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Video: Biden Needs Teleprompter To Answer Questions

If you know anything about how political press secretaries cover for their politician bosses, you’ll understand that in the above video Joe Biden’s press secretary admitted to Bret Baier that Biden needs a teleprompter to answer even basic questions.

Baier asks TJ Ducklo, Biden’s flack, “Has Joe Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews or to answer Q&A with supporters?”

Ducklo’s non-answer answer is stunning.

Stunning because it can only be taken as an admission that what many have suspected is true. Biden can’t engage in even the most basic discussion without a teleprompter so that staff can quickly provide him with cues or answers.

Watch the video, see what you think, and then share your thoughts in the comment section further down this page.

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  1. Vonnee G says:

    Biden previously stated as long as the electoral board doesn’t throw in crazy rules he will debate. SO the same holds true for Biden, no teleprompters in the debate hall… We will see, waiting for him to also say he has covid and just be remote. NO.

  2. Marci says:

    I read through several of these posts thinking the comments were being made about Mr. Trump who has used a teleprompter. Then found out this thread was talking only about Mr. Biden. Point a finger and it turns back on you. Offer constructive thoughtful ideas rather than viciousness. If you don’t like teleprompters and want people to speak off the cuff all the time, than work for a ruling that eliminates all teleprompters from US TV on both sides! There you go.

    • Buzz says:

      Its not a question of the use of teleprompters, everyone in TV uses them. The question at hand was does VP Biden use them to answer questions. Trump does not answer questions from a teleprompter. Some of his speeches yes he uses one to stay on script as do every other politician who is on TV. Hell if Trump didnt do that his speeches would never end. But if Biden is using them to answer questions it raises the question does he have capable mental capacity to answer them on his own. Or is an aide or panel filling in the blanks for him? He has shown over the course that he cant stay on task. His mind drifts off and he sometimes mutters total nonsense. Dementia is a major disease and if he has it he is unfit to lead this country. Ask yourself this are you ready to have Harris as president?

  3. Steve Robinson says:

    If I had been Brett Baier I’d have told that snot-nosed little jerk that the question was not coming from the Trump campaign. It’s a question on the mind of every American voter: Can Biden think on his feet or does he have to be told what his policies are? This loser Biden spokesperson needs to go back to trade school and learn a job he can handle. Thinking on his feet is not his strong point either.

  4. Buzz Frazier says:

    The Dems have Biden nominated for President only because of his history in Washington. They know he won’t last very long in office. They want a radical like Harris in charge so they can resume lining the pockets of corporate CEO’s like big pharma and such and their own pockets as well until they run this country in the ground. They are trying desperately to win the minority vote to tip the balance by once again making false promises and making up lies about our President. They were so convinced in 2016 that they would have 8 more years to push their agenda and that got derailed by Trump and they are still mad about that. So they have waged a media war against the man for 4 years trying to make him look bad and not be trusted. They have made up lies and stories and the like and have tried to brainwash as many Americans as they can in a desperate attempt to pursue their agenda. I pray that most Americans aren’t that naive to their whims and the bulk of America votes Trump in November. Otherwise we are doomed as a country. To quote of all people Vladamir Putin “Trump isn’t a politician, but he is a good business man. He saw what was going on in his country and stepped up to make a change because he cares about it’s citizens”.

  5. Vicki Nott says:

    I do not think they have teleprompters in the Oval Office. What would he do if elected?

    • Zareh Arzuman says:

      In the absence of Teleprompter in the White House, dementia sufferer old man ulcle Joe Biden will practice his expertise: SLEEP.

    • Zareh Arzuman says:

      In the absence of Teleprompter in the White House, dementia sufferer old man ulcle Joe Biden will practice his expertise: SLEEP. This is my first comment. I am NOT AWARE of any duplicate comment under my signature. Please check your reply. Z.A.

  6. Robert Barker says:

    To use a teleprompter means he can’t discuss or debate with anyone on his own without help. Then if he needs answers fed to him it is NOT a true debate. So anything he says is null and void. If he doesn’t use a teleprompter,he should be checked for ear-plugs so he can’t be fed answers that way. In any case he will be rigged with something, you can bet on that!

  7. PAUL H JOHANSON says:

    My pro sports boycott going well. NLF viewers down 16% upyours NFL marxists supporters.

  8. ROBERT POWELL says:

    a debate would definitely show that he is done. NO TELEPROMPTER/NO EAR-BUDS/FLASH CARDS,and he wouldn’t know who he was.

  9. ❤️ America says:

    This should make it very clear to ALL that Joe Biden will NOT be running this country. If he is elected Comma-la Harris or someone else is going to be President. Please PLEASE EVERYONE vote TRUMP!!! MAGA 2020

  10. Lee Nixon says:

    Should not have any help at all.

  11. Debra says:

    Ducklo won this one! Way to go!

    • Zareh Arzuman says:

      Ducklo was caught Red Handed. Ducklo failed to answer the direct and simple question of Baier. Why cover up? We will be witnessing DEMENTIA SUFERER JOE BIDEN within few seconds during the first presidential debate. Truth hearts most of the time.

  12. Ken Frazier says:

    God help us !!! How can anyone consider this guy to lead this country when he can’t find his way out of his basement.

  13. Joe says:

    Goes to show the truth he wouldn’t answer yes or no because he did

  14. NavVet67 says:

    That still means he’s cheating by knowing the questions in advance. Are you saying Biden is not as smart as the democrats seem to think? Wake up citizens, Joe is basically brain dead…you want to put nuclear codes in this man’s control…I think not.

    • jim says:

      not mentally stable no way want him running this country for many reasons but ya not mentally stable pray to god people arnt dumb enouph to vote for him which would be very bad for use.

    • Zareh Arzuman says:

      DEMENTIA SUFERER old uncle Joe Biden was LYING DURING THE LAST 48 YEARS DURING HIS ENTIRE POLITICAL CARRIER. We would like to witness just one resolution credited to Joe Biden. He has NONE. Joe Biden is unable to properly answer a question ans is unable to finish a simple and direct question. Democrates have commited a CAPITAL MISTAKE BY APPOINTING 78 YEARS OLD ABSENT MINDED JOE BIDEN. The result of the November Presidential Election could be more disastrous for Democrates than the 2016 disastrous defeat of Hillary Clinton. We would like to see and witness just ONE ACCOMPLISHMENT OR ONE RESOLUTION CREDITED TO JOE BIDEN DURING HIS 48 YEARS IN WASHINGTON DC.

  15. Lois Rogers says:

    I hope Biden is not allowed a teleprompter when the debates are telecast.??