VIDEO: Biden Blames ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ For All Of THIS?!?

Joe Biden

( – While speaking on foreign soil and pacing back and forth with a microphone in his hand, President Joe Biden blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for all the economic troubles hard-working Americans are grappling with as food and energy prices skyrocket to record highs.

You can watch the video clip of Biden further down this post.

While responding to questions about the financial harm Americans are enduring as gas and food prices remain at all-time highs, Biden stated:

“The reason why gas prices are up is because of Russia—Russia, Russia, Russia. The reason why the food crisis exists is because of Russia. Russia not allowing grain to get out of Ukraine.”

Yet, as more than one economist has noted in recent months, food and energy costs were already rising to record levels before Putin sent his military across the border into Ukraine.

Additionally, while Biden continually blames Putin and Russia, every reputable poll shows the American people blame Biden’s policies for the inflation that is reducing their spending power.

So, as most analysts agree, it will be the Democrats who suffer at the polls in November as Putin won’t be on the ballot — Biden’s fellow Democrats will be on the ballot.

Here is the video of Biden:

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