VIDEO: Biden Trips Again Boarding Air Force One

( – In a brand-new embarrassing event highlighting questions about his physical and mental fitness for office, Joe Biden once again tripped and nearly fell while climbing aboard Air Force One even though he was using the aircraft’s shorter staircase.

The 80-year-old president stumbled while walking up the Air Force One stairs in an incident caught on video, The New York Post reports.

You can watch a video of what happened at the end of this post.

After he suffered several tripping and falling incidents, since last month, Biden has been using the “less challenging shorter staircase of only 14 steps, instead of the longer one, which offers better greeting and waving opportunities.

Biden’s new stumbling occurred in Helsinki, Finland, for a meeting with the leaders of Scandinavian and Nordic countries, the last stop of his European tour, including the UK and Lithuania for a NATO alliance summit.

He was nearly halfway up the short staircase of Air Force One when he seemingly took a misstep.

“[The president] appeared to brace himself for impact before quickly recovering and making it up to the aircraft’s lower entrance,” the report notes.

Once he reached the top of the stairs, Biden turned around and waved even though he was practically inside the aircraft.

After that, Air Force One left Helsinki-Vantaan International Airport for Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

Biden has been boarding Air Force One exclusively through the shorter staircase since last month he suffered a “hard fall” after tripping over a small sandbag on stage during the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado.

It is noted that previous presidents have resorted to using the shorter stairs of Air Force One in the event of inclement weather.

Questioned about Biden’s switching to the shorter staircase, his White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters last month she didn’t know of “any decision process” on which set of stairs the president should be using.

The previously recorded incident in which Biden tripped and fell on the stairs of Air Force One occurred in February when he was leaving Warsaw, Poland, for the United States.

In that case, Biden, who tripped and fell about halfway up, was using the longer staircase.

The latest case of him stumbling is at least the fourth time he has taken a fall while boarding Air Force One.

Here is the video: