VIDEO: BLM Students Truth Bombed by Conservative Scholar

( – Far-left college students and Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists at UC Berkeley School of Law cried bloody murder as conservative pundit Heather Mac Donald invoked “black privilege” in opposition to the “woke” “white privilege” argument while discussing her latest book.

You can watch an amazingly informative video of some of what happened at the bottom of this post.

Mac Donald spoke about her book “When Race Trumps Merit” during an event on the UC Berkeley campus, where she was met with Black Lives Matter signs and racism accusations.

Social media videos from the conservative scholar’s comments and exchanges with Berkeley law students emerged online.

Towards the end of the hour-long discussion hosted by The Federalist Society, the audience erupted in protest when Mac Donald mentioned the phrase “black privilege.”

She did so when agreeing with a student’s assertion that the anti-racism transition in American society didn’t happen overnight.

“It is very hard to believe that we could have switched to that degree from white privilege to what I would call today black privilege. And you guys are gonna go nuts at that term,” Mac Donald said while being interrupted by the audience.

“I sent it out there with full knowledge,” she added.

The scholar, who describes herself as a secular, non-religious conservative, was told by one student that she had made her feel “assaulted” by her arguments, reports The College Fix.

“I just want to tell you right now that your book is racist, your arguments are racist. They are based in eugenics. They are based on ideas that black people and brown people can never compete with white and Asian counterparts,” another law student declared.

“If I believe that blacks can never compete, I would say, yeah, we’ve got to lower standards, because that’s the only hope for getting diverse institutions. In fact, I believe that if we held… high expectations that blacks would successfully compete,” Mac Donald responded.

In an interview with The Fix, the conservative pundit warned that abandoning merit to fight alleged “racism” would destroy Western Civilization.

“Somebody has got to get out in front of this and say, ‘We are not going to continue to tear down Western Civilization.’ Standards are not racist,” she said.

“If they have a disparate impact, the problem is not with the standards, it’s with the skills gap or the behavior gap in the case of crime. And I don’t see conservatives even willing to say that right now,” Mac Donald elaborated.

Here is the video: