Video: Biden Begs on National Television

Joe Biden

( – Just moments ago, President Joe Biden went on national television and begged “social media companies and media outlets” to stop spreading what he believes is “misinformation and disinformation” related to COVID-19 vaccines and other treatments.

Clearly, as you’ll see in the video clip further down this post, Biden believes that social media companies like Twitter and Facebook, along with media outlets like Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News, should only broadcast information that has been pre-screened by the likes of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, even though several crucial aspects of information they have put before the American public has been proven incorrect.

At one point during the televised address, Biden stated with a begging tone, “I make a special appeal to social media companies and media outlets — please deal with the misinformation and disinformation that’s on your shows. It has to stop.”

Please watch the video below of Biden and then share your reaction and opinion by emailing [email protected]. Do you believe that social media companies and media outlets are spreading misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and other treatments? Do you think the United States government under Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Dr. Anthony Fauci should judge what is correct information worthy of broadcast? Why or why not? We respect all opinions and look forward to your feedback. Thank you.

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