VIDEO: Biden Blames WHO for Record-High Inflation in the US?

Joe Biden

( – In a stunning attempt to shift the blame for the pain American consumers are feeling from the record-high inflation that is draining their wallets, President Joe Biden told a gathering today that Russian President Vladimir Putin — what Biden called “Putin’s price hike” — is to blame.

You can watch the video clip of Biden further down this post.

Specifically, Biden told the gathered crowd:

“Today’s inflation report confirms what Americans already know — Putin’s price hike is hitting America hard. Gas prices at the pump, energy and food prices account for half of the monthly price increases since May. Inflation outside of energy and food…moderated the last two months. Not enough, but it moderated; it’s come down. But we need it to come down much more quickly. My administration is going to continue to do everything we can to lower the prices for the American people, and the Congress has to act, and they have been of late.”

It remains to be seen if Americans will agree with Biden that Putin is to blame. But, if recent polls are any indication, Americans currently blame Biden and his presidential administration for the challenging state of the economy.

Here is the video:

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