42 ends
– El Paso has declared a state of emergency
– Abbott has deployed 10,000 National Guard members
– 13,000 illegals are entering the U.S. every day and this number is expected to increase

The Commander In Chief has failed to protect our country.

Here is the original tweet and the video of illegals staging in anticipation of crossing into the United States:


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