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Video: Biden ‘Wins’ but the Violence Continues

Stop and think for a moment. What haven’t you seen since the mainstream media prematurely called the presidential election for Joe Biden? What you haven’t seen are supporters of President Donald Trump acting out violently even though they are extremely disappointed – some are even angry – at the way Trump has been treated by the mainstream media and the Biden campaign.

Now contrast that with what has come from some leftists and socialists, namely a continuation of protests that, in some cases, turn violent. There are many examples to chose from, but here is one that was caught on video.

As recounted by Blaze Media, “In what should have been a festive day for Biden supporters quickly turned violent at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin. A man at a Biden-Harris gathering brutally assaulted another rally-goer on Saturday, only hours after several media outlets declared that Joe Biden had won the 2020 presidential election.

The event featured Black Lives Matter flags flying as well as people holding signs that said: “Biden-Harris” and “Socialists believe black lives matter.”

After watching the video, please share your thoughts in the Comment section. Why have there been no acts of violence by Trump supporters even though the mainstream media predicted that would happen if Biden was declared the winner?

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