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Video: Antifa Targets Biden and Harris

It’s becoming more and more apparent that Antifa and other anarchist groups are an existential threat to all political parties in the United States – not just Republicans. Of course, that is the very definition of an anarchist – someone who doesn’t recognize any governmental authority and who tries to bring about chaos and disorder.

As Fox News reports, “Portland demonstrators identifying themselves as Antifa targeted a Democratic campaign office Sunday, shattering windows and spray -painting messages like “F— Biden” and “no presidents” on the building.

“A group of people met in Laurelhurst Park Sunday evening before marching north and gathering in front of the Multnomah County Democrats building located in the 3500 block of Northeast Sandy Boulevard.

“Several members of the group began to tag the office with graffiti and broke out several of the building’s windows, the Portland Police Bureau said in a press release. Police released several photos showing the damage.

“Another video shared by Independent Media PDX showed Biden-Harris campaign messages behind windows left shattered by the demonstrators. An anarchy symbol was also spray-painted on the building.”

Watch the video (you may have to let a 15-second ad countdown) of the damage and then share your thoughts in the Comment section. Do you believe Antifa and other anarchist groups are a threat to the United States?

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