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Video: Biden Again Declares He Will Win

While President Trump remains away from cameras, and while the counting and certification of votes is far from over in numerous states, Joe Biden went before the cameras just moments ago to declare for the second time in the last twenty-four hours that he will be the next President of the United States.

Is he taunting President Trump?

In a scene that was clearly designed to present himself in a presidential setting and to convince the mainstream media to portray him as the next president while ignoring President Trump, Biden asked the nation to remain calm while the remaining ballots are counted.

Biden read the entire statement from a teleprompter.

Please watch Biden’s brief statement and share your thoughts in the Comment section.



  1. Proud Patriot says:

    Attn. KAY…who has left several rude replies to others on this site..: Lol…wow..where do I start. I’m a Democrat that will b changing my party affiliation because of the radical progressive direction & ideals of the left…not to mention the democrat candidate mr quid pro quo joe Biden himself obviously doesn’t have “both oars in the water”. Your negative outlook & disrespectful comments to others is pathetic. You must b a cancel culture junkie? Attitudes outlooks & sad level of disrespect is indicative of the direction of the quack whackass left. Were u also taught in school to hate your country too?? Lemme guess…you’ve been a part of the rioting/looting going on in some cities? Like all this anarchy BS does any good…only destroys the livelihoods, lives & character of these cities. If all is so then Congrats! You’ve made it. “The lowlife anti-American of society’s list!”. Good for you! Soooo sad. A cancer. Pathetic.

  2. Holly Rose says:

    What I don’t understand is why Biden must say he won again? He has won so why is he chewing his cabbage twice. Why does he need a teleprompter to speak from his heart? Biden won fair and square and I wish Trump would drop the issue and take his loss like a man not a childish wimp that his. It is unbelievable to see such immature actions from Trump. Why doesn’t he face the facts that he RUINED our nation. Make America Great Again? Not so after Trump got done with it the last 4 years. If Trump doesn’t leave peacefully, he will get what he deserves, VIOLENCE.

    • Proud Patriot says:

      I respect ur opinion & outlook…but don’t agree on some points ESPECIALLY the violence comment. Violence only destroys the character of our cities…& destroys lives & livelihoods of the innocent which is pathetic. Law & order will always prevail! Law enforcement & true/honest Patriots of our awesome nation will make sure of it.
      • No violence!
      • have respect for yourselves & others!
      • USA Strong!!!

  3. T.O. BARNES says:

    I’m proud to say that I’m pro Trump. He’s not a politician, he’s a businessman who knows how to run VERY LARGE companies, which essentially is what this nation is. He’s made bad mistakes in the past, but has recovered from them. He’s said and done things years ago ( before he took office ) that did not set well with certain people. However, it’s what an individual does, says and supports once they’re inaugurated that matters, as you can find dirt on ANYBODY if you dig deep enough. What he promised during his campaign, he made good on…starting before he even took office. I truly believe that a large percentage of the masses said, “hmmmm, is this guy for real?…he’s sayin all the right stuff!!…and he’s definitely not a crooked politician!!. Ya know what, let’s give em’ a chance.”
    While the other group of people were so used to lies and deception…that they though that was the norm.
    The voting system wasn’t tampered with, and as a result, Trump surprised the democrats. Though SOME states used mail in ballots at that time (2016), but no where near the extent that they were in 2020. You can thank the ultra deep pockets of the democratic and socialistic party for that. As covid was designed to spread like wildfire and be a pandemic, causing a major disruption to our lives, part of which was social distancing to prevent spreading (this played directly into the “mass mail-in ballot” scenario). The entire plot was carefully thought out figuring we were too ignorant to see the truth, and even if we did…it couldn’t be proven, as it spread all over the world (i mean seriously, why would they engineer a virus that targeted only one country…talk about obvious). So yes, they nailed the whole world just to set plans in motion to steal the 2020 election.
    Why, because they’re a bunch of spoiled brats who were/are pissed off because they couldn’t have their way. Spoiled brats with too much money and power, so they want to turn this once great nation into a socialistic s%!t hole AND subjugate everyone who is not with them. Personally, i think it’s the beginning of the end if Biden and Harris take it. Who would want to vote for a group of people who care nothing for what this nation used to be.
    It’s apparent that Joe will only be a figure head, as he has a hard time with the teleprompter AND remembering where he is along with who he’s running against. Trump has no problem with these tasks and shouldn’t, you can not run for the office of president of the United States and be “groggy”. I won’t even go into the whole child gropping facet, suffice it to say, there are multitudes of people that this really pisses off, as it should. Who wants their kid fondled IN PUBLIC by the presidential hopeful.
    Integrity is a rare commodity these days among politicians with their own agendas. They promise one thing, and may…or may not deliver on it, knowing we can’t really do too much about it. Also,I agree, Trump is Brash..well a bit less than he WAS…being in office has tempered him a little. You can not have the magnitude of responsibilities he has, and be a nice, spongy individual. You have to be direct, punctual, and a bit aggressive while tempering it all with some consideration.
    The people who have a problem with his somewhat coarse & abrupt personality, obviously never had to deal with multi-billion dollar businesses…much less a multi-trillion dollar economy. We used to be a nation that was fully capable of manufacturing our own products, we still can. The only problem is greedy politicians and individuals that want to SLOWLY…AND SYSTEMATICALLY destroy us from within. Which is why the ” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ” campaign slogan resonated so heavily with so many people.
    Make no mistake, the Trump M.A.G.A. concept is still alive, and well. We may just have to fight like never before to keep it in power. Sadly, that may not even be enough depending on the extent of the corruption. Seriously, why would people want to hide and not allow others to watch ballot counting unless something was amiss. INTEGRITY AND COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY CAN NOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH. Accountability is another factor to consider, but im sure I’m preaching to the choir.
    Well, I’m sure there are quite a few deluded & brainwashed souls out there eager to share their displeasure with me, as well as maybe a few who share my sentiment. To them i say, ” God bless, stay safe, and remain vigilant.


  4. Janet says:

    Joe Biden is a demented circus monkey that shots in his pants.

  5. David Smith says:

    LOL Holly and Frank you both should team up for a comedy act you both made me pee my pants I was laughing so hard. You just stay right here with the non corrupt Biden and his angel son LOL I want to see what you think when Pelosi Clinton AOC and Obama and Harris and his son get through with both of you LOL> good luck have fun if he wins maybe you can defund the police some more LOL I’ll read about it in the news from another country LOL

  6. Frank says:

    The American people have spoken. Accept it! (President) Biden is a decent man, a HUGE change from the current dumbest idiot who now occupies the White House! Did you say “cheat”? Yep, that is definitely Trump, who cheats on paying his taxes, who cheated workers who were employed by trump, who cheated the students @ Trump Univ, who cheated women of their dignity, who cheated our military of the respect they deserve & earned! Need I go on?

    • Sam B. says:

      I’ll add more for ya frank..: for starters I’m a registered Democrat that knows dozens of others..& we all “have seen the light” & stopped being in denial. WE voted for TrumpPence & others on the right. The radical socialist unhinged left is imploding the democrat party so we jumped ship & feel great for doing so.
      FRANK! Let’s add to ur list of what the “dumbest idiot that occupies the White House” HASN’T done or has CHEATED..:
      Deregulated American business so they can grow/return to the states..appointed several judges..cut taxes for everyone..renegotiate numerous trade deals around the world that now actually help the country & American business(finally)..moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to a southern border wall to drastically cut down the drugs/human trafficking/illegal immigrants/possible terrorists & thug punk gang members who ALL now have to enter thru a point of entry..against sanctuary cities..helped broker Middle East peace agreements & more to come..nominated 3 x for the Nobel peace prize because of it..has stood up against Iran, Russia, China, N. Korea..rebuilt the Obama-BIDEN depleted va choice for our military vets to help take care of those who keep us 100% supportive to our law enforcement..stands for law & order(thank god). Have I ADDED enough to ur “dumbest idiot” list on Trump? I can keep going!! LOL!
      Trump mite b a bit brash..not the typical pc pansyass spineless corrupt politician like the “big guy”..aka “quid pro quo JOE!” Trump says what he means & means what he says” & gets results for the country…all this obviously pisses off so many. All u folks/Trump haters probably voted for Biden because of this. Pathetic. U guys voted for a guy that believes “truth over fact”..looses his train of thought in the middle of sentences..forgets what city he in..says he’s running as the democrat nominee for the U.S. SENATE..thinks he’s running against George Bush until his wife reminded him it’s trump….this never ends! And people actually vote for this guy…only because they don’t like trump as a person…not because of policies nor RESULTS.
      Nuff said.

      • Kay says:

        Oh Sam, you saying you are a democrat is your only claim to fame. You must be a closet whore repulsive repub and really no nothing. You operate on false info-if you have the receipts, talk to an attorney and maybe YOU can get an indictment. You have been drinking the Trump kool-aid and think that because you say it makes it so. Wrong!

      • STEVEN ELLSWORTH says:

        Sam B. . . . You Are So Correct . . . Here We Currently Have A President That Believes In America, Stands For America And Her People . . . ALL AMERICANS. In My Lifetime (69 Years), I Have Only Known One Democrat That Was Worth A Tinkers Damn And Another Damn Fool Named Lyndon Johnson And His Communist Alliances Saw To It That He Would Not See The Next Day . . . Too Bad, How History May Have Been So Different. As Always, History Repeats Itself . . . Here We Go Again, The Democratic Agenda To Re-Write History . . . To Dismantle All That America Has Stood For, To Dummy Down The American People So They Will Follow Like Sheep To Slaughter. I Am Grateful That At My Age, I Won’t Have To Put Up With The BULLSHIT For Too Long, I Am Saddened That My Grandchildren Will Have To Learn To Cope With The Disaster That Is Taking Place. I Pray That Things Will Turn For The Better.

  7. Frank says:

    Oh YES, INDEED!! We WILL have a new & competent President Biden, an AWESONE change from the Fraud, Incompetent, Corrupt, & Racist Drumpf.
    So, let’s all get behind our new President. Biden is on target to win, so he is being cautiously optimistic. It makes NO sense that Republicans are demanding a recount. There is NO fraud going on. Republicans MUST STOP twisting Biden’s words: (New President) Biden said he would raise taxes on those whose incomes are more than $400K, not the average American. Quit LYING & exaggerating! Why can’t y’all accept the American people’s will? Why can’t you stop threatening & trying to intimidate the workers who are working so hard to complete the counting? Viva Democracy!

    • T Beach says:

      Your probably the one driving the van that dropped off the 130K votes after the deadline. Yea there no cheating going on. Your gonna try and say that and man that cant draw 10 people out to a rally and cant even get through a sentence on a telepromptor and been caught taking money from China got more votes than Obummer in 08. Your a lyin dogfaced pony soldier. Cmon man.

      • kay says:

        Crawl under your blankets and have a crying session. You are going to be ok. Some therapy might help you. You are so angry. Take a deep breath and count to 10. Biden won –
        Pillsbury Dough Boy lost. Smile

    • Pamela says:

      You want to talk about how Republican’s are behaving. Lets talk about how the candy ass dems behaved the last 4 years, you have done everything in your power to get rid of President Trump. The American people spoke in 2016 and you refused to listen to our wishes. The far left has kept this county in a complete up roar with your childness and down right rude behavior. You have taught a generation of young that Americans are raciest, that they should not trust or RESPECT the police; and degraded our Military by not respecting our Flag; and that it is ok to throw temper tantrums when they don’t get what they want. Respect works both ways, until the Dems are ready to respect people with different beliefs, there is no way this country will ever come together again. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTLY DESTROYED A GREAT COUNTRY BECAUSE YOU DID NOT GET YOUR WAY 4 YEARs AGO. Since you taught us this behavior you cannot get angry when we follow your lead about getting our own way.

      • Kay says:

        Stop your complaining. All that matters is Biden won straight up. Bitch all you want – Your racist pussy grabbing
        fat ass dude is done. He needs to get out so the disinfection can begin. Don’t worry – you can visit him in prison because that will be the new Trump tower. Democrats won and the repulsive Repubs lost. Deal with it.

        • Maritime Maggie says:

          Prophecy is right on schedule. Biden goes before the camera a boasts about his presidency finally bringing in “peace and security”. Read what the Bible has to say about that one: “For when they shall say, Peace and Safety, then SUDDEN DESTRUCTION WILL COME UPON THEM……THEY WILL NOT ESCAPE” Thess. 5:13. Looks as if the Blues will be singing the blues after all!

          • Kay says:

            God doesn’t like it when you repulsive Repubs quote from the Bible for your own twiisted satisfaction. God is watching you, you freakin hypocrite. With all the things God is concerned about, the likes of you are not on his radar. Get over being so self-absorbed and start being a productive member of society. I know that’s a tall order.

      • Kay says:

        Oh, what Pam you don’t have a brain between your ears to make sound decisions for yourself? That’s pathetic – you will always be a follower no matter where you are led. Look out for the cliff! That is why someone with your mentality should not be afforded the privilege to vote. Keep all sharp objects under lock and key. We don’t want you to hurt someone. Don’t be so angry. Everything is going to be okay. Smile

  8. Bernice Burchfield says:

    The biggest problem if Biden becomes president is he won’t remember what to say; unless it’s on the teleprompter.

    • Kay says:

      Well that will be refreshing. If Trump’s mouth is moving, he is lying.Ask Melania how honest he is. Trump will lie to your face and grab your private parts at the same time
      “They let you grab them by the pussy”. HIS words. He is a pig and we Democrats will not allow him to grab ours. How about you?

  9. Holly Rose says:

    Why does Biden say “he will win”? It is a forgone conclusion that he has won the presidency fair and square. Quit denigrating this poor man. All of this rumor of him being a pedophile, his son into drugs and other chicanery is all fabricated by Trump to tear the good Biden name. This is totally uncalled for and Trump should be castigated for this impropriety.

    • Sherry says:

      REally! Where the hell you been? in the basement with Biden! Don’t you know they have a reliable witness on record about Joe and his corrupt dealings! Come out and see the light you dummy!

      • Kay says:

        Well, why don’t you have your reliable witness raise his reliable hand and swear to give reliable testimony to a reliable court of justice and then just maybe we will have a reliable conviction. Until then, shut your reliable lying mouth. You are boring.

    • Sam B. says:

      Holy holy holy…r u ok? LOL…I’m a registered Democrat that jumped ship & voted for TrumpPence & several others on the right. I also know dozens of other dems that did the same thing. Sadly..the BIDENS put themselves in this position. Trump nor any1 on the right fabricated anything. Even if they wanted to…they didn’t have to!! Hunter & “the big guy”..aka “quid pro quo JOE did it to themselves!! Trump isn’t the typical pc pansyass president..& can b a bit brash no doubt..but he stands up for the country & gets results! Oh yeah…he’s also not a “corrupt politician”. Holla!

      • MAUDINE JOHNSON says:


  10. Kimberly says:

    If he wins, illegally, who would take it seriously? Anyhow, he should be immediately impeached for fraud.

  11. David Smith says:

    SO if Biden does win I believe I can sum up the leadership in this country I can’t figure out if it will be Clinton or Pelosi in charge then the puppets in charge of destroying the rest of the country will be AOC Harris Joe Biden Jr in charge of drug enforcement and daddy Joe Biden will enforce child molestation laws with help from his son. LOL What a Government this will be . They will probably put Obama in charge of foreign affairs so he can give Iran trillions and China too and North Korea he will probably sell our Uranium to like Clinton and him did for Russia America if you have any brains you will leave this God forsaken country The foreign people and drug gangs will take over they have already in case you didn’t know. Good luck I will wish you luck from another country

  12. Randall clark says:

    I got news for Biden……even if he becomes president, he isn’t president until January!!! But then, with everything going on, we don’t have to worry about that!!! If he wins, he wins ILLEGALLY!!!

  13. Susieq says:

    Mail in ballots should not be allowed. You do not need ID to vote. you need ID to get a library card, a car almost anything on credit for a credit card or whatever but the Democrats make sure that illegals and people who should not be voting to vote. Biden is a creepy old man who prays on young girls while he sniffs their hair and touches their bodies while they cringe. The Democrats are the lowest of the low and they will school this whole country when Biden gets in. This country will go down down down with Biden in it. What a disgrace. Bring back Trump

    • Kay says:

      Wrong, you are already down and always have been. Your stupid comments only further validate that. Stop your crying the Pig lost and you better show President Biden some respect. God is watching. Smile

    • Kay says:

      Better to have the hair on your head sniffed than the hair that grows between your legs. Sounds like you prefer the Pussy Grabber Yuck. That’s why you will always be a repulsive repub. Bless you

  14. David Smith says:

    I am praying please someone find a cure for this virus so I can get out of this insane country if Biden won. Even if he didn’t how does He even run for President did his son pay off people with crack or like the Clintons with little girls or boys. God will not help you America too much corruption lies and evil in this country and people just let it happen. The cops are too scared to enforce the law Or are just as dirty as the criminals We have Biden Nancy AOC and Harris and other people like this and people vote for them????How insane are the American people or should I say stupid. Please get rid of the virus so I can get out of here.

    • Kay says:

      Sorry guy – virus or no virus I can’t imagine any other country wanting you. You would not be able to meet even the basic citizenship requirements I.e. decency, respect,
      empathy – no, sorry I checked and no one wants you.

  15. Sandra Lee Jones says:

    Unbelievable!!! The fake news media did their job! If Biden does win we are screwed! the demonrats know how to cheat and not leave any evidence!

    • T Beach says:

      No thats the saddest part of it all. They lie and cheat and are corrupt and there is mountains of evidence in place but the FBI and DOJ are to scared or corrupt to do anything at all about it. Now they dont even try and hide it because they know nothing will hsppen.

      • Kay says:

        You really are too stupid for words. Fat Ass Trump has Fat Ass Bob Barr in his pocket so why didn’t he bring charges – oh he didn’t because there was nothing there. You freaks are just going to have to suck it up and get some professional help for your paranoia. All you do is blame, blame, blame. Looks like your momma and daddy forgot to teach you to take responsibility and not act like an asshole when you don’t get your way. Peace out

  16. Carol Salmon says:

    I constantly pray that President Trump has 4 more years. I do not want to live in a socialistic, atheistic. anarchy. Biden is for the murder of unborn children, wants to eliminate our constitutional rights and remove support from the police while condoning violence. I don’t know who in their right mind would vote for him.

    • Beloved says:

      They’re going to jail for voter fraud and Biden & Harris knows it. The days of corruption is coming to a halt. He is not the president . Trump will win and it will be proved with the voter fraud . Biden has dead people voting in the polls for him, really? Don’t lose heart

      • Kay says:

        I don’t know what to say, Beloved. You seem to know a lot about dead people voting. Are you dead? No, you are just stupid. Don’t worry, we are still going to allow stupid people like you and all of the other repulsive Repubs to live in our beautiful country. You sound like you need to manage your anger better, so maybe a 72 hour emergency stay at a mental facility could help you clear your mind. Don’t be afraid of the dead people – it’s just a hallucination. Smile

    • mountaine says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth !!!!!
      I feel the same way. I live in Mass. and am surrounded by
      demorats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Larry Rossiter says:

    I can’t whatch that SOB long enough to tell ya how he did. What a lyin, cheatin, thievin, miserable basterd. We’re not supposed to hate our fellow man but I can’t stand that PREVERT!!!! God forgive me ? Baby killin PREVERT!!!!

  18. Christine says:

    The democrats are evil cheats and frauds its disgusting Biden doesn’t even know what day it is he is a racist and a liar he doesn’t care about America just his bank account what has our world come to fake news and voter fraud and Hollywood pigs so sad

  19. Pat says:

    Biden is a CORRUPT POS. So if Biden wins I guess he goes back to money laundering along with HO Harris. There will be CORRUPT CHAOS.

  20. Tracy Reyna says:

    Yes we will go thru all the deceased votes and fraudulent ballots without watermarks alrighty! We the PEOPLE want to see proof you won before you declare it.

  21. Henry Shows says:

    If he does, he really did not win. Too many democrat mail in ballots- republicans mailed in ballots, but look at Wisconsin/ more ballots than registered voters! How do so many seats change if everybody voted democrat! Fake news! Fake election!

  22. virginia hoyt says:

    I pray that Biden wins. To have 4 more years of the lying, cheating,foulmouthed Donald Trump would mean an end to our democracy.

    • Ken says:

      Talk about lying and cheating – read the following and look at the emails – dream on….

      Here is some recent proof of the Democrats voter fraud:

      BREAKING: Michigan USPS Insider Reveals EGREGIOUS Voter Fraud Scheme

      November 4, 2020 at 9:07 pm
      I just read the following email from Project Veritas:

      BREAKING: Michigan USPS Insider Reveals EGREGIOUS Voter Fraud Scheme

      Project Veritas just released a video of a Michigan USPS Insider who revealed that he was instructed to separate today’s mail-in ballots in order to get them stamped as yesterday’s mail-in ballots, that way the ballots can be counted for the election.
      Since Michigan law establishes that the vote casting deadline was last night, it is completely illegal for a USPS supervisor to instruct today’s mail-in votes to be counted.
      Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:
      Michigan USPS ‘Insider’ delivers testimony of ‘shady’ postmark scheme to handstamp ‘Nov. 3’ on late ballots … calls on other Post Office workers: ‘If they see anything shady to report it’… Michigan Law forbids votes past 8 P.M. Election Day
      USPS Insider: “My statement to other postal workers is that if they see anything shady to report it—they can’t have any integrity in this country if they just let things slide.”
      USPS Insider: Late ballots sorted to special bin, then collected in Express Mail bags to be “hand-stamped” with bogus Nov. 3 postmark.

      Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization
      In the history of American politics”

      Have a good day!

      • Kay says:

        Rumors and lies. You think just because you continue your lying, you will be able to convince people that it’s the truth.Stop your lying, suck it up, admit that your lost and get on with your life. Have some self respect. Today is a great day – hope you can find the sun shining somewhere in your miserable life. Smile

    • Barbara says:

      You fail to mention all the Democrats did to Trump: spy on his campaign, waste taxpayer dollars on weeks of impeachment, the millions of dollars and hours wasted on the Russian investigation, etc. instead of two parties retreating to their corners, imagine if they represented those of us who put them in office? Parties aside we the people elect the representatives who should be working in the best interests of the we the people.

      • kay says:

        Oh, keep crying. You repulsive Repubs have gotten exactly what you deserve. Pack your bags and get the hell out of the White House – go back to what ever landfill you crawled out of. Don’t worry, Biden is such a decent man, he will try to save you from yourselves.

    • jerseygoyle says:

      Try reading and learn the facts, instead of watching the fake news. Trump has done more for this country and it’s people n 4 years, than Yobama did in 8 years. I guess you like Socialism and want that for this country, that’s hat you get with Biden and Kamel Toe……

      • Kay says:

        Blah blah blah – deal with it you crooked repulsive Repubs. Sore losers – get over it.

        • American Patriot says:

          Worry Not Kay . . .
          IF BIDEN IS DECLARED THE WINNER (GOD FORBID), You Will Get Everything You Voted For : $5.00 A Gallon Gasoline. No Police Officer To Aid You If Needed, When You Need Medical Treatment Remember You Are Somewhere On The Waiting List ( I Wonder If You Will Get The Required Treatment In Time), Have Your Bible Ready For Confiscation Because It Shall Become A Forbidden Book, You Are Giving Up Your Right(s) To Think Freely . . . Bottom Line . . . You Will Have Relinquished Your Rights To Freedom. Have A Great Day . . . You And Your Kind Have Earned It.

          • Kay says:

            Wrong – everything you say has happened under Trump. You are either too stupid to realize it, or you are just trying the same old tactics that if you say something enough, people will believe you. Pathetic – grow some balls and start thinking for yourself. You are so brainwashed by this pussy grabbing pig. Get you nose out of his ass and start acting like a good American.

        • Steve says:

          Worry Not Kay . . .
          IF BIDEN IS DECLARED THE WINNER (GOD FORBID), You Will Get Everything You Voted For : $5.00 A Gallon Gasoline. No Police Officer To Aid You If Needed, When You Need Medical Treatment Remember You Are Somewhere On The Waiting List ( I Wonder If You Will Get The Required Treatment In Time), Have Your Bible Ready For Confiscation Because It Shall Become A Forbidden Book, You Are Giving Up Your Right(s) To Think Freely . . . Bottom Line . . . You Will Have Relinquished Your Rights To Freedom. Have A Great Day . . . You And Your Kind Have Earned It.


      47 years of corruption, thievery, pedophile living, adrenochrome drinking, tearing down the wall, sending billions to terrorists, catch-and-release, baby killing, veteran killing are your ideas of democracy? Egads, do some real research and you will see these are all things Biden/Harris want, not to forget raising your taxes at least 4 times more, while they shut down the country, close the churches, ruin family as we know it. But they do it with a smile that deceives many people. Oh, and don’t forget 8-year-olds get to choose their sex. What a disgusting world that will be.

      • Kay says:

        You are completely unhinged. Get some help for God’s sake. You are all over the map with your fucking paranoia
        – remember dumbass just because you make outrageous accusations doesn’t make them true. Call a help hotline and address your deranged state of mind. Idiot – the pussy grabbing pig lost – He will soon be in jail for all the crimes he has commited – I hope he rots there.

    • Sherry says:

      You are an idiot! you cant see the reality! Biden will not be President, Kamala will get him out and she will take over as President! Then we have socialism. Do you know what that means? I doubt it! Better wise up and see whats really going on! Other people have.

      • Sherry says:

        This was a reply for the idiot that wanted Biden to win!

      • Carrie says:

        Democrats didn’t want Harris for their pick early on. Now she may get the position because Biden will either be unable to carry on Presidential duties or possibly indicted for his son’s and Biden family (including Joe’s) corruption.
        The whole Democratic Party continues to reach to new lows that are unimaginable. I just pray for God‘s will to be done He is the only one that can fix this !

        • Kay says:

          God’s will has been done. He gave us a new President.
          Put your listening ears on and say thank you God for saving me from myself. Things are about to get a lot better for Americans, so just be grateful that our President Biden is going to include all you repulsive Repubs in the equation.

          • American Patriot says:

            Kay You Are The Idiot, It Is Not GOD’s Will . . . It Is Prophecy Fulfilled, Satan Is Waiting To Take Control Of The Earth And Those Left Behind, BIDEN Is About As Lost As Lost Can Be, Harris Is The “Dark Angel” And Shall Usher Satan In. Good Luck In The After World.

          • Kay says:

            Oh Patriot – you have been serving the false prophet for the last four years. God is shining the light on all of you.
            God is forgiving, but you have to ask for forgiveness. Get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness for selling your soul to the demon Trump. Quoting from the Bible does not make you right. You must walk the righteous path. Take a deep breath and begin to right your wrongs.
            Do not test God’s patience. He had to cover our earth with
            pestilence to get the attention of you evil Repubs. Do not continue to anger God – He will always win.

  23. Marc Kemp says:

    What a complete fraud!

  24. Carol Lowe says:

    Should Biden emerge from this coordinated chaos as our President, you can be sure that we the people are fully aware that it will be in name only and that relatively few believe this election has been valid, honest, and representative of our wishes

  25. Wayne Lyle says:

    Biden is a POS

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