Video: Biden Attacks Gun Manufacturers

President Joe Biden

( – As you’ll see in the video further down this post, while in New York City where he was speaking about rising crime, President Joe Biden opined that gun manufacturers should be able to be sued the same way cigarette manufacturers were sued some years ago.

While he says much more, Biden’s bottom line was that gun manufacturers are “the only industry in America that is exempted from being sued, and I find it to be outrageous.”

We encourage you to watch the full video clip below and, as we all should do anytime an elected official speaks, think critically about what he says and ask yourself a few questions.

Why were cigarette manufacturers sued? For those who forget, it was because they lied about and hid the medical studies they had in their files that proved that inhaling cigarette smoke dramatically increases the risk of cancer and, contrary to the manufacturers’ public claims, nicotine is addictive.

Also, ask yourself if the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution might provide legal protection to gun manufacturers.

In other words, as you watch the video, ask yourself if Biden is trying to compare apples and oranges when comparing guns and cigarettes, and that is why gun manufacturers are provided a shield from liability that doesn’t extend to cigarettes and most other products.

Please watch the video of Joe Biden below commenting that gun manufacturers shouldn’t be protected from liability lawsuits and email [email protected] to share your opinion about his remarks.

In your opinion, should gun manufacturers be liable for “gun deaths” in the way that cigarette manufacturers were held responsible for “cigarette deaths”? Or, in addition to the reality that there is a vast difference in why cigarette manufacturers were eventually sued, do you believe the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects gun manufacturers from liability for how their products are used?