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Video: Biden ‘Wins’ but the Violence Continues

Stop and think for a moment. What haven’t you seen since the mainstream media prematurely called the presidential election for Joe Biden? What you haven’t seen are supporters of President Donald Trump acting out violently even though they are extremely disappointed – some are even angry – at the way Trump has been treated by the mainstream media and the Biden campaign.

Now contrast that with what has come from some leftists and socialists, namely a continuation of protests that, in some cases, turn violent. There are many examples to chose from, but here is one that was caught on video.

As recounted by Blaze Media, “In what should have been a festive day for Biden supporters quickly turned violent at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin. A man at a Biden-Harris gathering brutally assaulted another rally-goer on Saturday, only hours after several media outlets declared that Joe Biden had won the 2020 presidential election.

The event featured Black Lives Matter flags flying as well as people holding signs that said: “Biden-Harris” and “Socialists believe black lives matter.”

After watching the video, please share your thoughts in the Comment section. Why have there been no acts of violence by Trump supporters even though the mainstream media predicted that would happen if Biden was declared the winner?


  1. mar z doats says:

    Wow!I just watched the video in Madison, WI showing a Biden activist talking to a BLM activist. Did that black guy in the video just punch that white woman in the face??? Oh my word. I’m a senior citizen and not used to American men treating any woman this way. Very shocking for me to see. OK, I guess I don’t get around so much to see how some hot tempered black men behave toward women. The police had to jump in and it looks like it was quite a scuffle that moved across the area out of camera view. Now I suppose the police will end up being the bad guys! I saw a black girl with a microphone saying words imploring that they didn’t need another black man involved with the police. These BLM agitators don’t seem to have a focus for their anger—it’s everything. It’s white people, it’s Trump and his supporters, it’s the police, it’s destruction of black or white businesses, but ignoring black people that are killed by other black people. They are like a bunch of wild buffalo heading for the camps. I don’t see them getting under control if there is a Biden administration, however they will have a great excuse to explode if it turns out to be another Trump administration. Lord have mercy on our beloved country!

  2. T Beach says:

    I have heard a few things about Trumps plan to catch them trying to use votor fraud to steal the election. 1 he is way smarter than most of them. When they pushed for mail ballots he had them printed on paper with a significant water mark. Just like the dollar bills. If they go back and look at all the ballots that came in mysteriously for Obiden i bet they dont have any markings like they should

  3. David Smith says:

    LOL Michael she did put her foot down when I told her I wanted a Siberian tiger baby LOL She said no F no LOL But her daughter is a Tom boy and thought it was great I had a pet Alligator she wanted one too LOL But she will settle for a lizard it is a very expensive lizard a few hundred dollars LOL> look at the family I am getting LOL They will keep me laughing and keep my heart young She said Alexandra will talk my ears off for hours telling me everything she knows about animals LOL I will love it Please take care Michael Are you married?? If you don’t mind me asking I have a female friend in Russia she is 55 not the sexiest woman on earth but very attractive and very smart and has a heart of gold if you can get to it took me three years LOL> Well hope to talk later my stupid Cowboys lost again

  4. David Smith says:

    LMAO Michael you are great yup I was right crazy LOL But that’s strange I didn’t even know who the village people were I thought they were Viet Cong LOL I am sorry you are disabled but fight the VA and get all you can I can’t get them to do anything for me I learned to smoke in the Navy and developed throat cancer years later lost my vocal cords for my life thought it was a good deal LOL. But the surgeon had them test a biopsy to see what kind of cancer he was up against. Well they could not seem to tell so he didn’t get permission from the VA and got another biopsy and they still couldn’t tell but because their surgeon ordered another biopsy without permission I had to pay for the biopsy And I have a piece of plastic in my throat that is supposed to be taken out every week and cleaned I have no spare and was never shown how to do this. I went in and they gave me an ultra sound for my stomach but no approval for the plastic to be replaced and cleaned it has been in my throat five years. This is the treatment we get her in Corpus Christi VA It is why I am leaving this great country LOL Plus other things a lot of other things LOL> LMAO I am still laughing at the Village People LOL Great. Believe it or not I am moving to Russia I have my fiancé who we have been writing and skyping for 4 years and she has a beautiful young daughter who is a real good artist. We bought an apartment together nice place 5minute walk to the forest and lake we all love animals and she has a firm believe in God I just happen to know he is real I asked him for something when my heart and brain were not thinking and he gave me what I asked for very stupid mistake on my part. but I know in my heart she is for real her daughter asked me if she could have her own room I almost spit my coffee out I told her you sure as hell are not sleeping with me and your mother LOL Her Mom said she danced around the room for two days and then wanted to know when we were going to get the place and when I was going to get there. LOL How can you not fall in love with a family like that. I told her Mom well you are scared of big dog but I am getting a German Rottweiler she said no until she saw a picture of them she said they were beautiful dogs and she would not be afraid to walk down the street or sleep alone in the house LOL> I can only pray for you Michael I have a great fear for this country now more than ever. Please take care my friend Thank you for the great joke LOL David

    • MICHAEL says:

      Lol, you know David, I was told by this WW11 Veteran before I went too Boot Camp to alway do 2 things, 1, while in Boot Camp never come in first or last. That way you won’t stand out. The 2nd advice was, ALWAYS KEEP COPIES OF ALL PAPERWORK THAT IS IN YOUR PERSONNEL FILE. I followed his advice on both and when I filed my first claim with the VA in 2003 I got approved at 50% in 4 months. From 2003 I was in Counseling, group Therapy and my Doctors started to tell me in 2007 that I needed to put in for an increase and I finally did in 2012 and 3 months later got approved at 100% because I had all the documentation they need. Thanks to President Trump I am on the Veterans Choice program which I can and do see a private Doctor in my community instead of having to go 40 plus miles to a VA Clinic or the VA Hospital.

  5. David Smith says:

    Sam B you just don’t get it do you It is ok when a black person kills another black But don’t you be white and shoot a black person That’s racist You must be white not to understand this.. Have you given your home to the blacks yet because you had white privilege You said you were a democrat well a little too late to jump off the Titanic after it hit the iceberg It is not this election it is all the other democrats you elected before this shall I start with Pelosi and work my way down??? Those previous democrats are the people who are allowing drugs in Oregon illegals in every city and wanting to defund the cops It was not this election the frame was built before the car. you democrats voted in a bunch of nuts and it is showing in this election. So We will have Hillary Pelosi Obama AOC Harris and the crack head pedophile son Hunter to run the country I can’t wait for this MR Joe will be trying to find the white house bathroom to change his depends for 4 years I can’t wait until they tear down the wall LOL In case you haven’t seen Mexicans love to kill white people and deal drugs and kidnap little white girls and boys. And they will open the border for all terrorist to walk right in. But I am glad you decided that changing your vote at the last second would help sort of like trying to put corks in the Titanic’s holes LOL Good luck with your democratic country LOL I hope to be long gone as soon as the virus let’s me

  6. Sam B. says:

    Does anyone ever realize that NONE of the BS rioting/losers of society craziness has ever come from anyone but the whackass unhinged radicals on the left/antifa/blm & any of their brainwashed quack followers?!?! I’m a Democrat but I’m a patriot FIRST ..& I’m also NOT IN DENIAL. This BS from the radical left & all these looser Marxist groups must STOP! U assclowns r destroying your own cities! Destroying innocent businesses, livelihoods, lives etc etc u morons! U r an embarrassment to our great country!!!! ALL of this must end! ENOUGH!
    As for BLM..followers & supporters….your whole narrative is BS! Why? Because u only care about & focus on those black lives when dealing with law enforcement!! U totally ignore the thousands & THOUSANDS of black on black lives shot &/or killed every year for the past decades!!! What about ALL THESE BLACK LIVES?!?! DONT THEY MATTER TOO?!?!?! The country is catching on to this BS NARRATIVE! To u people black lives ONLY matter when dealing with law enforcement! This past Labor Day weekend in Chicago a little 8 yr old black girl..”8 YEARS OLD” was shot & killed along with 56 others. Hey blm…do u or any of ur brainwashed followers/supporters know her name? Say HER NAME! Lemme guess..u don’t know it. Is it because she didn’t loose her life to law enforcement?! This is my point.. & the country is on to ur BS Narrative. Btw the little girls name is “Dajore Wilson”. God rest her sole & comfort her family…& all other families out there that have lost a loved one to senseless violence. It’s a shame “BLM” won’t acknowledge u or support u. The rest of us normal minded grateful Patriots of our awesome country do!! We r with u & sooo sorry for ur loss…even if “BLM” ignores u.
    Hello blm.. ALL Black Lives Matter! At the end of the day we r all human beings so ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Sooo True Sam! Here’s another question to all this BS..: Does anyone think that all these businesses & homes boarded up Incase Trump lost?! It’s because the lunatic radical left losers, antifa, blm & any other Marxist hate groups mite have if he won…who knows trump still mite! Just to think this happens in this country by a small percentage of thug punk hater jetts is pathetic. What a bunch of asshats. Law & order WILL PREVAIL!
      • Stand up proud & strong America! ??????
      Oh yeah…cancel culture..cancel this! ?

  7. David Smith says:

    LOL Holly Rose you never fail me I love your humor now let the USA go into a one world government Pray tell me who is that government going to be and will Iran China Russia Korea and the hot head Arabs and countries that hate the USA all going into a one world government Can we all say Allah or Hitler or Stalin or Dada or Mao or Pol or Fidel LOL Keep it up you make me laugh I need a good laugh Until the virus leaves then I will laugh harder at what happens to liberal America with no police and hard drugs are legal like in Oregon LOL I believe you will see a large number of illegals come to your state easy to sell drugs and MS-13 and a few other nice neighbors LOL And Michael you are so right I tried for college a pell grant and my grades were better than a black person I knew he got to go to college because he was black I tried for the seals and Vietnam but was refused by both I would have been killed by either LOL> A Tunnel Rat you are either crazy or just lucky. My friends I lost two in the jungle and the other two came back not the same people my buddy best friend is dead he helped spray agent orange and the other two you will never hear about agent white and Purple He served 2 and a half tours then got dishonorable I never asked him what he did. But his son was born looked perfect on the outside but he only lived five minutes nothing developed on the inside he got to hold him for a few minutes to say goodbye I got to bury him 2 years later I served 4 years in the Navy got to go to a place called GITMO LOL Not a fun place to visit and my chief was an ex seal LOL So your know we had fun. But thank you for your service Michael I hope you have a better VA clinic than we have LOL And if you stay here I will pray for you. And Holly I will pray you keep your great sense of humor LOL

    • MICHAEL says:

      Lol, thank you and thank you for your service. In 1995 I went into the Utah Army National Guard then in 2001 right before 9/11 I moved to Arizona and transfered into the Army Reserves then in 2005 I got Service Connected with the VA at 50% and got out of the Reserves. I tried in 1993 for the Navy Reserves but didn’t qualify because I didn’t know all the songs the Village People had. Lol. I am 100% Service Connected since 2013

  8. Holly Rose says:

    More than likely the unrest from here on out are/will be caused by the republicans. Republicans are indeed a rebellious group. This is NOT the demeanor of Democrats. Repubs need to be strongly controlled if they want to live or be done away with. The choice is theirs.
    This has been displayed in Portland time and again. The so called conservatives (proud boys and patriot prayer) have come to Portland and disrupted our peace. Their presence stirs the ire of the BLM and Antifa rightly so. Trump refuses to label the above so called conservatives as white supremacists anarchist they truly are.
    Trump’s heart is full of rancor. He is not mature enough to take this loss. He is a very poor loser after all he is nothing more than a useless petulant wastrel,in other words a rich man’s spoiled brat. This loss will teach him a lesson.
    My heart is filled with gladness and joy that Biden won. May the US go forward now to the one world govt!

    • MICHAEL says:

      Are you nuts or are you just plain ignorant? Its been the BLM/ANTIFA who have caused damage and destruction in Democratic run cities and states. MY GOD, you Liberals are just so blind too the truth. Its like you look at the ground and say how beautiful the sky is.

    • MICHAEL says:

      ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT? What, are you a Communist? You mentioned White Supremacist yet you don’t mention the FACT that the biggest racist group in this country are BLACKS. Try being a non-Black and move into a Black community and see what happens. Try walking into a bar where its 90% Black and see what happens. You are one sad bit.h.

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL…Holy holy holy. I’m a democrat..embarrassed to admit it these days but I am. I’m also NOT IN DENIAL! The whackass radical unhinged left & the wonderful pathetic Marxist groups like antifa & blm r thee ONLY ones doing the destruction. This bs ideology is pathetic & Un-American! If these assclowns hate so much then LEAVE! Get the hell out! Go to Venezuela!! U losers r a cancer & will fit right in with that pathetic socialist radical government. Bye Felicia! C ya Chad!
      Also..Trump hasn’t lost..or at least not yet. I don’t blame him for fighting this with ALL the vote counting issues out there. Waaay to much at stake. The crooked-ass media & the pollsters who can’t accurately poll/predict a “cat fight” damn sure don’t have the authority to call this race! I respect ur opinion…but sorry about ur clouded outlook.

    • Proud Patriot says:

      HELL NO DONT CONCEDE! All the news networks r reporting right now..Sunday evening nov 8th that they r finding that upwards of 21,000 deceased people voted in Pennsylvania!! R u kidding me!! How shady has this voting bs become! Same nonsense is going on in Nevada & other states. As a registered Democrat this infuriates me as it should everybody..dems/Republicans aka Americans!!! This voting crap needs to b totally overhauled.

  9. David Smith says:

    Hey Michael I am 65 I have not seen times like this except in the 60’s and 70’s and in the 30’s in the great depression but I believe and I could be wrong but I believe this all started with the pledge of allegiance and teaching of God in the classrooms stopped and then parents told they can’t give a spanking to their out of control children. and when I would call them men but they are not got women pregnant and left them with a child I believe it also started when the government stepped in and decided they had to give free food and housing and welfare to people. People then didn’t have to try or be responsible. But I could be wrong. I guess it doesn’t mater I believe the best President we had was Washington. He died poor not like these politicians now that steal millions from the people. He died with a vision and got us into a vicious war to stop a government from controlling us but it has happened. I wish you all luck you will all need it It will not be just black against white in this civil war it will be other foreign people here all the third world country people who have walked across our borders and have no respect for life or other people MS 13 and other gangs should prove my point AOC is another nut case. Pedophiles like Clinton and Hunter are treated with respect when I was growing up they would have been beat. I got beat up in race riots in our high school it was not kid’s it was black adults walking into our school that started the trouble and I got beat up for having long hair it touched my shoulders LOL But that is college educated liberals that have changed this country I will wish you luck when I can get this virus to let me move.

    • MICHAEL says:

      I agree with you. I served 7 years in the Marines (1968-1975) 14 months in Vietnam as a Tunnel Rat. I turned 17 on May 25th 1968 and went to Boot Camp on June 15th 1968. When I got out in June 1975 I could not find a job because of my gender and skin color (I’m White). The reason that Washington DC has such a high population of Blacks is because in the mid too late 70s they moved there for the jobs because of QUOTES for women and minorities. In 1981 and 1982 I tried 4 time to go too College but was turned down each time due too “LACK OF SPACE” when I went to talk with an Admissions counselor all you would see on campus was women and minorities because of Affirmative Action. I know first had what it feels like to be discriminated against strictly because of my gender and skin color.

  10. James Logan says:

    IF Biden is sworn in, corrupt Hunter won’t serve 1 hour in prison cause daddy will pardon his corrupt ass. This election belongs in Guinness Book because it’s the first time a corrupt Alzheimer’s patient has been put in the Oval Office via a rigged election after a failed coup. This boggles the mind why democraps want to get rid of the goose that laid the golden eggs, get rid of our energy independence, want $6 gas, lose millions of jobs that Trump got you, tear down the border wall that we all paid for, Lose trade deals with China, and watch Biden do exactly what Trump and every world leader did to fight covid19.

    • T Beach says:

      Your absolutely right about Hunter. Sleepy Joe will probably make him head of foreign policy. He already has the connections to all the crooks in other contries. They will just set back and watch their bank accounts get bigger while they finish selling the US to China.

  11. MICHAEL says:

    Look, I am 69 years old, use to like that number when I was younger but anyway, you younger parents out there, your kids will see a future unlike any generation has ever seen and it won’t be pretty. If things don’t change now you might as well kiss this country good bye.

  12. David Smith says:

    Hi Sick&Tired I don’t think people are scared to come out of their shell I seem to recall the only people I have seen arrested and stand trail are the white people who stood their ground. Do you have 500,000 dollars for a defense team and willing to sit in prison while waiting for your trail??? Not scared S&T just smart Time and place for everything. I will be leaving this sinking ship so I don’t care what happens But I think If you stay here you will see another civil war if not worse It is not Biden who will run this country it is Hillary Obama Harris Pelosi AOC and his crack head child molesting son Hunter. What a crew that is LOL God will not help America I remember Kent State I was told there was rioting in the town of Kent State but those college kid’s laying on the ground did not look like rioters to me but I could be wrong but I know I never wanted to see that again. But when you start looting and burning and raping and killing it is time to meet your maker But I want to watch from another country what happens when you legalize hard drugs Oregon and defund the police LOL Good luck I fear you will need it.

  13. Concerened in pa says:

    The media has no say over who our president is and as for BLM and Antifa they will all burn in hell for the evil they have done to our country enough is enough and these people must be stopped the reason the Trump supporters are not rioting and causing violence is because we have more brains and common sense and we actually love our country and our God and we want the best choice for america unlike the evil democrats who sold there souls to the devil

  14. Lizz says:

    May God help us and this country! If Biden thinks he’s going to unify this country, he is sadly mistaken! And the violence WILL continue because of the Biden so-called win! A win for Biden is a loss for the USA! It will be a wide chasm between socialists and sensible people who know what socialism actually is and will mean for this country! China and Russia will love this! Good luck keeping them at bay, Juxtaposition Joe!

  15. GMR says:

    tRump needs to grow the Hell Up and admit he lost and concede !!!
    Pull up your Big Boys Pants and concede !!!

    • MICHAEL says:

      Sorry loser but the media and the AP does not call the winner of an election. Its not over and if I were you I would get you little cup of hot coco and some toilet paper ready for you little tears too start flowing.

    • Sam B. says:

      Gmr I get where ur coming from…the odds don’t look good for Trump. However the media doesn’t decide any election & damn sure NOT the pollsters. These clowns would probably poll/predict Tom Brady won’t score another touchdown with the Bucs! These folks have proven to not b able to poll a cat fight correctly LOL. I’m a democrat & understand why Trump won’t concede…I wouldn’t either! WAAAY to many issues with thousands & thousands of ballots..: people casting ballots in cities & states that they no longer live in…deceased people voting(WHAT?!)..& in Michigan the software used in the vote counting machines in half the counties is faulty & that SAME software is being used in several other states! So hell no I wouldn’t concede! Not with all this! To much at stake.

    • sue says:

      GMR, I bet you wear depends.

    • Rpsummers says:

      Zip yours it your jammies up and go back to bed little boy

  16. Donald J says:

    Comrade Harris said it would continue.

  17. MICHAEL says:

    These animals need to be put down like the rabbit dogs they are.

    • Sic&Tired says:

      You are SO RIGHT…..Michael.!!! The Sooner the Better. This BLM and ANTIFA …Crap has gone on – Way Too Long.!! Live Ammo – Now and if, anyone contests it….give them the same.!!! I do believe one heck of a lot of True Americans feel the same way about this….Some not afraid to admit it, but too many are afraid to come out of their little shells….they want this to happen, but not strong enough to stand up for it…..

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