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Video/Photos: ‘BLM Supporter’ Guns Down ‘Patriot’

The video below has been cued to just seconds before Matthew Robert Doloff, who reportedly supports Antifa and BLM and was working as a security guard for the Denver NBC News affiliate, shot and killed a Patriot Prayer demonstrator, Lee “Tex” Keltner, attending yesterday’s Patriot Rally in Denver, Colorado.

This morning, Doloff has been charged with First Degree Murder.

Following the video, which captures the shooting in the distance and the immediate arrest of Doloff, are still photos that captured the alleged murder from just feet away.

This report will be updated as more information is developed.









  1. Julia Ogden says:

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  2. Julia Ogden says:

    I’ve tried three times to link the ‘missing emails’ of HRC! It won’t go! I have the link, but it won’t go!

  3. Julia Ogden says:

    Censored by this platform: The declassified emails of HRC!
    Hope you shard if it goes thru! TRUMP2020!

  4. Julia Ogden says:

    The Red Alert News is compromized! It won’t let me post the link to HRC’s emails! Trying to get this out to all Americans. If it goes thru, please share!

  5. Julia Ogden says:

    I’ve been censored on some of the conservative media sites, so just in case:

  6. Julia Ogden says:

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  7. Mickey says:

    I think it’s about time we take these thugs out permanently if you agree post it.

    • Darnell says:


    • OnepissedoffConfederate says:

      Mickey you are Right !!!! I AGREE take these Sons of Bitches out and Hit them in the Head with a 8 pound Sledgehammer!!! They are not even worth wasting a Bullet on !!!

  8. If this continues, then soon all patriots will be shot in America, since all of them are forbidden not only to use weapons for self-defense, but even to show them to well-armed BLM and ANTIFA terrorists. The same fate awaits unarmed policemen – they will be shot one by one. Defending the BLM and ANTIFA killers from the wrath of unarmed Americans are Democrats led by Pelosi, Harris, Schumer, Obama and the AOC death squads. They do it because people in democratic states let them do it – they voted for them.

  9. Barney Urgelowich says:

    This is crazy enough is enough people need to start packing I know I don’t leave my house without my 45 just incase an incident like this.i would have kicked that guys ass asking for a Badge number we need to Drain the. Swamp and Get Rid of the these Crooked Democrats once a for all the Democrats need to be charged with the Gunmen

  10. Tom Harlander says:

    Looked to me like the “patriot” was wearing a BLM shirt. Even so, it was not a justifiable killing. On the other hand he had no business touching the other man. Too much is not clear.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Tom: You’re correct. There is still a fair amount of confusion surrounding the shooting. However, the victim wasn’t wearing a BLM shirt. His shirt read, “BLM You’re F*cking right blue lives matter” and he was there participating in a rally in support of the police – not as a member of BLM. I hope that helps a bit.

  11. Nancy says:

    Whoever the guy was that took the video should give it up as evidence.
    He should also clean up his mouth and manners!!!!!!

  12. John Hannon says:

    Another BLM peaceful protest where an innocent bystander was shot and killed .
    The reporter recording this incident screaming and cursing at the police , recording is disgusting .
    Evidently BLM , 13 % of the poplation , the liberal left wing media , and the press feel they are above the law .
    Too bad the shooter did not resist arrest and try to escape from the scene .
    Could have saved taxpayers a lot of money .