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Video: Antifa Targets Biden and Harris

It’s becoming more and more apparent that Antifa and other anarchist groups are an existential threat to all political parties in the United States – not just Republicans. Of course, that is the very definition of an anarchist – someone who doesn’t recognize any governmental authority and who tries to bring about chaos and disorder.

As Fox News reports, “Portland demonstrators identifying themselves as Antifa targeted a Democratic campaign office Sunday, shattering windows and spray -painting messages like “F— Biden” and “no presidents” on the building.

“A group of people met in Laurelhurst Park Sunday evening before marching north and gathering in front of the Multnomah County Democrats building located in the 3500 block of Northeast Sandy Boulevard.

“Several members of the group began to tag the office with graffiti and broke out several of the building’s windows, the Portland Police Bureau said in a press release. Police released several photos showing the damage.

“Another video shared by Independent Media PDX showed Biden-Harris campaign messages behind windows left shattered by the demonstrators. An anarchy symbol was also spray-painted on the building.”

Watch the video (you may have to let a 15-second ad countdown) of the damage and then share your thoughts in the Comment section. Do you believe Antifa and other anarchist groups are a threat to the United States?


  1. Charlie Kilo says:

    BLM & ANTIFA are no-more a threat than there handlers! The demoncrat party! Now There’s the real threat! We PATRIOTS may have waited to long to stand but even now politicians think they have all the answers! If they had stood up when they should have Trump would never had to go through what he’s gone through! PATRIOTS! Look in the mirror at who’s to blame! Yes! You, me and the other guys. We are losers compared to our forefathers! I’m 60yo and ashamed of myself for not trying harder to stop this. BUT I don’t want to die in vain! Everyone I’ve talked to say ” when the time comes, I’ll blah, blah, blah”. Wow. The time is almost over! Just Sayin’

  2. Jim says:

    Antifa&BLM are nothing more than anti-American communist liberal socialist DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS!
    They ARE supported by the liberal communist socialist demorat party! Anti Fascist NOT! They have proven constantly they are ARE themselves FASCISTS! BLM is nothing more than an other faction of this.
    We as proud patriot AMERICAN citizens must stand together and defend life and property from these idiots. They ,”riot, destroy and burn businesses but NOT in their own areas of the city! But this is in the business areas coursing loss of jobs. Stealing from same businesses. This must be stopped.

  3. Peter says:

    Antifa hates everyone but themselves. If you want to know how the Nazi party got its start, Antifa is a good example. The only difference is that Antifa doesn’t seem to have a leader…yet!

  4. The Widows says:

    STOP!!! What the hell is this country turning into?!! What a bunch of “cry babies!” Everybody is bitching about something … instead of trying to resolve the problems!! We are loosing what “our” men in the military lost their lives for … don’t waste it!!

    • Charlie Kilo says:

      When people have everything in life they need and still act like ANTIFA and BLM there is NO HOPE of reform except dropping them off in a really bad place like North Korea and leaving them there. If they can escape they may be cured but I Wouldn’t bet on it.

  5. steve Punch says:

    I don’t buy this for one second. Antifa is an arm of the democrat party. This attack, if not fake news is nothing more than a set up example that CNN can sight as violence from the conservative side. Conservatives just don’t do these things. Libs do. Plain and simple.

  6. Russell Hunter says:

    We got rid of Isis, Lets get rid of BLM and Antifa the same way.

  7. sue says:

    Harris and Biden used BLM and Antifa, so they should be out in the streets heading up their troops, oh wait the troops are after them now. lol.

  8. Cheryl Lund says:

    Thanks all you piece of cr.Ap Democrats. Look what YOU have done to our country. A firing squad would be too good for you.I hope they end up in your neighborhoods and do their justice to ALL of you. Disgraceful, disgusting pieces of garbage.that’s the democratic party.

  9. Vernon Fisher says:

    I agree with you all on this.

  10. Robert says:

    Anybody else notice the Antifa terrorist flag uses the same colors, and lay out as the NAZI Germany flag.

    • Peter says:

      Antifa is like “the kettle calling the pot black.” They scream that everyone else is a Nazi, but in reality it is them.

    • Charlie Kilo says:

      But of course! That’s where it came from back in the 1930s. The precursor to the Brown shirts and NAZI’S. Shocked Mein Kompf isn’t in each of there (ANTIFAs) back pockets of there skinny jeans! Little shambles…

  11. Don says:

    They’re arrogant enough to think so because lib meccas let them get away with their garbage.

  12. MICHAEL says:

    It is way past time to lock and load. These animals need to be put down permanently and let their little mommy and daddy bury them. These are useless people and they deserve too die.

    • Robert W says:

      You got my vote!! Only “we the people” can stop them and shut them down just like ISIS!!!

    • Merrill says:

      Yep.. We must stand up.and defend ourselves .. Don’t obey the lock downs or turn your fire arms in or give up your freedoms .. Don’t let our ancestors and men and women in the military die for this communist party …

  13. Edward Mccroken says:

    Animals they should be rounded up and sent to china

  14. Peter 0527 says:

    Police and the military should walk into those areas populated by the antifa and if destruction begins, shoot the terrorists that cause trouble and loss at a store , business or home.

  15. Holly Rose says:

    I am totally mystified, perplexed, bewildered and flummoxed over the fact my fellow Dems would vandalize our Democratic campaign office. This is something the rotten republicans would do like the proud boys or patriot prayer. Perhaps these people are just so happy that Biden/Harris won that they tore the place apart likr after a ball game win but I still would not excuse the republicans. The whole party is rotten to the core.

    • Kellie Smith says:

      You have NO IDEA “what” YOU just voted into office (IF you win). I hope you learn to pray.

    • K. Glenn says:

      It shouldn’t be allowed. Period. Republicans didn’t do this. Maybe now the threats and pure violence of antifa will be taken seriously by both parties. Also, Police are critical in our communites, cities and states. Take back Portland!!

    • Merrills says:

      Holly. In a couple of years you are going to be wailing when the Democrats. ( communists) have totally ruined your life .. Pig ..

  16. Sam B. says:

    Oh c’mon.. This video is “rated pg” compared to the destruction/vandalism of THOUSANDS of other businesses statues homes vehicles etc etc. This is still PATHETIC but is nothing compared to what these asshats have done.
    Folks let’s face it…antifa blm & any/all Marxist hate groups aren’t just a threat..but a CANCER TO *ALL* AMERICANS & OUR AWESOME COUNTRY! These asshat quacks have their own agenda & use any discrepancy we have as an excuse to cause harm..destroy livelihoods & lives. How adolescent & pathetic is that? These whack job losers r basically domestic terrorists. U haters will NEVER defeat law & order. Law enforcement “&” WE THE PEOPLE WONT ALLOW IT!!
    Take ur hater Marxist asses to another country. BYE Felicia! C-ya Chad! U WONT B WELCOME HERE!
    Stand strong & proud America! ????

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Retweet! Ur spot on Sam! I agree…these r basically domestic terrorist groups & should b taken down! I’m a moderate Democrat that’s totally embarrassed of my party..& because of the unhinged radical left groups like ALL these idiots. Like doing any of this BS does any good. It does NOTHING constructive. Sadly there r some in my party that blame republicans. These absent minded folks r in DENIAL..plain & simple.
      No more violence!!

  17. Mich says:

    I just watched that video, shocking!!!!!, there was not a single incident of violence, there was no loud noises, no loud voices. Have no clue what was seen in that video to have anyone upset.

    • JA says:

      Shattered windows & graffiti maybe on public building maybe? Just guessing

    • Sam B. says:

      As I said above…this pg video is nothing compared to the destruction of THOUSANDS of other businesses statues homes & vehicles these asshat hater Marxist groups have done. They r PATHETIC & A CANCER. Period.

  18. John says:

    Antics and BLM are not protestors. They are well organized militias with ties to the DNC. The best way to describe them is a Marxist army. The military needs to eliminate them. There is a place for them, Gitmo with the rest of the terrorists.

  19. Bill says:

    Well lets look at this. The Democrats supported their violence for at least the past year by not taking any action against them and said openly “Antifa is an idea and a loosely organized movement” not a terrorist group. From Biden on down including the media the likes of CNN, MSNBC NPR and more failed to acknowledge this group as terrorists or take action against them in Democratically controlled cities across the country and called it free speech which they said they should be allowed to exercise that right. So now Democrats are getting what they supported and allowed for many months.

    • John Henry Deatsch says:

      I totally agree, Democrats and media said antifa an Idea and not a terrorist group! They allowed Cities to be turned upside down & shut down police forces and now they cant stop the destruction! Ain’t that a shame! You should have let Trump help when first started with backup of the armed forces,But no you let the cities burn! So Now what are you going to do? Now that you cant seem to stop the chaos that you started!!!

  20. rogeri briere says:

    Trump tried to warn everyone now it is time to round them up convict as enemy of the state put them in max security and shoot the ones who resist they are no longer protestors but terrorists

  21. Dave Kellerman says:

    These people are terrorist and should be shot on site. I hate to be this way but they will not listen to anything else. They are not protesters , they are enemy’s of the state, We did not start this war but we can finish it no problem.

  22. They want to destroy America,

  23. PATTY says:


    • Merrills says:

      The whole democrat party is now a commumist terrorist party .. Better get ready .. It is going to get nasty To survive
      . Don’t let them lock you down …Just wear your mask and sanitize your hands …

  24. John c says:

    Our leaders should stomp on antifa and eliminate them. Along with BLM thugs

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